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Advent Fic - 2018

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"I may have gone overboard," Severus admitted as he unshrunk the variety of packages he brought with him.

"We're probably even," Harry admitted with a blush, as he waved at the stack of present already under the tree. "Most of those are for you."

"You shouldn't have!" Severus demurred.

"I'm making up for years I wasn't able to get you anything," Harry replied. "Besides, I had fun picking them out."

Severus grinned. "I did, too!" That was very true!

"See? We're both children at heart!" Harry agreed.

Neither one of us really got to be children. Severus thought to himself.


Dinner was comfortable as well as delicious. Harry had made meatloaf from Severus' mother's recipe and it was perfect.

"I know meatloaf may not be holiday food, but it was something that I thought we'd both enjoy," Harry said, dishing out seconds.

"It's been so long, but it's better than I remember," Severus admitted.

They took their coffee in front of the telly, too full to try dessert. "The Christmas Doctor Who is on," Harry said. At Severus' confused look, he gave a brief summary of the show.

Severus watched, fascinated. It was charming and appalling a the same time.


As it got later, the telly went off and the lights on the tree went on.

"Wine or something else?" Harry offered. "I have a nice elf wine from the Black cellar."

"That would be acceptable," Severus replied. "It is quite rare to be able to get elf wine, so I've only had it a couple of times."

"Then it's the perfect Christmas treat," Harry grinned.

The wine made them even more relaxed and they talked easily about a wide variety of topics.

Severus looked up regretfully as the clock chimed midnight.

"Stay the night?" Harry asked, eyes shining hopefully.