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Advent Fic - 2018

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Severus watched as Harry emptied the box of decorations. Harry reverently unwrapped each ornament and placed the variety of ornaments around him.

Harry looked up. "Do you have any preferences for any of this? Anything that should have a specific place?" Harry paused. "Or anything that shouldn't be put on the tree?"

"It's been so long since I've put any of it up," Severus admitted, shaking his head. "Do what you think is best."

"You're sure about that?" Harry asked seriously. "I don't want to do something you don't like."

Severus nodded. "It should be fine I'll get lunch organized."


A few minutes later, he watched Harry lift up a pair of knitted mittens. His Mum had told him that her mother had made them for her when she was a child.

"That's the only thing I have from Grandmother Prince," Severus said.

Harry gently touched the mittens. "They're... interesting."

Severus snorted. "They are hideous. Grandmother evidently was learning to knit, something every matron of note was doing that year."

"But... it's a family heirloom," Harry replied. "That makes it special."

"That is true," Severus agreed.

"Tell me about the other ornaments," Harry said.

Severus sat down to join Harry.