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Advent Fic - 2018

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"This is a lovely home," Severus said, as they entered the solarium. "Why move to a Muggle neighborhood?"

"Honestly? The peace and quiet," Harry admitted. "No one knows who I am."

"Your neighbors don't seem to be shy, however," Severus pointed out.

"But they're that way to everyone!" Harry said. "It's not just me! They're overbearing and loud and forthright and nosy... but they do it to everyone!"

"That's not necessarily a good thing," Severus frowned.

"But I can be just as quiet and withdrawn as I want, as long as I 'play nice' once in a while!" Harry grinned.


"Looks like snow," Harry commented.

"I should go..." Severus started.

"Oh, no you don't!" Harry protested. "It took me too long to get you to visit!"

"But if it's inconvenient..."

"I have hot cocoa and cookies," Harry offered. "Or some nice wine and chocolates, if you prefer."

"I wouldn't want to be a nuisance," Severus protested.

"You won't be," Harry promised. "Come on, have a seat on the couch. We can watch it snow."

Severus found himself at one end of the couch, a feast spread on the table before them.

"I'm glad you're here!" Harry said, raising his glass.