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The Heart of Christmas

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Christmas music filled the apartment of Kurt Hummel and his five-year-old daughter, Clara. It was December 1st and that meant one thing. It was time to get ready for Christmas! They had even invited Kurt’s best friend and Clara’s godmother, Rachel over to join in on the Christmas fun.

“Daddy, do we have any more ornaments?” five year old, Clara asked as she bounced happily around the living room.

“Just a few more honey,” Kurt replied. “I think we’ve just about covered this tree,” he added with a laugh. Their Christmas tree was filled with ornaments of all kinds and this year, Clara had insisted on multi-colored lights and red and gold tinsel. It was quite gaudy if Kurt was being honest but he’d do anything to make his little girl happy.

“Here Clara, we’ve still got the star. You can place it on top of the tree.” Rachel said as she held the golden star out to the little girl. Clara’s face lit up as she ran over to her aunt.

“Daddy! Daddy! Lift me up!” She squealed. Kurt grinned at his daughter and lifted the little girl up onto his shoulders. He walked closer to the tree and Clara reached as far as she could until the bottom of the tree topper connected with the top of the tree.

“There! Perfect!” Rachel said. Kurt lifted Clara from his shoulders and placed her back on the living room floor.

“It’s so pretty!” Clara said. “Daddy, can we watch “Frosty the Snowman” now!” she asked.

“Sure honey, but we can’t stay up too late. You have school tomorrow and I have to be at the hospital pretty early.” Kurt told her.

“Okay. Can we have popcorn and hot chocolate though?” Clara begged. “Please, please, pretty please!” Kurt rolled his eyes. His little girl had him wrapped around her little finger and he simply couldn’t say no.


“Yay!” Clara exclaimed.

“You find the DVD and Aunt Rachel and I will go get the snacks,” Kurt replied before walking into the kitchen with Rachel following close behind. He grabbed a bag of popcorn and popped it into the microwave. Then he grabbed his tea kettle to begin warming up water for the hot chocolate.

“So, Kurt… have you been talking to anyone lately.” Rachel probed.

“You mean a guy?” Kurt asked with a suspicious look on his face. Rachel was always trying to set him up with someone. Rachel nodded. “And when would I have time to do that? I’m a single father with a five-year-old and I’m a nurse working crazy hours. What guy is going to want to come into that?”

“Oh Kurt! You’re just making excuses. I’m sure that there are plenty of guys that would love to go on a date with you. You just won’t give them a chance.”

“That is not true!”

“Prove it!” Rachel retorted before snatching Kurt’s phone off the countertop.

“Rachel, what are you doing?”

“I’m signing you up for Tinder.”

“No! No! Absolutely no!” Kurt said before trying to grab his phone back from Rachel’s hands. To get out of his reach, Rachel ran to the other side of the kitchen. “Rachel, no one meets anyone decent on Tinder. That app is purely a site to find hookups.”

“Would that be so bad?”

“Yes!” Kurt exclaimed. “I am not a hookup and never talk to a guy kind of person. Rachel, please, stop.”

“Too late. Already posted. You’re officially a tinder man.” Rachel replied, finally handing the phone over to Kurt.

“I am deleting this.”

“Just give it a chance. At least look at a few guys.” Rachel pleaded. Kurt sighed and made a face at his friend.


“Yay!” Rachel squealed before running to Kurt’s side. “Okay, so if you don’t like a guy, you swipe left. And if you do, swipe right.” The first picture came up.

“Too old,” Kurt said, swiping left.

“Too young.”

“Too hairy.” Kurt grimaced looking at the picture of the man on his phone and swiping left once again. Then the fourth picture appeared. The man had beautiful golden honey brown eyes and curly dark brown hair. He had a beautiful smile and was really quite attractive. He looked somewhat familiar but Kurt couldn’t put his finger on where he had seen the man.

“OH...MY… GOD!” Rachel exclaimed looking at the picture.


“That’s my co-star!” Rachel said. Rachel had recently landed the role of Elphaba in a revival show of Wicked. “That’s Blaine Anderson. He’s playing Fiyero.”

“Wait, like Emmy award-winning, Blaine Anderson?” Kurt asked in disbelief. Rachel nodded. Now, Kurt had figured out where he knew the man from. Blaine had been an up and coming star. He had guest starred on a bunch of shows before landing a lead role in a limited series and winning an Emmy for his work. Kurt had seen an interview where Blaine admitted he had always wanted to be on Broadway so getting the role of Fiyero was like a dream come true.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of him before.” Rachel said. “He’s so nice and he’s single.”

“He’s also famous,” Kurt said. “There’s no way that a celebrity is going to want to date me.”

“You won’t know that for sure unless you try.” Rachel prompted. She took Kurt’s phone from his hands and looked at the profile.

“Kurt, he already super liked you.” Rachel said in disbelief. “We made this profile like five minutes ago. This is a sign. I’m swiping right.”


“Too late!” She said with a smirk. Kurt looked at his phone and on the screen were both his and Blaine’s pictures. The top read “It’s a Match!”

“This is going to be a good thing,” Rachel reassured him. “Now come on. We’ve planted the seed and now we wait. Come on, We have a very inpatient five-year-old waiting for us and I personally am ready to see a snowman come to life.” Rachel said. She grabbed the popcorn and headed into the living room, leaving Kurt in the kitchen. He couldn’t stop staring at the screen. Blaine was attractive, but there was no way that he’d actually want to date a single father. Kurt already knew that this Tinder match was as far as this relationship would go...he was sure of it...well pretty sure anyway.