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If the Fates Allow

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Blaine awoke on Saturday morning at an absolutely ungodly, unholy, unappealing hour… 9am. His energy spiked from zero to nearly one hundred once he caught sight of the bits of frost clinging to their window pane. He leapt out of bed, running into the living room to confirm that yes, it was true, it was most definitely snowing. On December 1st of all days.

“Kurt, you have to wake up!” Blaine called from the living room, his nose pressed against the glass.

“One hundred more minutes,” Kurt called back groggily, rolling over and going right back to sleep.

Blaine raced back to the bedroom, already pulling on a spare pair of sweat pants and socks as he seated himself beside Kurt. He knew waking Kurt up before he was ready — especially on the weekend — was equivalent to playing with fire, but he had to chance it, it was snowing!

“C’mon, it’s the first snow of the year, we’ve gotta take advantage before it turns into slush by tomorrow,” Blaine pleaded, leaning in close to whisper in Kurt’s ear, peppering sweet kisses along his fiancé’s bare shoulder for good measure.

“We’re on a schedule today, Blaine. We don’t have time for snow,” Kurt protested, still half asleep as he shrugged off Blaine’s gentle kisses, pulling the covers further up over his head.

The day’s agenda was packed with last minute wedding to-dos — from final cake tastings, to final suit fittings, to final ‘did we forget anything, should we start freaking out now’s. Kurt had dubbed it their final wedding prep weekend, though if they were both being honest every single day this month would be filled with wedding prep. Not that Blaine minded, he wasn’t opposed to the daily reminder that he would be marrying the love of his life on Christmas morning. Besides, the overjoyed look on Kurt’s face every time he got to fuss and fret over a wedding detail was well worth the work.

“But it’s early, and we don’t have anything planned for another hour,” Blaine pleaded his case, pulling the blankets back from Kurt’s face, revealing his sleep-mussed and very annoyed fiancé to the world once more. “C’mon, don’t make me sing it,” Blaine teased.

Kurt stiffened beneath him. “Please don’t sing it.”

“I’m gonna sing it,” Blaine warned, already taking in a deep breath.

“No, don’t!”

“Do you want to build a snowman?” Blaine sang out, wrapping his arms tightly around Kurt and bellowing right into his ear. “Come on let’s go out and play!” he continued on, ignoring Kurt’s cries of protests as he tried to wriggle out of Blaine’s arms. “I never see you anymore, come out the door, it’s not even like you’re my fiancé.” Blaine dragged out the final high note, Kurt finally breaking free from his hold as the two collapsed into a fit of giggles.

“Fine, fine, we can go play in the snow. But only twenty minutes, okay?” Kurt said with a raised eyebrow.

Blaine beamed, darting off the bed and into the closet to throw on his coat and shoes, tossing Kurt his coat without looking.

They trudged through the soft, pure piles of snow that have gathered in their modest backyard, Kurt warning Blaine that if he throws a single snowball at him that he’ll end the engagement then and there. But that doesn’t stop Kurt from throwing a snowball of his own the second Blaine has his back turned. Kurt laid down on the ground carefully and worked on a snow angel while Blaine went to work on some snowmen.

“Is that… you?” Kurt asked once he’d finally lifted himself back up, eyes wide at the sight of Blaine’s oddly intricate snowman.

“It is. And now I’m making you,” he said with a smile, gesturing to the lump of snow he was beginning to sculpt.

Unbeknownst to Kurt, Blaine had snuck one of his older bowties into his pocket when they’d left the apartment, wrapping it around his snowman’s neck with a proud grin. He’d managed to fashion a top hat of sorts out of leaves for Kurt’s snowman. Kurt gave his snow visage a nod of approval and a round of applause. He perked up, telling Blaine to stay where he was as he quickly ran back into the apartment. He returned with two pieces of red ribbon, one for snow Kurt and one for snow Blaine. He plucked two tree branches from beneath the snow, tying the ribbon around it and sticking the branches into the sides of the snowmen — snow Kurt and snow Blaine now happily holding hands, and happily engaged.

When their snow counterparts melted by the time they returned home from their wedding planning extravaganza Blaine was distraught, moping around the apartment about the death of their beloved creations. Kurt leaned across him, kissing his pouting away and promising him that they would be up bright and early the next time it snowed to make a new snow Kurt and snow Blaine — and no, he wouldn’t have to sing the song to get him out of bed next time.