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Advent Calendar 2018

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Hello, and welcome!

The Advent Calendar is here again, but in a slightly different guise this year: it will no longer be 25 stand-alone one shots, but a 25 chapters long fic, each of them inspired by a "winter" word that you can find in this calendar. After three years, I wanted to change the scheme.

The story is a “what if”, but not a fix-it, of S4, where Vivian Norbury was found and neutralized by the Mycroft’s minions, so Mary is alive (don’t worry, it's just because I want her out of the picture without dramas and tears that she doesn’t deserve); besides there will be no children-dogs in wells, or psychotic sisters. What remains of S4 is only a reference to John's cheating, and some quotes in a different context.

And because "things have to get worse, before they get better", the first part of the story is quite angst, but the happy ending is assured.

Enjoy the reading, and may this season be special for everyone of you.