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25 Gays of Christmas

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25 Gays of Christmas

Day One: Sanvers


Great Minds Think Alike

Leading up to Christmas, they’d been decorating and baking (and setting small, containable fires in their kitchen) and talking about what they wanted to do for the holidays. Maggie had already spent Chanukah with the entire Super Friends clan. She watched, mesmerized, as Alex and Kara and Winn took turns lighting the candles and saying prayers. Kara had received a different treat every night and took no time to swallow them whole—much to her girlfriend’s amusement.

On the last night, Alex had gifted her with a silver Star of David necklace. This was only their first Chanukah married and there were so many more to come. Maggie immediately put it on and wore it proudly, everywhere she could. She felt warm on the inside every time she saw Alex’s eyes light up when she spotted the delicate silver chain around her neck.

As Christmas approached, however, she wondered what she could possibly gift to the other woman. She’d been trying to pick up on hints from Alex since Chanukah ended, but the woman was like a brick wall; there was absolutely no reading her. So she had to search her mind to find something Alex had said she wanted, in passing.

A blender wouldn’t make a particularly great or romantic gift, she knew.

Neither would a new pair of boots, however practical.

It had to be something that meant something to the both of them. Something that connected them in an intimate way.

Then, one day, as she was taking a lunchtime stroll through lower National City, it hit her like a truck. She knew exactly what to get Alex Danvers for her first Christmas.


In the early morning hours of December 25th, Maggie snuck out of bed and tiptoed into the living room and straight to the door of their new apartment. After Alex’s promotion to Director and her own promotion to Sergeant, they had been able to afford a two-bedroom closer to the DEO.

And James Olson just happened to live a few buildings down.

He was shivering when Maggie opened the door, a leash in one hand and the duffel bag of supplies she’d given him in the other. He was wrapped tightly in his robe and he had on a pair of slippers. He frowned at her, the bags under his eyes painfully apparent.

“Cold?” Maggie asked.

“You think?” he huffed in response. “I thought California was supposed to stay warm this time of year.”

“Not at five it the morning, it doesn’t,” Maggie laughed. “Thanks for watching her. You’ve been a really big help.”

James softened a little bit at that. “No worries,” he said. “She’s been a pretty great guest. She didn’t chew up anything and she always did her business in the right place. Actually, I’m thinking I might actually get one, myself.”

He smiled down at the Border Collie mix that Maggie had adopted officially a few days ago, after keeping her on hold in the kennel where she’d found her. She was only six months old and still very energetic, but she was a good dog and had been pretty well-trained. The tag on her collar read “Gertrude”, like they had always talked about.

“Alex is gonna love her,” James assured Maggie whenever she became unsure about this gift. It was a huge commitment to adopt a puppy. Especially when they both had fulltime jobs and would rely on dog walkers and sitters for a good portion of the day. And what if Alex didn’t want a dog just yet? Was this a mistake? “Seriously,” James huffed. “This is the best dog in the world. Alex is gonna fall head over heels for her; especially since she’s practically Kara in dog form.”

Maggie looked down into Gertrude’s big, blue eyes and chuckled. He was right.

“Thanks,” she said, taking the leash and the duffel bag. “I’ll see you at dinner.”

“You bet,” James confirmed. “Don’t let Alex near the oven.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Maggie laughed, waving goodbye as she shut the door.

Letting Gertrude off the leash, she gave the pup a few moments to survey (and thoroughly sniff) her surroundings. Once she found them acceptable, she was quick to curl up under the tree, as if she just knew why she was there.

Maggie had always liked small dogs, lap dogs. She’d had a Chihuahua when she was a little girl, named Speedy, then a Pomeranian mix after Speedy passed. She hadn’t been able to see the Pom after her parents kicked her out; she couldn’t even remember what its name was…


Maggie jumped at the sound of Alex’s voice coming up behind her.

“Babe, what are you doing up?”

Tiredly, Alex rested her chin on Maggie’s shoulder and her arms around the shorter woman’s waist. She pressed a few kisses to her cheeks and neck and sighed happily into Maggie’s hair. All the while, Maggie was certain that she could hear the pounding of her heart through her ribcage. If Alex just focused her tired eyes, she would see the—

“Is that a dog under the tree or am I dreaming?”

“You’re not dreaming,” Maggie replied, turning her head to smile up at her wife.

Alex let her go and padded over to the tree, where Gertrude was still curled up, sleeping. Crouching, Alex reached out for the dog’s soft fur and Gertrude woke up, her tail immediately beginning to wag. She pressed her snout against Alex’s hand and started to crawl out, right into Alex’s lap. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and she licked Alex’s fingers as she laughed.

“I thought you said you wanted a small dog,” Alex said, hugging the pup against her chest. Gertrude adored the attention.

“Well, Gertrude isn’t exactly a large dog. She’s more medium-sized. At least, I think she is. She’s still a puppy so she might grow a little more. But she’s well-trained and if Kara can fit in the bed with us, so can she.”

“You named her Gertrude?”

“Um, yeah?” Maggie said. “Isn’t that the name we agreed on?”

They’d talked endlessly about getting a dog and the only thing they hadn’t been able to agree on was the size. The name, however, was non-negotiable.

Or, at least, that’s what Maggie had thought. But Alex was frowning now.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

Alex opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, there was a knock at the window. Alex sighed and padded over, opening it and letting Kara into the room. Kara was dressed in blue and red pajamas and it looked as though she had a baby bjorn attached to her front.

And it was moving.

Reaching in, Alex pulled out a little ball of fluff and held it to her chest, patting it’s tiny little head. What poked out shocked Maggie so much that she let out a little laugh.

It was another dog. A much smaller dog. A much harrier dog.

“Meet Gertrude,” Alex laughed, holding the pup, who had a ribbon wrapped up in her fur, out to Maggie. “She’s a pom, poodle, and something else mix.”

“She’s perfect!” Maggie gushed, holding the small dog up to her chest. “But I think we should give her a different name.”

“Why don’t we give the other Gertrude a different name?” Alex shot back, kneeling next to the border collie, who was practically plastered to her side. She patted the dog’s soft fur.

“Because I gifted her first,” Maggie argued.

“That’s not the dog’s fault!” Alex huffed. “You can’t just change her name because of a timing issue. You’ll just confuse her.”

“Same goes for my Gertrude.”

The two wives stared each other for a long time before they both dissolved into giggles. They could worry more about names later. For right now, they were going to enjoy their gifts and the two new members of their ever-growing family.

“Wait,” Kara said, after a long moment, “you’re telling me we have two puppies now?”

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25 Gays of Christmas

Day Two: Clexa


Winter Wonderland


Hot breath tickled her ear somewhere between awake and asleep.


The familiar sing-song voice made her smile and she turned over, wrapping her arms around her wife.


Her eyes snapped open to see Clarke staring at her from across the bed. It was still dark out and she was still exhausted. As Commander, it was rare that she got much sleep at all, but she was usually able to make it until sunrise, at least.

Rubbing her eyes, Lexa looked over at her wife.

“What is it?” she asked, trying to wake herself up. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Clarke whispered back. “I just want to show you something. Come on!” Clarke tugged on Lexa’s hand as she whipped their bedsheets off of them, exposing Lexa to the chill of winter. Their fire had long since gone out.

“Clarke, it’s cold,” Lexa practically whined, tugging back. “Come back to bed. Whatever it is can wait.”

Clarke let go and Lexa figured that was the end of it.

No such luck.

The next thing she knew, a pile of heavy clothes had been dropped on her, startling her back out of her light slumber.

“Get dressed!” Clarke ordered. “It won’t take long, I promise.”

“I’ve definitely heard that before,” Lexa huffed as she finally rose from the bed and began pulling on the warm, fur-made clothing. By the time she was tying on the winter boots, Clarke was waiting for her by the door of their bedroom, eager to show Lexa whatever she was going to show her.

Lexa padded tiredly toward her wife and allowed Clarke to take her hand and lead her out of the room, down the marble steps of their home, and out the front door, into the cold. At this last step, however, Lexa tugged back.

“Where are we going?” she asked, furrowing her brow.

“You’ll see,” Clarke retorted. “Come on.” She tugged even harder and, as strong as Commander Lexa was thought to be, she was powerless against her beautiful, beloved wife.

“This better be good,” she sighed as she allowed Clarke to tug her out into the cold.

The blonde led Lexa straight toward the village square, where the homes of Skaikru surrounded a wide open space, often used—during the warmer months—as a meeting place for important announcements. When they arrived at the very center of the small village, Clarke let go and looked up toward the sky, lifting her arms up and out as the snow fell.

“Clarke,” Lexa huffed, still shivering despite the warm clothing, “why did you drag me out of bed, into the cold?”

“Pretty snow!” Clarke responded, smiling brightly as she looked up. Snow got caught in her golden locks and melted on her pink nose. Lexa was almost unable to hold back an affectionate smile.


“We see the snow every winter, Clarke,” she reminded her wife. “It’s nothing new or exciting.”

Clarke turned her head to look at Lexa. “You didn’t live on the Ark for the first seventeen and a half months of your life,” she reminded her. “Snow is still very much new for me.”

Lexa took a deep breath and nodded. “I suppose you’re correct,” she said. “It is rather beautiful.” She smiled, warmly. “Especially when it sticks in your hair like that.”

Clarke beamed at her and took several steps until she could wrap her arms around Lexa, pressing a soft kiss to willing lips. “I love you,” she whispered.

Lexa practically melted right there in the snow.

“I love you, too.”

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25 Gays of Christmas

Day Three: Rizzles


Catch You When You Fall

“I don’t know how I let you talk me into this,” Jane grumbled as Maura kneeled at her feet, tying the laces on her rented skates. They were pure white and looked like they had never been used before.

Jane was sure that she would have them completely destroyed by the end of the day.

“I was very persuasive,” Maura replied, her voice suggestive even as her focus remained on her partner’s feet.

“I may never eat cherries the same way again,” Jane sighed, her eyes fogging as she thought of the previous day, when Maura had brought up the idea of going ice skating on the lake next to their boarding school. They had been roommates for the last two years of high school, but only lovers for the last two months, the attraction between them too much to ignore anymore.

Now Maura could pretty much get her to do anything she wanted—and it didn’t always take the tricks she could do with cherries. Jane didn’t even like cherries!

“Besides,” Maura laughed as she finally stood up, her own peach-colored skates on her feet. She had such balance and grace that Jane couldn’t understand how she’d been able to woo the beautiful blonde. “Didn’t you tell me that you were on a hockey team back in Boston?”

Field hockey, Maur,” Jane clarified. “I never stepped foot on the ice. I’m not exactly the most graceful Bostonian.”

“And you think I am?” Maura laughed.

“I have never seen you fall.”

“Except for you,” she purred back, pressing a kiss to Jane’s cheek, causing a bright pink blush to rise up where her lips touched.

“That’s so cheesy,” Jane huffed, but she used her long curly hair to hide her soft smile. She wondered if Maura could hear the pattering of her heart, too. Maura giggled and took her hand.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s get on the ice before other people show up and it gets crowded.”

“It’s, like, negative ten degrees outside, Maura; nobody’s crazy enough to come outside today.”

“Are you calling me crazy?” Maura huffed, frowning at Jane.

“Yes,” Jane retorted, tightening her hold on Maura’s hand as her knees wobbled on the thin blades. “But that’s perfect for me, because I’m pretty crazy, too.”

“Now who’s cheesy?” Maura snorted, stepping onto the ice.

She turned and reached out for Jane’s other hand. The brunette’s heartrate spiked and she started breathing heavy as her knees continued to wobble, still on snowy shore.

“It’s alright, Jane,” Maura assured her. “I’ll keep you balanced. You’ll be skating like an…intermediate in no time.”

“Funny,” Jane huffed, taking that first step onto the ice. When she put her weight on it to take another step, she began to slide and she once again tightened her hold on her girlfriend.

“It’s okay,” Maura said. “Just keep pushing forward.” She started to back up the second both of Jane’s skates were on the ice. Jane’s knees continued to wobble, but Maura held her up.

When they were near the center of the lake, Maura let go of one of Jane’s hands and started to glide forward, as graceful as a swan—or, well, a swan that could skate really, really well.

“Step, step, glide,” she instructed, pulling on Jane’s hand so that she slid forward, as well. “Very simple. Step, step, gliiiide.”

“Okay, I can hear the words you’re saying and I know what they mean and what should be happening, but my feet are…just not cooperating.”

Maura chuckled, squeezing Jane’s hand. “It’s okay,” she said. “You just have to let yourself relax a little bit. Stop worrying so much about falling. It doesn’t hurt that much, anyway.”

“Easy for you to say,” Jane huffed. “You don’t have a skinny ass.”

“Is that your way of complimenting my backside?”

“Yes and no. My ass is bony as hell and I am sure I’m going to make another crack in it.”

Maura snorted and shook her head. “Don’t worry,” she said, tightening her hold on Jane, “I’ve got you. I won’t let you fall.”

“I’ve already fallen,” Jane retorted, with a cheesy smile.

Maura rolled her eyes, but couldn’t contain her giggles.

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25 Gays of Christmas

Day Four: Swan Queen


I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

“Why can’t Mama come and tuck us in, too?” Maggie asked, pouting as Regina carried her to bed. They’d just had a bunch of their friends over for a Christmas Eve celebration and Emma had promised that she’d put on a Santa suit and a giant pillow and surprise them all.

But something had come up at the station so she said she’d be ‘a little late’. Well, the party was long over and the kids were already getting into bed in anticipation of Old Saint Nick. Regina didn’t know whether to be annoyed…or concerned that her wife still hadn’t called to check in.

“Mama’s off arresting all the bad guys and taking them off to jail,” she told her young daughter. Regina had been the one to carry her, but it was Emma’s DNA that shone in those bright blue eyes and blonde curls. She looked so much like her other mother that it was insane. “They’re all gonna be on the naughty list so Mama wants to make sure that Santa Claus can bring all the coal to the jail, so he has more time to visit you and eat those delicious cookies you left out!”

Maggie gave her a tiny smile, but she still didn’t seem too happy with the situation. Regina couldn’t really blame her. Since her election as Captain of the local precinct, Emma had been called in to more arrests than she cared for. She always made the effort to be home in time for dinner, though.

Until tonight.

Regina stroked one pink chubby cheek on the four-year old’s cheek and leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to her head. “Mama will be here in the morning,” she said. “I promise.” Emma was taking the next week off until the New Year, to spend with her family. She left her father, David, in charge. He was already her Deputy and had even been there for longer than his daughter, but when he’d retired, he stuck around to help out wherever he could.

He and Regina still didn’t have the best relationship since he walked in on them making out in the file room…and doing so much more than that.

“Okay,” Maggie sighed, furrowing her brows until that adorable little wrinkle appeared between them. Regina smoothed the skin with her finger and chuckled.

“Now go to sleep,” she whispered, “or you and Henry won’t have any gifts to open in the morning!”

Maggie’s eyes widened, comically, then shut tight as she feigned sleep. Regina laughed and kissed her again.

“Goodnight, Magpie,” she said, shutting off the light and leaving the door cracked open so that the glow from the hallway acted as a small nightlight.

“Night, Mommy,” Maggie replied, tiredly, as she turned on her side and reached for the sloth stuffy she’d gotten two Christmases ago.

Regina smiled, happily, and crossed the hall to her teenage son’s room. He was still on his computer, his headphones on his ears as he watched some kind of gory movie. Regina sighed and rolled her eyes, crossing the room in three longs strides and reaching over Henry’s head to shut the laptop.

Henry jumped and spun around in his chair, his hands reaching for his headphones, tugging them down to his neck.

“What did I say about the blood and gore, Henry?” Regina asked, using her ‘Mayor’ voice.

Henry rolled his eyes—a bad habit he’d no doubt picked up from Emma—and sighed.

“It’s rated PG-13,” he said, taking off the headphones and setting them atop the laptop. “I’m fourteen; it’s okay.”

“Not when it gives you nightmares,” Regina rebutted. “Now, come on. Time for bed.”

“It’s not even ten yet!”

“Yes, but Santa lands around this time and if you’re awake, you’ll cost yourself and your sister a bunch of gifts the elves spent hours wrapping. You don’t want to do that, do you?”

“You would never withhold gifts from Maggie,” Henry huffed.

“Of course I wouldn’t,” Regina huffed, “but I can’t exactly say the same for Santa Claus.”

Henry gave her a deadpan look and Regina pulled him up, marveling at how much he’d grown in the last few years. He used to fit just under his chin and now he dwarfed her, with his lanky teen arms and legs. There was even a bit of stubble on his chin.

Her children were growing up so fast.

Wrapping her arms around her son, Regina sighed as she pressed her cheek to his shoulder. Henry wasted no time in hugging her back. He never refused a hug from either of his moms. When she pulled back, Regina tugged his head down so that she could kiss the space just below his hair line. It had always been ‘her spot’. Since he was an infant, crying in her arms, he seemed to be soothed by her lips there. Like he knew he was safe in his mother’s arms.

Taking a deep breath, she pulled away and turned him toward his messy, unmade bed.

“Go to sleep,” she said. “Set a good example for your sister, who still does believe in Santa Claus.”

“Fine,” Henry groaned, loping toward the bed and throwing himself on top of its rumpled blankets. “Happy?”

“Deliriously,” Regina deadpanned. “Good night, Henry.”

“Good night, Mom,” he replied, turning on his side as he pulled out his phone.

Regina shook her head as she walked out of the bedroom and shut the door behind her. She walked down the hall to the living room, which was still a bit messy with plates and cups on all surfaces. It was a quick cleanup, though.

She was nearly done putting the leftover food away when the door opened in the foyer and she sighed. “You’re late.”

“I know,” Emma sighed from behind her. “I’m sorry, but I saw these two doofs robbing a house on my way home and nobody was answering on dispatch.”

“It’s okay,” Regina said, “I know you’re just doing your job. Truthfully, I’ve missed more than my fair share of holidays because of business at Town H—did you wear that home from the station?”

When she turned around, she noticed that Emma was wearing her Santa costume, sans the big pillow that should have made her look fat and jolly. She had the beard and hat on, though.

“I dressed at the precinct,” she said. “Then I wore it while I was tackling the two idiots and waiting for Dad to come pick them up. I lost the pillow, but at least I kept the beard.”

“How did it stick on through all that?” Regina laughed, walking toward her wife.

“Ruby gave me some spirit gum,” she answered, inching toward Regina. “Just in case any of the rugrats that sat on my lap tried to tug at it. It really sticks on there, too.”

Regina reached out for Emma’s fake Santa beard and tugged, pulling her wife forward until their bodies were pressed together.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Emma said, loudly, before pressing her furry lips to Regina’s as her wife giggled against her.




Somebody was sitting on him.


And tugging at his shirt.

“HENRY!” Maggie shouted in his ear, jolting him awake. He turned over, dislodging the four-year-old until she tumbled onto the floor with a grunt.

Undeterred, she jumped up, pushing her messy curls away from her face.

“Let’s go!” she said, tugging on his hand.

“Go where?” Henry mumbled, allowing himself to be pulled out of bed, even though the clock only read ten-thirty and it was still dark out. “Maggie, why are you out of bed? Santa’s not gonna come if he knows—”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you!” Maggie huffed. “Santa is already here!”

“What?” Henry laughed. “No, he’s not.”

“Yes he is!” she lisped. “I heard him laughing. ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’,” she imitated, dramatically, pushing out her belly.

Henry shook his head. “It was probably just a dream,” he said.

“I wasn’t even asleep yet!” Maggie sighed. “Now, come on!”

She tugged on her brother’s hand and Henry had no choice but to follow. Maggie had always had him wrapped around her little finger. They snuck toward the living room, where light was still emanating from the tree. But moms always made sure to turn it off before going to bed, paranoid that it would catch fire in the middle of the night.

Mom must have still been cleaning up after the party, Henry figured as he followed his baby sister.

At the corner, Maggie turned to him with a finger to her lips. Then she poked her head around the corner, and gasped. Furrowing his brow, Henry got down on his knees (even then he was still taller than the blonde) and peeked his head above hers, his eyes widening at the sight before him.

It was clearly Mama in that Santa suit. Her blonde hair was sticking out underneath the hat. But Henry could tell that all Maggie saw was the suit and the way ‘he’ was holding their mother.

“Why is Mommy kissing Santa Claus?” she asked, turning to her brother.

“Uh…she’s…um…thanking him,” Henry said, struggling to keep a straight face at his baby sister’s confusion.

Maggie furrowed her brow at his explanation and turned back to where their mothers were pretty much making out against their Christmas tree.

“Well, Mama’s not gonna like this,” she murmured under her breath.

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25 Gays of Christmas

Day Five: Supercorp


Warm in Your Embrace

“How do you stay so warm?” Lena asked, shivering as she and Kara walked together to Alex and Maggie’s apartment. She was bundled up in her expensive hand-knit, pure wool hat, mittens. and scarf, and a top of the line coat, but she couldn’t feel her toes or her nose from the icy chill.

National City had been hit with a freak snowstorm just a few days ago and Kara had been flying all around town, helping with the cleanup by using her heat vision to melt the residual clumps of snow that still blocked parking spots and cleaning the roads of dangerous black ice, but the chill that came in with the snow still had yet to leave them.

When Kara finally got time off to go home, she found a sign from her landlord about frozen pipes and warning everybody against using any faucet for fear of causing a flood. Unable to take a shower to wash away the grime from her body, Kara sighed and packed a bag, showing up on her sister’s doorstep with a sheepish smile.

Alex and Maggie, luckily, were happy to have her. They’d even encouraged Kara to invite Lena over to spend some time together, just the four of them.

But almost as soon as Lena had gotten there, Alex was shoving them out the door to grab peppermint hot chocolate to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. Kara rolled her eyes and Lena just laughed, tugging her outside, back into the cold, blistery winds.

Now, as they walked back, linking fingers and carrying their cups, as well as Maggie’s vegan hot chocolate and Alex’s peppermint cocoa, Lena became annoyed by the fact that Kara’s scarf was loose around her neck and she didn’t even shiver. And her jeans were pretty thin, from what she could see, while Lena’s were thick and should have kept her cozy.

“Kryptonian,” Kara reminded her, with a whisper. “We’re not really affected by Earth’s temperatures. Especially under a yellow sun, which gives me powers.”

“That’s very annoying,” Lena huffed. “Why can’t your powers let you transfer some of that heat to me?”

“I could,” Kara said, “but we’d have to be very close for that to happen.”

“Is that so?” Lena asked, suggestively.

“Yeah!” Kara said, remaining her innocent cinnamon bun self. “Maybe we can cuddle later while watching Christmas movies.”

Lena sighed grinned. “Maybe,” she said. “Or we could cuddle in bed…”

“Ooh, that would be nice, too,” Kara said, blushing slightly. She cleared her throat. “We’d have to wait for Alex and Maggie, to, er, fall asleep first. Shouldn’t take too long, though. Alex has been pretty fatigued since she entered her third trimester. She’s probably already sleeping.”

“Hmm,” Lena purred, pressing herself against Kara’s side. “I hope so.” She nibbled on Kara’s earlobe and the blonde lifted one foot into the air, her entire body turning into a metaphorical flame. Lena laughed and tugged her into the apartment building like a balloon on a string.

By the time they made it up to Alex’s floor (by pretty much flying as fast as Kara could go without spilling all four drinks), there was something that made Kara stop dead in her tracks, her arm wrapping around Lena’s waist to stop her from going any further, as well.

“What is it?” Lena asked, as Kara’s eyes widened and a blush spread over her cheeks.

“Remember what we were talking about downstairs?” Kara asked.

“Vividly,” Lena purred.

“Well, I think Maggie and Alex got the jump on us.”

Lena’s eyes widened. “You mean, they’re…?”

Kara nodded, her eyes wide as if she’d just seen a ghost.

“And because of your x-ray vision, you’re seeing everything.”

“Yup,” Kara squeaked.

“Then stop looking!” Lena laughed and Kara’s blush deepened as she spun around, facing away from the door and her sister doing…that. “Do you know somewhere else we could go until they’re…finished?”

Kara shuddered in disgust. Lena snorted.

“We could, uh, go up to the…the roof!” Kara decided. “Alex’s landlord has a bunch of patio furniture and a fire pit up there. And the view is pretty amazing.”

“Sounds perfect,” Lena said, taking Kara’s hand. “As long as you’re there to warm me up, anyway.”

“Oh, most definitely,” Kara chuckled, wrapping her arm around Lena and guiding her up to the roof patio.

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25 Gays of Christmas

Day Six: Kazzoli


Meet Me Underneath the Mistletoe

Jane tugged at the hem of her Boston PD sweater as she milled through the dorm room. Several people were already standing around, drinking spiked punch out of one of those cinematic punch bowls, but Jane had had the same beer in her hand for the last hour, holding it up to any guy that offered to grab her a drink.

It was probably warm by now.

Why am I even here? Jane thought to herself. She hated these kinds of parties. The only person that she even knew in this dorm was her roommate, and even she had skipped out on the festivities in favor of heading home early after all of her finals were completed.

Jane still had an essay to hand in in the morning, so she’d booked her plane ticket for tomorrow night. That didn’t mean that she had to be here, though. Then again, there wasn’t much to do when half of the campus was gone for the winter break and most of the nearby bars and clubs were closed down until late January…

Besides, who was Jane to say no to free food, even if most of it was fried or filled with some kind of hard liquor.

“You okay?”

A soft voice in her ear had Jane jumping nearly out of her skin and spinning around to see a pair of green-hazel eyes and a crooked grin on the face of…wow. Jane had never seen her before, but she was that kind of gorgeous that just took your breath away the first time you saw her.

She swallowed thickly and nodded. “I’m fine,” Jane said. “Just…uh…”

“Spaced out?” the other girl, who had deep reddish-brown hair that somehow had its own glow in the dimly lit, smoky room. “You’re not high, are you?” Her gazed focused more intently on Jane’s eyes and the raven-haired woman nearly swallowed her tongue.

“I don’t think so,” she said. “Unless there’s weed in beer and corn chips.”

“No,” the girl laughed, “but there are some pretty potent brownies down the hall that people have been swiping since noon. I have seen more stoners in this one hall way than all of LA so far.”

“That’s saying something.”

“Right?” The beautiful girl gave Jane a bright smile as she held out her hand. “Kate Beckett,” she introduced. “But most of the frat boys call me Bex.”


“Yeah,” Kate snorted. “They pretty much give every girl in the sororities a nickname. At least mine is based off my name and not an embarrassing memory.” She grimaced.

“You’re a sorority girl?” Jane snorted.

“I was a pledge,” Kate explained. “I left after they tried to make us clean the bathroom in the house with our personal toothbrushes. No sorority is worth getting athlete’s foot in my mouth.”

“True,” Jane agreed, clinking her warm beer with Kate’s half-filled cup of punch. “My name is Jane, by the way. Jane Rizzoli.”

“Jane Rizzoli…” Kate echoed, with a wry grin. “Can I call you Rizzo?”

“Not if you like your kneecaps.”

Kate giggled and Jane felt warmth in her cheeks as she swallowed. Pretty girls didn’t speak to her like this. All through grade school, she’d been the ugly boyish tomboy who preferred getting her hands dirty over going for a manicure. She was a pitcher on the softball team and rumors began to spread about her sexuality.

They were all true, but damn kids can be vicious when they view you as other.

Kate Beckett even looked like the kind of girl that would have tortured her in high school, and then maybe came to her for ‘experimentation’ when her friends weren’t looking.

Instead, she was the only person who seemed to notice Jane’s existence and had come over just to talk to her. Her smile was friendly and her eyes were bright. Jane had her whole attention and she could feel it in every inch of her body.

“So,” Kate said, after a moment of silence, snapping Jane out of her reverie, “what brings you to Stanford? What are you studying?”

“Um, forensics,” Jane replied, trying to play it cool. “You?”

“Law,” Kate replied, because of course this beautiful woman was going to become a beautiful lawyer.

“Interesting,” Jane commented. “Criminal or Civil?”

“I’m aiming for Civil Rights,” Kate explained, “but I wouldn’t be adverse to becoming a prosecutor. Or even Chief Justice.”

“Kate Beckett, the first female Chief Justice,” Jane said, with a grin. “I like the sound of it.”

“So do I,” Kate admitted, blushing and looking down sheepishly. “So would you like to—”

“Ey, look!” somebody shouted from across the room. “Bex and Rizz are underneath the mistletoe!”

Jane’s eyes widened and her face turned pink as she glanced up to see that they were, indeed, standing directly under the mistletoe. Her heart began to hammer in her chest. When she turned back to Kate, she found her hazel eyes wide open as well, a flush across her own cheeks.

“You don’t have to,” Jane whispered as she watched the other woman bite her lip. “It’s okay. We can just…”

“Actually,” Kate whispered back, sounding a bit panicked as Jane began to move away, “that’s kinda the main reason I came over here in the first place.” Her blush deepened as Jane’s eyes opened wide. “But if you don’t want to, I totally understand.”

Jane leaned in closer, lowering her voice even more. “They didn’t put you up to this, did they?”

“Who?” Kate whispered back, looking genuinely confused. “Nobody put me up to this but me, Jane. I…” she cleared her throat, still shy, “I think you’re beautiful.”

Jane nearly had a stroke as Kate’s nose bumped hers, the words echoing in her head, over and over—completely genuine.

“Do you think I’m…”

“Yes,” Jane said.

“You didn’t let me—”

“You’re gorgeous,” Jane interrupted. “I…how somebody like you could think somebody like me is beautiful is…so beyond me that it’s practically at Uranus by now.”

“Not on the first date,” Kate cracked, winking at Jane.

Another stroke. This woman was perfect.

“You chicks gonna kiss or not?!” the same dudebro huffed on the other side of the room. Both Kate and Jane turned to him with withering glares and he shrank behind a tiny blonde, who giggled with her friends.

Jane turned back to Kate with a sly grin. “You know,” she said, “my roommate already went home for the holidays, so I’ve got our room all to myself.”

“Say no more,” Kate laughed, taking Jane’s hand and tugging her out of the dorm room, to a chorus of loud groans from the male population.

Jane didn’t care what they thought because a few seconds later, Kate Beckett’s lips were on her neck as she struggled to get the key into the lock on her door. They fell inside in a heap of lips and limbs.

Mistletoe had nothing on them.

Chapter Text

25 Gays of Christmas

Day Seven: Syd/Elena (One Day at a Time)


Christmas Cosplay

Elena: my mom wants to know if you wanna come over for xmas

Syd: rly? I thought it was a p important holiday

Elena: it is

Elena: but she figures since u invited me for Chanukah

Elena: then I should return the invite

Elena: u dnt hav to come if u dnt want to

Elena: it’s ok


Syd: if u dnt mind I mean

Elena: heh nerd <3

Elena: I’d rly like it actually

Elena: Chanukah was fun

Elena: but you’ve never seen anything like an Alvarez Xmas

Syd: ok now I’m a little scared…

Elena: dnt wrry I’ll protect u ;)

Syd: my hero <3

Elena: btw wear something festive



“What are you wearing?” Elena asked as she opened the door to see her girlfriend wearing a full-out Santa costume.

“You said to wear something festive!” Syd argued as they stepped into the apartment, a matching red sack slung over their shoulder.

“I meant like an ugly Christmas sweater or something!” Elena laughed.

“I’m Jewish; I don’t have any ugly Christmas sweaters.”

“But you have a Santa suit?”

“My grandpa worked as a Santa Claus before he converted. My mom helped me hem it to fit me.”

The suit was still kind of big on Syd, but Elena couldn’t deny that they actually looked pretty cute. Especially with that fuzzy hat on their head. The Santa suit looked so completely genuine that Elena could’ve sworn that Syd actually took a trip to the North Pole on the way over.

“You’re such a goof,” she said, lovingly, pressing a kiss to Syd’s cheek, making them blush bright pink. “Come on. Abuelita already set out some snacks and she’s forcing Schneider to eat them all before she brings out more. He might start crying.”

“Aww, poor Schneider,” Syd laughed. “Let’s go rescue him. By the way, I’ve got presents for everybody.”

“Just like a good Santa Claus,” Elena teased, linking their fingers as she dragged her girlfriend into the kitchen, where everybody was helping Lydia cook. Elena was right; she was forcing Schneider to finish the snacks, his eyes tearing at the spice.

“Syd’s here!” Elena announced, when nobody looked up.

Penelope was the first one to notice, as usual, and beamed at the Santa-clad teen.

“Hey, sweetheart!” she said. “How are you?”

“I’m doing well, thanks,” Syd replied. “Thank you for inviting me to spend Christmas with you. My parents usually just order in Chinese and binge a show on Netflix. I’ve already watched everything worth watching.”

“Well, we’re happy to have you, Stana Claus,” Lydia said. “Have something to eat!”

“Please,” Schneider practically whimpered. “Save me.”

Syd laughed and plucked an empanada off the platter. They took a bite and gasped.

“Wow,” they said. “That is spicy. I love it!” They took another bite. “Oh, my mom sent some presents, by the way.” They motioned to the sack on their back. “She said it’s rude to show up empty-handed.”

“Oh, that’s okay!” Penelope said. “Tell her thank you, anyway. We have a few things for you under the tree. We’ll open gifts after dinner, okay?”

“Okay!” Syd said. “I’ll just go set these down.” They turned to say something to their girlfriend, only to find that Elena had disappeared.

Furrowing their brow, Syd made their way into the living room, setting their bag down by the tree. They began to undo their Santa coat when they felt somebody grab them from behind. Their girlfriend’s face popped into their peripheral vision and Syd almost burst out laughing.

“Selfie!” Elena exclaimed, holding her phone above their heads. She was dressed in a brown sweater with white fur trimming, a pair of felt reindeer antlers on their head, and a bright, glowing Rudolph nose on their face.

Syd was still laughing as she snapped their photo.

Chapter Text

25 Gays of Christmas

Day Eight: Kate Beckett/Female Castle (Castle ABC)


Snowflakes on Your Eyelashes

She can’t believe that she let the boys convince her to do this. They know that she doesn’t celebrate Christmas. They know that she’s not the biggest fan of Erica “Page Six Seductress” Castle. They know that Kate isn’t big on parties in the first place.

So why are they forcing her to go to Ricky Castle’s Annual Christmas Bash when they know the woman has been annoying her for the last three years—as well as trying endlessly to get into Kate’s pants?

“Because it’ll be funny,” Esposito had said as they sat around the conference room table, filling out paperwork for their latest case. Castle had, once again, decided to skip out. She was never interested in doing the ‘boring’ parts of case-solving; only the parts were she could probably get herself killed. “I mean, think about it; as far as Castle’s friends know, she’s never been turned down by anybody before. She’s the ultimate playgirl. But once they find out that the hot detective she’s been rumored to be dating actually can’t stand her? I mean, how could you pass up that opportunity, Beckett?”

And Kate has to admit that he’s right. She would love to take Castle’s ego down a notch. But it still stings when she thinks of the people who aren’t there. Her father, who spends every holiday season in the woods, ice fishing up at his cabin, and her mother, who…

Yeah, she just usually prefers to be alone nowadays.

Yet here she is, standing in the middle of Castle’s expansive loft, surrounded by vaguely familiar C-list celebrities and a bunch of other people she doesn’t know as Castle schmoozes his way around the room, a bright smile on her lips whenever her daughter, Alexis, runs over to show her something that one of their friends gave her for Christmas. Kate had even brought the seven-year old a doll for Christmas. One that she knew Castle had been searching for but couldn’t find anywhere.

She wonders, idly, if Alexis has shown it to her yet. She’s sure that, if she had, she’s already be on the receiving end of one of Castle’s looks. That look that makes her feel…shiny. Like she’s the most amazing person in the world.

She tries to ignore the way that look makes her stomach flutter and her heart jump in her chest, but it’s almost impossible when Castle’s blue eyes light up like that, when that dimple appears in her left cheek, when she gives Kate that patented crooked grin and runs her hand through the short brown pixie cut on her head.

She can see why Castle gets so many ladies in bed—even the ones thought to be completely straight—but she can’t let herself fall for it. Because the only thing that a relationship with Castle would leave her with is a broken heart. Of that, she’s certain.

So when she sees Castle coming her way with some kind of hat that has a freaking mistletoe attached to a stick with a string, she ignores the heat that rises in her cheeks and puts on her mad face, frowning as the grinning writer approaches, smiling that beautiful crooked smile.

“So nice of you to come, Beckett,” she says, her voice practically a purr. “I thought you said you don’t do Christmas.”

“I don’t,” Kate retorts. “But I couldn’t pass up the chance to see you embarrass yourself in front of all your friends.”

“Embarrass myself?” Castle asks, tilting her head like a puppy. “How so?”

“Well that hat for one. Has that ever worked?”

“I’ve never tried it on before,” Castle replies, taking half a step closer. “You tell me.”

“It’s not.” Kate takes a step back and Castle deflates, comically. She pouts at Kate, but the detective bites back a smile as she shakes her head. “Not gonna happen. Go find one of your ‘escorts’ on the other side of the room. I bet they’d jump at the chance.”

Castle opens her mouth as if to say something, but she’s interrupted by a clinking of glass from behind her.

Martha, Castle’s thespian mother, stands in the space between the kitchen and living room, on a literal soapbox, with a crystal champagne flute in one hand and a silver fork in the other. When she has everybody’s attention, she smiles brightly and clears her throat.

“Thank you, everybody,” she says, “for attending my lovely daughter’s annual Christmas celebration. It’s so nice to see you all again, year after year, and to catch up on all the goings on in New York and Los Angeles and all over the world. Some of you are new to the party.” She smiles at Kate and Ryan and Esposito—who are stuffing their faces with the many platters of food the caterers had laid out. “And so many of our oldest friends are here, as well as family members.”

She smiles at Alexis, who is hugging Kate’s doll close to her body and smiling brightly next to her. “As so many of you probably know, I have always been as successful as I am today. For the first few years of my career, Christmas just wasn’t…well, it wasn’t like this. I had to work several jobs as well as take whatever acting gigs I could get just to support myself and my daughter, let alone buying any kinds of gifts or decorations.” She frowns and Kate can see tears welling up in Martha’s eyes, even as she swallows past them.

Castle, it seems, can see them, too.

“Excuse me,” she whispers to Kate, before walking up to hold her mother’s hand.

Martha smiles and her before continuing.

“But no matter where we spent Christmas—whether it be behind the scenes of a community theater rendition of A Christmas Carol, in a booth at our favorite diner, sharing a stack of festive pancakes, or huddled together in front of the saddest little Christmas tree you ever saw—my daughter, Erica, and I were always together. And that’s what really matters, isn’t it? Spending time with the ones you love—mothers, daughters, granddaughters…” She hands her glass and spoon to some dapper man and reaches for Alexis’s hand, as well. “Family and good friends are all you really need on the holidays.” She smiles at her two girls. “That being said, I am forever grateful for our many successes that led us to this gorgeous apartment and to all of you. Bless you for being a part of our lives.”

“Cheers!” Castle says, holding up her glass.

“Cheers!” the rest of the crowd echoes.

Kate, however, stays silent as tears begin to fill her own eyes and she turns away from the crowd, taking quick steps toward the terrace doors, which are closed to ward off the chill of the snowy Manhattan evening. But she doesn’t notice the cold as she opens the door and steps outside, allowing it to freeze the tears on her face, praying that they don’t fall.

Her chest hurts and she reaches up, under her shirt, for the ring at the end of her necklace. This time of year, she misses her mother most. It’s not only Christmastime, but it’s just a couple of weeks until the anniversary of her death.

It’s a lot.


She jumps and pushes the ring back under the cover of her shirt, staring straight ahead as she blinks her tears away.

“What do you want, Castle?”

She hears the other woman’s footsteps approaching and then feels a sudden warmth over her shoulders. Reaching up, she feels fabric and looks down to see that she’s wearing some kind of fur.

“It’s not real,” Castle explains as she appears next to Kate. “Alexis won’t let either of us buy real fur. I can’t exactly blame her, either.” She laughs, awkwardly, but Kate isn’t in the mood. She continues to stare forward. “Is this about the hat?” she asks. “I’m sorry. It was supposed to be a joke. I wasn’t really going to make you kiss me. That would be a pretty dick move. I just—”

“It’s not about the dumb hat,” Kate huffs. “Not everything is about you, Castle.”

“Is it about your mother?”

Kate presses her lips together and feels the burn in her nose as she tries to fight back the tears again.

“She’s the reason you don’t celebrate the holidays, anymore, isn’t she?”

Kate’s chin begins to quiver and her throat burns. She swallows past a lump, but it feels like she’s suffocating, suddenly. She closes her eyes and tries to take a deep breath.

When she feels warmth against her hand, her eyes pop open and she looks down, seeing Castle’s slender hand over hers. When she looks up, Castle’s not even looking at her; instead she stares straight ahead, watching the snow fall over SoHo. It’s quiet, for once, in the city. There are only a few people walking around on the snowy sidewalks and minimal cars. Mostly taxis.

It looks almost picturesque.

And she’s holding Erica Castle’s hand as she stares out at it all.

Turning her hand over, Kate links their fingers and takes a deep breath, looking up at Castle, who is now glancing sideways at her. Furrowing her brow, Kate turns to her fully, and reaches up, cupping her cheek. Erica’s cheeks turn pink under her touch.

“Kate,” she says, “you don’t have to—”

“Stay still, would you?” Kate huffs. “You have snow in your eyelashes.”

She swipes her thumb over Erica’s closed left eye, shaking the few tiny slow flakes that have gathered there and she could swear that Erica leans further into her touch.

When the taller woman’s eyes slowly start to open, Kate is struck by just how…blue they look right now. They always look blue, of course, but right now, they’re just…well, it’s like they’re glowing. Brilliant.

Kate feels herself drawn in, her nose brushing Erica’s before she even knows what’s happening.

Before their lips can meet, though, Erica pulls away.

“Kate,” she says, “you really don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. The hat…like I said, it was just a joke.”

“Are you wearing a hat right now, Castle?” Kate asks, raising one eyebrow.


“Then why would I feel like I need to do this?”

“I…I dunno.”

“So then shut up and let me do what I want.”

Erica grinned and leaned down, their eyelashes a breath apart as their noses brushed, intimately.

“As you wish.”