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A warm buzz fills the common room as the snow gently falls right outside the windows. 

Each student from 1-A can feel the magnetic pull of the season, attempting to enjoy it to the fullest extent while they can. Soon enough they’ll all get tired of the freezing wind and being trapped indoors with each other. It doesn’t matter how much you care about someone, spending every waking hour no more than 3 feet away from a person at all time can really become bothersome. 

So for now they all indulge in the moment. 

Ashido is curled up on the couch beside Sero who was eagerly playing Mario kart against Kaminari Kirishima and Bakugou. Bakugou was fuming while Sero won the game, hurling an unapologetic blue shell toward Bakugou and knocking him as second. Kaminari was whining about being last again and Kirishima was bewildered that Sero actually won, let alone beat Bakugou, for once. Bakugou never lost to anyone...

(Well except Kirishima and sometimes Ashido)

Still despite the competitive vibe surrounding the Bakusquad, the warmth and comfort was evident, they loved feeling together, almost like a family. Even bakugou (though he would rather DIE than admit it. Being with them made him miss home a little less) 

And the same could be said about each of the students.

Todoroki, Izuku, Uraraka And Iida were all playing cards against humanity; Uraraka and Midoriya tangling their blushing faces in the crook of their elbows, Iida apologizing for each card that contained profane suggestions (stiff arms swinging around nearly knocking over the stack of used cards) and Todoroki remaining in his unbothered stance, expression blank ask he asks for an explaination causing the others blush harder and stifle awkward giggles. Despite the light discomfort and dubious content, the four were really enjoying themselves; very rarely did they have the chance to relax and not worry about wasting their evening on such frivolous activities. It was a much needed break. 

In the kitchen you would find Sato and Momo trading recipes, Jirou at the counter listening to music and tasting the concoctions. Tsu was nearby as well, merely perching herself at the end of the counter and making factual statements about her schoolmates whenever they did something noteworthy (mostly just to call them out on their dumb actions but occasionally to congratulate someone for winning a round of Mariokart) 

Even Tokoyami has emerged from his dark inner room to be apart of the closeness that develops during this season. Holding a warm cup of coffee to his chin and sitting in the furthest most secluded part of the room. But a rare smile softly danced around his beak, his eyebrows less tense than normal. He really enjoyed seeing his friends so lighthearted and warm. 

From across the room Shinsous gaze met Tokoyamis. A quiet understanding shared only between them. They were both more watchers than doers. Still Shinsou found himself with a similar smile spreading out small in the corners of his mouth. Eyes still hanging heavily. 

Shoji, Ojirou, And Hagakure sat on the floor watching a movie on someone’s laptop. Ojirou was sharing a blanket with Hagakure and shoji wrapped his winglike apendages around his knees tucking them comfortable against his chest. 

Aoyama was trying to get Koda to comment on his new winter scarf and coat, the scarf is leopard printed and the bright purple ankle length coat adorned with gems on the cuffs and pockets. Koda was blushing furiously out of pure embarrassment and lack of social ability. Aoyama didn’t get the hint. 

And so they all continued. The common room was by no means quiet, voices from some groups overpowering others, yes the air remained soft and still. The warmth from their smiles and laughter raidiating more and more as the evening progressed. Class 1-A was more than ready for winter. It was the time of year that they all went from being schoolmates to being a little UA family. And they all intended on taking advantage of it.