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Whiskey Alpha Romeo: Hardship in a time of healing

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Loki pressed back, hard, into the propped-up hospital mattress, his hands gripping the guardrails tightly.  “Thor…” he whimpered, biting his lip. “What are you doing?” Loki had returned from a treatment a few hours ago and he’d just woken up to find Thor sitting by his side.  His head ached, and he felt very weak, but Thor seemed to have a better prescription in mind than sleeping. It felt incredible. His hips rocked gently into the hand Thor had wrapped around his cock and he moaned.

           “Is it too much?” Thor asked, sounding worried.  Loki’s eyes glazed over in pleasure, giving a slight smile as Thor watched him.  “I just thought it might help you feel better. I know these treatments are hard on you.”  Thor kissed his cheek as he lengthened his strokes on Loki’s member.

           “No, s’good,” he mumbled, drawing in harsh breaths.  “I’ve…missed this…” He swallowed and turned his face to stare back at Thor.  When he felt Thor’s thumb circling his slit, he cried out, his head sinking further against the mattress.  “Aaahh! Thor!!” Loki let go of one of the guardrails, shaking, and placed his hand over Thor’s to feel his movements.  He was starting to feel lightheaded and Thor’s hand was a good anchor for him.

           “How do you feel?” Thor asked, always the caretaker.  Loki liked to tease him, that he could never shut the nurse side of himself off.  But it didn’t bother him much.

           “Fuck, Thor…”  Loki squeezed his eyes shut as Thor placed an open-mouthed kiss on the pulse point on the left side of his neck.  He didn’t want to do this right now, but he didn’t want to avoid Thor’s question. “A bit lightheaded,” he confessed, letting out another moan.  “Weak.” His hips jutted up sharply, trying to contradict that last statement. The blond chuckled. “Thor…” he whined.

           “You’d tell me if we needed to stop?” Thor mouthed behind Loki’s ear.

           “Yes,” he agreed, quickly, blinking his eyes open.  “It feels good… It feels good…” he chanted. His head was swimming with pleasure, and it was combating the earlier pain quite nicely.  Thor flicked his thumb over his frenulum and it felt like a jolt of lightning had gone down his spine. “Hah-ah!” he cried, trying hard to be quiet.  His door was shut, but it was possible for someone to come check, if he was too loud. Thor ran his free hand through Loki’s hair, massaging his scalp lightly.

           “That’s it, love,” he smiled, peppering kisses over Loki’s face.  In the half a year they’d gotten to know each other, Thor had discovered a few spots that drove him crazy during sex.  One was his frenulum, that little “v” where head met shaft, and Thor loved the way it pulled him apart. He massaged it now, clearly trying to bring him off without exhausting him too much.  Loki’s grip on Thor’s hand, his grip on the guardrail, they both tightened considerably. He was shaking his head back and forth.

           “Thor!”  Loki’s breaths became shakier as Thor continued to press and rub against his sensitive nerve endings.  “Thor!” Loki sobbed one last time as he leaned his head against Thor’s and came with effusion. His hips stuttered to a stop as cum splattered over his and Thor’s joined hands.  When his breathing had evened out again, he gave Thor a small headbutt. “Every fucking time,” he grinned, closing his eyes. “You know just how to get to me.” Thor kissed his temple and quickly grabbed the wipes he’d set aside.  These messes could be triggering for his OCD, sometimes, and Thor always made quick work of the cleanup. It was one of the things Loki was so grateful about. He didn’t just accept his condition, he respected the things that made it more difficult and steered clear.

           “I do try to pay attention,” Thor smiled, happily.  These moments together were nice, when he wasn’t too sick to talk or too weak to stay awake.  But they were also the most overwhelming for him. Thor had that look on his face that he was quickly coming to despise and crave at the same time.  It was disorienting and frustrating. It was a look like he’d just orgasmed on his feelings alone, and Loki found it hard to relate. He was never fulfilled until Thor had wrung him out to dry; never complete until he saw Thor’s own pleasure erupting on his face; never satisfied until this big bear of a man was resting in his arms.  So often he didn’t have the energy to do anything at all, and Thor simply contented himself by laying next to him. He’d told him how close it made him feel, how happy he was to be able to care for Loki. But when he was helpless…when he could do nothing but be taken care of…when he could share nothing of himself, not even wrap his hand in Thor’s...those were the moments he felt furthest away.  Loki’s hand reached down towards Thor’s crotch and fumbled with the button on his pants. The blond seemed startled. “Loki…” Thor held tightly to his hand.

           “I’m feeling good, Thor,” he pouted, frustrated.  Thor needed to stop treating him so gingerly. “I’m tired, but if I don’t have your dick in my hand in the next minute, there will be consequences.”  Loki stopped what he was doing to put both hands on his hips and glare at Thor, pointedly. Thor smiled back at him warmly.

           “OK.”  He put his hands up in surrender as Loki shifted himself over on the bed.  “OK,” he agreed, helping Loki turn carefully onto his side, as he climbed into the bed to lay next to him.  Thor stroked his hair again as his free hand went to unbutton his fly and pull out his rigid cock. Loki’s hand immediately encircled it.

           “I missed you,” Loki whispered towards his dick.  Thor laughed as Loki stroked him fondly. “They all worry that you’re bad for my health, Hercules.”  Loki patted the top of his glans and Thor hissed at the contact.

           “You named my penis Hercules?”

           “I got dicked so hard, he deserves that title!” Loki objected.  Thor smirked at him and shook his head.

           “OK, but don’t let it get to his head,” he joked.  Loki sighed like it was the greatest imposition in the world.

           “Fine,” he lamented, rolling his eyes.  “Now, lube me and let’s get this party started.”  Loki smiled and kissed his cheek.