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Cuddly Keith!

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Let it be said that Shiro was not expecting a heavy weight directly on his one good shoulder at only the stars know what ungodly hour of the night. He was so startled that he nearly choked on his own air before realizing it was Keith nestled up against his arm, clinging tightly like a little bear. Keith's eyes were closed and he had Shiro's arm in a death grip, something he hadn't done since he was a child and would crawl between him and Adam after having a nightmare. 

Shiro knew this game far too well, and decided not to question it until a reasonable hour. He closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep, vaguely feeling his little brother shift next to him. Keith seemed to change position every five seconds. First he would shift Shiro's arm. Then his own head. Then grab Shiro's arm again. Cycling through movements and stretching his neck to Shiro's pillow until he seemed pleased. Shiro was just phasing out of consciousness completely when he felt a hand push bat at his jaw. 

He awoke with a start to see Keith looking at him with murder in his eyes. There were dark smudges under his eyes and his hair was sticking in every which way. Frankly, Keith looked ghastly, and Shiro assumed he probably wasn't fairing much better.

"Keith, what," he deadpanned.

"Shut the fuck up you snore," he hissed.

Shiro pinched his nose and sighed deeply, "you're the one who crawled in here!"

"Takashit literally everyone can hear you snore down the entire hallway."

He merely grunted and turned on his side only to have Keith push his back directly against his, taking up more than half the bed. 


As annoying as his little brother was, his presence was grounding. He supposed he could get used to this again.