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Where You're Meant to Be

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He watched from the shadows, watching the horse drawn carriage as it bumped and bounced along the forest floor. The large cross told him exactly what he already knew, that this carriage belonged to the Sheriff of Nottingham and in a few short seconds, it would pass just below him and he'd be able to silently land on the roof.

Lord Kurt of Locksley lived for this moment.




He sighed as he walked past the high school, he was late for class -not that he really cared, but because of the time, the football team would be heading to the field for practice and there was no way to avoid them and their leader David Karofsky. It didn't matter that Finn, his step brother was on the team and the Quarterback, Karofsky did what he liked and Finn would just shoot him sympathetic looks before following the team.

He poked his head around the corner, hoping beyond hope that he'd be able to get instead safely.

But nothing ever went his way.

Kurt Hummel probably wouldn't live past this moment.