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What Came First?

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A smile spread slowly, sensually, across his lips as Eijiro tilted his head to the side, leaning down ever so slightly towards his friend. He drew his bottom lip beneath his teeth, pressing sharp canines into it before letting it plump back out with a small breath he knew sounded needy. He moved to cage the blond before him against the kitchen countertop with a hand either side; leaving their chests a breath apart as he inched his head to close the gap between their mouths. So close. He let his eyelids drift to half mast. Almost...

Kaminari drew back his head sharply with a loud laugh as he reached to clap his hands over suddenly burning cheeks.

“Dude! You are way too good at that!” He cackled as Kirishima moved away to toss himself into one of the tall stools on the opposite side of the counter, laughing with him; “I really thought I could win too, cause I’ve seen you do it so many times now, but that was intense!”

Eijiro practically beamed “No one beats me at gay chicken, man. I’m like, the king!” He gave another laugh as Kaminari agreed with him as he turned to root around in the fridge for two cans of something before moving to sit next to him, handing him one.

“I want you to get someone else! The next person to walk through that door gets the king Kiri special. Like wham!”

“Dude, chill. It could be one of the girls you know, so that wouldn’t work.” He chuckled back.

“Fine, fine. Next guy then, you know what I meant.” Kaminari waved a dismissive hand before cracking the top of his can and gulping half of its contents down. He smacked the can down on the side and shot Eijiro a grin, wiggling his eyebrows; “Who you hoping for?”

Kirishima choked on his drink, spraying out some of the liquid in his mouth. “What’s that supposed to mean??” He wiped his chin on the back of his hand; “This was your weird idea to begin with, I’d never even heard of gay chicken till you set me on poor Midoriya.”

He laughed despite himself; his green haired classmate had gone bright red and admitted defeat the instant Kirishima had plastered on what he’d hoped had been a sexy expression and leaned down a couple of inches towards him.

Since then he’d practiced in the mirror and knew exactly what to do with his face to make people blush. He had an impressive win streak, with zero losses. Though, when Kaminari had first proposed the game, Kirishima had looked at him like he’d gone crazy. Which he probably had; crazy hormonal that is. Eijiro had a sneaky suspicion that his electric friend was using the silly game as a way of working through his feelings towards the same sex and just hadn’t wanted to be the only weirdo pretending to kiss guys so, of course, he’d roped in sturdy-boy Kiri.

Not that Eijiro minded at all; he was always happy to help a friend out and, he had to admit, the game was kinda fun. It had spread through a surprising amount of students around the school at this point too, so it wasn’t an uncommon sight to see to see two students randomly start leaning in for what looked like it might be a steamy kiss, until one of them pulled back, laughing in defeat. It was good natured, wholesome, fun; the best kind of fun. Kirishima had found that he was surprisingly good at pretending to be alluring too, which had been a bonus he hadn’t expected. He’d flustered everyone he’d played against and it boosted his ego to receive praise from his friends and fellow pupils more than he’d probably care to admit out loud.

“Sup losers.” Bakugou chose that moment to stalk into the room, heading straight for the overhead cupboard that contained a selection of his own foods. They each had a shelf of their own to fill with what they wanted and the refrigerator was stocked by the school with essentials so that they could cook their own meals; if they wanted anything special they had to buy it themselves. Eijiro felt a hard smack on his arm as Kaminari gave an excited noise beside him and turned to look at him.

“Dude, this is gonna be great!” He practically sparked with energy as he popped to his feet behind the counter, “Bakugou, come’re a second!”

Kirishima’s heart kicked into overdrive immediately, thudding against his ribs. He’d imagined kissing his best friend so many times that the idea of actually getting that close to his face was terrifying. He bit his lip. He couldn’t play gay chicken with Bakugou; he’d end up embarrassing himself, or blown to pieces, whichever came first. He was about to open his mouth to tell Kaminari he was out when Bakugou spoke again.

“No fuckin’ way 9volt. I ain’t getting involved in anything you’re excited about. Fuck that noise.” The blond snatched a box of cinnamon fireballs and slammed the cupboard door; stopping briefly to retrieve a drink from the fridge as he strode back towards the archway that led to the lounge. He paused and shot Kirishima a look that anyone else might think was a glare;

“My room, one hour. You’re late and I’m not tutoring your dumb ass, got it?” He didn’t wait for an answer before pivoting on his heel and stalking back to the common area, where he had been lounging on a sofa with a book for the last thirty minutes, randomly shouting into the kitchen at them to stop laughing like idiots and let him concentrate.

“Aw man, what a bummer. I’d have paid money to see that bastard blushing.” Kaminari grumbled as he reclaimed his seat. Eijiro had to admit that he would have too. Though, a much more likely scenario would have been Kiri being blasted through a wall. He smiled at the thought, despite the disappointed feeling in his stomach.

“You know, you could go in there and give it a shot.” He teased, already knowing his friends answer.

“HA! No way man, I value my life.” Deki threw his head back to drain the contents of his drink before he continued; “You’re like, the only person that’d survive.”

“Survive what?” It was Todoroki.

“Todoroki, dude! Wanna play a game with us?” Kaminari was already moving to stand in front of their confused classmate. “It’s called ‘gay chicken’ and it’s super easy.”

Todoroki gave the yellow haired teen a slightly distrustful look; “Why would a chicken be gay?”

“Why wouldn’t it be??” Kaminari retorted defensively; a little too defensively, in Eijiro’s opinion. He didn’t move to stand, enjoying too much the scene in front of him. He took a sip of his drink with a quiet chuckle. Kaminari had the weirdest way of dealing with gay panic. Instead of quietly working through his feelings, he’d steadfastly dragged the whole school along for the ride. It was impressive, to say the least, and so completely Denki that Kirishima shouldn’t have even been surprised.

Todoroki nodded his head, conceding the point to the blond silently before questioning; “Even so, I don’t understand why you’d want to play with gay chickens.”

“Dude. No.” Kaminari slapped a hand to his face as Midoriya and Ojiro walked in.

“What’s going on, Kirishima?” Midoriya asked quietly, moving to take Kaminari’s recently vacated seat, rather than interrupt his classmates conversing in the middle of the kitchen. Ojiro claimed the next one along, looking over at him for an explanation too.

“Denki is trying to explain gay chicken.” Eijiro chuckled quietly into his drink.
“Oh!” Midoriya’s cheeks flushed slightly as he gave a laugh; “Poor Todoroki.”

Poor Kaminari more like, Kirishima thought as he heard the blond give an exasperated sigh. The three of them turned silently to watch.

“No. That’s not it either, how are you even top of the class?? Listen; it’s not about chickens, forget about the chickens.” He heaved a deep breath and continued;

“Right. So you’ve gotta know what a game of ‘chicken’ is right? Its when two people start at either end of a drag strip or road and drive their cars straight at each other until one of them gets scared and turns the wheel. Well, this is the gay kiss version. You both lean in and the first one to pull back loses. Simple, man.” Kaminari put his hands on his hips and grinned at his classmate.

Todoroki thought for a moment; “...Okay. And you want to play with me?” He said at length.

“Totally! Cause I know I’m gonna win this one.”

A white brow shot to his hairline as Shouto gave his friend a disbelieving look; “I’ll play.” He said simply. Midoriya gave an almost imperceptible squeak next to Kirishima and shifted in his chair to get a better look at the pair.

“I’ll never understand this game, it’s so embarrassing.” Ojiro said with a shake of his head, though he chortled as he tucked his stool beneath the counter and used his tail to hop over it easily; moving to the oven at the far end of the expansive kitchen to begin cooking, leaving them to their shenanigans.

“Ready when you are!” Kaminari’s excitement was back. He was probably feeling self assured because he’d won two games that day, only having lost to Kirishima later.

Todoroki sidestepped smoothly, angling his body to face his classmate; his face still a blank mask as he looked down at Denki, having an easy four inches in height over the other teen.

“Show him who's boss Todoroki! It’ll be totally manly!” Kirishima couldn’t help but yell out the encouragement, knowing it would throw a spanner in Kaminari’s game. He grinned as Midoriya gave a quieter “Yeah!” from beside him.

“Hey!” Kaminari twisted to shoot him a betrayed glare, but found his head turned back by cool fingers suddenly holding his chin. They angled his head back to look up into bi-coloured eyes as Todoroki gave a small smile at his friends’ encouraging words. He leaned down, tilting his head to the side as he stared straight into electrified gold; “I thought you wanted to play this game with me, not them.”

Kirishima actually heard Kaminari gulp and snickered. For the person who had started the whole ridiculous game, he wasn’t very good at it; but he tried. He also knew that Todoroki hadn’t meant his words as anything other than a statement of fact, but he’d be damned if he hadn’t sounded super manly. Kiri watched the blond lift a hand to rest at the back of his classmates neck, pushing himself slightly to his tiptoes to close the distance between them. Shouto’s eyebrow quirked again and it suddenly looked like he was trying not to smirk.

“What are you doing with your face?” He asked bluntly.

Instantly both Eijiro and Midoriya leaned to the side to try and get a look at the blonds obscured features; they could easily see Todoroki’s as he was facing more towards the counter where they sat. Kirishima contemplated getting up and walking over to get a good look at what he imagined was some terrible acting on Denki’s part, but stopped himself.

“I-I’m being sexy! Duh.”

“No. You’re not.”

“Ugh, okay you win, you’ve totally ruined the mood.” Kaminari stepped back with a light huff, but smiled slyly a moment later, looking over at Kirishima. He could tell where this was going.

“Does this game require a certain mood?” Todoroki questioned, causing the blond to turn back to him.

“Totally man. Kirishima’ll show you!” He grinned between the pair of them and Kiri couldn’t help but laugh at him;

“You’re shameless bro, you know that?”

“Just cause you don’t think you can win against him. Thought you were manly?” Kaminari countered with a smug look. Kirishima simply stood, sliding his chair smoothly beneath the counter before rounding it.

“I know exactly what you’re doing, bro. And I’m gonna take the bait; cause we both know I’m stupid good at this game.”

Kaminari gave a snorting laugh at his words as Midoriya moved to stand beside the blond so that they could both watch.

“I won easily against Kaminari.”

“Yeah, but you totally won by picking on me, and even I’ll admit I’ve got nothing on Kirishima. Dudes a menace.”

Eijiro beamed at the praise, his grin growing wider and toothier as Midoriya gave an earnest nod of agreement. As he turned to face Todoroki, it was his turn to be met with a disbelieving look. He let his grin turn lopsided and cheeky as he gave his friend a wink.

“Ready?” He asked, letting his voice drop to a slightly huskier tone.

Todoroki’s eyes widened slightly, but he immediately schooled his features and nodded, looking determined. Eijiro stepped smoothly forward to prevent his classmate from gaining the advantage with his height as he had just done with Kaminari; gently backing him against the wall. Kiri placed a palm flat against the wall near Shouto’s bicep, leaving enough space that he would still feel comfortable, and tilted his head back to look up into his opponents face. Mismatched eyes gazed calculatingly into his, clearly trying to determine his next move. Neither of them moved for a moment, so Kirishima decided to take the game up a notch.

“You know you won’t win this.” He whispered, letting his voice become even lower, more raspy. He let his eyes rake down to thin lips, sucking his own lower lip between his teeth as he raised his eyes once more and leaned upward.

“You win.” Todoroki’s voice was sudden, but even, and there was an undeniable tint to his cheeks.

Eijiro stepped away instantly, grinning victoriously as he moved to snatch up his drink and drain it, before turning to lift himself to sit on the counter and swing his legs; he looked back over at his friends. Kaminari was grinning as though the victory was his own and Midoriya was blushing and looking at Todoroki like he’d sprouted an extra head;

“A-are you sure, Todoroki? I’ve never really played, well apart from that once, with Kirishima, a couple of weeks ago.”

“Yes. I understand the game much better. Kaminari was just terrible at it, but-“ Shouto gave a cough and glanced over at him as Denki gave an indignant snort; “-Kirishima was...not. I think I know how to play properly now.”

“Thanks man!” Eijiro responded brightly before hopping from the counter and moving to rummage in his cupboard for a pot of instant ramen and the sweet bun he’d picked up from the convenience store on the weekend. Todoroki was no doubt about to use the moves Eijiro had just put on him against their green haired classmate and he didn’t want to pry; unlike Kaminari. He shook his head with a smile and turned to call the blond over, offering him one of his instant noodle pots as he set some water to boil.

“Thanks dude, I really didn’t wanna cook. I suck at it.” Denki appeared by his side a moment later, rooting around in Kirishima’s cupboard to pick a flavour; “There’s cooked meat in the fridge, right? Gotta get some protein if we’re in the gym tomorrow.”

Kiri nodded as he poured hot water into the noodle cups once it had boiled, re-covering them.


They both whipped around in time to see Midoriya shoot directly down the wall to his hunches on the floor in front of Todoroki; face completely buried in his hands and knees, his ears burning bright red.

“Dude! What did you do to him??” Kaminari demanded, laughing.

Neither of them moved forward as Shouto was already kneeling before Midoriya, apologising and pressing his frost covered right hand to his friend’s cheeks and forehead to cool down his furious blush when he lowered his hands. Eijiro could see the smile on the heterochromatic teens face as he offered to share his meal and study together that evening. He could only guess what Todoroki had done, or said, as Izuku looked up at him, nodding as he turned even redder.

After Midoriya had risen from the floor and composed himself he had helped plate up a tray of sushi and sides that Todoroki pulled from the refrigerator and had followed the other boy out of the kitchen, still slightly pink in the face. Ojiro left, just as Kirishima was dumping a fistful of shredded chicken into his ramen and ramming it down, with a plate of something that smelled delicious; leaving him and Kaminari to sit back at the counter to eat.

“I think Todoroki has a thing for Midoriya.” Kaminari broke the easy silence smugly.

“You think??” Kirishima laughed; “That’s why I pulled you away from there, man. You’d have probably ended up as red as poor Midoriya, cause I don’t think he’d have cared if you were watching. I wonder what he did?” They both laughed and batted ideas back and forth until their food was gone. Eijiro tore open his sweet bun and munched it as they tidied away, before looking at the clock.

“Gotta go bro. I’ve got like, exactly twelve minutes to get my stuff ready to study.” He stuffed the last of the bun into his mouth and dusted the crumbs from his hands as Kaminari moved to poke his head around the corner, looking into the lounge.

“Bakugou’s still there, dude.” He said quietly, quickly moving back to Kirishima’s side, mischievous grin on his face.

“No way, bro.”

“Just hear me out, it’ll be great!”

“I know what you want me to do and I’d seriously get my head blown off.”

Kaminari laughed for a moment, but his expression softened as he looked back over at him. He lowered his voice to a whisper, leaning forward conspiratorially;

“I already know you’ve got a big ‘manly’ crush on him, dude. So why not make the most of a game everyone is playing? It won’t even seem weird to go for top dog over Bakugou.” Kaminari gave a low laugh at Eijiro’s embarrassed expression.

“How did you know??”

“If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have looked like you were about to throw up earlier when I tried to get you to gay chicken the hell out of him. Totally gave yourself away, my man.”

Kirishima let out a breath. Denki had a point and as much as he wanted to deny his crush, he couldn’t. Having the stupid game as a safety net would be handy too, but;

“You know I’m gonna get blasted all the way to hell, right?” He grinned despite himself.

“Dude. You were made to take on that asshole.” Kaminari waved a dismissive hand as he finally leant back; “I think you might be made for gay chicken too - you’re so damned hot.”

Eijiro couldn’t help himself, he burst out laughing. Tears threatened in his eyes and he wiped at them with the hem of his tank top as he composed himself;

“Alright then, here’s the deal. If I do this thing, you’ve gotta stop getting your kicks from this dumb game and actually go ask someone out. I can’t be your gay awakening, man.”

It was Kaminari’s turn to laugh; “Fine, fine! But just so you know, I don’t think I’m gay; I think I just want, like, everyone.” As Kiri opened his mouth to reply, that he wasn’t the least bit surprised, an angry shout echoed through from the lounge;

“Oi! You done fucking around shitty hair?!”

Eijiro was on his feet in a second; shouting that he would be there in a minute, before turning to engulf Kaminari in an a manly hug;

“Thanks, bro.”

“Anytime man. Now go poke the bear.” They both laughed.




A little over an hour later Eijiro sat back, closing his work book with a quiet groan, before standing to stretch out his back and arms. Bakugou rose to stalk to his bed, sitting on the edge before throwing himself backwards to look up at the ceiling with a low grumble. Kirishima wet his lips, nervous. It was now or never;

“Hey, Bakugou?” He saw the blond raise an eyebrow in question, so he continued; “Have you ever played ‘gay chicken’?”

Bakugou snorted derisively. “That dumb game everyone’s on about? Fuck no.“ Kirishima’s heart sank- “Why? Think you can beat me?”

-And suddenly slingshotted straight back up into his throat so that he could choke on it. He saw Bakugou sit back up with a self assured smirk on his face and fought to calm himself down enough to grin back with something, anything, other than giddy excitement. He had to play it cool;

“I dunno, man, I haven’t lost yet...” He felt his grin turn more cocky; “I think I could take you.”

The blonds eyebrows rose slightly at his words and he flashed his canines menacingly; “Give it your best fucking shot.”

Eijiro had absolutely no idea how to proceed now that he was actually facing off against the blond, but he crossed the room to stand a couple of steps from the bed anyway. He wracked his brain, thinking through all the expressions he’d tried out in the mirror in his room, but at the moment none of them seemed genuine enough. With his heart thudding so hard he worried it might burst out of him he threw caution to the wind, deciding to play it by ear.

He moved forward to stand before his still seated best friend and looked down at him, gripping the hem of his tank for a moment before letting it go. Bakugou’s eyes darted to the nervous gesture before snapping back to meet his gaze. The blond smirked and shot a hand out to grab the front of his vest top, yanking straight down to bring Kirishima to his knees in front of him.

When his knees thudded into the carpet Kiri let out a pained groan; not from the impact, but from suddenly being so close and it all only being a game. Bakugou’s nostrils flared as he withdrew his fisted hand. A moment ticked by and Kirishima wondered if the blond was going was going to do anything, before he remembered he was supposed to be the one winning this game. He chewed his lip as he thought how he could take Bakugou off guard, letting his eyes rove over his friends body and up to the lips he desperately wanted on his. He heard a growl and snapped his eyes to meet intense red. He’d never get this opportunity again; he was damn sure going to enjoy it.

He let himself smirk, flashing his teeth, he closed his eyes and dragged the tip of his tongue over the top set. He heard a sharp intake of breath and opened his eyes again, slowly meeting Bakugou’s gaze as he reached to drag off his tank top. The blond went completely still on the edge of the bed as the slip of cloth was tossed aside and Kirishima turned to him again.

“Ready to give up?” Eijiro asked to goad him, surprised by how throaty his voice sounded. It was completely different from when he’d done it consciously; this time it was filled with real need. His answer was a sharp flash of teeth. He smiled, drawing himself up properly on his knees, bringing himself closer to eye level with Bakugou, who still sat rigid and unmoving as he watched Kirishima with an intensity that was almost frightening.

Gooseflesh rippled across Kiri‘s bared skin like his hardening quirk as he leaned closer, never breaking eye contact, to place a hand either side of Bakugou’s legs. He tilted his head to the side ever so slightly, feeling his eyelids drop to half mast as he finally, finally, allowed himself to look again at his best friend’s lips. He watched as the blond’s tongue darted out to wet them before his Adam’s apple bobbed in a thick swallow. Eijiro didn’t even try to stop the needy groan that rushed out of him at the sight, as he fisted his hands in Bakugou’s bed sheets to prevent himself from reaching to touch him. The heat between their bodies seemed to weigh down the air itself. It was torture; sweet fucking torture.

He’d been hard from the moment Bakugou had forced him to his knees, but now, his body veritably pulsed with want. He swallowed, already so very, painfully, close to letting himself go completely, game be damned. He closed his eyes, tilting his head back as though catching invisible raindrops and whispered like a prayer into the silence;

“I want you so badly it hurts...

Bakugou groaned low and dangerous like an animal as Eijiro opened his eyes, decided. He leaned up, in, further, closer; hands still gripping cotton as he closed the distance to press his lips against the blonds. A hand shot out sharply, fisting the hair at the back of his head, yanking to pull him away just as he had been so close. He whined a desperate, broken, keen into the low light of the room.

“Fuck.” Bakugou growled out, his voice rough and gravelled as he held him there; “You- you fucking win.”

Kirishima barely had time to register the words, to feel disappointed, before the hand at the back of his head pulled him forward bodily and Bakugou’s lips slammed into his. Eijiro gasped, body going slack as his world shifted and narrowed to the hot lips kneading roughly against his own and the heat thrumming through his entire being. He moaned loud and wanton as he opened his mouth, unbidden, beneath the blond’s lips.

Eijiro heard a groan rumble through Bakugou’s chest as his tongue shoved roughly into his mouth, claiming it. He met it with his own in a wild tangle of need. The kiss was wet and hard, clumsy and messy, but he didn’t care. The fact that he’d never kissed anyone before should have slowed him down but he was already lost. Reaching to finally fist his hands in the blonds shirt he tugged hard, urging him closer as he leaned forward to crush his bare chest against his friends clothed body. Mindless, Kirishima yanked at the offending material, pulling it up with one hand to reach beneath it with the other.

Bakugou tore his head back to glare down at him as he sucked in a ragged breath. He reached to tug his shirt from Kirishima’s grip, pulling it over his head and tossing it to the floor. Kiri smoothed his hands over hard thighs, already mourning the loss of the blonds angry mouth. A bare foot appeared on his chest before he could beg to continue, shoving him back roughly. His back hit the floor, winding him, as he heard Bakugou follow.

The blond’s mouth was hot and insistent once more on Eijiro’s; if it hadn’t been for the painful bite to his lip he’d have though he was dreaming. Reaching to tangle his hands in ashen silk, Kirishima let his legs fall open, hooking them behind Bakugou’s thighs to urge him forward as he ground himself up. Pleasure shot through him and his back arched, breaking the kiss.

“So fucking hot.” Bakugou groaned against Kirishima’s neck as he dropped his head and rolled his hips again; “Shit...”

“H-harder!” Eijiro bit his lip until he tasted blood, lost to sensation as he jerked brokenly against the blond, seeking heaven.

Bakugou’s hand shot down to grab Kirishima’s hip, fingers digging to bone as he forced the redhead to move faster. Kiri gave himself over completely, letting his head drop to to side to expose the column of his neck;

“Bite me. Please.” He gasped out, desperate. He released the blond’s head to dig his fingers into the flesh of his ass through his trousers, urging him on. Wrenching his hips down into his own over and over as he thrust up wildly.

“Fuck. Gonna make me come, Ei.”

Eijiro moaned, speech an impossible dream as he hurtled towards his own release, Katsuki’s words pooling lava low in his belly. The hand yanking his hips up moved to slam into the floor beside them. Without warning Bakugou jerked, biting hard into the cord of Kirishima’s neck as his whole body tensed, hips stuttering as he groaned his release. Eyes blown wide at the sudden pain, Kirishima chased after it; fingers tearing into the fabric of Bakugou’s pants as he thrust upwards, falling from the precipice a moment later with a strangled cry; desire pumping from him, hot and thick, into his boxers as his vision winked black.

He collapsed, chest heaving as his head thudded dully on Bakugou’s bedroom floor, the blond dead weight atop him as he too struggled to catch his breath. A moment passed as Kirishima came down from his high and the smell of burning tickled his nose. Bakugou shifted to brace himself on his forearms, before pushing himself up to sit back on his knees between the redhead’s still splayed legs.

“Fuck, I - are you okay? I Didn’t mean to do you like that, Ei.” He used the nickname Eijiro had only ever heard him use a moment ago and he felt his heart swell as the blond scowled down at him in concern.

“I’m more than okay, man. I think I actually saw stars.” Kirishima let out a laugh that turned into a grimace as he reached a hand to his neck, pulling it away to find blood coating his fingertips; “Didn’t hold back, did you?”

“Neither did you, you’ve fucking shredded my sweats.” Bakugou blew out a breath and stood, holding the front of his tracksuit bottoms up to cover his modesty as he grabbed for a towel to wrap around his waist.

Kiri rose to sit, crossing his legs as he watched his best friend kick away the ruined material now pooled at his feet and bend to snatch his boxers up and examine them. With a light grumble he tossed them into the bin beside his desk;

“Tch. No saving them either, you ripped the back end out of ‘em. Gimme a minute and I’ll clean that bite.” He rummaged in his draws, pulling two pairs of boxers and two pairs of sweatpants out; one each of which he tossed onto his bed. “Don’t go anywhere.” He added, before ducking into the en suite bathroom that held a toilet and sink.

Eijiro rose to shaky legs as the door closed with a click, pulling the chair from under the desk and dropping into it. He snatched a couple of tissues from the box there and pressed them into his neck with a grin as he cast his eyes to the carpet. There, above where their heads had been and where he’d felt Bakugou slam his hand down, were two angry blackened scorch marks burned into the carpet. He was still grinning dopily at them when the blond exited the bathroom, moments later, in fresh clothes;

“I know, I nearly blew our fucking heads off when I came.” The blond grumbled with chagrined scowl as he crossed to stand before Kiri, moving his hand to get a look at his handiwork;

“Shit, I’m -sorry.” His voice hitched at the word as though he’d never used it before and Eijiro smiled reassuringly up at him as he grabbed for a small first aid box.

“It’s fine Bakugou, really. I started it.” He found himself grinning broadly, still giddy with disbelief at what had just happened.

“Jesus, use my first name, dumbass. I just dry humped you into next fucking week.” The blond shot him an incredulous look as he cleaned Kiri’s neck with an alcohol wipe before applying antiseptic.

Eijiro let out a burst of happy laugher. “So I get to call you Katsuki and get a new nickname? Kaminari’s stupid game seems pretty awesome right now.”

“Tch, idiot. I was gonna use that dumbass game as an excuse to kiss you, but you never asked to play. So when I heard plug socket say to get the next fucker that walked in the kitchen I-“ Bakugou cut himself off on a growl as Kirishima’s eyes widened in realisation, gaping up at him.

“Tell anyone and I’ll blow you straight to hell, got it?” He moved to step away but Kiri grabbed his arm, preventing him. He stood, coming almost nose to nose with the blond, before leaning up slightly to connect their lips without a word. The kiss was slow, gentle, this time but it still took Eijiro’s breath away. Katsuki pulled back when Kiri released a quiet moan into his mouth;

“Careful, idiot. We both know I apparently can’t control my fucking self.” He stepped back with a small smirk before stalking to the bed and tossing the clothes he’d dropped there earlier to the redhead; “Go clean up. There’s a new toothbrush on the side. Red one.”

Nodding like a bobble head Eijiro practically waltzed into the bathroom. He shucked his bottoms with a grimace at the stickiness and cleaned himself up, finally pulling on the pair of black boxers covered in skulls, chuckling quietly to himself. So Bakugou. He tugged on the comfortably baggy sweats and set about destroying the new toothbrush with his sharp teeth. When he exited the bathroom a few minutes later, he realised the blond had already got into bed. The light from the lamp on his bedside table illuminated his hair like a halo and Eijiro found himself smiling softly as he met his carmine gaze.

“Night, Katsuki.”

“If you’re really stupid enough to think you’re leaving right now, we’re gonna have some problems, Eijiro.” He shifted closer to the wall and pulled back the duvet with a pointed look.

Eijiro released a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding, dumped his dirty clothes into the washing basket, and slid into bed with his best friend. He reached to click the light off and they both snuggled down beneath the covers. Katsuki’s arm snaked across his torso to pull him firmly into the line of his chest. He sighed as he felt a light peck of lips to the back of his neck, and another close to where he’d been bitten, as if in apology.

“This goes without saying; but, no more playing gay fucking chicken. You’re mine now, got it?”

Eijiro gave a quiet laugh as he realised that he and the blond had just become an item, without Bakugou ever having used the phrase ‘will you go out with me?’ like a normal person. He moved to entwine his fingers with the ones splayed possessively across his stomach, smiling as he closed his eyes.

“I got it.”