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I Love That You're Mine

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"Hey sweetie. What's wrong." A beautiful alpha crouched in front of Leo, with a kind smile. By her scent, she had just presented.

"H-hi..." The omega sniffled, looking towards the ground. 

Leo had been called all kinds of awful names by a group of cocky alphas. He was sitting on the ground, knees pulled up to his chest and his glasses slipping down his nose.

"Aww, Cutie." A delicate finger brushed a tear from under his eye. "I like your accent."

Leo glanced up at the beautiful alpha with the soft London accent. Leo's mum was a male omega from Ireland. He was raised by him and had adapted a lighter version of the accent.

"T-thanks." Leo pushed his glasses up his nose. 

The girl had stunning emerald eyes framed by long eyelashes that brushed her defined cheekbones. She had a cute button nose and flawless skin, with dimples when she smiled. Her lips looked soft, pink and plump and we're covered by sparkly lip gloss. Her hair was chocolate brown and fell to her waist in loose ringlets. 

Leo felt his breath catch and his cheeks turned pink when he started producing slick. 

The girl had a little sympathetic smile, clearly smelling his hormones. "What's your name, omega?"

"Leo." He bit his lip and ran his hand over his cheeks, which felt hot to the touch. 

The girl placed a gentle hand on the boy's knee. "I'm Sophia. Can I sit with you?"

Her tone was gentle and kind, unlike any other alpha he had met before. He nodded and she crawled to his side, sitting crossed legged.

"L-lunch is almost over," Leo stuttered. He fought the urge to crawl in her lap, the thought making the slick come out of his hole faster. 

"I know." She brushed long hair behind her ear. "Why were you crying?"

Leo stared at the top of his knees. "People were calling me mean names and saying awful things about me. I'm one of the only male omegas at this school and everyone just looks at me like I'm some piece of property!"

"Can I hold you, Leo?" The way Sophia said his name sent shivers down his spine. The omega nodded and was easily scooped into her lap.

Leo rested his head on her shoulder, his inner omega preening. "No alpha has ever been this nice to me."

Sofia kissed his forehead, gently rocking him. Despite them being about the same size, she was a lot stronger than him. "Omega's deserved to be treated with respect. My dad always treats my mum like he's the fucking sun, so I guess that's where I get it from."

"Your mum is a male?" Leo was curious. He has only met a few other male omegas, including his own mum. 

Sophia nodded. She brushed her fingertips over the omega's features. "You're so beautiful, cutie."

Leo shook his head. His voice was shy. "No M'not."

The girl nodded. "Yes, you are." 

Leo blushed again and Sophia gently slid his glasses off his nose. She put them on and crossed her eyes, pulling a funny face. 

She had her phone in her hand and when Leo giggled, she snapped a picture of the gorgeous lad. 

Leo bit his lip as the alpha showed him the picture. "See? Beautiful."

Sophia took off the glasses and carefully put them back on Leo, as the bell rang to signify the end of lunch. "You look better when you smile. I don't like seeing you cry."

"Oh." Leo didn't know what to say to that. "Um...lunch is over. Are you going to go?"

Sophia cocked her head to the side, running her fingers through Leo's hair, making him pur in response. "Do you want me to?"

He twisted a strand on her long hair around his finger. "I-I don't want you to get in trouble..."

Sophia cupped his face and he stared in the emerald eyes, mesmerized by the flecks of blue in the middle of a field of green. She leaned forward so their noses brushed. "But do you want me to go?"

Leo shook his head, his blush deepening. "N-no."

She smiled and Leo reached out, poking her left dimple. "Do you want to go out with me, Leo?"

The omega nodded. "O-okay. Can you...can you kiss me?"

Sophia leaned in and their lips brushed gently. The alpha took control of the kiss and Leo moved his lips shyly with hers.

The alpha female pulled away, brushing his cheek with the pad of her thumb. "Beautiful."