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You Are From A Whole Other World That I Used To Call Home

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Having to leave his planet to become one of the many young ambassadors sent to the different headquarters of the Confederate Circle of Peaceful Planets, it had been a very hard blow for Taehyung, but he had endured it with all his strength because he had kept hoping to return someday.

But that would not be possible anymore. Never more.

If having to leave his home had been almost intolerable, know that overnight his planet had completely ceased to exist at the hands of a rebel organization willing to eliminate the Union of Peaceful Planets; it had been like dying in life for him.

Apparently, now he had to stay in Nova Terra for the rest of his life, and he wasn't too convinced that he could do it.


Taehyung was a young Indigo, sent as ambassador after the leaders of his planet lost all contact with the previous ambassador, sent some years ago, whose task had been, in addition to reestablishing and perpetuating the links between both planets, and promoting his own, in an atmosphere of peace and unity, seek and try to locate the lost ambassador to report to the embassy for his sudden disappearance. That had been if Taehyung was able to find the lost ambassador, and when his planet still existed. But all wasn’t lost, and his task remained relatively the same, since each young ambassador who came to a new planet, was accompanied by a wise General Council, which meant that their culture hadn't been completely lost, and that among the survivors, plus the help of the Confederate Circle, they were trying to establish a small colony so that the legacy of their species wouldn't be completely extinguished, as long as an Indigo remains alive. But that would take years, months if they were lucky, and the emptiness in Taehyung's chest from the lack of his home, from the nostalgia of familiarity, was eating him alive. And in those moments of despair and loneliness, he was grateful at least to be able to count on the company of Jimin and Yoongi.

Life in Nova Terra wasn't bad, but too lonely when he had to fulfill his duties as ambassador, which had increased by new tasks as a spokesman for his species, and appreciated that his kind had the ability to hide their natural characteristics to resemble to the Terrans, unlike other species, like Jimin. His best friend was a young Selenium; colorless but shining eyes, golden hair very clear, that shone with intensity under the light of the moon, gills on both sides of his neck that allowed him to breathe underwater, (detail that had fascinated Taehyung and explained why they were so good at swimming), and soft and pale skin dotted with small blue and silver stars, which transformed his small body into a beautiful astral map, sent with a purpose similar to his, but related to language and some important translations. They'd met during the trip to Nova Terra and after Taehyung had defended the young man by force of fists and kicks, for being mistreated and humiliated by his appearance, knowing that Jimin belonged to a minority discriminated and treated differently, like the Indigos, both youngs had become inseparable.  

Taehyung wasn't comfortable at all with hiding his true self, and that his sharp ears with the helix decorated with thin, holographic membranes, and his back delicately scaled in lines that ran diagonally from his shoulders to join in a long elegant and prehensile tail iridescent in all shades of purple, as like his sharp teeth, his beautiful amethyst eyes, and his lilac skin dotted with delicate blue spots, must disappear to please the Terrans, but had understood in the worst way that as Indigo and in spite of his status as ambassador, would never have place there, and that it was better to camouflage instead to be mistreated, or recipient of pity for belonging to a species in extinction, remaining the only evidence of his beautiful and true nature, the characteristic blue-purple bush on his cheeks due to the natural color of his blood, if it ever appeared on his cheeks, because their kind had learned to control that too. The only place in all Nova Terra in which Taehyung felt completely sure of being able to show his true nature, was in the privacy of the department he shared with Jimin, to who he was waiting to finish his workday, sitting on one of the benches from the central park, to return to the security of his home and forget world until a new week began again.

Taehyung was easily lost in nature because his species had been born to understand and be part of it, and if there was something that Taehyung particularly missed from home, it was the green spaces, the seas, and the animals. In Nova Terra everything was too modern, too artificial, too fast for him to feel at ease, but at least he was grateful to be sitting in what seemed to be the closest thing to a green space that he would be again in his life.

With his face directed to the warmth of the four suns that began to fall from the sky, his keen sense of smell sensed the sweet aroma that always accompanied the presence of Yoongi, and when he opened his eyes again, that flashed fleetingly with his characteristic amethyst shine, he found the older man sitting next to him, returning his gaze with concern, which caused him to lower his eyes, embarrassed by his childish attitude of the last days.

Unlike Jimin, with whom he shared more similarities than differences despite being two completely different species, Yoongi had been a completely different case from the beginning. Having met the beautiful Terran musician in one of his most vulnerable moments, after being brutally attacked by a group of Aureus, with their shining golden skins and their eyes the color of liquid topaz who thought they were better than him, with only three days of having set foot on that new and unknown planet, Taehyung knew that although he should fulfill his duty to mate with someone of his own kind in favor of providing offspring to the Indigo people, he couldn't love anyone else in his existence. Yoongi, who had driven away his attackers that day with only an intense look and a guttural and savage growl, who had taken him home to tend his wounds and had taken charge of calling and reassuring a desperate Jimin who had gone hours waiting for him to return home, that he had shared his music and taught him to play the piano, who gave him his beautiful and soft gummy smiles, who had lowered his guard, allowing him to enter his heart when no one had ever done so, aside of Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok, who later he discovered that they were his best friends, who had always accompanied him as if he were his shadow despite having too much work in the studio, which had been with him when the news of the extinction of his Planet had hit him in a way that he thought he would never recover, who took him to aquariums and different parks to cheer him up when he knew he was not having a bad day. Yoongi who had shown him that not all Terrans were the same and who taught him day by day to love himself and not be ashamed of his true nature. Yoongi who, despite being of a completely different species, smelled like home, familiarity, a mate. To the keen sense of Taehyung, Yoongi was the perfect blend of the green fields of his native town, the perfumed blossoms of the sweet and violet citrus of his land, the warm comfort of a blanket over his body, the security that his being always sought , and an assured future, in which he could be himself without the need to hide anymore. Taehyung didn't know what would have become of him if that day, the third of his stay in Nova Terra, he hadn't met Yoongi, but he didn't like to think that it would be from now on having to move away from him to settle in the newly established Indigo Colony and mate with someone of his species.

"It seems to me, or have you been avoiding me TaeTae?", said the older in a playful tone, which didn't help at all to relieve the tension in the younger who observed his own hands joined nervously in his lap.

"I'm sorry hyung, is that I...", the young began, finding that he didn't know what the hell to invent to explain that yes, he'd been avoiding him like a child because it would be much better that way. It would hurt less if it began to break ties as soon as possible so that when the moment arrived, which seemed to approach by leaps and bounds, everything would be much easier. And how wrong he was! Each day that passed away from Yoongi a part of him seemed to die with the time elapsed. Concerned, he had consulted the wise woman who had arrived to the planet with him if it was capable for an Indigo to find a mate in another species, receiving in response a scandalized refusal, which had led the young man to suspect Yoongi's true identity. At first the young man had proposed to find out, but in the face of the doubt of how to do it in the most appropriate way, treating the subject with the greatest possible delicacy, the time had been shortened incredibly with the news of the habilitation of the new colony and the call of all the Indigos to their new home. And Taehyung couldn't with everything anymore.

"I'm sorry hyung, everything has been too much, and I don't know... I... not...", he said with a tight knot in his throat. Why give up was so much work, should not it be easier? If it was already. Luck had been cast and he should let himself be carried by the current. Why should it hurt so much?

"It's okay Taehyungie, I'm not mad at you. It's just that I've missed you", Yoongi said softly and noticing that the young man didn't look up, put his warm hand on his to get his attention. And he got it. His words, mixed with the pleasant and electric sensation that assaulted his body every time Yoongi touched him, caused not only that Taehyung raised his gaze and observed him with the intense fixity proper on him, that bothered people who didn't know him, but it poured into his chest a new wave of hope. He just had to make sure that his feelings were reciprocated and he was willing to risk everything in favor of what his heart felt. By now it didn't matter if Yoongi was Terran, or Indigo, or whatever, he only cared to feel safe and at home, and Yoongi was all of that and much more to him.

"Do you really mean it?", asked the younger, piercing him with his eyes, and face too serious for the older doesn't worry.

"Why would I lie to you?", Yoongi asked smiling disconcertingly, his hand still on the young man's, causing intense electric shocks and a pleasant warmth in his stomach, but the younger didn't change the tense expression on his face, causing his heart It would contract horribly in his chest.

The silence was present among them, wrapping them like a thick, toxic bubble, and when Yoongi thought he could no longer handle the tension, clearly worried about the young man who, in the stress for the situation, had forgotten to camouflage himself as a Terran, and was facing him in all his natural beauty, Taehyung removed his hands from his and stood with slumped shoulders and deep and beautiful amethyst eyes full of sadness.

"I'm sorry hyung, I can't do this anymore", he finally said in a muffled voice, and turned around ready to leave.

"Tae? Wait, Tae! Tae! What's wrong?", Yoongi asked, reaching for him and stopping him by taking him gently by the arm. With a little insistence, he was able to force the young man to turn around and noticed that he was crying. Heavy tears of a deep blue color fell down his beautiful, lilac-face, and Yoongi felt a throbbing pain in his chest at that vision. "What's wrong?", he asked softly with a lump in his throat, moving closer to dry the dark tears. "Don’t cry please. Talk to me, tell me what happens. You know you can tell me anything, TaeTae", he insisted with sweet voice, in a whisper and Taehyung couldn't hold anything else. Everything had been too much for him, from the moment he had to leave his planet, and even worse after learning that there was no home to return to and that he loved someone he could never be with and be happy, in order to fulfill his stupid duty. He must take a chance now, or he wouldn't have another chance.

"I just don't understand how you can be so stupid!", he burst into deep sobs, taking Yoongi by surprise, who stepped back with eyebrows raised, not knowing how to react.

"Tae, what the hell...?", the older started, frowning, ready to complain, but the sudden movement of the child breaking the short distance between them and placing his warm lips on his interrupted him.

Taehyung had jumped off the precipice, risking himself, falling, falling, falling... But suddenly Yoongi was there, next to him and holding him against his body, responding as desperately as he did to the intensity of the kiss that passed, in matter of seconds, from chaste rubbing of skin to skin, to wet contact of tongues, intoxicating sweetness, and affectionate bitings as if a stream of gunpowder had been ignited, activating each one's internal heat, combusting even the finest nerve, constantly electrifying their skins, as if their bodies were about to burst in the arms of the other.

When they separated because oxygen was indispensable for both of them, Taehyung took Yoongi's small face between his hands and with his eyes still closed, he put his forehead against his hyung, feeling his presence closer than ever, breathing his agitated and sweet breath, noticing the heat radiating on the other's face.

"You have not realized what I feel for you? That I love you deeply? For all the suns, I have not been obvious enough?", he asked hurriedly caressin with his thumbs Yoongi's warm cheeks whom raised his hands and placed them on the chest of the younger, smiling instantly to feel the rapid beating of his heart, that were the clear reflection of his own.

"Taehyungie...", Yoongi said with a tender smile drawn on the lips and something in his tone caused the younger to move away from him and finally open his eyes to observe him, but what was found was something for which nothing had prepared him. The young man had always had his suspicions after talking to the wise woman about his nature, but discovering it there before his very eyes was something incredible for him, relieving him in an indescribable way. Taehyung looked at Yoongi as if it were the first time with the breath stuck in his throat and, although he took a step away from him to observe him better, he didn't dare to lower his hands from the beautiful face of the other. Face that was deeply flushed with a beautiful and natural blue-purple blush that extended to his ears and upper chest.

"Hyung!", the young man exclaimed wide-eyed, shaking his head, baffled, not knowing what to say and Yoongi smiled sheepishly, taking his hands to pose over the young man's and caressing them gently, knowing that gesture would reassure him.

"I know, I'm so sorry TaeTae", he said in a soft voice full of love. "I swear I was going to tell you and I deeply regret that it's been so long and that you thought you were alone or that your feelings were not reciprocated".

"Hyung you are...", said Tae without being able to leave his astonishment, caressing the beautiful face of the other that before his perplexity, smiled broadly while nodding and gave him time to assimilate the information. "You are the missing ambassador! You are Indigo!", he said desperately, swallowing violently as he rested his hands on the small shoulders of the older who merely nodded with the broad smile that he only reserved to show him, while caressing the younger's wild hair.

"Yes, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, but I'm not sure I'm safe yet, after some diplomatic problems with rebellious planets that want to destroy the Union of Peaceful Planets, but we're working on it", Yoongi quickly explained, before there be more entanglements and misunderstandings.

"Then that means you're my mate! That my nose wasn't mistaken with your scent", he said with big eyes still, unable to hide his emotion, and Yoongi laughed cheerfully to hear him. The harmonious and unusual sound brought Taehyung back to reality and when he noticed what he'd said, he blushed deeply trying to get away, but Yoongi didn't allow it, and instead he wrapped his arms around him, pressing him gently against his body.

"You should never be embarrassed to say what you think TaeTae, how many times should I tell you?", said the elder tracing vague drawings on the wide back of the younger where under the layers of clothing, the scales bristled and shone intensely with the affectionate contact of his mate. "And, by the way, you're right. Your nose has never failed. Believe me that your feelings are reciprocated, that I love you with every fiber of my being, that I accept you as my mate and I promise you that from now on you will never be alone again", Yoongi promised in a soft voice and when he separated from the younger he noticed that the beautiful eyes of the color of the amethyst were flooded in blue tears of happiness.

"Yoongi hyung!", Taehyung said trying to control all the emotions that tried to filter into his voice without much success, causing the older to smile when he heard his name on the lips of the young man, and approached him to deposit a soft kiss on his wet lips.

"You can stop looking for, Taehyung, because you've come home", Yoongi said with a soft smile and voice full of love, while caressing the young man's hair and drying the dark blue tears of his face. He looked into his eyes with intensity and his usual security, while he drop out his Terran camouflage to present himself before his companion with his true and natural aspect. "Do you accept me as your new home TaeTae?", he asked affectionately in a whisper a few centimeters from the young man's face.

"Of course, hyung!", said the young man smiling widely, immediately surrounding him with his arms in a comforting hug while he buried his face in the other's shoulder and breathed in his reassuring scent. "I love you so much Yoongi hyung!".

"And I to you, TaeTae, and I to you", replied the elder with a serene smile on his lips, happy to be in the young man's arms.

Finally, Taehyung had found a new home. He no longer felt alone and alien to that planet he hadn't been able to connect to since his arrival. His friendship with Jimin was very important to him and nothing could come between them; but nothing compared to Yoongi with whom he felt safe and at home, complete, because the other young Indigo had filled that frightening void that had long threatened to eat him alive. It didn't matter if they decided to stay there in Nova Terra, or move to the new Indigo Colony, as long as they could stay together. Taehyung finally felt complete, at home and happy after finding in Yoongi the companion by which he would spend the rest of his existence.