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Wild Card

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Gladion slept in the next morning, but got woken up by Lillie going into his room and crawling up into his bed, sitting down looking at him sleeping. Lillie then leaned forward and started to poke his cheek, to which he started to grimace and opening his eyes. He looked up and saw Lillie smiling. Gladion frowned and pouted a little as he sat up in the bed, yawning. Lillie giggled softly and quickly crawled down and hurried out of the room, giving him a wave as she ran out into the corridor. Gladion sighed and yawned again, looking around the room.

He sat there, and looked over at the window, and came to remember the strange looking girl he saw. He got out of the bed, and walked over reaching for the window, touching it. He tilted his head and didn't understand how he could see someone in the reflection of the window. It wasn't a mirror for sure. As he stood there, with his hand on the window, Mohn came walking in.

«Oh, you are finally awake? Good. Can't have you sleeping all day.» Mohn said cheerfully.

As he said that, Gladion flinched and retrieved his hand quickly from the window and quickly turned around, looking up at his father, looking into the room. Mohn laughed as he saw him flinch and walked up to him, squatting down to his level.

«Sorry for scaring you, son.» he said softly, giving him a pat on his head. Mohn then looked past him, and outside. «Did want to go outside? Since you were looking out of the window?»

Gladion shaked his head, not sure if he should tell what he saw last night. Mohn hummed softly in response and raised an eyebrow at the young boy, smiling softly. «You sure?»

Gladion turned his head, looking at the window again. «I saw a girl in the window last night.»

«A girl?» Mohn replied confused. «Outside in the garden?» he then asked him.

Gladion shaked his head. «No, not outside! IN the window.» he said, looking back at his father. «Like she was standing beside me...and she was weird looking.»

Mohn frowned a little, not sure what to make out of what he said.«Weird looking?»

Gladion nodded. «Yeah! She had these long fox ears and...» he started, looking down at his hands, counting the many tails she had. «...This many tails!»

«Fox ears and 9 fox tails?» Mohn replied in a surprised manner. He then chuckled softly, which made Gladion pout and cross his arms.

«DAD! It's true!» he scolded him, puffing his cheeks.

«Of course it is, Gladion.» he said, patting the boy on his head again. «Anyway...Get dressed and hurry down to the kitchen before mom puts the breakfast away.»

Gladion nodded and found the clothes he had on yesterday, putting them on quickly while Mohn was watching him do it in a hurry. As quickly he found the clothes and put them on, he hurried out of the bedroom. Mohn chuckling softly as he could hear him hurry down the stairs, calling for Lusamine to not put the food away, to which Lusamine said she wouldn't do if he could take a seat at the table. Mohn then turned his attention to the window, looking rather serious.

«The borders might be growing thin again...» he muttered silently to himself.

«Mohn?» Lusamine called for him downstairs.

It made him flinch and turned around in a hurry. «Yes?» he replied loudly.

«The food won't eat itself!» she said lightly.

Mohn could hear that she was joking and chuckled as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him before he proceeded to walk down to them. Lillie was sitting at the table, eating again alongside Gladion, who wolfed down his breakfast. Lusamine scolded him for eating to fast, to which he replied with a sorry. Mohn took a seat beside Gladion and leaned over to him.

«Mom's food is really good...» he whispered to him. Gladion smiled and nodded.

Lusamine just rolled her eyes and smiled softly as she gave him a plate with food on it, along with a cup of coffeè. Mohn muttered a thank you to her as she sat down, taking a sip of her coffeè. Lillie and Gladion finished their food and thanked for it before asking if they could go outside in the garden. Lusamine nodded and with that, Lillie and Gladion hurried off to the living room, opening the front glass door, and headed out to the garden. Giggles and laughter could be heard as they started to play tag with each other.

Mohn then started with what Gladion had told him. «Gladion seems to have seen a Kyuubi last night.»

Lusamine almost dropped the cup she was holding and looked over at Mohn with a concerning expression. «What? How can you be sure of that?» she asked, her voice clearly sounding concerned.

«It might have been a dream, darling. But it worries me if the border to the Fyurian realm is growing thin again.» he said calmly. «I don't think there is anything to worry about either.» he added, looking over at his wife with a smile.

Lusamine sighed. «Are you going back then, if that's the case?»

«No.» he quickly replied. «My life is here, with you and the kids. I have no desire to go back.» he added, taking her hand in his, stroking the top of her hand with his thumb. «It was bound to happen at some point with either of them.»

«To see a fable? I doubt that, but it still concerns me.» she replied with a stern tone. «What did he tell you about this Kyuubi?»

«Nothing much, other than it had ears of a fox and 9 tails. Oh! And that is was a girl.» he said, tilting his head forward a little, looking at Lusamine.

Lusamine just narrowed her eyes at him and sent him a glare. «Don't play tricks with me, honey.»

Mohn sat back in the chair, and put his hand over his heart. «Oh! You wound me, darling.»

«Pfft, you wish.» she added in a snarky tone, taking a sip of the coffeè, that was now lukewarm.

«I know you like my humor, darling.» he said, pursing his lips in a playful matter.

Lusamine just slowly turned her head towards him, looking really unimpressed at what he said. She then smiled sweetly. «If you keep mentioning that humor of yours, i'll personally do something that will make you regret it.»

Taken aback, Mohn just looked at her. «You wouldn't dare..» he said, clearly in a sarcastic tone.

«Try me.» she replied quickly and got up from the chair and walked over to the kitchen sink, pouring out the lukewarm coffeè.

Mohn got up from his chair and walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her from behind, resting his chin at her shoulder, humming softly as he swayed gently from side to side. Lusamine just sighed softly and didn't know what to do about him. The two young kids were breathing heavily after running around in the garden after running inside again and saw their parents close like that, it was just weird for them. They both grimaced as Mohn planted a kiss on Lusamine's cheek and then smiled at the two.

«Gross...» Gladion muttered. Lillie nodded, but giggled softly.

«Pfft, gross you say?» Mohn started and let go of Lusamine. «Come here you two!» he added and started to approach them, slowly.

Both Lillie and Gladion screamed as they turned around and ran outside again, laughter clarely in their voices as they ran out as fast as they could, while Mohn started to chase them around, playing with them. Lusamine chuckled softly and started to clean the table, putting the plates and the cutlery in the dishwasher, as well as the cups and glasses that were used. She could hear Lillie scream as Mohn grabbed her and lifted her up, giving her a smooch on her cheek.

«Ew!!» she said and used her hands and arm to wipe it off. Mohn just laughed loudly, same did Gladion.

Mohn then looked at Gladion, then back at Lillie, giving her a mischievous smile as he nodded towards Gladion. Lillie seems to understand what he meant and nodded while smiling widely, giggling. Mohn then put Lillie down, and counted to 3. As he ended at 3, the two started to run towards Gladion, who turned around in a hurry, sprinting off, screaming. Lusamine finished cleaning up the kitchen and walked out, standing in the door watching them chase Gladion, but eventually managed to catch him. Mohn proceeded to lift him up and give him a big smooch on his cheek before putting him down again, only for Lillie to do the same on his other cheek.

«EEWW! GROSS!» he shouted and wiped his cheeks with his hands, pouting at them both.

Lusamine chuckled softly at the sight. Mohn laughed and Lillie giggled and poked his cheek while grinning widely. Gladion frowned and pouted, but the frown quickly turned into a smile and a soft laughter after listening to the others a few minutes.


After being out and about in Lumiose Zoo, they finally were home again. Lusamine quickly went to make dinner, while Mohn and the kids went outside, finding and filling up a kiddie pool for them to enjoy the rest of the day, while the sun was still up. While the pool was still getting filled up, Gladion and Lillie were talking about the animals they saw in the zoo, and which one was their favourite.

«The giraffes were cool!» Lillie exclaimed and gestured with her arms. «Their necks is SO long!»

Gladion nodded. «I liked the tigers too!» he added quickly.

Mohn were watching the two discuss, their arms flailing everywhere as they gestured the important details of the animals they were talking about. He couldn't help but to smile. Lusamine had full view of the kids from the window in the kitchen, and could see that they were enjoying themselves as they were waiting for the pool to fill up with water. As they continued to talk and laugh, the strange looking girl Gladion saw the night before appeared, close to the hedge in the garden.

She was giggling and skipping around, and it was now that he could fully see her. Short black hair, same color on the tail and ears, as well as she had paws on her feet with the same black color. The tails were short, and looked like a massive floofball on her back, because they were quite short. As the girl skipped around, behind Lillie, Gladion started to lean to the side, following her movements with his eyes. Lillie got confused as he did it, and looked behind her, seeing nothing.

«What are you looking at?» she said, slightly pouting and really wanted to know.

Gladion averted his gaze from the strange looking girl and over at Lillie again. Mohn noticed the confused expression on his face. «You can't see her?» he said all of a sudden.

Mohn's eyes grew wide and looked in the direction Gladion pointed when Lillie shaked her head. Mohn didn't see anything either, which he found strange, as he would usually be able to see the Fable if they were around, but this one, he couldn't see and it bothered him. He cleared his throat and got up from the chair.

«Let's see if the pool is full now, yeah?» he said, shifting the subject.

Both Gladion and Lillie looked up at him and nodded, smiling. They got up and hurried over to the pool, while Mohn calmly walked over. He noticed that Gladion would shift his gaze over to the corner every now and then, his eyes full of awe for seeing a Fable. Much more, seeing the same Fable. Lillie giggled as Mohn took the hose out of the pool, indicating that it was full, and she didn't hesitate jumping right in, splashing some of the water on Gladion, which snapped him back into reality, hissing at her to stop splashing water at him. Mohn chuckled as Gladion jumped in himself. They stayed outside until it was dinner, and then stayed inside for the rest of the evening, watching TV, and eventually putting the two kids to bed. Mohn mentioned the Fable again, and Lusamine sighed.

«Is the border really growing thin again?» she said, clearly sounding defeated.

«I don't think so, as if it was...I would have been able to see it.» He replied to her, the tone of his voice serious.

«You can't see it?» she then asked, looking a little horrified.

Mohn shaked his head. «It's a first for me, and it sure bothers me.» he said, rubbing his chin and sighed loudly. «I think we just need to be careful and keep our minds open. I'll make sure nothing happens to him, you can count on that.»

«I know i can count on you, Mohn. It just scares me that even you can't see it...That in itself should be impossible.» Lusamine was clearly scared for Gladion, knowing that Mohn didn't see the Fable. All she could think about was if that Fable was an adult Fable, looking to lure him in for it's own gain. Which would be a new body to live in.

«Gladion won't disappear, honey.» he said, taking her hand in his, intertwining their fingers.

Lusamine just looked up at him, meeting his warm smile. She couldn't do anything else than nod lightly, leaning her head onto his shoulder. «I know, but i can't help to be worried anyway.»

«Very much understandable.» he softly answered her.

Fables who could mask their appearance in the world of humans were seen as the most dangerous ones, as their intentions couldn't be seen. Most Fables who did that, were either looking to mess with humans, or to find a new host body. Usually the latter, wanting to live forever. Mohn had read up on the topic and were quite horrified by it. Something a Fable could do with their own free will were quite concerning, at least if it was a Wild Card. A Wild Card being a Fable or a Fae that is living away from humans, but would occasionally get into a city or a town to look for an easy source of food, but would mask their existence, unless they felt threatened.