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Wild Card

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Gladion was sitting at the dining table, yawning and playing with his breakfast. Lillie, Lusamine and Mohn was sitting there beside him, watching him not eat much. It was quite early, as they were going to Kalos for a family vacation. Gladion didn't want to, but had no say in it, being young. Lillie was excited and couldn't sit still in her chair. Mohn just smiled softly and chuckled lightly at the young girl. Lusamine tried to make Gladion eat something, since it would be a long flight to Kalos, and there wouldn't be much food for a while either.

Gladion nodded and slowly started to eat, to which Lillie took more onto her plate. Mohn laughed at the good appetite the young girl had, to which Lusamine had to stop her, since Lillie easily would get sick if she ate to much, and they sure didn't want her to throw up on the flight over, as she easily got nauseous while flying.

«We better get done eating and get ready for the flight.» Mohn added, taking the napkin and wiping his face with it.  

Lusamine nodded. «Yeah, we should get ready to leave. Gladion, Lillie. If you are done eating, i would suggest you go to your rooms and see if you have missed something. We can't turn the plane around if you missed packing something with you.»

Gladion finished his plate and nodded, as well as Lillie nodded. They thanked for the food and left the table, heading toward their rooms for a quick look. Lillie hurried up the stairs and into her room, finding her favourite plush right away, a white fox, with several tails. Gladion looked around, and eventually found his favourite plush. A white dog, with a couple of green and brown markings. He didn't really want to bring it with him, thinking he is a big boy now, and that he didn't need it. Mohn had walked over to his room, and watched him hold the plush of his before gently placing it on his bed, pulling the covers over it.

«I'll be back.» he said to it.

Gladion patted the bed and looked around his room quickly before walking out, seeing his father standing there. Mohn asked him if he was ready, to which Gladion nodded at. Mohn then nodded softly and said that he should get going, and that dad was just going to check the windows if they were all locked. Gladion nodded and walked past him, his expression unusually serious. Mohn just looked at the little boy and couldn't help but to chuckle softly as he walked into his room, knowing fully well that he will miss his favourite plush. Mohn checked the windows and grabbed the plush.

«I know he will miss you, so you are tagging along, buddy.» he said softly to himself.

Lusamine had placed Lillie in the seat, and strapped her up, and was working on strapping up Gladion. Mohn just walked out of the front door and locked it, with a bag hanging from his shoulders. Before he boarded the plane, he took a deep breath and shook himself up a little, shaking the goosebumps off. He didn't mind flying, but it surely wasn't on his 'to do' list most of times. He liked to stay grounded. Lusamine kept telling him that he was just slightly afraid of heights, to which he just shaked his head at, refusing the fact that he was. If Lillie and Gladion heard that, they would just exchange looks and shake their heads in disapproval.

Mohn walked into the plane, and found the three others already in their seats. He nodded and knocked on the door to the cockpit, indicating that they were ready to go. Mohn quickly found his seat and buckled up as he put his bag down in front of him. Lusamine smiled softly, and looked over at Gladion and Lillie, who was looking outside of the windows. Lillie holding her plush tightly. Gladion saw it and started to regret leaving his plush behind, not knowing that Mohn had taken it with him.

The one of the pilots came out of the cockpit and closed the door to the plane before giving the family a wave as he went back into the cockpit, closing the door and locking it. The engines shortly started up, and after a few minutes, they were up in the air, and started to move forward. Lillie couldn't sit still in her seat, jumping in excitement of being in a different region for a few weeks. Gladion's expression sourned, and Mohn knew exactly why and started to dig through the bag he had with him onboard.

«Oh! Look who decided to join us?» he exclaimed and pulled out the plush.

Gladion looked at his plush as Mohn reached over for him to grab it. Gladion took it and held it tightly, as a shade of red appeared on his cheeks. Lusamine smiled softly, and Lillie giggled, to which the blush on Gladion's face deepend to a darker shade.

«Thanks dad...» he muttered softly.

Mohn smiled warmly at him, and nodded. «Of course Silvally couldn't stay at home alone. He could have wrecked the house.» he added, giving Lusamine a wink.

Lusamine chuckled softly and nodded. Lillie giggled and Gladion just smiled, giggling softly at what his father had said. Feeling happier now, he shifted his gaze out of the window again, with a soft smile on his face. The plane got up in the air, and started off moving, with a little turbulence, which made Mohn freeze in his seat. Lusamine just leaned forward and placed her hand on his knee.

«Don't worry, honey. We'll be fine.» she said softly. Mohn just nodded and gave her a sheepish smile. Gladion and Lillie just chuckled softly.


As the plane landed at Kalos Airport, Mohn exhaled in relief. The engines got shut off, and the sound of them running slowly faded away. As it did, the pilots opened the door and walked out, giving both Mohn and Lusamine a nod before one opened the door out. The polits stepped out, and Mohn hurried to unbuckle his belt to get out of there. Lusamine remained calm as she gently woke up Lillie and Gladion, as they fell asleep a few hours earlier.

«Wake up, we are in Kalos now.» she said softly to them.

Gladion yawned and sat up a little more, rubbing his eyes. Lillie pouted a little as she woke up, hugging her plush tightly. It was nighttime in Kalos, so they were going straight to summer house they had bought a few years back, and to put both Lillie and Gladion straight to bed, since it was very late for two young children. Gladion got out of his seat and slowly walked over to the opening, and down the few stairs to the ground, while holding his plush tightly under his arm. Lusamine came behind him, holding Lillie as they walked out.

Mohn had clearly calmed down, and were talking to the pilots as he saw Gladion and Lusamine, with Lillie in her arms, looking defeated. Mohn laughed softly at the two tired faces, which made bout of them pout in response. Mohn had called for a taxi to arrive, so as they waited, they got their luggage out from under the plane, while still chatting with the pilots, trying not to be to loud around Lillie and Gladion. They didn't want them to get completely awake, since they would be put to bed right away when they arrived at the summer house.

The taxi arrived shortly, and Lusamine got into the car, sitting in the middle of the back while Lillie and Gladion was leaning against her on each side, looking very tired. Mohn helped with putting the luggage into the trunk of the car before getting himself into the passenger seat beside the driver. He told the taxi driver the address and off they went.

The drive was one hour long, and both Lillie and Gladion managed to fall asleep again on the ride over. So when they arrived, they decided to take out the luggage first, placing it inside of the door as Mohn unlocked it. They then went to pick up the kids, not waking them up. Mohn told the driver to just way a little, so he would get his money for the trip over, which the taxi driver nodded at, leaning against the car.

Mohn took Gladion while Lusamine took Lillie, and walked into the house and upstairs, putting them in each of their rooms there. Gladion woke up as Mohn put him on the edge of the bed, taking his clothes off, getting him ready for the night.

«Bed time now, son. In bed with you.» he said softly with a smile.

Gladion nodded and sighed deeply before turning and crawled up, hitting his head heavily on the pillow. Mohn placed the plush beside him and pulled the covers over him, tucking him in before giving him a soft pat on the head. Mohn then gave a slight nod and walked out, closing the door behind him to the room. Gladion quickly fell asleep again, same with Lillie as Lusamine and Mohn met in the hallway, going downstairs again.

Mohn met with the driver and paid him for his service. The driver nodded and said goodnight before getting into the driver's seat and drove off. Lusamine had already got most of the luggage inside of the house as Mohn walked up to her, telling her that he would take the rest inside. Lusamine nodded and gave him a soft peck on the cheek before walking in and upstairs, headed towards their bedroom. Mohn smiled softly and put the last bags inside, locking the door and found the bag with the essentials in it for tomorrow, upstairs with him.

The day and night had been long, so it will feel good to finally get a good rest in a bed, other than a seat on the plane. He walked in on finding Lusamine already in bed, but looking over something on her phone. When he walked in, she looked up and smiled at him before closing the phone, putting it on the nightstand beside her. Mohn shortly joined her in bed after putting the bag down at the foot of the bed. Lusamine snuggled close, as Mohn wrapped his arm around her gently, both quickly falling asleep after they got more comfortable.

After a while, Gladion woke up again. He blinked a couple of times, adjusting his eyes to the darkness around him. He abruptly sat up and rubbed his eyes as he heard a noise, coming from somewhere in the room. At least it sounded it came from inside his bedroom. Trying his best to be silent, he tried to locate where the noise is coming from. He looked over at the windows, were the curtains were pulled over. He heard the noise, but couldn't see anything moving behind the curtains.

He got out of the bed, and cautiously walked over on his toes. He held his plush tightly as he took a grip of the curtains, ready to reveal whoever or whatever that was making the noise. He swallowed thickly and hesitated, deciding to count to 3.

«1...2...3!» he counted in a hushed voice.

What met his eyes were more than he expected. In the reflection in the window, right beside him, stood a girl. He looked to his side, not seeing anyone as he looked into the window again. The girl were wearing a small dress like outfit, like the fox like creatures in the Kantonese cartoons he and Lillie usually watched in TV back in Alola. The more he looked at her, the more he saw what she was like. Just like the cartoon creatures.

She had short hair, and it looked like it was black. Fox ears and a lot of tails behind her, exactly like the cartoon creatures. Gladion narrowed his eyes, trying to get a better look at the strange girl in the reflection. It was then she smiled softly, revealing her fangs. He didn't get scared, as it felt like she didn't mean any harm. Starting to think that he is dreaming or that his mind is playing tricks on him, he waved at the girl.

The girl waved back and her tails were swaying from side to side, which he had learned from TV, that some animals, like dogs, did that when they were happy. Their interaction were cut short when she suddenly looked to her left, and her expression turned into a small frown. Gladion followed her eyes, and looked over, to see nothing. The strange girl looked back at him and smiled softly before giving him another wave and turned her back at him, running off into the distance.

Gladion didn't know how to react. Was he dreaming? Is his mind playing tricks on him? Is it because it's dark? Is he still tired, despite not feeling tired? The questions ran around in his mind as he stood there, staring out of the window, only to see the landscape outside. He hesitated a little before heading back to the bed, crawling up and under the covers, holding his plush tightly. His thoughts kept him awake for a few more minutes, but as the minutes passed, he gradually became more and more tired, and eventually fell asleep again.