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A Doomed Love

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Thank you for choosing to read this work. I've worked tirelessly on it since May, and I'm so pleased that I'm finally beginning to publish it. Before you dig in, please know that this takes place in a universe incredibly similar to the TV show, however I took the liberty of changing the story a little bit. I've added some new, original plot lines and a lot of the scenes from the TV show are changed to fit the narrative better from my perspective. Also, please mind any grammar mistakes. I'm editing it myself, and might miss some things that shouldn't be missed, if I do this, please forgive me. I'll upload every other day from 5-6 pm,(hopefully), and I'll give warnings for the touchier chapters in the story. Again, thank you for choosing my fan fiction, and don't be afraid to comment or leave kudos, feedback is appreciated. ---- Melody