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One day at the time

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It’s late –no, early, three in the morning early- when Atsumi’s feet clacked loudly on the floor, stumbling slightly. The mission she had set out for herself had been a success, but she was beyond exhausted and, just her luck, her apartment is on the other side of the city. Fortunately for her, recently she mostly stays at Prevention anyway.

Her fingers fumble as she climbs off the desk, numb and clumsy from lack of sleep, quickly taking off her mask before she even takes a good look around the room.

“no, no. it’s not like some of us are sleeping” Craine’s voice startles her as she moves to remove her support item on her right wrist, and she realizes all too soon that she had mistakenly digitally reformed herself into his room instead of hers like she had intended.

His eyes are half-lidded when she turns to look at him, his voice carrying that deep, husky tone from sleep that never fails to send shivers down her spine –except for now, because the only thing on Atsumi’s mind is sleep, but he doesn’t appear too upset, playful sarcasm in place even after just being awoken.

“sorry,” she murmurs apologetically, even though she really isn’t.

There’s a shuffling sound as he shifts onto his back, and she can’t help but look at the bed in envy, because it looks really inviting right about now and she has no qualms about curling up right next to Craine…

Atsumi blinks at her train of thought, surprised that, really, she’s honestly considering it. He wouldn’t mind… right?

“we’re partners, could even consider us friends, aren’t we, Craine?”

“I should hope so, by now. If not, you’re impossible to impress,” he snorts, and she can see his lips quirk upwards even in the near darkness of the room.

Ignoring the rapidly dwindling part of her rationality that says no, what you are about to do is not a good idea, girl, her feet quickly close the gap between the two of them.

“in that case,” she whispers more to herself than to Craine, her words trailing off as she practically collapses along his body. She puts just enough care into the action so as not to wind him, even though her body feels as heavy as a cartload of iron.

Craine’s reaction is instant; there’s a laugh rumbling in his chest as one of his arms first hesitantly but then firmly wraps around her middle, and she can hear the smirk in his voice when he speaks.

“I’m not one to complain when a lady drops herself onto my lap, but are you-”

“m’tired. Sleep. Craine,” she moans, cutting off his words as she presses her face into the side of his neck. He smells fairly nice, she notes absently, leather, ozone and the last traces of his aftershave, spicy and masculine and pleasant.

Of course he doesn’t, because he’s Craine and that would be much too easy on her addled brain when he could continue to tease instead.

“does this mean I get to share your bed with you the next time I find myself near your place?”

“sure,” she mumbles, shutting her eyes, “course.”

She can feel him smirking as the pull of his stubbly cheek brushes against her forehead, but she merely cuddles closer, curling up like a cat along the length of his body. She doesn’t know whether or not it’s because she hasn’t slept, but Craine is quite comfortable to lie on and she can’t help but be surprised. He shouldn’t be, considering the man is mostly hard, toned muscle, but he just is.

“I’ll hold you to that, bytelet.”

“m’sure you will.”

Questioning her sanity will be the first thing she does come morning- later this morning, preferably not until at least noon, especially since she knows she’ll wake up to Craine grinning and endless teasing. At the moment, though, Craine’s steady breathing is doing a miraculous job of lulling her into a state of semi-consciousness, and the blanket that he drapes over the two of them, combined with his natural body heat and the way his hands start to rub soothingly down her spine and shoulders to kindle some warmth into her chilled body, feels so absolutely delightful she couldn’t care less. She hums sleepily, and, too far gone, she’s not sure if the feeling of soft lips pressing against her forehead is reality or a dream before sleep finally claims her and she dozes off peacefully.