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you heard my heart

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Jimin was four years old when he’d told his own mother that when he grew up, he wanted to be a mom just like her. His mother had laughed and told Jimin’s father and they’d both cooed about how sweet and innocent he was.


His dream hadn’t really changed over the course of his life. He hadn’t been eager, by any means, to find a mate and settle down but when he’d met Jeongguk in college, well, it was like destiny knocking at his front door. Everything had clicked with Jeongguk and maybe they’d rushed into the initial mating ― they’d known each other just a little over a year ― but they’d waited a good four years before deciding they were ready for kids.


Now, five months into being pregnant, Jimin’s not so sure if his lifelong dream was all it was cracked up to be.


His chest is always sore and his back is always aching and he goes through at least twenty mood swings a day, if not more. Jeongguk seems to be taking everything in stride: fussing over Jimin whenever he bursts out crying because nothing fits anymore and remaining unfazed when Jimin snaps at him because he’s not the one with a little demon growing inside of him. Sometimes, Jimin even gets more annoyed precisely because Jeongguk isn’t at wits end like he is.


Jimin also hadn’t intended to be a house omega, but he really didn’t have to work with Jeongguk running his family business. He wants to open his own dance studio one day but that dream had been put on pause so that they could have a baby (or three). All in all, Jimin is happy.


Except that Jeongguk is maybe out-Alphaing even himself with how much he revolves his life around Jimin and the baby now. He’s already managed to baby proof their entire apartment and obsessively makes sure Jimin gets all his daily vitamins and nutrients, all while reluctantly giving into his cravings because he can’t say no to Jimin’s wobbling lip and watery eyes. The only reprieve Jimin gets from Jeongguk’s neurotic tendencies is when he goes into work, but now he’s taken to working from home a couple days a week, too.


Which is why Jimin is very excited about Jeongguk’s work trip. He has to go close some big sale, and Jimin’s going to have the whole apartment to himself for two whole days. Needless to say, he’s looking forward to the break, not wanting to say something worse than the couple of times he’s outright told Jeongguk to fucking leave him alone.


He’d offered to drive Jeongguk to the airport but Jeongguk had given a look as if to say that even driving was too much stress for Jimin and the baby. Jimin had immediately abandoned Jeongguk to his packing, too tired to fight over it and only wandered back into the room when he’d found nothing of interest to watch on TV.


“Okay, you have my hotel number right?” Jeongguk asks, head whipping up from where he’s just managed to zip up his carry-on bag. The trip is very impromptu and probably why Jeongguk is stuck going on it. If he’d had the time to send someone else in his place, Jimin knows he would have. “And you know you have your prenatal class at seven ― ”


“I’m going to be fine! ” Jimin exclaims for what must be the one thousandth time. He rolls his eyes in exasperation, flopping back down into the pile of pillows Jeongguk’s arranged for him on the bed. He didn’t need this many pillows. “You’re being overbearing.”


“I’m just worried ― ”


“About what? You think I can’t take care of myself?” Jimin asks irritably. His mood is souring quickly, curled fingers rubbing at his eyes. He needs a nap.


“I know you can ― ”


“Then what are you worried about?” Jimin snaps, his shirt riding up over his belly. The room is pleasantly warm but it does little to ease how Jimin’s body is always too hot lately. He should be allowed to just lie around naked quite frankly. The bed dips as Jeongguk shuffles closer to him and Jimin fixes him with an irritated glare. Jeongguk’s just smiling at him and god, how was he always smiling?


“I’ll miss you,” Jeongguk murmurs, leaning down and kissing Jimin’s belly. He has half a mind to shove him away but he can’t because even in his state of exhaustion and irritation he loves his Alpha, and he loves it even more when Jeongguk talks to their baby.


“I won’t miss you,” Jimin tells him, slapping Jeongguk’s hand away when he tries to cup Jimin’s face. Jeongguk’s smile only grows bigger. “You’re insufferable, do you know that?”


“I think my very pregnant omega has told me a few times.”


“Well maybe you should listen to him.”


Jeongguk scrunches his nose up and shakes his head. “Did you not hear the part where I said he’s very pregnant?” Jeongguk rubs his belly soothingly as he says it, smiling. “Yesterday he cried for an hour because they didn’t have any of his favourite ice cream left at the convenience store.”


“Oh, you think this is funny huh? You fucking ― ”


Jeongguk doesn’t let him finish his sentence, leaning in for a quick kiss. Jimin scowls at him fiercely but Jeongguk is undeterred as always. “I’ll miss you, too, baby.”


“I’m going to skip my prenatal class just to spite you.”


“No you’re not.”


“Are you underestimating how petty I am?” Jimin hisses, eyes narrowed at his mate viciously.


“Not at all,” Jeongguk says solemnly, shuffling just that little bit closer. “But I know you wouldn’t do that to the baby.”


“Fuck you.”


“I mean, I think I have enough time before my flight?”


Jimin lets out a groan of frustration as he grabs one of the too many pillows Jeongguk has given him and smacks Jeongguk in the face with it full force. His mate only laughs as he topples over next to him, a giant grin on his face as he stares at Jimin, lovestruck.


“Stop it!”


“Stop what?”


“Stop looking at me like that.”


“Like what?”


“With your googly eyes!”


Jeongguk bursts out into laughter and Jimin rolls his eyes so hard he thinks he’s strained himself. Before Jeongguk can say anything else, Jimin’s shuffling off the bed, a hand on his belly as he manages to stand up, feet touching the ground. He groans as he lets his weight settle on his feet, pain ebbing up his spine from his lower back.


“I miss beer,” Jimin whines, wishing he could just let his head go fuzzy and take a nap.


The warm, comforting scent of bergamot sharpens into something angry, harsher and Jimin doesn’t even have to look at Jeongguk to know he’s scowling. A hand wraps around his bicep to keep him from walking away and Jimin lets out an annoyed sigh, glaring at Jeongguk from the corner of his eye. “You can’t ― ”


“I said I missed it, not that I was going to go fuck our baby over by having alcohol,” Jimin sneers, tone taking on an acidity he’s been trying to keep at bay all day. “Can you just. Fucking. Stop .”


“Jimin ― ”


“Just go already.” Jimin yanks his arm out of Jeongguk’s grasp, shuffling away from the bed and heading toward the kitchen. He manages to find the decaffeinated green tea his mother had gotten him as he sets the kettle to boil.


Jeongguk finishes packing in their bedroom and Jimin listens to the sounds as he prepares his cup of tea. When Jeongguk emerges from the room, he’s in all black and Jimin appreciates the sight of him and his ripped up jeans. He’s dressed for comfort and maybe, Jimin thinks, to look really really hot so Jimin can suffer.


Jimin ignores him, sipping his tea slowly, the aroma of the green tea calming him down some. Jeongguk walks over to him, a general air of exasperation following him. It’s not like Jimin doesn’t know he’s being difficult but he’s pregnant .


“I’ll text you when I get to the airport,” Jeongguk murmurs, leaning down and placing a kiss against Jimin’s forehead. His hand brushes over Jimin’s cheek and he hums his understanding, taking a deep breath of Jeongguk’s scent ― he always smelled like bergamot and the distinct salty tang of the ocean.


“Call me when you land in Gwangju,” Jimin mutters, refusing to look at him. He’s still annoyed.


He knows Jeongguk’s smiling when he gets another kiss pressed to the crown of his head. “Okay. I love you.”


“Love you, too,” Jimin echoes back, grabbing at Jeongguk’s jacket as he pulls away to leave. He looks down at Jimin, eyes wide, and Jimin tugs on his jacket a little more. Jeongguk gets the idea, leaning down, and Jimin kisses him chastely before digging his nose into the curve of his neck and then higher up to brush against his scent glands. Jeongguk does the same to him and Jimin feels immediately comforted.


“Be good,” Jeongguk smiles at him and Jimin sighs, heart suddenly heavy. He ignores it, nodding, and reminds himself that he needed a break from Jeongguk so that he didn’t end up killing him.


“Don’t make me regret giving you a kiss,” Jimin says with a glare. Jeongguk snorts but heads for the front door anyways. He blows Jimin a kiss on the way out and Jimin gives him a smile and a wave.


When he’s finally alone, Jimin sags in relief in his chair and decides that he was going to take a nap and then, later, he’d go for a walk. There would be no hovering mate to stress him out.




It takes Jimin about half a day of napping and lounging around the apartment before he starts hating having the place to himself. He chalks it up to his emotions being all over the place but he’s the one standing by the laundry hamper with a hoodie Jeongguk’s thrown in. Despite how overheated he is, Jimin slips it on anyways, sighing when the frazzled edges of his omega brain settle down.


Alpha .


By the time he comes back from his prenatal class, Taehyung and Hoseok having dropped him off, Jimin can’t seem to keep his anxiety down or stop himself from sniffling, teetering on the edge of a full on hysterical sobbing session.


Sure, he’s missed Jeongguk before, but his pregnancy brain has him nearly immobilized with sadness. He misses his mate, his Alpha. There’s a chasm in his chest that seems to be growing wider and wider with every hour he spends away from Jeongguk. Maybe he’s been spoiled, maybe it’s just the separation anxiety because he’s pregnant and their baby needs their Alpha’s presence. Or maybe, it’s that Jimin needs his Alpha. He doesn’t know and he doesn’t care. He just wants Jeongguk.


He’s surprised to find Yoongi leaning against his front door, steps slowing down. “Hyung?”


“Hey, Jiminie,” Yoongi smiles, leaning off the door and straightening up. Jimin unlocks the door for them and steps inside, Yoongi trailing after him. He heads straight for his bedroom, doesn’t want to be in his clothes, already grabbing Jeongguk’s hoodie off of the bed where he’d left it. By the time Jimin changes, Yoongi’s sprawled out on the bed, staring at the ceiling.


“Did Jeongguk tell you to come by?” Jimin asks, touched at the thought. It would be something Jeongguk did.


“He threatened to cut my dick off if I didn’t check in on you,” Yoongi drawls, twisting to look at Jimin as he shuffles around the room, grabbing extra blankets and pillows from the closet. He’s miserable enough that he just wants to make a nest and curl up in it but first he needed to get everything that smelled most strongly of Jeongguk.


“And maybe I wanted to see you, too,” Yoongi adds, pulling a smile out of Jimin as he stands up.


“So basically you came to make sure I ate,” Jimin laughs, grinning at Yoongi. He grumbles something, shrugging but Jimin doesn’t miss the way the tips of his ears redden.


“Someone has to make sure you don’t die or Jeongguk will kill all of us,” Yoongi says as he watches Jimin work. Jimin starts piling pillows and the extra blankets up against the bed’s headboard. He makes a border of blankets and pillows around the perimeter of the mattress, the perfect amount of space for Jimin and Jeongguk in the middle. The sight only makes his heart ache.


“How’re you doing?” Yoongi asks, pulling Jimin in and scenting him. It relaxes Jimin immediately, Yoongi’s calm minty scent washing over him but it doesn’t fill the longing in his chest.


“I miss him,” Jimin confesses, eyes already wet as he buries his nose into Yoongi’s neck, arms curling around his belly protectively.


Yoongi’s hand strokes the back of his neck comfortingly and it’s really the only thing keeping him from crying. “He’s gonna be back by tomorrow, Jimin-ah.”


“Yeah, well, I wish he was here now .”


Yoongi chuckles at his whiny tone, pressing a kiss to his head. “I thought he was suffocating.”


“He is!” Jimin insists, pulling away from Yoongi. “But...”




Jimin twists his features into a grumpy pout, shoulders sagging. He’d complained to Yoongi plenty of times that Jeongguk was too much but well, even if he was, he was still Jimin’s.


“Go rest,” Yoongi says, giving Jimin an entirely too amused smile. He ruffles Jimin’s hair and gently nudges him toward his nest. “I’ll make you some dinner.”


“I can cook you know,” Jimin says even as he climbs into his nest, flopping down into his pillows and blankets. He tugs Jeongguk’s hoodie up closer around his neck, burying his nose into his comforting scent.


“Yeah but I’m a better cook.”


Jimin glares at Yoongi’s retreating back but doesn’t fight it. Yoongi was the better cook but that didn’t mean Jimin had to admit it outloud.


By the time Yoongi gets back into the room, Jimin’s half dozed off. He doesn’t notice Yoongi coming into the room, startling awake only when the bed dips and his minty scent wafts closer. He’s got a bowl of kimchi-jjigae in hand, and Jimin’s stomach rumbles with hunger.


“Jeongguk said you like spicy food,” Yoongi explains as he hand the bowl to Jimin once he’s fumbled his way up into a sitting position. Jimin practically inhales the food, despite the way it makes his tongue burn and leaves his nose runny.


“Just how much does Jeongguk tell you exactly?” Jimin finally asks, side eyeing Yoongi as he flops back into the pillows, mouth on fire. He tries to cool his mouth down with big breaths, mouth hanging open. Yoongi snorts at him, handing him a glass of water.


“An annoying amount.”


Jimin gulps the water down, but it does little to alleviate the sting. The baby loves spicy food way more than Jimin does. He grabs Jeongguk’s pillow, face smushing into it as Yoongi settles down next to him in the nest. Part of him doesn’t want Yoongi to sit down at all, his omega upset that anyone but his mate was in his nest, but Jimin ignores the agitation.


“Thanks for coming to check on me,” Jimin mumbles, glancing up at Yoongi’s fond expression. Yoongi’s hand reaches out to smooth his hair down and Jimin’s eyes slip shut.


“Then what’s with the sad expression huh?” Yoongi asks, voice closer. He’s lying down next to Jimin now, petting Jimin’s hair.


“I thought it’d be nice to have a few days to myself,” Jimin mumbles, squeezing Jeongguk’s pillow tighter. “But I hate it and I miss him and I want my Alpha.”


Yoongi nods at him sympathetically, hand never stilling. He’s careful not to disrupt Jimin’s nest too much. “He’ll be back soon and then I can hear about how annoying he is from you two hours later.”


“Oh my god, I’m not that bad!” Jimin squawks, pouting. Yoongi just raises an eyebrow.


“You woke me up the other day just so you could yell at me about Jeongguk.”


“Functioning adults wake up by 9 am, hyung.”


“Not this functioning adult.”


Jimin rolls his eyes, but he finds himself smiling, thankful that Yoongi had come over. He thinks he’d have just slept the day away otherwise, heart filled with longing. “Sometimes it just stresses me out and I feel bad that he just fusses over me all day.”


“Well,” Yoongi says, hand finding Jimin’s to hold. “I’d want to fuss over my pregnant mate all day, too, so I can’t blame him.”


“Dad said it was an Alpha thing, being a control freak when your mate gets pregnant. She said she drove mum crazy when she’d been expecting me,” Jimin smiles, recalling his conversation with his father. She’d listened to all his complaining and then she’d told Jimin he was lucky, that she’d been worse with Jimin’s mother.


“Probably,” Yoongi hums in agreement. “Family’s...big for us. Just seeing you makes me want to protect you and baby you. It’s instinct.”


“Well, for your future mate’s sake, please reign in the instinct a little,” Jimin sighs, thoughts drifting back to Jeongguk. He hadn’t expected to be this bad with Jeongguk gone barely a day.


“Got it,” Yoongi says, Jimin’s fingers lacing through Yoongi’s hand. “Lay off the smothering.”


“I mean, it’s nice. He babies me a lot,” Jimin adds, like he has to defend Jeongguk.


“Trust me, I can tell.”


“What’s the supposed to mean?”


“It means you’re a spoiled brat.”


“Am not!” Jimin defends but he knows Yoongi’s not wrong. Since the day Jimin told Jeongguk they were pregnant, Jeongguk had upped the ante on how much he hovered around Jimin, at his beck and call.


“It’s okay,” Yoongi laughs, gummy smile coming out. “You deserve to be spoiled.”


“Ugh, you’re being gross hyung,” Jimin grouses, heat flooding to his face. It was thanks to Yoongi that Jimin had met Jeongguk in the first place. Jimin had sort of imprinted on Yoongi  when he’d met him in college, following him around everywhere, and then he’d met Yoongi’s best friend and well, the rest had been history.


“What? I’m just glad someone’s taking care of you.”


“He’s the best,” Jimin says, more to himself than to Yoongi and the alpha just hums in agreement, petting Jimin’s hair. “So when are you gonna ask Namjoon-hyung out?”


Yoongi’s smile immediately falls, cheeks turning dark pink as he narrows his eyes at Jimin. “That’s none of your business, Park.”


“Hyung,” Jimin whines, “Who’s gonna play with my pups if none of you losers get mated?”


Yoongi attempts to yank his hand out of Jimin’s grasp but it’s too late now. Jimin’s not about to let him go. “What if I don’t want to get mated, you jackass?”


“Uh, I may have believed that before I’d seen you walk into a pole while staring at Joonie-hyung.”


“Yah!” Yoongi squawks, the embarrassment leaking into his scent. Jimin giggles at his expense and proceeds to spend the next hour teasing Yoongi about his crush on Namjoon. The alpha doesn’t leave until Jimin’s eyelids get droopy with sleep again, a small, “Goodnight, Jiminie” murmured against his forehead as Yoongi gives him a goodnight kiss.








Jimin shuffles closer to the scent of bergamot and ocean, enjoying how fresh it is. Had he found something else of Jeongguk’s last night? There’s a small laugh next to him, and then he feels something smoothing the furrow between his brows.


Jimin’s eyes shoot open, the sight of his mate immediately greeting him and his heart seems to burst in his chest as Jeongguk’s fond smile fills his vision. “Jeonggukie,” he slurs, tears already welling in his eyes. “Alpha…”


“Sshhh,” Jeongguk murmurs, shifting lower in Jimin’s nest so he can cradle Jimin’s head onto his arm and pull him in close. Jimin clings to him for dear life, breathing in his scent like a dying man. He burrows in as close he can, belly resting against Jeongguk’s abdomen, face buried into the crook of his neck. Jeongguk’s hand rubs at his neck and Jimin’s body melts in his hold, submitting to his Alpha completely. He sighs when Jeongguk strokes his back, kissing the side of his head. “Hi baby.”


Jimin whines, hands gripping Jeongguk’s t-shirt tighter, somehow trying to get even closer to Jeongguk. How long had he been lying here watching Jimin sleep?


“You made a nest.”


“Missed you,” Jimin mumbles out by way of an explanation. He can’t bring himself to get his face out of Jeongguk’s neck long enough to actually look at him. It feels like the yawning ache in his chest is suddenly filled to bursting.


“Missed you, too, baby,” Jeongguk murmurs softly, another kiss pressed to Jimin’s head. He’s crying now, can’t help it, and it takes a moment for Jimin to settle down, nose runny as Jeongguk coos at him and pets his hair.


Jimin’s wiping tears from his face when Jeongguk pulls back just enough to get a good look at his sleep swollen face. Another kiss is pressed to his forehead, fingers stroking his cheek as a warm palm cups his face. The next kiss is right on his mouth, and Jimin thinks he might cry again but before he can, Jeongguk’s stroking his belly and kissing him again.


“Missed me that much, huh?” Jeongguk teases, Jimin’s eyes still glassy from how wet they are. He just nods his head, lip quivering, and Jeongguk’s smile falters as he rushes forward to give Jimin more kisses.


“No more crying, baby,” Jeongguk whispers, kissing Jimin sweet, his nose nuzzling into Jimin’s neck. The scenting settles Jimin’s emotions and he’s left a little dazed, head burrowing back into Jeongguk’s neck when he pulls back. “I’m sorry.”


“Why’re you saying sorry?” Jimin asks, brows furrowing together, content to just lie in Jeongguk’s arms. He decides he isn’t going to let Jeongguk go all day.


“For leaving my baby all alone.”


“You had work,” Jimin reasons, and he’d always understood that. He’d just missed Jeongguk. “It’s okay.” And then Jimin’s brain seems to catch up to the fact that Jeongguk wasn’t supposed to be home yet. “Wait! Aren’t you home early?”


“Yeah, I am,” Jeongguk answers, Jimin pulling back to look at his soft expression. He wonders if he ever looks at Jeongguk with such a stupidly smitten look on his face. “I...I didn’t really want to be away from home that long.”


“It was two days, Jeongguk!”


“Yeah and all you did was mope for a day. Everyone told me.”


Jimin feels the heat seep into his cheeks but ignores it, fixing Jeongguk with a glare. “Did you even get everything done? You didn’t have to ― ”


“The deal’s all wrapped up. And maybe,” Jeongguk says, leaning forward to give Jimin a kiss, “I wanted to come home because I missed you and the baby.”


Jimin curls his hand around Jeongguk’s neck and holds him close, staring at the pretty fan of Jeongguk’s eyelashes. “You’re so clingy.”


I’m clingy?” Jeongguk asks, eyebrow arched. Jimin only giggles into his hand, laughing harder when Jeongguk pulls his hand away and rubs their noses together. “Pretty rich accusation coming from you. Taehyung said you whined the whole time you hung out with him and Hoseok about how much you missed me.”


“Yeah, and?” Jimin huffs, tilting his chin up. He had nothing to be ashamed of. “I’m pregnant. What’s your excuse?”


“Guess I’m just really in love,” Jeongguk answers truthfully, kissing Jimin’s fingers.


Jimin can’t keep the stupid smile off his face, cheeks hurting as he smacks Jeongguk. “You’re so gross!”


“Am I?”


“Yeah,” Jimin nods, kissing the corner of Jeongguk’s mouth. “But I really love it.”


“Mmm, and I really love you,” Jeongguk grins, kissing Jimin again, his mouth travelling lower as he kisses his way to Jimin’s scent glands. It makes Jimin’s toes curl, Jeongguk’s hand smoothing over his belly as he slips in his tongue. Jimin’s left whining into the kiss as Jeongguk’s touch becomes more insistent, hand slipping under the hoodie Jimin’s wearing to feel his bare skin.


“Ggukie,” Jimin breathes, hand dragging down from his shoulder over his chest. He lets his hand settle on Jeongguk’s pec, dazzled by the soft smile Jeongguk gives him, his eyes warm and loving. Bergamot wraps around Jimin lovingly, all the longing and anxiety drowned out by Jeongguk’s presence. “Love you more.”


“Nah, I definitely love you more,” Jeongguk grins at him cheekily.


“If I didn’t love you more, I would have killed you by now,” Jimin counters, sticking his tongue out at Jeongguk.


“I’m being a lot aren’t I?” Jeongguk asks, and he must know the answer to that so Jimin just gives him a deadpan look. Jeongguk laughs at the expression, nose wrinkling up, and Jimin hopes their baby has Jeongguk’s nose.


“I’m sorry,” Jeongguk says, thumb stroking Jimin’s cheek. He’s got that lovesick fond look in his eyes again and it makes Jimin’s chest squeeze tight.


“It’s okay,” Jimin murmurs, his hand resting on top of Jeongguk’s. He turns into Jeongguk’s palm, kissing the skin there. “I forgive you for being a neurotic control freak.”


“Thank you, Your Highness,” Jeongguk says somberly, laughing when Jimin smacks him in the chest, huffing and eyes narrowed. He grabs Jimin’s wrist, holds his hand to his chest, smiling all stupidly at him. “I’ll try not to be so overbearing. Promise.”


“We’ll see how long that lasts,” Jimin simpers, worming in closer to Jeongguk again. He rests his head on his chest, half draped over the alpha. Jeongguk’s arm curls around him, fingers working their magic into the back of Jimin’s neck.


“I mean it baby,” Jeongguk says, pressing a kiss to Jimin’s head. “If you tell me I’m being too much, I’ll back off.”


“Yoongi-hyung texted you didn’t he?”


“He may have.”


“Fuckin’ snitch.”


Jeongguk laughs, squeezing Jimin tight against himself before he goes back to massaging his neck. “You have to eat, you know.”


“Cuddles first, food later,” Jimin tells him, refusing the very idea of Jeongguk not being near him right now.


“I’ll make you a bath if you eat first,” Jeongguk says, attempting to bargain with Jimin.


“Nope. Cuddles win.”


Jeongguk sighs, tugging the blanket Jimin’s wrapped up in higher around him. “Fine.”


“Love you, Alpha.”


“Love you, too, baby.”