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The Quiet Wolf

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(Y/N) Stark came into the world like a whisper.

Your twin Brandon howled with life as he was born, a full 12 minutes before you. He was wrapped in cloth then shown to your mother, the ladies who assisted Maester Luwin in the delivery gushed over how strong he would grow to be.

Knowing there would be twins, Catelyn continued with the delivery, physically and mentally exhausted. "Here comes the second child, brace yourself Lady Catelyn," Maester Luwin said.

Everyone had thought for you to be born like your brother, your first cry announcing your arrival. But when you came out of your mother’s womb, with not a sound to be heard, the celebratory cheers died.

Maester Luwin rushed into action and followed a different protocol, the one reserved for the babes who did not cry. With Brandon calm at his mother's side, the room was too silent for that of a newborn babe.

Your mother dismissed the lady who fretted at her side when she realised she could not hear any crying. “What is wrong?” she asked. She forced herself to sit upright. “Why is it not crying?”

The baby would usually begin crying after being pinched, or clapped on the rear; you still had not opened your eyes. Maester Luwin had seen few cases like yours, your lungs were not strong enough for the world outside your mother's womb.

“It is a girl, Lady Stark,” Maester Luwin said, “She is very weak, but she is breathing. If she makes it through the night, she will be fine.”

That night, your father prayed to the old gods and your mother to the new, begging them to spare your life. Winterfell was quiet in anticipation, in worry.

Catelyn Stark did not rest, despite her having little to no energy after childbirth. Your mother thought this to be divine punishment for her treatment of the bastard, Jon Snow. How could she rest when she was the cause for all of this?

The sun rose on the next day to greet you, a babe who lay in her bed, wide awake. Your breathing had regulated and your (e/c) eyes were opened as if you had been asleep along. Maester Luwin checked over you and found that although you were still quite weak, you were otherwise okay. Though you still made no effort to cry, it was made apparent that was just apart of your character.

(Y/N) Stark, first of her name, would due to this incident, and many more, be forever known as the Quiet Wolf.