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Dark Wings, Dark Words

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The feather was black.

It has probably just gotten dirty.



Sin? I'm a sinner? And that's why....?!




Was that also the reason Kuu left?

"No, it wasn't."


But that's a fake reassurance. Because, how could she possibly know? Kana said, that no other Haibane left before Kuu, and so...


How strange. Suddenly, a picture flashed in Rakka's mind. Reki's painting. The older woman.

A Haibane that Rakka's never met.

Kuu... was not the first. And I will find out how she crossed the Wall and how Kuu did.

I will fly beyond the Wall and find them.


Dark feathers. There are more now, I'm scared, I'm not a sinner...!


More and more. Because Rakka still didn't confess and absolve herself.