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Bite. Stab. Teethe. Repeat.

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Daken Akihiro was a lot of things. He had done a lot of things. He had been raised to kill, and he had killed. Hell, he was even killing right that very moment. Normally he wasn't even a team player, but AIM had gotten on his nerves as of late, and plenty of others too. It was bad enough that they did the experiments they did, but stealing tech from Weapon X? That was a big mistake.

Sabretooth stood at the end of the hallway, sneering at yet another corpse at his feet. "Never did tell me how your tattoos stay with your healing factor."

"And I never will," Daken smirked, walking past him to Mystique's side. Their assassin was reading over the data files to ensure nothing was left behind, prepared to erase everything as soon as they left. Daken was also watching to make sure she did, and didn't. The information was fairly useful after all, and they both knew it. It was a nice game they played, that they all played. It was interesting to see who would come out on top...Both literally and figuratively. "Is that all of them?"

"No," she stated stonily, gesturing to the screen. "Apparently, they've already been experimenting with adamantium, mutant DNA, and more. They've made the 'ultimate weapon' down on the sixth floor. Unfortunately, much of the data's either been locked or lost. So, either you gentlemen need to interrogate some of the people here-" Victor cleared his throat, gesturing to the bodies in the hallway and Mystique pinched the bridge of her nose, letting out a deep breath, trying to remain patient. "Or...We go investigate and get rid of the damn thing."

Victor groaned, his eyes rolling, "I swear, if it's another Deadpool clone with laser vision and transportation abilities, I'm going to blow this base."

"We're going to do that anyway," Daken reminded him.

"Fine, I'll nuke it," Victor growled. "I just need to kill something right now."

Victor Creed was occasionally enjoyable company. Daken and Victor sometimes had lunch and talked about ways to kick Logan's ass. And Mystique...Was far more than interesting. Daken had never met someone who was so much like him. Though they would likely always be playing mind games, it was a thrill to be around both of them, primarily her of course. Still, they were probably going to fight soon, not just whatever this thing was, but each other as well. It was every person for themselves after all, so no hard feelings.

At the door, the three of them were somewhat intrigued to find a door that was a blend of adamantium and vibranium. Just how someone made that was a major question on their minds, but it would have to be answered at a later date. Listening closely, Daken grimaced when he could barely hear a heartbeat inside. It was so quiet and calm, he almost could've sworn that whoever was in there was small as a puppy. He shared a look with Sabretooth, who was equally confused.

"Victor? Daken?"

"Are you sure there weren't any other details about what is in there?" Victor asked. "It sounds...Small?"

She raised an eyebrow, "Whatever it is, it's locked behind adamantium, and vibranium, and was labeled as extremely dangerous. So does size really matter?"

Sabretooth grinned, waggling his eyebrows, and Mystique elbowed him harshly in the groin, causing the man to buckle over in pain. One may have super healing, but that doesn't mean they don't feel pain. Daken narrowed his gaze, listening closely. There was a sudden noise inside, and footsteps approaching the door. Daken silently had Mystique halt her attempts to hack into the door, and knelt down so that he was level with whatever lay on the other side. Maybe they would burst through and, in his younger sister's words, 'eat his face off', but Daken had the strangest urge to place his hand on the cold metal. His palm touched it, and there was a dull thump and slight heat seeping through to him.

His eyes widened as the heartbeat became clearer, and he recognized what kind it was. "Mystique, Raven...Get down here, and place your hand where mine is."

Tentative, she did as he said, and her reaction was similar to his. Sabretooth quickly gathered what was happening. "Shit, that's a kid in there?"

"Two, maybe three years old at most by the size?" Mystique murmured. "I know how quickly kids grow. But, they could be like Laura? Maybe there's some accelerated aging?"

Daken was a lot of things, but hell, he had changed hadn't he? Maybe it was Laura and Gabby who'd had a hand in it. In his beginnings, he had killed his adopted brother out of rage and jealousy, and he'd regretted because his father, his true father, committed suicide because of that action. And now? Now Daken was going to help this goddamned kid he'd never even seen. What was this world coming to?

Sighing, he returned his hand to the door, thinking. "All right, if you can hear me, I'm coming to get you-"

The warmth left, and there was light scampering streaking across the ground in the other room. It stretched from the floor, up the wall, and onto the ceiling. Sabretooth cursed, causing the supposed child to stop, and retreat back into their little hole, away from them. Mystique glared at Victor. Speaking in a soft tone, she called out, "C'mon sweetie, we won't hurt you. You're safe now."

There was one hesitant clink, followed by another, and another. Then, there was a massive scent of fear, something only Sabretooth and Daken could smell. No, the scent was projected at them, warning them. Sabretooth roared, turning behind them to chase after gunmen while Daken grabbed Mystique, getting her around the corner. A hail of bullets was directed upwards, and a shadow fell from the ceiling, a harsh crash echoing in the halls. The shape didn't move for a moment, but when it did, it was slow, and it traversed backwards to avoid the impending doom while a soldier moved to claim them. Mystique ran forward, undercutting him and reaching for the kid, whose long hair cover their face. They were even smaller than Daken thought, their body able to fit in one of Mystique's arms.

She was frowning when the two returned to him, the child strangely unafraid, more curious than anything else. "She's got super healing. All her scrapes sealed up on the way here. Her ankle's probably going to take a bit."

To show him, Mystique gingerly showed him the blue and purple spotted joint. The child's expression twisted, and a growl burst out from their throat, not unlike a hound warning one away. Their small teeth revealed canines that were sharp enough to tear flesh from bone. Victor joined them, having hastily wiped away a majority of the blood, likely not wanting to scare the child too much. He likely didn't need to, since the kid probably already went through who knew what.

"Hey sweetheart. You remind me of my own daughter. Her name is Clarice."

Daken blinked. "You have a daughter?"

"She's adopted, but yes," Sabretooth grinned proudly. "Want to see pictures?"

Feeling awkward, both he and Mystique said no. How was he so sure this thing, er, child, was a girl anyways? Daken booped the kid's nose, who wrinkled it in irritation. "Now, who the hell are you made from?"

As he was pulling his hand back, tiny claws burst forth from her wrists and knuckles, causing them to bleed profusely. That wasn't what startled him. What did startle him, was the fact of how those claws were positioned. They weren't the three in a row like Logan's, nor positioned like two in the middle like Laura's and Gabby's. Nope, they were two on top, and one in the wrist. Just. Like. His.

Daken was a lot of things, but he was certainly NOT a father.