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Life At The Expense Of Another

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At four, Midoriya Izuku learned his dream was impossible. In a world of heroes and fantastical powers, he had nothing. A normal human in a world where most of the population wasn't normal at all. At age four, he learned that life won’t give your special treatment no matter what…
At fourteen, he learned that strange things happen and from time to time the world might throw you a bone, even at the expense of another person.

When Midoriya Izuku was awoken by a chill when the clock barely struck the beginning of his birthday, and found a pair of heterochromatic eyes staring back at him. He took a moment to take in the figure floating above him without truly being awake. The boy’s left iris was grey, almost like ash from a volcano, where the right one was a turquoise color, shining brighter than the ocean Izuku was so fond of from early childhood. His face fair and his hair shared that dual feature the same as his eyes, except with red and white, split cleanly down the middle.
Izuku spoke up first. “Who are you and how did you get here?”
The newcomer shook his head moving himself to sit up in the air before floating down a bit and looking Izuku in the eyes. His voice was soft, echoing into the recesses of Izuku’s mind.
“Shouto, as for your other question, I don’t know.”
“You don’t know, huh... what's the last thing you remember!” Izuku got off his bed, slipping on a pair of All Might Slippers. Shouto thought about this for a moment while Izuku made his way out of the room, the specter being dragged along. He was halfway down the hall when Shouto made a noise.
“Other than waking floating above you and unable to move..” Shouto paused. “I think I was running away, though I’m not sure what from…”
“It will probably come back to, then the question goes to is this a quirk... If it is maybe there’s a way to reverse it, why me in particular…” Izuku continued onto his rant about the possibilities of all this when another voice rang out from what Shouto assumed was the kitchen area.
“‘Zu?” the voice was calm to an extent, but the two teens could feel the ‘I haven't slept in four days and am surviving on coffee’ even from behind the wall. “What are you even doing awake? And what are you mumbling about?”
Despite the voice that pulled Shouto out of his head, it didn’t pull Izuku out of his muttering until he rammed right into some quite a bit taller then he was. Shouto took a good long look at this person with a sense of familiarity, but nothing he could place it at all.
“Oh, Nii-san! Why are you awake?” Izuu finally asked the teen drinking coffee at one in the morning.
“Diagnosed insomnia” the man quipped back in an instant. Then moved to sit down on the couch nearby. “Want some coffee, ‘Zu?”
“Preferably not,” Izuku sighed before walking over and taking a seat next to the elder teen. “Do you know any quirks that could… force something like a haunting, Nii-san?
“Between the two of us, do you really think I’m the one who would know that when you obsess over heroes and quirks?” the heavily scared teen put down his coffee on the table in front of them. “What brought this on anyway, something to do with your new hair-do?”
“My hair? Nii-san what do you mean?” Izuku blinked the man and it was now Shouto really looked at this teenager. His chin, neck and lips, under his eyes and arms, were covered in burn scars. His hair was long and messy, dyed black as well, judging by the red roots showing up. His gray eyes were quiet, analytical even.
“I guess you haven't looked in a mirror yet. Were you just pacing while talking or something?”
“I… yeah, I guess I was…” Izuku sighed. “Nii-san, mind explaining what you mean to me though?”
“Nah, go look in a mirror.” Izuku's Nii-san grinned, or did his best to with the scars and stitches limiting the movement of his face. Shouto had half a mind to ask where those came from, but ultimately decided against it to let the two speak. That didn’t stop his brain from going full speed while the two talked.
“Fine, Nii-san. I’ll go look in the bathroom mirror!” Izuku murmured. “Then maybe I can go work on some Support Item or something..”
“What's the newest project?” Izuku’s Nii-san followed him over into the hall. Lowering his voice a bit probably for people sleeping in the other rooms.
”Oh, I’m trying to mimic an underground hero’s quirk. I thought if I can do it, maybe I’ll be useful for all sorts of heroes!”
“Sweet, but maybe you should go back to bed instead of working on something that could potentially explode, kiddo.”
“Shouldn’t you be in bed as well, Nii-san.” Izuku flipped on the bathroom lights and everything went silent as the three teens looked at the mirror. Izuku blinked staring at his reflection before bringing a hand up to the right side of his hair, it had turned white. The left side remained that velvety Green he had known. The scarred teen snickered as he watched the mirror.

It took a minute for the fire alarms to go off. As Izuku’s left side ignited with a green flame, Shouto bounced about when he noticed and started to talk him down. Izuku's brother was also trying to talk him down in the midst of the confusion. None of the boys noticed the fire alarm stop either.

“Calm down,” Shouto said softly. “Breathe, alright? Just breathe. Focus on something cool alright.”
“Holy shit, ‘Zu, since when could you catch on fire!?” His brother wasn’t helping, but Izuku was used to this and was able to focus more on the voice that successfully echoed in his head and began to breathe better. Then there was blackness.

When he woke up, the sun was up and his family was surrounding him, plus one ghost teen sitting above him watching the unlikely family. Izuku didn’t even have to open his eyes to know that his brother was being scolded by his mother and his sister was just laughing. Though it was loud and his ears were ringing for an unknown reason.
“Toga… stop that..” he murmured, earning him a snort from who he assumed was Shouto.
“The late bloomer’s awake!” That voice was Toga’s. The excitable blonde bounced her way to Izuku’s side. “How does it feel, huh, ‘Zuku?”
“What time is it?’ Izuku murmured gently sitting himself up finally and glancing at his family.
“About an hour after you would usually wake up, so seven.” his brother responded with a curt nod.
“School!” Izuku burst of the couch making the blonde laugh as she fell before running around to get ready and run out the door with the promise he'd be safe and try not to set anything else on fire to his mom. Shouto being dragged behind him with whatever force was keeping the two teens together. Shouto decided that while he was running was a good time to talk.
“You never told me your name…”
“Izuku... Midoriya,” Izuku breathed. “Now isn’t a good time, can this wait ‘til lunch? We can talk then.”
“That’s fine... I am curious though, considering that quirk is mine.” Izuku stopped in his tracks right outside the gate of his school and looked at the ghost.
“What do you mean?’
“Well, I’m pretty sure it is anyway.” Shouto looked Izuku in the eyes then pointed to the school now though.
“Oh, right school!”
With that Izuku was off to his classroom. Shouto didn’t bother to look at the number. Maybe it was apathy to his situation, or maybe it just didn't feel important enough. He did, however, pay attention to the whispers of the students and Izuku sat down in his seat. It seemed the general rumor mill was on Izuku’s hair and appearance and the fact he was later than usual today. Shouto made a mental note that Izuku didn't normally rush out the door like that. A teacher got everyone to quiet down and the classes began.

Middle school classes were boring, and watching Izuku run for his life from the classroom at lunch, from a kid who was yelling profanities and making explosions around him was even harder. Shouto wanted nothing more then to help but quickly learned this was impossible. He was able to help Izuku calm down and get the fire out when he got away. The green-eyed teen sighed as he plopped into dewy grass pulling a notebook out form his bag with the words “Hero analysis for the Future #11” written on the front in very neat precise kana.
“Shouto, you said this may be your quirk, right? Will you tell me everything you know about it?” Izuku smiled gently at the teen specter who nodded and began to spoke. Izuku writing down what he was saying next to him.

“It’s half-fire, half ice. An emitter type quirk.” Shouto was straight to the point. “The left side is fire, and the right is ice. It's a bit easier to control the ice side..”
“All I seem to be doing is catching myself and everything else on fire though..” Izuku sighed he put the notebook down and stood up. “Let’s see if this is true then. I’m gonna try to use the ice side and if that’s the case, then try to run with it!”
Shouto nodded before ice covered the ground at Izuku’s feet. Izuku blinked watching the sparkling ice in a bit of awe.
“Whatever caused this gave you my quirk. Interesting. I’ll have to teach you to control it then.” Shouto sighed.
“I might know a place we can go to after school till then let's talk about something else” Izuku aid back watching the leaves of the trees. “20 question then?”
“20 Questions?” Shouto asked.
“Yeah, you know asking question back and forth. We can’t repeat questions though and we answer truthfully.. Have you never played before?”
“Can’t say I have….” Shouto thought for a moment then nodded. “Alright.”
‘I’ll start then!’ Izuku grinned. “What's your favorite color?”
“Blue.” Shouto answered in a second before asking a question of his own. “Why didn’t you freak out when you saw me this morning…?”
“A mixture of sleep deprivation, apathy and generally thinking it was a dream…” Izuku nodded to himself. “I think, anyway. What were you doing out then?”
“I was…” Shouto thought. ‘That is kind of personal, you know..”
“That’s the whole point.”
“Fine, I was running away from home.”
“Oh, I won't pry any further…”
The Game took a turn for the silent after that, and soon Izuku had to return to class. It was still boring and Shouto had half a mind to just sleep since nobody could see or hear him except Izuku anyway. The explosive brat kept glaring and making weird threats with his hands to Izuku, who just ignored them. Too focused on the teacher's lecture on Quirk history and his own quiet mumblings, it seemed.

After school Izuku was corner by Explodo, a kid with long fingers and a kid with wings before he had a chance to even get up from his desk. Izuku sighed and shook his head “Kacchan, I don’t have time for this, so please don’t today, I’m expected at home.” Shouto snorted again and it took everything Izuku had not to glare at him.

“Think you can get away then, Deku? I’d like to see you try!” Wings laughed. “You are still useless, whether or not you decide to dye your hair in a dumb way or not.” The berating went on for a while and finally, Shouto said something

“Why not use the ice,” Shouto suggested. Izuku nodded a moment and began to concentrate, ignoring the yelling and profanity slipped out Kacchan’s mouth. Before he knew it though, ice was covering the room, inching its way up to the ceiling. The three looked surprised, now silent as they tried to move. Izuku could though and he jumped over them with his bag and burst off outside the room, ice forming with each step as he struggled to stop using it. He was outside under the sun when he finally got everything under control, still though he continued to run.
“Where are we going now?’
“Dagobah Beach. I’m texting Nii-chan to meet me there once he can leave Yuuei.”
“Scar man goes to Yuuei?” Shouto asked. Though he was ignored by Izuku who was still running like his life depended on it.

Dagobah beach was about a thirty-minute train ride from Izuku’s middle school. It was a lovely oceanfront, but sadly was treated more like a dump with all the illegal trash that came in with the tide. Izuku was rambling about the benefits of cleaning the beach, from quirk practice to training to even something about the view. Shouto was only half listening for the most part anyhow.
“Think you can clear out a large enough area in the garbage to use for training?” Shouto asked.
“Oh yeah!” Izuku’s green eyes glittered brightly. “We can use this chance to see what you can do now with this whole mess!”
“What do you mean?’
“I mean, can you touch something?”
“Who says I can’t to begin with?”
“I know as much as you do… and it is possibility, considering the floating and translucency ad such plus it seems like nobody else can see you.”

With that the two worked in silence. It was hard, for Shouto it was a matter of how to help since they quickly figured out without an intense concentration he coulnd’t touch anything. They got near nowhere before getting tired.
“May I ask your brothers name Midoriya?’
“Oh, right I didn't tell you any of that!” Izuku made a space for him on top of an old fridge. Shouto floating at his side. “Dabi Midoriya, he's a year older than me, and a first year at the Yuuei hero course. His quirk is insane and he tends to tease me a lot, ever since he was adopted now that I think about it. The blonde is Toga Himiko. She's also adopted and the same age as me. She kept her old name, something about the way it sounds, I don’t remember and my mother is Inko Midoriya!”
“Your dad?”
“Oh. He died when I was three, in the line of duty.”
“Line of Duty? What do you mean?”
“He of Endeavor’s sidekicks at the time, he was a casualty of the man.” Izuku sat up. “Some hero Endeavour is, it makes my skin crawl..”
Shouto stayed silent, unsure how to respond to the sudden outburst. Midoriya seed to notice or was being just as awkward, because he broke through the tension with his voice. “Come on, let's get back to work…” a buzzing noise stopped him and he checked his phone. Shouto glanced over his shoulder to read the text.


Sibling Group Chat

StabbyStab: Zuku! Where are you mom is getting worried!

BroccoliGoldenBoi: oh Sry I’m waiting for Nii-chan we’ll be coming home together!

DisneysHades: i can see the beach btw

BroccoliGoldenBoi: Sweet!


With that Izuku pocketed his cellphone and jumped off the fridge. And the two got back to work. A snickering broke their contraction though. Shouto ended up inside a vault of some kind his head phased through the other side and Izuku jumped on top of it. Dabi was there, leaning against a rail watching them with an amused look on his face. He was in a gray school uniform, his tie missing and the blazer unbuttoned. “Need some help there, ‘Zu?”
“I’ve almost got it I promise!”
“What, you want me here for then?”
“I wanted to ask for your help with the Quirk Situation!” Izuku and Shouto managed to get the vault out of the way before the green-eyed teen walked over to his adopted brother. “After nearly encasing an entire classroom in ice and nearly burning the schoolyard to the ground, I need the help…”
“Ice too, huh? Dang.” Dabi rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “Reminds me of someone, weird. Anyway.” Dabi bounced over the railing to the beach below. “It is true you didn’t get the quirk counseling other kids got, so let's start there.”

Izuku nodded in agreement then lead his elder brother through the trash. They trained for a while, the trash getting incertated to nothing by blue flame, melted by red, then promptly frozen over by ice. Shouto was giving hints and tips along with the sparring session to get Izuku on the right path as well. It wasn’t until their phones buzzed that they stopped.

Sibling Group Chat

StabbyStab: Mom is really worried for you guys you know!

“We should get home Zu.” Dabi said. “You always were a fast learner you'll have full control in no time.”
“Thanks, Nii-san.” Izuku nodded before running off with his brother to home. Shouto let off a slight smile as they laughed and raced back to their house.