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In 2005, I was graced to meet some-no, the most influential men in my life. That year, it had been about three years since I had left college, writing degree in tow. My intention is not to write a biography of how I got to that point, so I will simplify. I was in a rough place at that point in time. It was a phase where I was becoming everything my parents disliked and I was hiding something major from them.


My junior year of college, I was introduced to a man. This man was calm, charming. If I’m being truthful, that night I was very, very drunk. Maybe a little stoned but that I can’t confirm. He told me, with utmost causality and poise, about his new life style. As a drunk college kid, my natural response was of course “I call bullshit.” This was apparently my mistake.


This next morning I woke up with not only a killer headache, but also a seemingly unending hunger. When I was able, I did eat what would have been plenty to curve it had this been any normal human hunger. My roommate came in. I heard his pulse from across the room yet I assumed it was hearing my own head pound. It wasn’t till I watched a little girl trip that weekend and scrape open her knee that it hit me. No fucking way was I thirsting over blood .


Alas, despite my alarm and disgust, it was found it to be true. I nicked my own hand and after reflexively licking it, I knew. It was a burning sensation. It felt like I had been lost to the wilds for years and then brought back to a glorious banquet. I am a vampire. I am a monster.


As it may be, so are my boyfriends.


Quite the opening to a blog, no? Don’t worry, I’ll explain if you so choose to read further.




Current day, I live out in the country, far from the city with my five monster husbands.


The eldest, a vampire named Hakyeon, is the cause for many of us being together. He was born long ago, as he likes to remind us when he’s angry by addressing us as young man or little boy. He doesn’t have exact memory, or any record of it, but he sets it as 1878. He had gotten to 25 before having to be turned. His was much rather malicious than myself. An attack on an innocent man outside at night resulted in changing his life for eternity. Hakyeon managed to learn and find other monsters and vampires. This was in part to secret locations monsters often set up to meet one another. These were mainly meant for vampires, but they eventually became safe spaces for all species, as I’m told. It is because of these bars, that my second boyfriend comes into play.


It’s the fifties. Hakyeon is out again, relaxing on, what I can only imagine are, those obnoxious cliche couches you’d expect a vampire to lounge on. Note that it was also allowed at these clubs for humans to come along, see what it was like to get drained by the eternal men and women. That’s where we find Taekwoon, the second boyfriend, and a witch. Some flirting occurs, a little biting, a lot of details I’d rather not disclose to the public, and Taekwoon has become a little fling of our charming vampire main character. (Reading this draft, said vampire boyfriend gave me a very exhausted look for that comment.) They meet often at their little spot.

This is rather odd. You see, our witch is not the bar type. Taekwoon is quiet, he’s gentle. His face looks like he wants me to rot but we’ve all grown to love his little glare and pouty lips. (Another silent scolding look from a boyfriend.) The two had set up an arrangement. They liked each other, liked seeing each other even if it was in the dark of the night at what equates to a modest sex club with a gothic theme. They couldn’t be in public together. Hakyeon unable to handle the light of day and two men alone together, both being single, rose too many red flags.


Jaehwan, born of werewolf mother and human father, was next in line. Jaehwan is a brat, and back then he was no different. He was part of the punk movement. Leather jacket, distressed jeans, earrings, the whole sha-bang. By this point, Taekwoon and Hakyeon had been living together for years. They still frequented the club, but more out of nostalgia and for friends than the typical club life. Living together though, Taekwoon found a fatal flaw. Getting drained every single day wasn’t healthy, and Hakyeon felt wrong eating from anyone else when he was already bonded to another. This is where a third person came in. The original plan wasn’t quite a polyamorous trio, but having their own boy toy they grew rather fond. Jaehwan has always been … morally grey. So being prompted by a vampire and a witch that he’d have a place to stay and two men possibly to fuck as long as he offered up his blood, he didn’t have a hard choice to make.

Jaehwan was fine with the open relationship, but it was at the point he had to start dealing with his feelings that he had to slam on the brakes. Despite being feisty and sharp at every edge, he’s soft inside. He’s bad at feelings. This didn’t stop him joining the other two to make a happy three. (It’s not important, but I’d like to mention the fact they lied and called him their “nephew” so as to not raise too many brows.)


This leaves two, excluding myself. The final two come almost hand in hand, our tender hearted shapeshifter Sanghyuk and our puppy Wonshik, a full blooded werewolf. Hyuk joined them in the nineties, under much less optimistic circumstance. Sanghyuk, prior to us, helped in much sleazier of occupations. When the three had found him, he was working for a seance. As a shapeshifter, he could deliver comfort to those searching for it. He could change into the dead’s form and present himself. Ethics aside, that was the life he lived. Hakyeon was once again the one to find him. The two now however, never say what it was Hakyeon was searching for. Secrets are rare when you have six partners, and us four all worry we may not want to know even if we do. There’s a lot of life in Hakyeon, very little being good life.

Regardless, Hakyeon knew a monster when he saw one. They all had to be more gentle, sweet with Sanghyuk however. For years, at points even now, his confidence is in short supply. With the five of us, he's a very different person now than he was. Being a monster and being able to control what anyone saw him as resulted in a hatred for the real him. I have the urge to fill this with sentiments, gush about the absolute sweetheart he is, but I shouldn't digress.


Having the four of us obviously changed him, as a few years back he got the final piece to our puzzle, Wonshik. The werewolf started as Sanghyuk's boyfriend, a cute little duo stemming out of the fact he had caught him shifting back into human form at early morning. Jaehwan insists I mention the fact it was in woods right behind our neighborhood Denny's and Wonshik was also butt naked at the time. The point is that Sanghyuk had found him first. Being the person he was, he kept dating Wonshik and dating the four of us separate. We were all aware; it was just Sanghyuk didn't want to scare him away instantly. It wasn't until Wonshik came to dinner that our little family had finally all met. All of us just celebrated our seventh anniversary with him a few months back, in fact.

So that is the brief summary of how we became a little family of six. There's much more to it now, gross things, sweet things, tears, kisses, sex. It's all there, but I feel like allowing you to dip your toes before I push you in the pool. These are my men, my babies. I want you to see all the elements in them I see within this series. I suppose, this could also stand as a lesson of monster culture. What is life like with full moon cycles, bloodthirst, magic? Yes, this could serve as a very unscientific, personal guide. These are monsters. This is who they are. This is how my monsters act.