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Flowers Blossom When You Believe

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Souji and Yosuke had a...unique relationship. If you asked literally any of their friends, they’d tell you to ignore what the two of them claimed, and that they’d definitely started dating in high school. If you asked any of their college friends, they’d tell you that they were already dating when they met them. But if you asked Souji and Yosuke, they’d say that they hadn’t started dating until well after college.

Nobody, least of all them, understood just how they’d managed to live together for a full year after graduation before confessing to each-other.

Everyone from the Investigation Team would happily inform you that they had, in fact, gone on plenty of dates way before then. “A gajillion”, Chie would say. They’d gone to see movies in Okina, eaten at Aiya’s or Souzai Daigaku together about a million times, gone to the beach together, whiled away a handful of afternoons fishing or studying or just wandering around the temple or the shopping district. “Not dates,” they’d insist. “We were just friends back then.”

“Sure,” literally any of their friends and classmates would sarcastically reply.

After they had been dating for a while and felt secure in their relationship, they’d told their families. When Nanako had eagerly asked what their first date had been like, they’d given entirely different answers.

“It was this lovely candle-lit dinner at a restaurant in Tokyo,” Souji had insisted. Yosuke had frowned.

“No I...I’m pretty sure it was when I took you to the planetarium for the first time, right?” he’d asked, unsure.

“Oh, wait, there was the time at Inoshikara Park…”

“You’re both idiots,” Dojima had interrupted, with a sigh. “Are you forgetting the time I came home early from my job and interrupted you two having dinner together?”

“Um, what?” Souji asked, baffled, and Dojima rolled his eyes.

“Back in high school,” Dojima clarified. “It was that really fancy curry you made from scratch, Souji. Best curry I’ve ever had. But when I came through the door you both looked like deer caught in the headlights...are you seriously telling me you weren’t dating back then?”

“” Souji had replied, and Dojima shook his head with a sigh.

“Sure you weren’t.”

The confusion about what their actual first date had been followed them back from the holidays they’d spent in Inaba, all the way back to the city.

“Hey, Souji?” Yosuke asked, one evening, over dinner. “If we can’t remember what our actual first date was...maybe we should just have a do-over?”

“What do you mean?” Souji asked, eyebrow raised.

“You know, like...we should decide what a perfect date would be, and then go on it, and that can be our actual first date,” Yosuke suggested.

“I feel like nobody would believe us,” Souji pointed out, but Yosuke shook his head.

“It’s not for them , silly, it would be for us!” Yosuke explained. Souji thought about it for a second, but eventually nodded.

“Okay. So, then, what would be your ideal first date?” he asked.

“Well, if I was trying to impress you, I’d definitely take you to a museum, and then get dinner at a nice restaurant afterwards,” Yosuke answered, but Souji shook his head.

“I didn’t mean what your ideal date for me would be, Yosuke. What would you want to do?” he asked, and Yosuke frowned.

“Hey, I like museums!” he protested. Souji snorted and gave him a bemused look. “I really do!”

“Right,” Souji replied, smirking, and Yosuke glared at him.

“Alright, what would be your ideal first date, then?” he asked.

“Easy. A concert, and then a nice dinner,” he replied, but Yosuke shook his head and made a tutting noise at him.

“Nuh uh, Partner, that’s what you think my ideal first date would be,” he corrected. Then, with a slight blush, he admitted, “But I mean, that would be an awesome date…”

“...and a museum date would be perfect for me,” Souji admitted.

“We could do both,” Yosuke suggested. “Go to a museum in the early afternoon, then a concert, and get a late dinner?”

“That sounds perfect, Yosuke,” Souji replied, with a gentle smile. Yosuke grinned.

“Alright! This is gonna be the best not-actually-first first date ever!” he cheered.