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Draco always and I mean always has a plan, he's a Malfoy for crying out, it's in his genetic makeup to always have a plan,

He had a plan in first year, get Potter to like him, make his parents happy, get a present, or get Potter to hate him and get punished for failing your task, and get a present for saying that he couldn't be friends with someone who his Lord hates

He had a plan when he got sorted into Slytherin, be the best in everything, get friends, call them minions, flash your power to those who do not accept your hand, and for the really difficult ones, find dirt on them, because even eleven year olds have secrets, talk less of the upper years, write a letter to your parents, get punished for being too slow, and a present for doing it

He had a plan when he had to duel Harry Potter in the second year, get Potter injured, but instead he made Potter show that he is parslemouth, he got punished for failing it, but got a present for blackening Potters name.

He had a plan when the hippogriff kicked him, get that oaf Hagrid fired, there he got punished a lot, he got punished for not being successful, even though it's his father's fault, and he played his part perfectly, he got punished for letting a mudblood punch him, he got punished for crying and wailing like a whimp infront of everyone like an undignified half-blood.

See a pattern, well I do, he doesn't make plans, he get tasks, he was tasked to be Potter's friend, tasked to be Slytherin prince, tasked to get Potter injured, tasked to get Hagrid fired, he was always tasked

But he had one which was truly his, he had one plan which was his, it wasn't a task, a request, it wasn't anything like that, it was a plan, and it was his, he was going to milk being Voldemot's Consort.

You read that correctly, he was to be made Voldemot's Consort, he was supposed to be by his side, he was supposed to warm his bed, he was supposed to summit to him, and no matter how that contradicts with every teaching that his ancestors had given them, he had to do it, he had to do it, to free his parents, he had to do this to protect his friends, he had to do this to safe his Slytherins, because that is his duty, that was his own job in the world, because while Potter is out protecting the wizarding world that follows him in the open, he was meant to protect the rest of the wizarding world, the dark wizards who where not under the dark Lord, While Potter was out there being Merlin, he would be here being Morgana.

So when fourth year ended and Voldemot rose again, he knew he had to begin, he knew it was time, so he was prepared when he was taken to the home of the dark Lord when he was finished with the fifth year, he was ready, even though his friends still felt he should run, but he couldn't, he had the dagger in his hands, inside his coat, and his words in heart, and no fear in his eyes, and the moment he was asked to bring his hand he lept into action
"Draco dear, it's so good of you to finally show up", his scaly fingers touching his face, feeling his skin, like he was memorising every inch of it, his fingers cold to the touch, the disgust clear in his heart, but he had to deal with it, it was the only way to his end game, so with a voice that betrayed nothing he answered

"I am sorry my lord had to wait for lowly me", it was still not yet the right moment,

He could literally fill his father's promising gaze, and he got the message loud and clear, 'Fuck this up, and get punished', he had to do this, he might get punished for the distribution, but he just had.

"Bring your left hand my dear for your mark", it's time

From that point everything happened in a flash, first he drew back from Voldemot's clutches with a speed that scared most, whipped out the dagger and held it to his neck, wordlessly and wandlessly casting a shield around himself, all the teachings and tutorship finally paying off, he looked straight at the Dark Lord, his eyes shining with resolve.

"Dark one, I'm sorry that it had to be this way, but this is the only way I can get what I want", he voice unwavering, his eyes still shining resolve

"Still a little feisty, I can't wait till I break evey resolve you have, but let me humour you, what do you think you have in return for what you have, your life is not worth anything, and I can get a thousand who are more than willing to be in your place, Dragon" he sneered in return, his eyes shining a dangerous fire

"My lord we know that you wouldn't even be hearing me out if I wasn't of any importance to you, and I am just asking for a little exchange, I get the mark, in exchange you remove the mark from my God father, easy", he was a Malfoy, and a Malfoy bows to no one for free

"Why would your Godfather not want my mark?", He was now glaring at his Godfather, you could feel like the curse forming in his tongue

"It's not the matter of whether he wants it or not, it's about the fact that it's makes him at risk of discovery, Albus is not dumb, he would be found out, one of this days, the constant disappearance of a Hogwarts professor would lead to questions, and questions would lead to investigation, and investigation would lead to him finding out, because no matter what we may think of Albus, we have to agree that Dumbledore runs Hogwarts, and she would do anything for him, even showing him a view of every corner including My Godfather's office, which would not only endanger him, but also you, my lord", he finished with a mental bow, for not getting scared and spilling out everything else, like how he knew he was working for dumbledore, and the fact that the mark would not help him get the person he liked, or other little details that can harm him and I

Voldemot was staring at him, gauging whether or not he was honest, whether he should do as he asked or kill him then and there, and he probably got his answer 'cause he called his Godfather, and still staring at him, he removed the mark from him, and sent him back.

With that he released a breath he didn't even know he was holding, he released he shield, dropped the dagger, and fell back to his knees, left hand stretched out for him to mark

Voldemot dragged him forward by his collar and whispered in his ear

"You know you have to be punished for this young one" with that he brought his wand to his left hand, and with a string of words the mark began to form, it was excruciating, almost as bad as the crucio, he felt like millions of tiny needles where poking at his skin, inside the skin, at his veins, his whole hand felt like it was going to explode, he could almost hear his veins bursting and rearranging, rearranging for what?, He does not know, but he could see, his hands swell in the form of a two snakes entwining with one another, then he saw the swelling burst open and colors that could never be that of his blood, flow where the swelling where, and in the end the pain was almost worth it, the picture was beautiful, showing clearing on his pale skin was a picture of two snakes one black and one white, red and silver eyes, entwining with each other, casting a picture of dominance, but he knew it meant more than that, he was officially marking him, he was separating him, for he was no death eater, he was the dark Lord's Consort, he would not be below the dark Lord, he would be by his side, and after years of reminder, maybe one day his heart would finally accept it.

But it was not over, he was gestured to rise and with a straight face he received his punishment,
He had finally completed the first part of his plan, and he could not be happier, even when he was getting punished by his parents, he couldn't keep the smile from his face, he was for the first time in his life, truly happy

Then came the time when his friends where to be marked, but they did not show, they had ran away, so their parents had to take their place, it shouldn't have been, and he wouldn't, couldn't even let that injustice go, because they did not know, it wasn't their fault that their children ran, so he had to ask, he had to change tactics, even though he couldn't use a kiss to safe them maybe he would use himself as collateral for them, because he knows how much it would harm them if their parents where harmed,
"Mrs Parkinson, Mrs Zabini, where are your children?" He asked with a sneer, his eyes promising pain for such disgrace

"T-they, t-they, t-they__"

"Answer woman!, Where are your children?" His patience wavering,

"They ran away my Lord", he answered for them, his voice drawling like always, his eyes not giving anything away

"And how do you know of this?" His attention directed towards only me

"They told me" he answered simply

"And why didn't you inform me?, I wouldn't accept such insolence even from you" his voice harsh, showing the level of his anger

"I didn't believe they'll go through it, they had always joked about it, saying that they'll flee if they were forced to take the mark, but I always thought it was just that, a joke, so I never thought it was necessary, I even felt that they would have come knowing that I had taken up your mark, forgive this lowly servant for not knowing better, but I beg you to punish me, instead of their families, for the lifes of there family and them, I give myself to you, take out all frustration, pain, betrayal, anger, everything, this humble servant give himself to you, but please spare them for their transgressions" he concluded with a kneel and a bow of his head, to show submission

"You're are learning dragon, but why would you do all that for them?, Who are they to you" his eyes flashed an unknown light, but as fast as it came it left

"There are this lowly servant's, stead, they like other Slytherins where mine to care for, and what better way to get the loyalty of the Slytherins than with knowing that their leader would put them before yourself, Slytherins are not the most trusting so even now I don't have all of them by my side, but if they know that I could put myself at risk for their safety, I can tell you alot more would be loyal to me, and by extension you my lord", his eyes never leaving the ground when he said this.

"So you would do that, for loyalty, why?" He sounded genuinely curious, with kind of shocked me

"Because it's easier to follow someone your loyal too, and if they are loyal to me, they'll do whatever I ask of them, because they feel I can't lead them to what would harm them, even if I lead them into a blazing furnace"

He raised his head so he looked into his own, there was a flash of pride

"I'll let them go, but you'll have to receive their punishment"

"I'll happily accept it, my Lord"

He got punished for the whole week after that day
He was so close, it remained the last thing he needed to do, all he had to do was give up his virtue and his family would have been safe, and he can finally move on to bigger things,


No one call him draconis way, he wasn't supposed to be here, he should have been far far away from here

"U-Uncle S-Sev?"


He couldn't also be here?, Could he?, He had to be hallucinating

"Drakey, I know it hurts, I know it's peaceful there, but we need to leave"

"Leave?, Why?" He couldn't even control what he said, all he wanted to do now was sleep, can't they leave him to sleep

"Wake up!, And we would tell you!" And that was enough to shake him out of his dream like trance, he snapped open his eyes, and shot up his bed, his eyes finally clearing to the three figures standing infront of him

"What are you doing here" he hissed at them, then went to check if anyone could hear them

"Oh stop it, I am not dumb, I checked and everyone is asleep, and I put a silencing cham on the door, no one can hear us, so pack your things let go"

"Go?, Go where?, I'm needed here, and you are not supposed to be anywhere near here" he practically screamed

"No you're not, you should remember that the protection of dark wizards is not your responsibility!"

"Really?, Then it's whose, while Potter and his friends are playing hero, and killing our kind, who would be there to protect us, who would defend us, no one is willing to stand up, I am the closest thing to a savior we are ever going to get, but if I leave who'll take up, if I leave they'll be forced to take on the mark, and die"

"And that's not your problem, you're just one person, you don't even let anyone help you drakey, you keep forgetting that we're there for you, all for one and one for all, remember"

He chuckled "I really shouldn't have let you watch that muggle film"

"Yeah yeah, whatever, so are you coming or not?"

"Maybe, after I save my parents"

"Parents?!, Those people aren't youe parents, which kind of parent crucioed a child?"

"It was just punishment, and I did a really bad thing"

"Really, the first time they did that, was when you fed a stray dog Draco!"

"Compassion like that, is not worthy of the Dark Lords Consort and you know that"

"I don't want to get into that now, what of the time they locked you into your closet with a boggart for a week!"

"That was only once, and it was because I couldn't get the spell right, and they were showing me the dangers of not knowing said spell, that one wasn't even a punishment, it was just a teaching............ technique?, Yeah technique"

"Even you don't believe that, do you?"

He gave them a little shrug

"Oh my God, you do, you couldn't enter a closet for close to a year, for crying out loud!"

"Okay, this is a nice reunion and all, but I think it's time we leave"

"Okay bye" he gave them a little wave

"We're not leaving without you Drake"

"Well I'm not leaving with you, this is where I belong"

"And here I thought we could have done this the easy way stupefy!, Leviosa!"

"Let's go!" And with that the left