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A Wild Ride

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Sodapop had walked in the house, colorful lights filled the rooms at chatter and music followed suit. Soda had replayed the somewhat “game plan” in his head

Find pony and make sure he’s ok, get wasted, don’t get caught

Perfect plan

Or so he thought, number one Ponyboy was nowhere in sight even though he left before him and the fact that if he doesn’t bring pony home will get him murdered by Darry. Soda sighed and walked outside onto the front porch. Looking for someone that might know where pony is.

“PONY!” He called. No answer. “PONY?!” He called again. Still no reply. He sighed again.
Soda started to get worried until he heard the small squeak. “Soda, what do you want?!” Soda let out a sigh of relief. Until he saw who was next to him, frEAkiNG CuRLY ShEPARD. Curly had recently got out of a reformatory early, right at the time Johnny got out of the hospital. Though, ever since pony had become Curly’s only friend and due to that he constantly visits the Curtis house looking for pony. Which has caused Darry to chase him away a couple of times. “Hey Soda-Can” taunted Curly, causing a grimis to appear on Soda’s face, “I thought you were with Johnny?” Soda retorted “I was but then he went to see Dally” Ponyboy responded, Curly then put the coke he was holding into pony’s hand. Pony looked down at it then at Curly “Why haven't you drank any?” he asked “I don’t want any, you can have it” Curly answered quickly glaring at Soda while saying it. Soda cocked his eyebrow and went inside to join the party, starting a conversation with Two-bit with a drink in hand.

“This is boring, lets ditch this place and go to the park or something.” Curly insisted. Pony shrugged and got up, followed by Curly who let out a devious smile at the idea of being alone with him.

“Tonight will be a good night” Curly whispered to himself as he walked to pony’s side.



“And then he SLAPPED me” Pony joke-scoffed, dramatically waving his hands.Curly chuckled as a response and looked down at the coke in his hands, pony only took one sip and said that he could have it back. “You ok Curly?” His head shot up and realized he dropped the coke, “Yeah of course” Curly bit his lip. “Are you sure? “You were staring at that Coke pretty intensely” Pony giggled “You wanna play chicken” Pony looked up and Curly picked two wrinkled cigarettes out of his pocket as well as a lighter, then lit them. Pony started, putting the illuminated end of the cancer stick on his finger. Curly then put the end on his finger and winced as Ponyboy stared at the burning finger with determination. They were two minutes into the game when there heads turned around at the sound of someone shouting. At first they thought that they were in trouble or something. They heard the shouting again and they both took the cancer sticks off there burn-spotted fingers. Then they heard the sound of footsteps heading towards them quickly. Curly snatched Pony’s arms when he spotted a red haired soc running towards them at full force. She kept following them even after they left the park. Pony looked behind him and recognised her instantly, it was Cherry. Pony slowed down a bit and gave her a confused look. Curly tried to make pony speed up again, but when he didn’t Curly resorted to picking up Pony and going into full sprint. “Curly i'm going to kill you! Get back here hoodrat!” Then Pony stopped trying to talk to Cherry while they ran into a nearby area that looked not too safe. Curly somehow didn’t put Pony down as he sat. He watched Cherry run past the fence they hid behind. Curly let out a deep sigh and grinned at Pony as he cradled him. Pony shyly looked away.