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The Aftermath

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Harry walked through the forest and had already accepted his fate. He saw hundreds of dark figures looking at him. The only thing he could see properly was the pale face of lord Voldemort.
"Harry Potter... The boy who lived.... Come to die...."
Harry saw Voldemort raise his wand. He closed his eyes, bracing for his death.

Harry jumped up from his sleep. His whole body was covered in a cold sweat. He looked around him and remembered he wad at the burrow sleeping in rons room. He looked over to Rons bed and it was empty. He looked at his watch and it was 8am. He put on his glasses and went to the bathroom and washed the sweat off his face and got dressed. He went downstairs and saw the Weasley family and Hermione having breakfast. Well most of them were. Molly was just sitting there, looking at her family. Harry noticed George still hadn't come downstairs. George had been in his room since they got there from the battle. He had locked himself in. Molly put sandwiches outside the door a couple of times a day, but they were only eaten twice. Charlie had come back from Romania for freds funeral tomorrow. Arthur was reading the daily prophet. It was mainly filled with information about death eaters that went on the run.
"Oh for merlins sake!" Arthur shouted
Everyone looked at him.
"What's wrong dad?"asked Ron
"People are being attacked by death eaters! It says here they're probably trying to make people scared of them again! There have been 17 people attacked since last night."
Molly ripped the newspaper out of his hands.
"I don't want to hear anything about death eaters or you know who under this house! I'm sick of it all!" Molly shouted at them all.
She threw the newspaper in the fire and walked outside.
After breakfast, harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny went upstairs. Harry was still freaked out over the nightmare and they could tell.
"harry, did you have another nightmare?"asked Hermione
Harry nodded
"you need to get help, mate." Ron told him
"what help? Its not like the wizarding world has psychologists, is it?"
"you could always go to Dumbledore." Ginny said
They all stared at her, confused.
"you know, his painting in his office."
"yeah. Ginnys right. You could speak to Dumbledore painting" Ron said
"I don't ever want to step foot in Hogwarts again." Harry stormed out of the room and walked right into George.
"uh...sorry George. Look everyones really worried about you. Especially your mum. We all know its been the hardest on you, but everyone just wants to help" said harry
He noticed Georges knuckles were covered in blood.
"what happened?"
George indicated for harry to go into his room. Harry went inside and saw the two mirrors that were in there completely smashed. George came back in and saw on his bed. Harry saw him crying.
"what would Fred think if he saw you now?"
George laughed a bit.
"he'd think I'm being a girl"
They both laughed.
"he'd want you to be with your family. He'd want you to be happy and make your family laugh. I think that might be impossible right now but you can still be with them. Locking yourself up and smashing mirrors wont make it easier."
Harry heard molly call his name and Ron and Hermione.
"Harry! Ron! Hermione! The minister needs to speak to you!"
"the minister? Who even is the minister now?"
"I have no idea" harry said
Harry and George left the room and saw Ron and Hermione walked down the stairs. They both smiled at George. When George went downstairs, molly quickly hugged him and they went outside.
Harry, Ron and Hermione went downstairs and saw Kingsley shacklebolt standing there
"Kingsley? What are you doing here?" Hermione asked
"I'm the new minster of magic" Kingsley replied.
"no way!"
"that's awesome!"
"yeah, I was made minister just this morning."
"congratulations, but what are you doing here then?" Harry asked
"I know you're supposed to be relaxing, but I need you to do something for the ministry."
"what do you want us to do?" Ron asked
"so I'm assuming you've heard about all the attacks committed by death eaters?"
"yeah..." Harry, Ron and hermione said.
"well the ministry could really use your help to stop these death eaters and send them to azkaban. What do you say? Will you help?"
They trio looked at each other.
"of course. We'll help in any way we can."
Hermione said.
"was there any doubt we'd help?"
Ron said
They all looked at harry, who remained silent. After a few seconds, he replied
"yeah...we'll help"
"brilliant!" Kingsley said
"could you come to the ministry tomorrow morning?"
"yeah, we'll be there" Hermione said.
And after Kingsley bowed his head to the trio, he walked outside and disapperated...
So the golden trio were taking up arms again to stop all remaining death eaters....