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CHAPTER 1 - Humble Beginnings




That is your first coherent thought as you open your eyes, gazing at the cavern around you. You’ve fallen down-- quite a long way too, if that pinprick of light far above you is any indication. Turning your head, you’re met with the sensation of petals tickling your nose. Lifting yourself up and away from that before you can sneeze, you realize a patch of golden flowers had broken your fall. Huh. You’d been expecting the fall to be your end. However, it looks to be just another beginning.


Standing up and dusting yourself off, you look around to gain their bearings. You’ve never seen a cavern like this in person. The rock formations are rather beautiful, or at least you think so. You’re no rock star. You spy a stick leaning against the wall of the cave, and make your way towards it. You’re a little shaky at first, but you regain your proper speed easily.


Lifting the stick in your hands, you note its weight. It’s heavy, but not too heavy, and sharp at one end. It seems like a helpful thing to have, even if you won’t have use for a weapon. Though, with what you’ve heard about this mountain, you may very well need one. You grab it and take it with you. Now you move towards the door at the far end of the little room. You’re departing from whatever you knew, which you’re rather glad about, and journeying into the unknown. You’re ready to take this risk.


* You’re filled with determination.


“W-- where did that--” you begin, but just as quickly as the voice had come, it’s gone. You felt something as the voice spoke, though, and that presence lingers. A powerful feeling. Are you filled with determination? You’re not sure. You are sure, however, that you won’t get much done standing around here. Time to move forward.


When you enter the next room, something is up ahead, waiting for you. It’s a golden flower, two of its six petals bent over its face slightly. Oh, it has a face too-- a simple, cartoonish smiley in the center of it. You find it slightly unsettling, but you can’t place why… at least, not until you approach it. When you do, it speaks to you, in a high-pitched, girlish voice. “Hiya! I’m Flowey. Flowey the Flower! Hmm… You’re new to the UNDERGROUND, aren’tcha?”


You feel your unease grow in the pit of your stomach, but you shrug it off and nod. You don’t really have other options right now, so you’ll take what you can get. Your grip does tighten around the stick, though.


“Oh, golly , you must be so confused!” says Flowey, tilting her head with an apologetic quality to her smile. “Someone ought to teach you how things work around here. Guess little old me’ll have to do! Ready?”


You’re not really sure what you’re supposed to be ready for, but you nod anyway. You’ll deal, whatever you have to do.


“Great! Here we go!” Flowey cheers, and the world flashes out from underneath you both.


You blink slowly at your new surroundings. You look to be in a dark arena, with green lines running up and down the walls and floor. You’re surrounded by a large white box that seems to hum when you get close to the sides, and from deep within them, you feel a sharp pull. Something bright red and heart-shaped emerges from your chest, glowing and beating softly.


“See that heart?” Flowey says, stem waving gently in time to music you can barely register. “That is your SOUL, the very culmination of your being!” You look up at her, now, wide-eyed. Flowey giggles. “Your SOUL starts off weak, but can grow strong if you gain a lot of LV.”


“What’s LV stand for?” you mumble, only just loud enough for Flowey to hear.


“Why, LOVE, of course! You want some LOVE, don’t you?”


“I, uh, guess…”


“Don’t worry, I’ll share some with you!” Flowey winks and sticks her tongue out, and you feel your unease start to build again. Strange, spinning white ovals materialize in the air around the flower. “Down here, LOVE is shared through… little white ‘friendliness pellets’. Are you ready?”


You nod, and Flowey sends the pellets down towards you. “Move around! Get as many as you can!” she exclaims.


You briskly move up towards the pellets, expecting to feel something when you touch the strange objects. You do not expect the feeling to be pain, but it’s what you receive. You can feel energy disperse from your body, the shock of the blow leaving you weak. (HP 01/20.) You’re not exactly sure what that means, but you’re positive it’s not a good thing. It’s hard to process; everything happens so fast that you almost can’t follow it. You look up to Flowey, hurt and betrayed-- and she’s smiling. A cruel and wicked grin practically splits the creature’s face.


“You idiot, ” she says, with contempt oozing from every syllable out of her mouth. Her voice has twisted itself into some creepy, double-toned satire of its previous sound. Or maybe, the previous sound was the satire. “In this world, it’s kill or BE killed.” You tremble as those words send a shiver up your spine. Flowey’s grin twitches. “Why would ANYONE pass up an opportunity like this?!”


More pellets, bullets-- whatever they are-- surround you, a vicious circle aimed directly at their SOUL. “ Die, ” says Flowey, and the laugh that follows as the bullets close in is enough to make you want to burst into tears. You weren’t prepared for this. You don’t want to die here.


You don’t.


The bullets suddenly vanish, and you feel your pain alleviate and your strength return. A soft, greenish flame appears at the corner of your field of vision, knocking into Flowey and sending her careening into the darkness. You finally stop shaking, daring to look up at your savior.


You’re greeted with the sight of a tall, motherly dog-like creature. This woman reminds you of a border collie-- she has the fur patterns, the gentle eyes. Her dress is a magenta color, marked with an emblem you have never seen before. The strange beast smiles softly at you, then shakes her head. When she speaks, her voice is kindly. “What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth…”


You stare at the dog woman with a deer-in-the-headlights expression. She seems to notice this. “Ah, do not be afraid, my child. I am MISTY, caretaker of the RUINS.” So that’s what this place is called. “I pass through this place every day to see if anyone has fallen down. You are the first human to come here in a long time.” After a moment’s pause to think, Misty smiles. “Come! I will guide you through the catacombs.”


The dark arena phases itself out, leaving you two back in the room from before, with its lone patch of grass. “This way,” Misty says, and turns on her heel toward the door she must’ve come from. You’re left alone to collect yourself.


You stare ahead for a moment, then shake yourself out vigorously. “What even was that?” you mutter to nothing in particular.


You then heave a sigh. “Guess I better press on.” The RUINS and Misty await you, and you’re not about to test their patience any longer. It’s time.


You step forward and through the next door.