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Brittany's Fall From Grace

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"You need to get your act together Brittany; you couldn't depend upon Santana, Rachel, and Quinn forever." 

Mr. Shue's words circled through my head as I walked down the halls of my prison that was McKinley High. If only I had been smarter, if only I had tried harder in school, then maybe I'd be in New York with Santana, Rachel, and Quinn, maybe then Santana would have stayed with me. Maybe then I wouldn’t be left behind. Maybe then I wouldn’t have sunk so low, and fallen so far.

 I sighed adjusting my backpack as I continued on from Sue’s office.  I didn't blame my friends for leaving me, Rachel always had big dreams and Quinn wanted to be with her. I didn't deserve them or their friendship. Which is why I blocked all their numbers, Santana included, I mean she broke up with me, she obviously didn't want me around or to bother her with my craziness. Rachel wanted to focus on her career and Quinn her writing as well as their relationship; they didn’t need me being stupid. I sigh again, avoiding eye contact with other students, I was even more of a sad panda than when Artie called me stupid.

I was wearing an old sweatshirt and baggy jeans as I lurked down the halls like some sad panda ghost. I had just spoken to Sue and Mr. Shue, who basically told me I suck. Like I didn't already know that, I let out a sad breath, quitting cheerios and glee had been a bad idea, but my new friend was the only one who really saw me anymore. He was always so considerate and knew I was there and promised to never leave me, and all I had to do was quit everything, which was fine by me, it was just empty without Rachel, Quinn, and Santana anyways. Besides I was just a dumb blonde, that’s all I’d ever be, because I found most things confusing, I wouldn’t be missed.


 "B, let’s go!” Miles instructed me, speaking of my new friend, he flashed me a wry smirk and I nodded, knowing I had to forget about my ex-best friends and move on, because Miles was my only friend now. "Forget about them, they left you, I'm the only one who cares about you." he whispered in my ear, as I stopped by the choir room door, peering inside, just staring at the place of my sanctuary for the past three years. Artie smiled at me from his usual perch up front, I wonder why he never sits anywhere else. He probably didn’t know there were other seats, what with him always sitting in his wheelchair. I wonder if he knew I had quit Glee today. “Brittany I said let’s go.” Miles persisted his tone was mean, and rough.

"You're right.... Sorry." I whispered forlornly, not wanting to lose another friend, he hooked his hand around my elbow and tugged me roughly towards the parking lot and his car; it was like some sort of crazy movie....I wish it was and this was all pretend. 

        “Let’s not make a habit of it.” He snapped and I nodded.

‘Wake up Brittany , wake up!’


Three Months Later...

"I can't wait to surprise Brittany!" Rachel exclaimed happily as she bounced in place in her old chair in the front row of the choir room. “Well and share some of my brilliance with this new glee members.” She added smugly.  Quinn laughed kissing her Girlfriend's cheek as she playfully rolled her eyes, though Rachel's excitement was infectious. Even Santana managed a small smile, though hers was more at the prospect of seeing Brittany.

 Sure they had returned to be mentors to the new generation of gleeks but they hadn’t heard from Brittany in months, which worried them excessively.  They had been inseparable since the end of sophomore year, it felt weird without her around them, and hearing her usual adorable banter.

As the bell rang and the glee kids began filing into the room they waited expectantly for Brittany to show. However one by one more kids filed in, a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar faces, not one of them was the blonde hair blue eyed girl they were waiting for.

        “Yo Finn where’s Britt?” Santana questioned when he clapped his hands and said

        “Let’s get started?”

        “Oh um…I’m sorry Santana I thought you knew…” he whispered and all three alumnus shared a look of confusion and concern.

        “Well obviously we don’t know so fill us in on it then!” Quinn snapped irritably and Finn sighed scuffing his shoe on the tiles.

        “Well Brittany quit everything like three months ago; she only hangs out with Miles now.” Artie supplied the girls sadly. Mercedes frowned from her perch on the piano bench, having come in late.

       “Who the hell is Miles?” she asked in confusion and Tina shrugged sadly.

        “Apparently her friend.” She whispered and Santana stood from her perch next to Mercedes and Rachel and started for the door.

        “Where is she right now?” she demanded and Finn shrugged.

        “Probably either under the bleachers or in the parking lot.”