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Pas de Deux

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Ch.1- Chacun voit midi à sa porte


The turning of the seasons had always been one of your favorite parts of the year, especially now as the fall was finally starting to set in. The warmth of summer was finally starting to fade off in favor of changing leaves and the smell of autumn.


Your eyes gazed out the window, not paying much attention to the sound of the teacher rambling on about the new semester or how the final half of this year will be much harder than your first. Your thoughts were elsewhere at this moment, absorbed in how the fall was nearly here.


And currently sitting in your seat behind a messy green haired male, with the tall ravenette behind you, you were once more reminded of how truly lucky you were to be here sitting in this classroom during this part of your life.


Yuuei Academy was not an easy school to get into, seeing as only about 2% of those who apply even get in. Therefore, only the true best of the best were able to sit among the performing greats. But then again, maybe one day you’d be talked about on a first-day speech when some teacher in the not so distant future would say proudly “And in this very classroom is where  (Full Name) took her classes.”


The thought made you smile softly to yourself, seeing as if any school would help bring you to hold the title of a skilled and elegant ballerina… it would be UA. The school was known for its two elite programs after all: composer or choreographer. UA would accept twenty gifted students from each program each year and help them hone their skills to be a bright star by the time they graduated.


UA’s own structure was made to promote teamwork among not only the peers in your program but also in the rival one. Meaning, each class held ten dancers and ten musicians with regular classes occurring and allowing everyone to mix and mingle among each other and form bonds that may be useful come adulthood.


UA even had a partner program: a dancer and a musician. The dancer would dance to the musician's songs and the musician would create a score for the dance. This way each could get exposure and make a possible friend along the way.


And you were grateful for the partner you had made come day one when everyone was searching for someone who looked to have a common theme. She was elegant, organized and hardworking. Not to mention providing you some of the most gorgeous and original classical pieces you had heard for your recent ballet sessions.


The sound of your teacher speaking your name tugged you back to reality and with wide eyes, you looked back towards the man who was tapping his finger against the desk impatiently. Aizawa-sensei seemed to have been trying to get your attention for a while now.


“Y-yes, sensei?” You squeaked, embarrassed to have been caught daydreaming.


“We’re finishing up… so please try to stay with us for a few more minutes.” He spoke, dark eyes looking towards his teaching partner. “Yamada… take over.”


And with that, the male bent downwards and got into his sleeping bag. A few of the girls giggled at the strange dance teacher they had, as his music counterpart began to scream out the remaining announcements.


You decided to not try and daydream any longer, instead looking at the school guidebooks that had been handed out once again at the start of the fall semester. Apparently, the principal wanted to reinstate the rules… as yet another group of students had been expelled last semester over breaking that one single rule.


The one that made UA as famous as its alumni. The one that made students get approval for anything they did in fear of accidentally doing something to get expelled. The rule that was listed as number one of the guidelines.



  • Any student of any department caught dancing, writing, scoring, or similar to street music or street dancing (including hip hop, breakdancing, etc) will be facing immediate expulsion.
  • Listening or viewing any sort of street music or dance is prohibited on the school grounds as well.



It was a strange rule that many students and outsiders questioned. But you understood it enough… seeing as UA attracted all sorts of stingy and higher-ups individuals. And like most people who came from that sphere of society, any sort of ‘ popping ’ and ‘ locking ’ was nothing but savage and dangerous to them.


Plus… UA was already known for injuries since students tried to push themselves when they really needed patience and practice… resulting in plenty of visitors to the school nurse. There were plenty of other reasons as well, but ones you didn’t bother with trying to understand.


All that mattered to you at the current time was reaching that goal you had wanted so badly since you had first performed at the young age of four… and now you could finally see a path engraved towards that goal. The only thing that remained was to stay on the path and not wander too far away from it.

It was here at this prestigious school that you managed by some miracle to snag a seat as a choreographer student. Specifically as a ballet student, something you were overjoyed by. Not only had you gotten into UA, but been accepted into your dance preference as well. Something not every student was lucky enough to receive, many having to settle for their third or even fourth choices.


Currently, you were starting to pack up your things, the lessons of that day had ended and the final bell had rung five minutes ago. And as you did so, your music partner was waiting patiently by your desk, a gleeful and excited smile on her features as she spoke to you.


“(Last-Name)-san, are we still on for tea today? I’ve been meaning to try out the new tea shop downtown and I know how much you adore a nice warm tea after the long days we have here.” Yaoyorozu Momo spoke, her black hair moving as she pushed a couple locks back.


Your eyes lit up in excitement upon her words, only to suddenly fade when another thought crossed your mind. With a sinking feeling in your heart, you shook your head, sorry to disappoint your kind-hearted and caring partner.


“I’m so sorry, Yaoyorozu-san…” You sighed, pouting your lips out. “If it had been any other day then I would for sure jump at the chance to join you… but Aizawa-sensei scheduled my meeting for right after school.”


The dark haired female nodded knowingly, understanding that when it came to grades or friends, she would pick the latter as well. Especially if it was the meeting all the students had been having today with their professors.


“We’ll have to reschedule our tea for another date then.” Yaoyorozu nodded towards you and then picked up the remaining of her belongings before heading towards the door herself. “Oh and make sure to not be late to your meeting today… seeing as your the last one, Aizawa-sensei might be eager to get this over with.”


You nodded to your music partner as she left, sending one more soft smile and small wave towards you as you finished packing up your own belongings before heading to your student-teacher meeting that was in another few minutes now.


A soft budding worry filled your heart as you tried to imagine how this meeting would go. Aizawa-sensei was an excellent teacher… but you worried he’d beat your already fragile self-esteem into the dirt. But then again… you were one of the higher scores for the semester final… so maybe the meeting would go well.


Once a semester, starting after your first semester, every UA student would meet with their career instructor and discuss what their challenge for the oncoming semester would be. Essentially, the assigned project would be the major project the student would conduct and put together to showcase at the end of the semester.


Choreography students would have to do something with a dance, and composer students would make an individual piece. Of course, it had to tie to your chosen subject but could branch out or mix. For example, your ballet would mix with a Charleston or a music student could combine pop and rock. The sky was the limit as long as the basic rules applied to what you wanted to do.


You were curious though what Aizawa-sensei would be asking you to improve on though… as your last semester exam ended with a near perfect score of a ninety-seven. And if you hadn’t been so nervous to perform in front of your sensei for the first few seconds, then you were sure you would have gotten a perfect one hundred. But if anything… it was something to strive for come this semester.


As you pondered more about it though, wandering towards the door to leave the classroom and instead exit into the hallway to find the teacher’s lounge you failed to notice that the door had been swung open with a force.


The door thrower also seemed to be lost in his own world, rushing in and not looking in front of him. The pair of bodies colliding quickly and making you both fall to the floor with groans and eyes searching for the person who had collided with either of you.


“Hey watch it, twinkle toes!” Came the loud voice of one of the composer students. “You made me drop my damn sheet music!”


You groaned as ash locks of blonde shook in front of you, the owner shaking from the anger coursing through him. Your hues of (eye color) looked up to see none other than your class’ resident hothead waiting for your response. But seeing as you were taking too long for his own preference, he decided to instead click his tongue and look towards where his sheets of music rested.


“Moron… at least apologize when you run into someone.”


You finally blinked back to reality, a certain bubble of annoyance sprouting inside of you now. And while for the past five or six months you had manged to at least stay out of the way of this grumpy male… but when he personally attacked you for something that was just as much his fault as your own (or entirely his fault) you couldn’t contain the emotions inside of you.


“Maybe if you didn’t swing doors open… you wouldn’t run into people…” You muttered, seeing as his ears grew red from the rise of anger in him at your remark. “Either way though… I’ll take responsibility this time since I don’t have time to argue with you today, Bakugou-san.”


“Hah? What the fuck does that mean?” He ground his teeth. “Taking the blame for no reason is the same as not realizing you’re at fault!”


You shrugged, grabbing a few of the sheets that had fallen near you, knowing that you’d have hell to pay if you were late to your meeting with Aizawa-sensei. So you swallowed your tongue and simply nodded towards the ash blonde, despite having a few more comebacks and snarky remarks loaded into your gun of words.


“I understand, but if you’ll excuse me.” You spoke to him, seeing as the male himself was now silent.


It was strange, as the classmate, who you had come to know and experience his emotions first hand, was usually was never silent, especially after he had just been so angered. But when you looked at him, you could see him eyeing the sheets in your hands. Your own gaze wandering downwards to them, eyes hitting the first couple notes.


Before you could truly make sense of what the music would be like though, the papers were stolen from your grasp and back into the shaking hands of their owner. The crimson hues of annoyance meetings yours again as you gave him a look of unimpression.


And before he could tell you off again, you rose to your feet and jogged out the door. The echoing of your flats against the tile floor reaching down to both ends of the hallway as you ran. Unbeknownst to you were the eyes of red that still managed to follow you until you turned the corner and disappeared from his view.


His lip raising in a disgusted frown as the papers he held were crumbled slowly in his grasp enough to cause the straight edges to bend inwards. He didn’t care though, more worried about that one second you had seen what he had been working on… and especially if you were even able to read the strange notes and symbols he had put down on the page.


Either way, Bakugou had somewhere he needed to be as well. And seeing as the little ballerina was acting like her usual goody-goody self… he figured she hadn’t seen anything that would cost him. After all, with the hobby he had picked up… other people finding out would mean a possible end to a career that had yet to even start.