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Stealing from Captain Udonta

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She had been terrified when Yondu made her make the desicion. He really should have warned about that. When everyone’s eyes locked to her to see what her decision would be. She didn’t have time to concider her decision but an old terran phrase came to her mind: violence causes more violence, and she decided to end the violence there.

She gave them a good explanation why she decided to spare Zorg’s life, and most of the crew seemed to think her decision right. Maggs squeezed her arm to reassure her, and when she glanced at him, she saw him nodding a little.

She saw how Zorg gave her thankful glance before they took him away which made her feel even better about her choice. She left back to her room after the others scattered from the meeting. Maggs was walking besides her and she wanted to ask something from him.

”Hey, do you knkw what happened to those two? I mean… I didn’t beat them up and it seemed someone had mugged them.”

Maggs chuckled. ”Well… I don’t know if you noticed but the twins left quite suddenly after they saw you at breakfast. They paid a visit to them.”

”Oh. Why would they do that?” She asked surprized.

”Carmen, you still don’t understand that we are your friends? Those two hurt you and your friends weren’t too happy about it.”

Carmen looked at Maggs and saw he was smiling at her teasingly. She smiled back softly. ”Didn’t think about it that way. It’s still hard to believe that I’m here with you guys and I’m one of you. I mean. Not a long ago you would have caught me and brought to the Captain in chains.”

Maggs shrugged. ”Guess you’re right. You never know what plans the universe has for you. But right now you are our friend and we look after you.” He said and put his arm around her shoulders.

She tried to walk towards the engine room but Maggs tightened his grip around her shoulders and walked past the corridor. She looked back at the corridor and then Maggs, who seemed determined.

”Don’t even think about it. We are in Contraxia tomorrow evening and Captain gave orders that you do not work until we leave that planet. So now you go back to your room and rest.”

She sighed. ”Ok. Luckily it’s just a short time or I would be bored to death.”

She went to her room and stood there for a moment. Luckily it would be just one day before they arrived at Contraxia. She wasn’t used to do nothing and a whole day just laying sounded boring. She took a book from her bag and went to bed to read it.

She spent the day reading, eating and hanging out in her room, and when it was late enough, she went to sleep. She wasn’t exactly sleepy, when she had done nothing to gett tired, but eventually she fell asleep.

It was a difficult night. She had nightmares that kept her awake half of the night.


The next morning she woke up early and she was very tired, but something kept her from sleeping properly. They would arrive at Contraxia in nine hours and she wasn’t in a mood to stay in her room any longer, so she decided to go to her ship to get some books and other things.

Her ship was left untouched. They had moved it to a corner of the deck so it would be out of the way. She had not talked with Yondu, about what she would do with it. She walked to it and touched it’s side. It would be difficult to give up on it, but she was sure Yondu wanted to get rid of it.

She pressed a hidden button next to the door and it opened. She climbed in and took a deep breath. It was nice to be home again. She looked around her ans saw that the interior was a total mess after the crew had searched the disc from there. She decided to clean up the place a littlle to spend time, so she started to take things from the floor and put back to their places.

Suddenly a thought came into her mind. The paint, wig and her contact lences were still in the bathroom for anyone to find. She rushed there and saw it was a mess too. The paint was ln the floor and one of the lence containers was broken in the sink. Quickly, she threw the lences to trash can and took the paint. She had no idea what to do with it but she knew it needed to be hidden.

She thought a while and wrapped a cloth around it and tossed it to trash can too. It was not the best solution but it would seem much more suspicious if she tried to hide it somewhere else. She looked around the room to see if there was something else that could reveal gray.

She felt bad. She knew she should tell him about gray but she didn’t know how. He had taken her part of the crew, trusted her and helped her. And she repaid his actions with keeping information from him. She really needed to find out a way to tell him before he found out it by himself. She decided she would tell him before they left Contraxia.

She went to her bed and found a book she had read before she was caught. She took it and went to sit to her steering chair, took a comfortable position and continued to read. It didn’t takr long before her eyes grew heavy and she fell asleep.


Yondu saw how Carmen went to her ship. He was curious what she was doing there but decided to wait a while before going after her. There was a tiny suspicion in the back of his mind that she could still run away. He trusted her, but he knew there was something she didn’t tell him. There were too many holes in her story and he had noticed her stumbling with her words several times when she had explained something.

When an hour had passed, he decided to go check on her. He couldn’t just ignore his suspicions so he needed to see what she was doing in her ship.

He climbed to the ship and tried to listen where she was but he couldn’t hear a thing. He walked quietly towards the ship’s mainframe and saw a figure sitting on the steering chair. Frowning, he walked closer and peeked over the chair to see what she was doing.

She had a terran book on her lap and she was sleeping calmly. He walked silently around the chair to look at her properly. She looked more relaxed than he had ever seen her. She was so reserved around him that it irritated him greatly. After the first encounter with her, he had purple balls for days. He had dreamt of her for weeks after, fucking her in every possible way in his dreams. He woke up every morning with a raging hard on for weeks.

The woman he saw in front of him right now wasn’t the same person. She was very reserved and tried to be very proper with him. He saw she wasn’t immune to his teasing and he was determined to renew those memories from that night.

She shifted in her sleep and the book fell from her lap, waking her up. She winced and looked slightly disoriented for a second and jerked up when she saw him.

”Captain, I’m sorry. I came here to spend some time and it seems I fell asleep.”

Still so reserved. ”Calm down, just came to see yer ok.”

”Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just used to do something and I was told not to do anything until we leave Contraxia. Couldn’t just roam in my room.”

”Workaholic.” He stated, smiling at her. ”I actually never looked at yer ship properly. It looks nice, and to know it was made from scrap makes it even more amazing.” He complimented making her smile.

”Yeah. I spent every minute awake making it after I found it. It took a whole year to finish it.” She told him distant gaze on her face.

”Care to show me around?” He asked.


She took him to look at her mainframe and explained some details about it. After that she toured him around the ship, explaining where she had gathered all the parts to it. Finally, hesitantly, she showed him her sleeping part and bathroom. She was explaining about the water system when he got an idea.

She was looking away from him, so he took a step closer to her and leaned closer.

”Ya know. It would be fair that I get to tease ya in yer bedroom, since ya did that to me at mine.” He rasped softly into her ear.

She jumped to air and let out a scared breath. She turned around to look at him, unsure look on her face. He grinned at her reaction and ran a finger on her cheek. He loved to tease her and see her flustered face.

”Ah. Captain. There’s something I need to…” She began to mumble but was interrupted by Maggs, who shouted something outside.

There was a hassle outside and Yondu marched out to look what was happening. He saw several ravagers running back and forth, clearly panicking of something.

”What the hell is goin’ on?” He shouted at Maggs and jumped off the ship.

”Sir, There’s a random meteor swarm ahead of us. The computers didn’t warn us about it. There’s something wrong with the systems.”

Yondu cursed loudly and ran towards the main deck. Carmen ran after him with Maggs, who seemed very worried. She had to run very fast to keep up with Yondu, who was surprizingly fast runner.


When they entered the main deck, Yondu sat on his chair and took the ship’s control to himself.

”Kraglin, report!” He rasped at his first mate.

Kraglin tapped his screens rapidly. ”Doesn’t look good sir. It looks like something’s blown up here. These shouldn’t be here according the maps. Ya need to try to steer through it manually.”

”Fuck!” He cursed loudly and took an intercom. ”Ok everybody! Hol’on tight! It’s gonna be a rough ride!” He shouted, threw the intercomaside and started to steer them through an impossible ride.

He had to use all his talent to avoid hitting any of the larger pieces. Every time something hit the ship he cursed loudly. Minutes passed and he had to make several rapid twists that sent all loose goods shatter everywhere. The whole ship would be a mess if they made out of there alive.

Red lights flashed everywhere and computers beeped warnings of damage. ”Kraglin! Shut down those damn alarms! They make me crazy!”

Kraglin struggled with the terminals but couldn’t shut the alarms down. ”Sir, I can’t get them off.” He replied apologeticly.

He cursed again. The alarms distracted his focus which was very dangerous in the current situation. ”Fuck I’m gonna break them if ya can’t shut them!” He growled and whistled his arrow ready.

Carmen ran to Kraglin. ”Stop! I’ll shut them down.” She said and leaned to the terminal. Her fingers ran oon the keyboard and alarm after alarm shut down one by one and eventually it was quiet. Again, she had managed to use Eclactor’s systems like she knew them.

He couldn’t think about it any further as he had to make several dodge moves, that sent Carmen to the floor. ”Sorry ’bout thay. Ya ok?” He asked her.

She stood up holding her wrist, grimanced and he frowned. She had hurt herself.

”I’m ok captain.” She lied and went to sit a nearby chair.

”Bullshit ya are. I’m not blind. We’ll take ya to medic once this is over ”

It was much easier to concentrate when the ship was quiet. He managed to dodge most of the rocks but he knew there was damage on his ship. Several more dodges and finally they passed the area. Yondu let out a breath he had been holding and heard several others doing the same thing.

He leaned back and tried to calm down. That was too close.

”Kraglin. Damage report.”

Kraglin tapped the terminal for a while. ”Three bigger cracks on the shell and several smaller. And the whole ship is a mess. Well done captain! Not bad result after that disaster.” He complimented.

”Why the hell didn’t our systems warn about that earlier?” He asked.

Kraglin shrugged. ”No idea sir. There must be something wrong with the systems.”

”We need to find Gray! Call our contacts and tell them to hind her for me. She’s been on a holiday long enough! And everyone, go fix everything you can while I take us down to Contraxia.”


Carmen paled when she heard his words. He was determined to find Gray and they really needed her. She knew it was time to reveal her last straw. All others left the deck except her, Yondu and Kraglin.

”Uhh.. Captain. There’s something I need to speak with you.” She said. She felt how her pulse rose and she started to shiver.

”Yeah. Oh, right. Kraglin will take ya to med bay so ya can have that wrist checked.”He replied.

She had forgot her wrist pain. It was sore but she really needed to tell him first.

”Ahh, yeah. But before that…” She started, swallowed hard and continued. ”There’s an important thing I need to tell you.”

He put the ship back to autopilot and turned around to look at her. She hoped he would have stayed turned so she would not be under his stare. She took a deep breath.

”I know that you know that I haven’t told you everything.” She begun before she could chicken out. ”There’s something about my past I haven’t told you because it has been my last straw if something happened. It’s something I’ve kept to myself in case the worst happens.”

She saw she had his full attention now. He stared at her and she felt likke she was under a microschope.

”I need you to understand I did it to protect myself and telling you this, means I trust you. I… I know Eclector’s systems because I’ve dealt with it before.”

He grinned. ”I knew you had! Where? When? You were building my ship didcha?” He said thiumphantly.

She wanted to say yes. But she knew it was time to repay his trust and kindness. ”No. It was actually just a while ago. I…” You shut your eyes and took another deep breath.

”I accept your offer of joining your crew, Captain” She said with the voice she used when she had been with him as Gray.

”What the hell are ya talkin’ ’bout? You’re already….” His voice faded away when he realized what her words meant.

”Oh! Why you little…” He growled and walked in front of her. She glanced at him and took a step backwards but his stare stopped her from going any further. She was glued to the floor and almost stopped breathing.

Oh shit…