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Stealing from Captain Udonta

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Carmen was desperate and angry. She wanted to break something because of her frustration so she threw her wrench to the wall. The metallic clang didn’t give her the satisfaction she had hoped. She sat on the captain’s seat and leaned back holding her head. She wanted to cry but she hadn’t cried in years and still couldn’t. She had had to learn not to show any weakness.

She had been so close to get the data plate but just when she ran to get it, group of ravagers had entered the building to get it and she had to hide. Angrily she watched how her passage to a new life walked away from her reach in the pocket of a ravager. Weeks of planning to get it and when she got nearly close enough to get it, it was taken away in front of her. And not just by any ravager but Yondu Udonta himself.

Yondu Udonta. Just his name gave her chills. She’d heard tales of him. He was extremely dangerous. With few whistles he could kill anyone before they realized what had happened. He was ruthless. It was widely known what had happened to his last crew who tried to do a mutiny. Not a single person was left alive when he he had destroyed most of the Eclector with few friends of him. His right hand man Kraglin Obfonteri and two guardians were the only ones to walk out that ship alive.

Based on these facts she knew it was a suicide mission to try to steal the plate from Yondu. And it was the only thing to do if she wanted to stay alive. She was dead woman in any case. She had nothing to lose so she started to plan how to steal the plate. She didn’t have much time to plan because Yondu would find a buyer for the plate and if it ended up in wrong hands, she would be dead among many others.

She had a small ship of her own. She repaired it for herself after she had found it abandoned in old scrapyard years ago. It took almost a year for her to repair it but when she finished it she was finally free to go wherever she wanted.

She had been hiding in Alaria. It was a small planet near Kree territory. She had managed to escape there after been years a slave in Kree ship. They took her from Terra when they attacked into research facility where she had worked. She had been a lead mechanic there and the Kree saw her potential to keep one of their motherships running. After working for five years in their ship someone had attacked against the ship and she managed to escape there. But the escape pod she took had low fuel so she didn’t get far.

She managed to get into Alaria and hid in there for two years. She had worked in a factory after she managed to prove she was an excellent mechanic. She had shaved her head and painted her skin grey so they wouldn’t recognize her race. It had luckily worked out and after two years, she finally managed to leave that miserable planet behind and begin a new life.

There was only one but. The plate. Someone had stolen a data plate from the Kree when they attacked the ship Carmen had been. It contained a lot of information that was extremely important to the Kree. Among other things there were location information of all slaves that had worked in motherships. They had planted a chip in her brain when they took her so they could locate her where ever she was. It was impossible to remove the chip so her only chance was to destroy that data plate.

The plate had been hidden from the world for years but about a month ago she heard someone had found it and was about to sell it to highest bidder. She had gone after it instantly. She was ready to do anything to get it and destroy it.


Yondu was extremely pleased. The gig had been almost too easy. He couldn’t help but wonder how something so valuable was so badly guarded. He needed only kill two guards and walk to get that plate. It was like someone had wiped out all the resistance before they came into the scene. But there was no-one who tried to go for the plate. He started to doubt the disc wasn’t as valuable as he had heard. But Kraglin had convinced him it was what they were searching for and it indeed was valuable if they found the right buyer.

He was pleased but in the same time he was frustrated. His crew had tried to find out what the plate was but it was so well encrypted that they couldn’t decrypt it. He didn’t want to sell it before he knew how valuable it was.

”Captn, sry to say but we can’t get anythin’ out of it. Aeron tried everythin’ but it’s no good. We should just sell it to the highest bidder,” Kraglin said giving the plate to him.

He frowned looking at the plate. ”Allright. I’ll call to some guys to find out who’s willing to pay some credits from this. In the meantime we could stop by the Iron Lotus. It’s been a while.”

”Aye Captn,” Kraglin said and hit his chest with his fist. He walked to the main deck to take the ship to Contraxia.

After saving his ass back when Tazerface did a mutiny, Kraglin had become his first man and a good friend. He was one of few people he really trusted. Past few years Kraglin had been his deputy when he needed to be off the Eclector, and he’d done a damn fine job.

Yondu put the plate in his pocket and walked to his quarters. He had a bad feeling about the plate. He needed some time to think before selling it, so best way to distract the crew was to take them have some fun. He walked through corridors frowning deeply in his thoughts and didn’t even notice how everyone stood aside from his way. Some of the new crew was still afraid of him.

It was both amusing and annoying to have those crew members who was afraid of him. He liked that he didn’t have to deal with idiots like Tazerface had been. He was fair to his crew. Everyone got their fair share. But many times he was annoyed when soneone winced if he raised his voice. Fucking pussies…

He tapped his code to the keypad and entered his quarters. He put the plate on his table and went to bathroom. He brushed his face with cold water, but it didn’t help. He decided to take a shower since he wanted to be fresh when he went to Lotus. Hot water relieved the tension in his body and finally he felt relaxed, but still he didn’t feel like going to lotus.

The robots were good substitute when one needed just sex, but still they were only robots. He liked to go there when he needed rough sex since the robots were not as vulnerable as living beings, but he wasn’t in the mood for that. He would just get drunk and pass out at his quarters.


It was a rushed plan and she knew it. But it was her best chance by the given time. She had bugged The Eclector before it departed from that planet where the plate had been. She had managed to eavesdrop that they were heading to Iron Lotus so it was her only chance. She was going to sneak into the Eclector and steal the plate.

The idea sounded so surreal in her thoughts. Like someone could just walk into the Eclector and steal something. But that was the point. They would never suspect someone was so damn stupid to try something like it, or so she hoped.

There were few possibilities where he could possibly keep it. Both were equal bad. If it was in the main deck there would propably be someone all the time which meant that she had to get rid of them somehow, and silently. She had ordered chloroform from one supplier who had been in earth reacently. Luckily the man had found it and she got a bottle of it. She hoped it would do the work and she didn’t have to fight anyone.

She didn’t have any combat training so she was weak against battle hardened ravagers. She had to learn to defend herself in the Kree ship because regularly some of the crew decided to try her. Luckily no one managed to rape her because she was not to be harmed too badly. She was the one who knew their ship the best so she kept it running. She was valuable to them, so after few attempts that left her unable to work for a while she was left alone.

The second and unfortunately the more obvious place for the plate to be was Yondu’s quarters. To get there she needed to override the keypad and sneak in. But the worst thing was that she was alone in his quarters and if he came back before she got out she would be dead. If Yondu found her in his room there would be a red flash and she would bleed to death in seconds.

But there was no other way. She landed to the planet and went outside to examine her surroundings. She had some hours before the Eclector landed there. She had left her ship in the furthest corner where there was some wrecks. Her ship disguised perfectly in betweeen of them. No one would separate her ship from the real wrecks.

The ship was dirty and ugly from the outside but in the inside, it was completely different. She had built it so it was extremely fast and swift. Perfect for escaping. It was just the right size for her and cheap to maintain. No one would guess it was very good ship when looking it from outside. And that was exactly the point.

Finally she saw the Eclector entering the atmosphere. It was huge. She was in trouble if she got lost inside it. She had found some old blueprints and had some clue about the layout but she couldn’t be sure if the new ship had been built the same way.

She waited for the ship to land and sneaked closer to it. Dozens of crew members walked out but she didn’t see Yondu or his closest crew members. She stood in her hiding place and waited. Crew members kept coming out of the ship but after half an hour she still didn’t see Yondu. Doors were open and she sneaked closer. For minutes no one came out so she managed to sneak to the door. She peeked in and saw no one.

She decided it was her best chance to get in the ship so she sneaked in. The corridors were empty, but she was cautious and walked from hiding place to another. Luckily there were perfect spots where she managed to hide. Some crew members walked past her along the way, but she managed to stay hidden. She noticed the ship was mostly same as it’s predecessor, so she knew where to head.

She heard rasping voice closing from one corridor, so she hid again. Finally, she saw Yondu who was walking and talking with some crew member. She assumed it was Kraglin since he looked like what she had heard of him.

”Nah I don’t know if I’m into robots today. Might just get drunk and go to sleep afterwards. Maybe tomorrow…” Yondu rasped frowning.

”Oh come on captn’. When’s the last time you fucked properly? I know I want to have a woman tonight,” Kraglin told him.

”Yeah, that’s the point. Not into robots today,” Yondu sighed.

She stood absolutely still when the men passed her. She was terrified to get caught by those two. And she was certain he had some extra sence, so he would see her even it was impossible. But he had to have some seventh sence since he could make the arrow fly perfectly where he wanted without seeing it.

The men passed her, and she sighed in relief. The first obstacle was behind. She waited for few more minutes to make sure they were far enough, so they wouldn’t hear her. Carefully she started to sneak to the deck. Luckily there were only some men left behind so it was easier to move unnoticed. She decided to look from the deck. The engines were off so to her surprize there were no men in the deck. She searched for few minutes but there wasn’t any place it could be kept.

She had to hide twice when some ravagers came to deck. After the men left the deck she came out of her hiding place. She held the plastic bag in her pocket. She had a chloroform soaked cloth in there ready for use. She had a gun with her, but it was her last straw. She hoped she didn’t have to use it.

It took longer than she had hoped to get to Yondu’s quarters. When she finally got there a lot of time had passed and she was afraid he might come back before she got out. The keypad was easy to override since she was an expert handling ship mechanics and computers. When she was inside, she started to search for the plate instantly. She looked through shelves and closets but didn’t find what she was looking for.

She wanted to scream in relief when she saw it on his desk. She took it and put it in her pocket and walked to the door. To her horror, she heard how someone used the keypad. She heard some beeps, cursing, some beeps again and more cursing. Someone was obviously trying to get in but couldn’t press the right buttons.

She searched for hiding place with her gaze but before she managed to hide the door opened. She stared in horror how the man of her nightmares walked in. I am a dead woman.

Yondu saw her instantly and pulled his jacket aside ready to use the arrow. He was drunk as hell, but he was still fast and surprizingly sharp. He was ready to whistle the second she made any movement. She thought her options and tried the first thing that came into her mind.

She looked at him flirting. ”What took you so long? I was told you would come sooner,” she said hoping her voice wouldn’t thremble as hard as she was. She wished she had thought some backup plans for situation like this, but she had so many things in her mind she forgot to make a decent plan.

He frowned and looked at her intently. He was still in the position ready to whistle if she made any wrong move. ”What the hell are ya talking about girl?! How did ya get in here?” he rasped suspiciously. He was looking at her suspiciously and confused.

”Well the man told me you didn’t want a robot so he paid me and told to come here… I think his name was Kraglin or something,” she told him. She was terrified and was sure she would be dead in minutes. She was amazed when he let his jacket fall down and smiled wickedly at her. He was clearly drunk since he staggered a little. He actually bought it!

”Well done Krags… He really knows me too well. Well what are ya waiting for. Let’s get to business,” he said in low tone and walked to her. Her heart started to race. She didn’t have experience of men. She didn’t have a boyfriend back on terra and after the abduction there hadn’t been any chances to meet anyone. And now she had to act as a whore who knew exactly what to do. She was in trouble…

She thought hard of what she could do and remembered the chloroform in her pocket. She needed to pull it out and keep it on his face enough to make him pass out. Easier said than done…

She walked to him and when she reached him she pulled his jacket off his shoulders. She put her hands on his cheeks and kissed his neck. Gods he smelled good! Oh shit now’s not the time for this!

He growled and circled his hands around her and squeezed her butt. She pushed him towards the bed smiling and he let go of her. He took few steps backwards. She put her hand slowly to her pocket and pulled the cloth ready to use. Her heart was beating so hard that she heard it in her ears and she was thrembling. She took few steps towards him and smiled despite her feeling.

She touched his chest lightly and whispered to him, ”Turn around gorgeous..”

He looked at her for a moment and she thought he wasn’t going to do what she asked. She prepared for the worst. But then he turned around and Carmen saw that her opportunity had come. She pulled the cloth from her pocket and jumped to his back. She put the cloth to his face and pressed it as hard as she could.

Yondu was drunk and not as sharp as he usually would be so Carmen managed to keep the cloth on his face a monent before he realized to fight back. But by then it was too late and he started to pass out. They fell to the floor and he hit his head hard on the ground. His fin made a metallic clang that echoed through the room. Carmen was terrfied she had injured or killed him. She checked his pulse and was relieved to find his heart beating. There was some purple blood on the floor but the cut on his head wasn’t deadly. He would have massive headache when he woke up.

She stood up and ran to the door. She glanced back to look at Yondu for the final time before she escaped the Eclector.