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All the Stars in the Universe

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The whetstone glided over his sword effortlessly, (c/l) optics soft as the mech puffed out a happy sigh.
(Y/n) was grateful day-cycles like these, where very few mechs' and femmes' were around and still deep in recharge. It was a beautiful thing, really, if only for the servos gliding over his back-plates had anything to do with it.
"Mhm, so I suppose you're not annoyed with me?" Wing hummed into the mech's audial, servos stilling in their movement. "Not as much as Dai is." (Y/n) replied, setting the whetstone down and re-sheathed his blade. "Where is that 'con you took in, by the way?" (Y/n) inquired, lips pursed as the white mech behind him returned to his ministrations. "Resting. I'm afraid I might have worn him out with our training the day before." Wing said, pressing his lips onto the back of (Y/n)'s neck-cables.
Letting out a pleased noise, (Y/n) leaned back into the others touch. "If only you took time out for me like that, Wing." (Y/n) lightly said, before getting up from his place and stretched his legs a bit.
He heard the swordsmech let out a small sigh, servos lightly taking his hips in his grasp.
Wing was quiet, as (Y/n) simply waited for the other to speak. "How much do you hate me for bringing Drift here?" Wing's question caught (Y/n) off-guard, making him spin around to face the other.

Wing had a controlled look on his face, gold optics holding something un-nameable back. It reminded (Y/n) of a different time, a different situation that made his tanks twist a bit.

(Y/n) invented, before picking his words carefully. "To be honest, not enough to say no." The mech could see Wing give an almost well-hidden flinch, but allowed (Y/n) to tilt his helm up a bit. "Immediately, that is. It depends entirely on what you're going to ask of me next." This has Wing lean into the mech's touch, optics crinkling at the edges. "I...I would like for you to sit in our matches. Or spar with him, I'm sure Drift could learn much from you about patience." Wing said, getting up onto his pedes, a shy smile on his lips.
(Y/n) raised an optic-ridge at this.
"I'd like that as well, but not today. Axe has me on patrol today with Outrigger in a bit. But for you..." The mech pressed a kiss to Wing's forehelm. "For you, it would be difficult for both Dai Atlas and Axe to keep me from aiding you."