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A Place in Time

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It starts with a tingle.

A light shiver that runs up and down her spine as she pushes the unlocked door open with trembling fingers. It swings wide, creaking all the way, and revealing a simple home. Nothing looks out of place. There’s no broken glass or overturned chairs or even a speckle of dust on any of the furniture.

It looks the same as ever.

The grand chandelier hangs from the ceiling, undisturbed by the stillness of the house or its lack of occupants. The crystal twinkles as the outside lights hit it, sending rays of lights in every direction but even that does nothing to dispel the shivers that runs down her spine at the stillness of it all.

Behind her cars zoom by, bird chirps, life goes on. Even the neighbors are unaware of the deep unsettling feelings emanating from the once lively home.

She pauses at the door, wondering if she should really enter and that’s when she hears it.

It’s a sweet, soft melody that calls to her. It whispers to her, pulls her deeper into the house and up the stairs as it whispers sweet nothings into her ears. It’s enchants her and, before she knows it, she stands in front of the attic door.

The door swings open on its own.

Its hinges stay silent as it opens to reveal a set of stairs and a purple light at the top of them. The melody continues, urging her up the stairs. She takes them slowly, unwillingly to go and yet unable to stop. So enamored as she is with the melody, she can’t help but put one foot in front of the other as she slowly makes her way up.

When she reaches the top, the scene she finds is not what she was expecting. Instead of boxes and old furniture that usually reside in attics, she finds computers and posters, and all manners of machines whose functions she can only guess at. And, yet, those are the least important findings in the room.

Because, in the middle of all the room, circled by the machines and computers, stand two swirls.

One red.

One blue.

And they beckoned her forward.

They call her name and make sweet promises and, before she knows it, she’s standing in front of them. Thin, pale fingers inches away from the bright, blue swirl that sounds as if it’s calling her home.

“Anissa! No!”