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lachrymose ballad

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One hand cradles his cheek and the other is around his neck. She goes by her instinct and presses herself closer to him, stretching up on her toes. His lips part beneath hers, their hot breaths mingling before he pulls away from their kiss and moves his lips downward to hide the traitor tears that fall down his cheeks - but Ema feels the moisture of his tears against her jaw as his lips and tongue trace along her throat and collarbone.

She brings his face up to hers and brushes her thumbs against his cheek, wiping the moisture away. Her lips brush then against his once, before she is back on her heels with her arms around his waist. Ema buries her face in his chest and inhales his scent of cinnamon mixed with sandalwood, ignoring the ‘G’ charm that pokes her cheek.

Klavier simply crushes her closer to his chest, his hold on her waist tightening.