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One of Us

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Two weekends previously

Finally summoning up courage to try again after their previous near misses with weekend breaks, they had planned a quiet weekend away in the Catskills at Kate's father's cabin. After the near debacle of the Hamptons some months ago they hoped that this time could truly be theirs alone with no interruptions of any kinds, especially homicidal. As the boys and Lanie knew about them, their only concern remained keeping Gates and the rest of the precinct unaware.

Their Friday night and Saturday had been secluded and comfortably alone. On their final day, they had headed into town before Castle drove Beckett stir crazy with his isolation (no Internet or cable TV) induced fidgeting. Dressed down, relaxed and casual, they had mingled with the locals and enjoyed the anonymity. Feeling themselves free of the constant need to play partners-only in public, they had held hands, fingers intertwined and thumbs softly rubbing and caressing, stolen kisses whilst perusing the local Sunday market stalls and stores, drinking coffee, and later sitting with legs and hands entwined outside at a local sidewalk café for a tapas lunch.

Unknown to them, their leisurely lunch, their quiet weekend, their jealously guard privacy, their Secret was about to be ripped from them.

They first heard the angry words but before they could unobtrusively check out the source, in a matter of seconds, 6 shots rang out only yards from them. Amidst the screams and general panic of the café customers, the two partners reacted.

Kate's training and instincts kicked in, and she had pulled Rick, whose much improved instincts already had him moving for cover, behind their suddenly vertical table (Kate must have flipped it Rick thought). When no more shots followed Beckett had quickly chanced a glance, and seeing the male shooter struggling to reload a revolver, she had quickly taped Rick's left shoulder, her raised eyebrows and subtle nod of head in the direction of the shooter conveying all they needed to share. Their eyes sought mutual confirmation and his right hand squeezed her left hand that rested on his shoulder, and he nodded towards the other side of the inverted table and together they rose unarmed to face the odds once more.

The shooter didn't have a speed loader and had only managed to get 2 loose rounds from their pocket and into the chamber before both Beckett and Castle (no longer just Kate and Rick) reached the shooter and moving in sync they had quickly subdued the shooter with Beckett sweeping the legs and Castle applying a wrist lock to force the gun from the suddenly limp grasp.

Whilst Beckett secured the shooter, Castle had then turned to the victim who had bleeding badly but was still alive, their breathe wheezing from at least one hit to their lungs. Pulling his jacket off, he folded it and carefully placed in below the victim's head.

"Beckett, what's the best position for this type of injury? She's hit in the chest …lungs I think". She shook her head, trying to recall anything relevant from her first aid training. Fortuitously there was a doctor in the nearby crowd, and she quickly takes over from a relieved and more than slightly bloody Rick Castle.

Almost an hour later the local police had taken custody of the shooter and completed their questions and witness statements. Kate's production of her gold shield had spared them a trip to the local Sheriff's office along with the other prime witnesses. They were hopeful that they had avoided the prying eyes and especially the cameras of onlookers, as Rick had rapidly been whisked away to a second EMT vehicle due to the volume of blood on his clothes. These had duly been exchanged for a forensic bodysuit which had Kate smirking and observing how they didn't flatter his best feature.

Despite attempts by witnesses and a particularly awestruck deputy sheriff to paint them as heroes, the two were intent on playing down their actions. They asked if their involvement could be low-key and then had retreated back to the anonymity of her Dad's cabin to finish their weekend. Once more remarking that they couldn't catch a break, they had never-the-less celebrated the completion of their weekend before they had to return to the City and the precinct.

The sheriff was an ex-city cop, "retired" up state, and he still did things by the big city book. Unlike the Hamptons he wasn't used to keeping things hush-hush and on the down-low, and so he filed a report back with the NYPD regarding the involvement of a homicide detective and her male companion for their assistance in the detention of an attempted murderer. He thanked the department for the dedication and bravery of the unarmed detective and her male companion.