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Hot Spring

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April 13, 20XX / Noon
Walking through the campus was something Ren Amamiya had gotten used to it over the two semesters of being a college student; however, meeting his girlfriend like old days in high school was still new to him. After Makoto's graduation and going to Tokyo university, he had no idea if he was able to be with her as much as before. During those time, he still had the last year of high school, so their times together were summarized on gathering in his attic at LeBlanc, or in front of her apartment for less than an hour as both were busy with their schools. Hence, Ren tried his best to get accepted in Tokyo university. This way they would be able to see each other more, or even move in together as they both were going to same college.

Even though his dreams came true in some ways such being accepted in the same college as her and for the major he was interested in, minister administration, they hadn't had the chance to talk properly about moving in as it was mostly his idea. Problems always came on somehow, also, his parents' opinion of moving in wasn't positive as Makoto's sister, Sae Niijima. Thus, he never mentioned it to her and they still live where they used to be. Although Makoto is educating in police commiseration filed, as their majors are alike, their classes' buildings aren't far from each other; so, they can meet in front of their classes or in cafeteria.

Today was a special day, as it was the day they kissed each other for the first time. You may ask how he remembers such a day? Well, when you have someone like Makoto as your girlfriend who notes everything in her calendar, you would never forget such days; also, it was his own first kiss too, and the place they shared this moment was unforgettable enough - their high school's rooftop where Makoto was the only student who had the key as a student president council and they shared so many memories there - so it's not that odd!

When Ren got in the café, Makoto hasn't been there yet; so, he sat on their usual table next to the window and waited for her. He had some plans which he wanted to share with her as there was a small spring holiday waiting for them. Ren wanted to make this holiday as special as possible. The reasons were many, such it's their first long holiday together after two years, it would be just two of them together in vacation, and the important one, as he searched some good apartments, he finally decided to ask her for moving in with him.

When Makoto arrived, Ren was too distracted with his thoughts and the campus's view from the window to notice her. By seeing him like that, she decided to take her one of so many revenges by scaring him as he, the famous trickster Joker, has done this to her many times. Even though she had this one in million chance to frighten him, Ren, being a Joker, felt her nearness from her special perfume. So, when she said, "Wahoo...," he didn't even blink.

Makoto saw his specific smirk and while showing her disappointments, settled herself next to him on the bench. "Why you never have any reaction to these things? Did you see me coming?" Makoto asked him innocently with her big bloody eyes. Ren smiled and circled his left hand around her shoulders and while pretending being shocked said, "Omoo, Niijima Senpai, when did you come?" he put his right hand under her chin and brought her head closer to himself, "Haven't seen you for ages, so glad to meet you finally." He smirked and winked at her.

As the former president council got frustrated by his words, she freed herself from his embrace and looked at him like a Queen she was, "OK, Mr. Joker! If you wanna play, then play with yourself!" She stood up and with her back was facing him continued, "I don't have time for your playfulness."

Well, it wasn't that she was mad or really wanted to walk away because she actually loved his Joker persona and always enjoyed this part of him, she just couldn't give him this idea freely because for the sake of the world, she is the Queen of Phantom Thieves; and Ren was aware of this fact by all his heart.

He knew her better than anyone. So, this behavior wasn't new to him as he has already seen and experienced these times with her. She wanted attention and who was he to not give it to her. He loved this part of their relationship as they allow their Joker and Queen personas show their own performance. Thus, after her words, he grabbed her right hand fast enough to push her back to his embrace.

The leader of Phantom Thieves prisoned her to avoid any resistance from her - Not that she wanted to run away! - and while settling his head between her collarbone and neck sighed, "Where do you think you're going, My Queen?" he slowly kissed there, "You know how hard it is to get these few moments together, and you want me to lose these little chances too?" another kiss, "NO WAY!" Ren breathed her rosy scent which was his favorite - everything in which relates to Makoto is his favorites, that's how crazy in love he is with her! – and sucked her neck to leave a mark, "You know how appreciative I am when it comes to you, so don't even think about getting away from me!"

Makoto who was truly affected by his warm heartedly words, relaxed herself in his embrace and put her hands on his, "Then don't make me frustrated," she smiled flirty and looked up to his magical grey eyes, "You know how sensitive I am!" and blinked innocently, like the Cat of Shrek.

Ren stared at her maroon eyes deeply with fury emotions inside of his own, "Do you think you would ditch your next class if I say so?" As surprise as Makoto was, she knew he was serious and honestly, she really wanted to be with him more, alone together, and spend their time cuddling and kissing each other. However, her next class was too important and inescapable.

Thus, she sadly nodded negatively, "I wish I could say yes though... I'm sorry... I really wanna be with you, but the next class is my 5 units course which I can't avoid." Makoto turned more in his hug and settled her head on his comfortable chest and sighed his Blue Channel scent which was powerful enough to make her mind cloudy. Ren hugged her tightly while sighing in mean of understanding. "Don't you wanna eat something, 'cause my stomach can't bear the hunger anymore." He told her after couple of minutes.

Their break of embrace wasn't much as they went to campus yard and ate their food while Ren leaning to the tree and holding Makoto from the back in his arms. They had still half an hour before her next class, so after finishing their lunch, he figured that the time was perfect to tell her about his plans for vacation.

"Makoto," when he felt her attention, continued, "You know that today is the anniversary of our first kiss, yeah?" When she heard the seriousness in his words, she turned to look at him to show her full attention, "You know how detail I am in these things," she lovingly pecked his lips and smiled, "Happy first kiss day."

The former Joker smiled one of his specials at his Queen and nodded positively, "Well, you are also aware of the upcoming spring holiday, right?" Makoto stared at him suspiciously, "yeah...why are you asking this though?" Ren smirked, "Hmm, actually I was wondering if you would like to join me for a trip to Akita, visit the city together, and having some fun; you know two of us, alone, having some privacy, I don't think it would be a bad idea! Hmm, what do you say?"

He watched her shifting to face him properly and circled her hands around his neck. Her face hid her excitement, but her eyes were shining like the amber they are. Makoto closed the little distance between their faces enough to touch his lips with hers while talking, stared lovingly at his smoky eyes, and slowly took his glasses off, "I thought you would go to your parents' house, so I didn't mention about how much I like to spend my vacation with you." She pecked fast and sighed flirty like a Queen, "What should I do? I don't think I can miss this great chance of being with you! I really... really... wanna be like this... all the 5 days and 4 nights..." she winked, "Even hotter maybe!"

As the former thief got her agreement this way, destroyed that little distance and locked her lips with his, strong enough to take her breath away. Their kiss became passionate when she began kissing him back with the same amount of power. Letting each other's lips was something they both were bad at it, so they had only two choices when they were in public: no kissing, or kiss without care of the world!

Thus, sucking, licking, biting, and battling tongues were something unavoidable in their kisses. Ren tightened his embrace while she clutched her hands into his fluffy black hairs. Ren bit her tongue playfully which made her first moan in the day. He chuckled softly and kept licking her lips playfully. "So, you come for sure?" he asked through his kisses. "Without doubt!" she replied while was melting in his magical embrace.

Her phone's ringtone broke their kiss. Ren looked at its background which was a selfie from them together at the beach they went together and smiled softly as the memories of that day came to his mind. However, it got off from his face after hearing her scream which was saying, "Oh, Shit, I'm late...!" Makoto grabbed her backpack and stood up hurriedly. "Ren, honey, I must go," she quickly started walking, but suddenly stopped and looked back at him, "Call or text me when you get home, ok? Also, we need to plan properly, so let me come to the café to discuss more, take the tickets, and reserve the hotel together!" she said while going back for a peck to him then took off to her class.

Ren watched her running as fast as she could, smiled as the thought of their trip together excited him through-fully. He put his headphones on and started walking back home while listening to the "Empty Cups" by Charlie Puth!