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Good Form

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What he has seen in movies, what other people have told him and how he's seen Louis act when he comes home from a night of clubbing only reaffirms Zayn's critically negative assumptions. As soon as he steps foot inside of the 7th story building, it's as if he has his own personal earbuds plugged right into his ears.

Club One.

Apparently it's where every 21-and-up aged person likes to go to on the weekend to let loose. To have fun, to be free, and to let out all of their frustrations and stress from the previous weekday. Apparently it's one of the hottest clubbing spots in the city. Well, that is according to Louis and Ariana, who seem to be the experts at doing these types of things. It wouldn't be surprising to Zayn if everyone in the club just happened to know their names.

Many celebrities have visited here, he's been told, as if that's supposed to make him feel less uptight.

As much as the building is heavily guarded with security, the first guard at the front door didn't even properly check their ID's for crying out loud. For all Zayn knows, the bloke was just looking at everyone's picture to see how ugly they look when the photo was taken compared to how they look currently. Anyone who is underage could have been let in. Who knows which one of these dancing intoxicated bodies could be the underage one, getting taking advantage of by some older creep who's just looking to get off. This whole environment just radiates danger. It's not the best setting to be introduced to. The only thing that was making him feel comfortable was his two friends by his side. Ariana held his hand tightly, not wanting him to get separated through the crowd. She must've sensed his nervousness. She looked upwards toward him with a look of reassurance and squeezed his hand firmly.

"Relax!" Ariana shouts over the music to Zayn, as if her soft voice could possibly overpower the thunderous bass to Kream by Iggy Azalea.

"What?" Zayn shouts back. He knows that his voice couldn't do the same. He couldn't even hear himself. But given Louis' and Ariana's frequency of coming here, he guesses she's able to develop some sort of lip-reading.

"I said relax!" She tries again.


By this time, Ariana takes Zayn by his other hand, immediately causing him to walk in an unknown direction. She looks behind Zayn and mouthes the word 'Bar' at Louis, who nods and follows along. He understands that the bar, which there are 1 out of 4 of them, is the quietest place to have a conversation. Either the bars, or the "private rooms" the club has for people to-well-be in private.

Zayn observes how some of the people they pass by tend to give them hungry stares. It's not like it hasn't happened before to him. Zayn is well aware of the beauty that he and his two friends hold. He's been told by countless people that they should be models for whatever famous designer brand that people come up with from the top of their heads.

They take a circular glass elevator to another floor where apparently the bar is, but even still the music still roared although it was still expected to be.

Louis and Ariana immediately take their seats, greeting the bartender in the process as he greets them back by name. He cant help but laugh internally at the thought of his friends coming to this club so much that even the staff knows them by name. He only hopes that even though they seem to be popular, they keep one eye open to the people that lurk around here. Zayn can tell by the certain people in the building, some of them didn't have good intentions. He unsurely places himself next to Louis, who telling the bartender to just give him his "usual", whatever that may be. The bartenders smile widens immediately, and exclaims that this is going to be a good night, which worries Zayn even more.

"So who's your friend?" The bartender asks, nodding in Zayn's direction as he begins to make Louis' drink.

"This," Louis begins as he protectively wraps his arm around Zayn's shoulders. "This is my best mate, Zayn."

The bartender stops for a second to take a more accurate look at the newbie. It seemed like he was internally admiring his looks. Zayn starts to feel his stomach tighten as he smiles nervously. The older mans predatory gaze at him is enough to make him want to tell his friends that he wants to go back home. He'd rather the flat that he and Louis both share, and in his opinion, is a thousand times better than being at some club.

The bartender sizes him up quickly and Zayn feels like he wants to throw up.

"He's a club virgin." Ariana fake whispers, her hand at the side of her mouth as the the other hair flips the long, brunette hair that rested on her shoulder away.

For the second time, Zayn must admit it. He has beautiful friends. Sometimes people often wondered if they were in a three-way relationship of some sort. The trio were so close. Outside of the club where Zayn would much rather be, they would always do everything with each other. In some areas, people who knew them would question the group if one of them weren't with them. It's mostly Ariana, though. She travels back home to the US doing god knows what. She's never actually said what she does for a living. Not specifically. She was always vague when it came to her work in America. She's only said that she does business with her father back in Florida, but that's about it.

But that's something to think and ask her about at a different time.

"Oh. A newbie." The bartender says as he resumes making Louis' specialized drink. "Is there a special occasion or are you two just want to show him around?"

"We're celebrating!" Louis chimes.

"Really? What for?"

"Well," Louis starts while he takes a second to look at Zayn, eyes proud. "our friend here just got a job as an assistant for Niall Horan from Horan Technologies."

The bartenders eyes widen, as his eyebrows raise interestingly.

"Isn't Horan Technologies the company the develops games and other innovating apps from phones making them into a virtual reality only using-

"A headset with interactive goggles? You're correct my good mate."

They start to talk some more about the job before Zayn starts to tune out. As much as he was happy for himself, he couldn't bring himself to get comfortable in this surrounding. He checks the time on his phone and shoves it back in the pocket of his ripped jeans that Ariana was happy to pick out for him. Apparently, they made his arse look bigger. It's not like he wanted the attention anyway, but he does want to look somewhat appealing when he is in the public.

"Is that Miss Ariana Grande and Sir Louis Tomlinson I hear?" A familiar voice says, disturbing him from his thoughts.

As if they're genetically engineered to be in sync, the trio turns their heads to see which person is familiar with the one of them. Surprisingly, it's not just some club random or another employee. It's not a person trying to hit on the either of them in some weird or uncomfortable way. It's a beautiful, 5"10 supermodel. Someone all three of them are familiar with, and someone who doesn't come by often.

Gigi fucking Hadid.

Zayn's first, and very last ex-girlfriend.

Ariana immediately and excitedly jumps from her seat. The sound of her signature styled thigh-high boots making contact with the floor was the sound that both Louis and Zayn were both irritatingly familiar with. It's very rare to see Ariana not wearing them. It's like she was practically born with them on and never separated from them.

"Gigi!" They both chime as they rush in to give her a hug.

Zayn watched from his seat as his friends reacted to seeing the gorgeous runway model. They acted as if they haven't seen her in years. Honestly, he can't blame them. If things weren't so awkward between Gigi and himself, he would most likely act the same way. It's not that things ended terribly, because it definitely didn't. When Zayn confessed that he wasn't into her, well - to girls in entirety, she behaved better than what Zayn would've expected. Too happy. Sometimes, Zayn thinks that she secretly resents him from breaking things between them.

But he smiles nonetheless.

She turns her gaze upwards and they lock eyes. She takes a deep breath and instantly gains a smile that stretches ear to the other, and quickly changes her expression to slight confusion.

"Oh. My. God. Is that a rare Zayn Malik? In a nightclub? At 10:50 PM? Do my very eyes deceive me?" Gigi says as she approaches Zayn.

"Is that Gigi Hadid? The gorgeous supermodel I see everywhere I go?" He jokingly responds.

She kisses his cheek and pulls him into a hug. He always did love getting hugs from her.

"The one and only. What are you guys up to? It's been forever!"

"We're here celebrating Zayn's new job at Horan Technologies." Louis says as if it was the biggest achievement Zayn had ever accomplished.

Oh wait. It is.

Gigi looked at Zayn, mouth agape and a look of shock. "Holy shit," she says as she pulls him into another hug. "I'm so proud of you! Congratulations."

"Thank you, Gi. I thought you were still in Milan? We didn't know you were back."

"I just landed this morning actually! I'm only here for a few days, and the girls and I wanted to have some fun on our time off. You know how that is." Gigi says as if Louis, Ariana or Zayn would know how that is. "But I swear I was going to group message you guys tomorrow that I was back. The schedule has been pretty hectic."

"It's okay love," Louis says. "We're here now."

"Who's in the mood for dancing? I know I am." Ariana chimes as she flips her Rapunzel-like hair.

"Oh girl, I know I am." Gigi agrees as she excitedly takes hold of Ariana's hand.

"I'm definitely in." Louis chimes.

They all take a look at Zayn, who sat in silence. He took ahold of Louis' untouched drink and took a long sip. Immediately he knew it was a terrible decision. Hot garbage was an understatement when it come to describing the green drink. Zayn doesn't know how Louis could even consume this stuff. Let alone look or smell it. It could practically be poison. Wait, no, this is poison. This is exactly what poison would taste like it poison were an edible drink.

"I don't dance." Zayn states as he clears his throat. He wants to ask for a water from the bartender but he was busy serving other people.

"Babe, come on!" Louis starts to plead. "We're here celebrating for you! We want you to have a good time, mate."

"Something tells me you would've came here regardless of me agreeing to come or not."

"That's true." Ariana says.

Louis turns and gives her a stern look before turning back to Look Zayn in the eyes. "Please? Just give it a shot. If you feel uncomfortable we can stop, go home and order Pizza or whatever you like. Tonight's all about you."

Other than being unbearably sassy, Louis can be so fucking tempting when he wants to be. Zayn already felt uncomfortable. He did want to go back home and do whatever it was that Louis just suggested they would do, but a part of him just wants to make his friends happy. He doesn't want to ruin their night and be a stick in the mud or whatever. Especially in front of Gigi. It's not like she hasn't seen this side of him already, but he somehow feels like he needs to show her that he's changed since the last time they've seen each other. For some reason, he feels the need the show that he, himself, can have fun like his other two friends.

He thinks this over and begins to smile. He did want to come here to see what the buzz was all about. He definitely didn't want to leave without experience the fun that Louis and Ariana felt whenever they came here.

"Do I sense a yes?" Gigi asks in surprise as her face turns into a smile.

"Well I-" Zayn starts before he gets cut off by Ariana.

"Wait, pause for a second." Ariana says as she listens to the music that begins to play below them.

Gigi, Zayn and Louis look suspiciously at Ariana to try to understand what had gotten her attention so quickly. When Zayn and Louis figured it out, they glance at each other with a look of amusement on their faces.

A song that Ariana played nonstop since it came out started playing over the speakers.

"What's going on?" Gigi asks, wanting to know what Zayn and Louis know.

"We have to dance." Ariana says as she pulls Zayn up from his stool.

"Ariana, I-"

"You'll love doing this. You can dance with me. Just follow my lead, please?" Ariana pleads as she starts to head in the direction to which the music was playing.

There was no going back when Ariana Grande had made her mind up on something.

"Let's go have some fun" Ariana says. "To Zayn!"

"To Zayn!" Louis and Gigi say in unison as they excitedly follow the source of the music.

Yo' hold up, hold up, hold up, okay, hold up
You see a bad bitch coming through, yo what's the hold up
I'm in that new new meeting New New when I roll up
I told the valet, "Park the Benz and bring the Rolls up"
Yo hold up, hold up, hold up, okay, hold up
He see me lookin' pretty every time he scroll up
Might gotta let the blicky hit you if you stroll up
Now put your hands up, it's a hold up

Zayn was definitely out of his element. Being in the circle of random people who don't even know your name, grinding on you was one of the most foreign things to ever experience. Everyone's bodies just seemed to move so natural and so experienced compared to his. He felt like a popsicle stick in the middle of water. He definitely wasn't doing this again anytime soon. Following Ariana's lead just made everything worse. To Zayn, he felt like it made him stand out in the crowd. He felt like everyone was looking at him and judging him, even though he knew their minds were clearly focused on something else.

Ariana was a genius at this. Pushing up against his body. Swaying her hips to the upbeat rhythm and placing Zayn's hands on her hips. He couldn't help but wonder if she ever did this to Louis, but then remembered that Harry would probably murder her if he found out.

'Cause I be the baddie B, Barbie Tingz
Banging body B, everybody be on my D
Yo I gotta be in reality, suck a D if you doubted me
Back of the back, back of the back
Back of the back, back of the back

By every passing second, Zayn had to admit that he was having a little bit of fun even though he didn't have a single clue what he was doing. Although he wouldn't do it again, that's for certain, he was definitely enjoying himself. It seemed like nothing could spoil this moment. Even though a time like this could be so minute to others, Zayn rather appreciated moments like this, other than doing something major like going to Los Angeles, which is what Louis keeps suggesting.

"Mind if I join you two?" Zayn hears someone ask in his ear.

He stops and turns around to see who the voice came from and to his surprise, he's not alarmed. He is very interested in what he sees. Not that a person's looks would ever change the fact that any stranger has the potential to be dangerous or not, but Zayn didn't get that kind of vibe from this guy.

He was taller. Brown eyes with broad shoulders. Brown hair. Decently fit. The bloke has to go to a gym frequently to achieve this kind of figure. Not to mention he's hot. His face is decently covered with facial hair, yet he seemed to carry the innocent, boyish look. The mystery guy seems to look at him the same way. It's as if he's never seen a face like Zayn's before. For a quick second, Zayn's brain stops functioning. He couldn't event think of anything to respond with. It's as if the words 'sure' or 'who are you' were suddenly not in his vocabulary. It wasn't until Ariana started talking and brought Zayn back to earth.

He looks familiar. Zayn doesn't know where from, but he knows his face from somewhere.

"Of course!" Ariana says as she slightly departs from Zayn to make room for the new guy. "What's your name?"

He leaned in her ear and whispered for four seconds as she nodded. The music was way too loud to try to comprehend what his name was. Even though Zayn does like this song, he would prefer it at a lower volume. No one else seemed to mind, so Zayn guesses he shouldn't either. But then again, these people are regulars here, to which Zayn is not.

While he kept talking to Ariana about God knows what, he never did break eye-contact with Zayn. He felt like prey in the eyes of a hunter and he didn't know if he should feel nervous or pleased that someone so handsome and doesn't come off slimy is looking at him. An ice cold chill ran up Zayn's spine and his breathing started to hitch.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Unknown asks going back to his regular but louder tone as he nods towards the other, still keeping his eye contact.

Ariana looks back at Zayn and takes his hand to bring him closer.

"No, this is my best friend. His name is Zayn." She says as she rests her head on Zayn's shoulders. "This is his first time coming to a club."

"Is that so?" He responds as his eyes roams Zayn's body, and then back to Zayn's eyes. It was like he was mentally picking Zayn's brain to figure out what his thoughts were. "I knew I haven't seen you around before! It's nice to meet you."

"Um yeah." Is all Zayn could respond with. He mentally kicks himself in the head for not coming up for a better response. Of course he says something that makes him looks like a wanker.

"Do you have enough time? Wanna chill with us for a little bit? It's Zayn's night tonight."

"That so?" He asks as his attention switches from Zayn, to Ariana, to back at Zayn again. "I think I could stay for song or two."

"Sick!" Ariana says excitedly as she clicks her Louis Vuitton thigh-high boots together. "Tonight's going to be great!"

I tell him eat the cookie 'cause it's good for him
And when he eat the cookie he got good form
He know I don't ever cheat because I'm good to him
Might gotta have his baby, nurses yellin' push for him

The next few minutes seemed to happen so quickly. First, Ariana went back to dancing with Zayn, but then left Zayn to dance with Louis and Gigi which Harry will kill her for later after Louis would obviously tell him. That left Zayn and broad shoulders to themselves. Blame it on the disgusting drink that he stole from Louis earlier, or just the entire vibe of the nightclub or even the song itself, Zayn didn't even care who he was dancing with. The risk of him having the potential to be dangerous completely left his mind. He couldn't be too dangerous right? But Ariana must know that he's safe right? Ariana is great with 'feeling people out' as she always says. She wouldn't leave him to dance with a murderer, or something of the similarity if she felt like he wasn't safe. Ariana always has good judgment.

"I never did get your name." Zayn asks as he grinds himself on the taller male.

Somewhere in the mix, his hips seemed to cooperate and somehow Zayn started to dance like he's done this before.

The muscular man leans into Zayn's ear from behind. His lips touched slightly on Zayn's neck as he whispered his name. It was like the man carried electricity through his touch and Zayn was clearly getting emotionally electrocuted. His lips carried so much static that Zayn almost fell over from the sensation.

"Liam." He replied.

"Leeyummm." Zayn moaned as he moved his his backside more into Liam to cause more friction. "I like that."

To his surprise, he learned to hear and understand him given the loudness of the music rather quickly.

"So fucking sexy." Liam whispered again, moving his hips expertly along with the smaller boy.

"I'm all yours." Zayn whispered.

Sober Zayn would never had said something like that. Especially to someone who he had just met. Why'd he have to be such a lightweight? Honestly, it's not that big of a deal. Right? Zayn will probably never see him again anyway. Right? Right.