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Ain't So Recognizable in Full Color

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It’s the first day of classes at UA, versus the weird-ass assembly they’d had the day before, and Hitoshi’s not very impressed. Sure, they’ve made it into General Education, but they expected something more, something, well, Plus Ultra .

They get it after lunch, after the misery of homeroom where the class introduces themselves and their quirks. No one talks to Hitoshi, Hitoshi doesn’t try to talk to anyone either. But after lunch is English, with the Voice Hero Present Mic.

Present Mic isn’t Hitoshi’s favorite hero, that’s a tie between Eraserhead and the Idol Hero Hoshi, but he’s pretty damn close.

Probably has something to do with how much time they spent at Yamada Hizashi’s house during Hoshi’s two years as a sidekick under him, polishing up English that they were already nearly fluent in, picking up the beginnings of French with the determination of a dedicated reader when Yamada-san introduced them to a book,   L'Élégance du hérisson .

Like the time before Hoshi got their hero license in the first place, when they were placed with the future hero’s idol manager, Hitoshi spent more time learning outside of school than in. It’s the same reason they’ve got an idol license just like their older sibling/adopted parent. Not that Hitoshi uses it much, just providing the occasional other gender vocals on Hoshi’s duets, when Switch can’t just turn Hoshi into one form or the other.

Or their one solo track, under idol name Dekishiko (a portmanteau of Dekishi and Shiko, Drowning Thoughts), whose video (with Hoshi’s help) exposed some of the horrors of Japan’s foster care community once Hitoshi was finally out. They also have writing credits on some of Hoshi’s songs. Online, half their fans call them an underground idol. The other half churn out various other conspiracy theories.

It’s just always been the plan for Hitoshi to work in the shadows of the light that Hoshi, that Hibaki, puts off.

Mic notices Hitoshi lazing in a window seat midway up a column of seats and smiles, then asks the class to try and translate a frankly embarrassing sentence about purple jelly beans. Hitoshi writes, in French, for Mic to kindly fuck the fuck off.

Mic grins at the scrap of paper, then tells Hitoshi, in English, “Write some songs. That’s what you do in this class. You write songs.”

Hitoshi’s not that mad.

Mic actually comes back after classes are done to drag them to the teachers’ office and gush about them to Hitoshi’s homeroom teacher, Snipe.

Then Mic outs them as the worst kept secret in the entirety of the hero-entertainment business business. “Hitoshi is the...kid? Little sibling? Responsibility? Responsibility of one of my old sidekicks. The Idol Hero Hoshi.”

This happens to be at the same time that two other teachers pause their arguing as they come in. And with Mic, everyone in the office hears him.

“I love Hoshi’s music!” Midnight exclaims, jumping up. “Can you get me an autograph from them?”

Hitoshi glances over the other heroes/teachers, noting that several of them are on the edge of their seats like they’re wanting an answer too. Thankfully, the two men who just entered aren’t of that ilk. One, a tall, skinny blonde man, is very confused. The other, a man with long black hair about the same height as Hoshi without their heels and bags similar to Hitoshi’s, just has an eyebrow raised.

“Depends,” Hitoshi says, quietly, careful not to use their quirk. “What’s your favorite song?”

Midnight taps a finger against her chin, thinking, which is a good sign. “Hmm, probably a tie between Black Magic and Oh My Love.”

They can’t do anything about Black Magic, which was the result of Hoshi’s manager demanding a love song at an inopportune time, but they’ve got co-credit for writing Oh My Love.

“Ectoplasm?” Hitoshi asks, noting the other teacher who is closest to jumping up. “Yours?”

“Oh, it’s an older one, but I like Control a lot. Plus, it was written by one of my favorite idols.”

Hitoshi takes a full body step behind Present Mic, who cannot for the life of him respond reasonably to Hitoshi’s wants. “Oh, Dekishiko? You like Dekishiko?” The excitement in the human embodiment of a microphone is unfortunately palpable.

“I can ask my Anekaa about an autograph, Midnight-sensei,” Hitoshi says, trying to deflect. “They’re touring right now, but they should be back in Tokyo pretty soon.”

“Dekishiko is good,” not Ectoplasm but instead the black haired teacher says, sending Mic into a cackling fit. “Blood and Water is a good song. Shame he’s not come out with anything since.”

“Hitoshi,” Mic says, breaking out of it but fighting a grin and steering them to the black haired teacher. “This is my best friend, Aizawa Shouta. He’s 1-A’s homeroom teacher. And, he’s an underground hero, like you want to be.”

Aizawa raises an eyebrow. “Hizashi, what are you getting at? You want to be in the hero course, kid?”

“He’s the Erasure Hero, Eraserhead,” Hizashi tells Hitoshi, smile getting to All Might levels of big.

Hitoshi really, really hates Present Mic right now. “You are my least favorite hero now,” he tells his English teacher. “I’m putting you below Endeavor. You’re there now. I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” Mic insists.

Hitoshi grabs Mic’s arm and pulls it towards themself, then hooks their ankle just so against Mic’s, sending the Voice Hero to the ground. “I’m going to tell Anekaa that I should have gone to her Alma Mater. All because of you.”

Mic whines.

Hitoshi turns back to Eraserhead. “I want to be in the hero course, but my quirk wasn’t suited for the exams…” They scratch their cheek. “And I’m trained for speed, balance, stealth, maneuverability, and stamina. Not brute strength. So I couldn’t just go through that.”

Eraserhead raises his other eyebrow. “What’s your quirk kid?”

“Brainwashing. Only works on someone who responds to me once I activate it. Verbally, right now, but Anekaa thinks I can get it to the point of nonverbal responses. Unless I have a power boost, like if I’m piggybacking off of Anekaa’s quirk.”

“I remember that,” Mic says, still on the ground. “That was absolutely terrifying, in the best possible way.”

Hitoshi shrugs. “They wanted an encore.”

“Terrifying,” Mic repeats.

“I can see how it would be a good quirk to be an underground hero,” Aizawa-sensei admits. “I’d need to see your physical abilities to see if you could keep up with the hero course, though. Mic being weird counts more as a practice dummy than an opponent.”

“No fair, Shooo.” Mic stands up. “Anyways, Hitoshi’s a huge fan of yours, Shouta. And, it turns out, you’re a fan of his. Hitoshi’s a licensed idol. Dekishi Shiko, Dekishiko.”

The blonde teacher is giving Aizawa some serious side eye, which switches over to the other teachers as a collective but quiet freakout happens behind them.

“Below Endeavor,” Hitoshi tells Mic.