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You'll Be Mine

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The way that Red was watching me right now made me feel like I was a female lion in his den. The smoke had definitely gotten thicker, and he came over to the bed slowly. I backed up into the wall, bumping my head as I hit the wall. But I didn't feel anything as he disappeared, reappearing beside me. I felt my heart racing as I let out a yelp and he was on top of me.

“last chance, pet,” he murmured into my neck. His tongue glowed around us as he licked along my throat. “last fuckin' chance.”

“I stand by what I said. Just no marking, no claims. I mean it.”

“'ll take 't.”

With that he kissed me, his teeth moving against my lips hungrily. My arms wound around him, my hand gripped his cervical vertebrae. His low growl reverberated through my body and I arced into him as he moved against me. His rib cage brushed against my breasts, scrapping against my nipples and it was the most perfect sensation in that moment.

His clawed phalanges were digging into the pillows beside me and I could hear the fabric ripping. In the back of my head, I wondered if he would use those to claw the shit out of me. While part of me was kind of scared he actually would, another part of me was excited.

Was this was he meant by freak?

He pulled away, his claws moving to tangle themselves in my hair. I gasped as he tugged back, my head moving so I was staring at the ceiling and my throat left exposed. His tongue laved against the skin, and I could feel the cool metal of his tongue ring. His fangs scraped against the side of my throat and I could feel my pulse jump.

He chuckled, laving over the spot before tugging on my hair again and I let out a moan. He moved up and his teeth were next to my ear now, his fangs gently biting down.

“'m gonna make ya really bring that freak out in ya, pet,” he whispered, his voice husky. “we're gonna have all sortsa fun.”

“Th-there is no freaaah!”

My voice cut out on a groan. He had bitten down on my ear again, running his tongue over it to soothe the wound. There was no talking, and he released my hair to move down. His hands instead pushed my shirt up, his claws raking against my sides slowly as he moved it up. The sensation left me feeling tingly and my back bowed off of the bed.

When he finally exposed my breasts, he ran his tongue along the valley between them, growling. His fangs traced over one of the mounds on my chest before snagging my nipple between his teeth. I let out a strangled cry as pain and pleasure melded into one. I helped him make quick work of getting my shirt off and threw it somewhere in his room. His other hand had come up to caress the other one, tweaking my nipple between his thumb and pointer. Out of nowhere, he gripped it and twisted hard, sending shocks of that sweet pain and pleasure mixture rolling down my spine.

He moved to the other nipple, laving it with his tongue before biting down on it, suckling on it like it would be his last time. I groaned his name, my fingernails scraping over his skull. His smooth chuckle sent little puffs of hot breath across my skin and it only made me crave more.

I felt his hand leave me for a minute while he went to grab something on the floor beside us. It was still too dark to see anything, but I caught a flash of the second can of whipped cream in his hands as he popped the top off of it, giving it a little shake. So that's where it had gone!


“time fer some dessert.”

He swirled a little on my nipple, and I gasped as the cool product hit my skin. I could feel goosebumps rising, and I let out a groan as he licked it from me. And he continued this pattern on each breast, swirling just enough on them before licking it off, keeping eye contact with me the entire time until the can was empty. And then he threw it somewhere like the classy man Red really was.

The thick smoke from his eye socket had completely surrounded us, and I found myself playing with a little, feeling a tingle run through my fingers as I ran them through it. Red tightened his hold on my side before he moved away from my chest, his tongue tracing my bottom lip. I parted my lips, but he never accepted it.

Instead, I could feel the static in the air and watched as a glowing, red shackle appeared on my wrist. With a gasp, my hands came together above my head and there was a distinct sound of metal chain. When I tried to move my hands, they didn't get very far. He had effectively shackled me to the bed.

Admittedly, I was just getting more excited. What was this?

Red had disappeared, but he was back just a second later. In the red glow from his eyelights, I saw a collar in his hands. The same one he had when he and I talked about that first kiss in my room forever ago. He didn't even pause as he wrapped it around my throat, tightening it into place before he traced the area just underneath it.

“fuck, yer so stars damned hot,” he muttered.

His teeth crashed against my mouth again and I could feel his claws making quick work of my pants. He shoved them from my hips and, with a growl, completely tore them from my body. He discarded them somewhere in the room. My moan filled the room, allowing him access to tangle his tongue with mine.

His claws dug into the thickness of my thighs and I could feel a small trickle rolling down. He had pricked me, pressing just hard enough. But there was a thin trickle of blood moving down my thigh and I felt his phalange catch it. He moved back just enough, holding my gaze as he licked it from his digit.

The little act made my face flush, even as I felt myself only get that much wetter for him. Jesus Christ, what was wrong with me?

He moved back and I let out a whine, unable to get free from his magic as he kept me in place. He watched me as he shed his own clothes, his rib cage on full display. When his pants were gone I felt my eye nearly bug out of my head. His cock wasn't very long, but definitely made up in girth. He was thick, and I caught the glinting metal of not one piercing, but multiple. He had freaking Jacob's ladder piercings along the underside of his cock, and I felt myself clench.

How the fuck was he going to fit?

He leaned back over me, grinning, and hooked a finger into the metal loop of the collar, bringing me up. I grunted, my heart hammering in my ears as the chains rattled. He positioned me so I was sitting up and moved the shackles holding my wrists higher. When I was sitting up decently, he came over and tapped his glowing, red dick against my lips.

“open wide, pet,” he growled.

I complied without thinking about it and he shoved himself inside my mouth without preamble. I gagged for a second, taking in the slightly musky taste. But there was a hint of cherries in there, much like his cigars he loved to smoke. He moved the hair back away from my face and I could hear his bones rattling from where he was trying to hold himself back. When I looked up at him, you could hear that resolve snapping.

He grabbed a fistful of hair in each hand, drew out, and slammed home again. I gagged, hearing the clack of his dick piercings against my teeth as he continued doing that. I hollowed out my cheeks from habit, still looking up at him. He had his teeth parted, his tongue lolling out the side. There was a even a little bit of drool coming from his tongue, which dropped and landed on my tit.

He growled low in his throat as he slammed home again and I gagged around him, my hands rattling the chains as I tried to reach for him. His grin was feral, and his tooth glinted in the dull red light of his eyelights and tongue. A red glow took my face over for a few seconds when he would pull back.

“such a good pet,” he crooned, tugging my hair. A shot of pleasure crawled through my body. “yer such a good pet, baby.”

I made a little keening noise in the back of my throat, ending in another gag as he fucked my throat. He answered with his own grunt as he chased whatever high he was on, red tinted sweat beading his skull.

He finally pulled back and left my mouth with a loud pop. I took in a gasping breath, coughing a little bit as he moved, his phalanges gripping my thighs as he pushed them apart. He tore my panties in half, discarding them as well before his claw stroked my clit.

I let out a small scream, ending in a begging mewl as he slowly rotated the little nub. It was so sensitive, and I could feel myself dripping on the little nest we were in. He seemed satisfied with this, dipping just the tip of his claw in before moving back to stroke the wetness over my clit. I groaned, tugging at the chains.


His real name slipped out and I heard his growl get louder. He seemed to like that...

He didn't say anything through as two fingers speared inside of me. My scream filled the room as he pumped, and I could hear the sickening sound of my wetness against bone. If I wasn't already flushed from what was going on, I would have been red from embarrassment. He didn't pause as he came up and leaned close, never once pausing.

“listen t' yerself,” he whispered thickly in my ear. “ya say there's no freak 'n ya, but jus' listen.” With that he withdrew his hand and gave my pussy a little, wet smack. I cried out, my thighs twitching. “ya liked th' chase, an' ya like th' bitin' an' th' pullin'. ya like bein' m' lil plaything.” He drove his fingers in side of me again and my cry was muffled as he slammed his teeth onto my mouth again.

I could feel my hips moving now, trying to find their own release. Red's free hand came up and gripped me around my throat and I gasped, leaning my head back as I looked up at him with wide eyes. He stared down at me, all traces of Red gone.

He was watching me with eyelights made of blood, and the smoke had stopped, but there was still magic leaking out of his eye socket. There was a wetness pressed against my belly, and I knew it was the precum from the tip of his dick.

He tossed me back onto the bed, the shackles adjusting as I bounced against the pillows. I didn't have a chance to get comfortable as Red's tongue entered me.

I cried out his name again, his real name. He continued his ministrations, his eyelights on me as I gasped, trying to figure out how to handle this. It was so much in one go and I needed more. I needed everything in that moment. I could feel myself tightening, getting so much closer, right there...

And he stopped.

Before I could protest, he moved up, readjusting himself. He pushed my legs back, lining himself up before, in one hard thrust, slammed himself inside of me.

I screamed now, my orgasm hitting me as his thickness filled me. I felt full. So fucking full. His piercings scraped against my inner walls and it wasn't even painful. It felt so good to feel them drag along, and I arced up. He leaned over taking a small bite at the top of my breast before I felt something else pressing against me. It demanded entrance and I groaned as he pushed and pushed. I felt my legs fall wide as he grunted.

“yer so fuckin' tight,” he ground out. “but yer gonna take m'knot, whether ya fuckin' like 't 'r not.”

His what?!

Without a chance to ask, something pushed past my opening and my mouth opening in a silent scream. I lurched off the bed as he completely filled me, panting in my ear. I felt myself tighten around him and we both groaned. He felt so good. I was so full. I needed him to move, but he didn't, and I could feel himself throbbing inside of me.

Then he moved.

And it was like there was something there keeping him inside of me. I moaned as he started out slow at first, little pumps to get me used to it. But eventually his patience ran thin and I cried out as his cock slammed home, numerous times. His knot was keeping him inside of me, and I could feel it pulling him.

I felt every piercing, and I struggled against my restraints as he rutted me into the bed. He never paused, licking and biting whatever surface he could touch. He licked and bit at my nipples, my collarbone. My neck, where the collar wasn't blocking, and my ears.

“Sans, please...!”

He didn't answer, but buried his claws into my hips and thrust harder, chasing his own release as he continued. When he'd had enough of that, he yanked himself out, turning me over onto my stomach and lifting my ass in the air. With a good thwack to my hind end, he entered me again. I was wet enough the knot slid in easier this time. But, fuck, it still hurt.

But it still felt so good to feel this fucking full.

It felt even better. His hand curled in my hair and yanked until my back was bowed and that was only way I was being held up. My screams and groans filled the room and I could feel the second orgasm quickly coming. I bounced back against him, which seemed to only make him go faster, fuck me harder.

In the end, I came screaming around him, my voice hoarse as I called out his name. With that, I felt him continue to swell inside of me, and with one final thrust, he came.

And came.

And came.

There was so much I could feel it leaking out and he was groaning against my back, giving me little pecks and whispering how much of a good girl I was. I groaned as I felt his seed spill down my thighs and hit the sheets below us and I felt his magical appendage disappear. I was left feeling empty as even more of his seed, now unobstructed, fell from me.

The magic on my wrists finally disappeared as well, and I collapsed onto my stomach. I would have been grossed out from all of his magical semen had I not been so worn out. I could feel the swelling in my throat and around my nipples. My lips were a little puffed up and my clit was so sensitive.

It was the best feeling.

Red left for a minute before coming back, running something warm and wet over my opening. I groaned and tried to weakly bat him away, listening to his deep chuckle as I swatted nothing but air. It continued and I could feel my eyelids drooping. The entire experience had worn me out, and I felt it slowly creeping over me.

“yer awright, pet,” his voice smoothed over over me, his tone throaty as he continued doing whatever it was that he was doing. “'ll get e'erythin' cleaned up. rest.”

I let my eyes fall close, my breathing evening out as I let exhaustion take over me, and let sleep carry me away.


When Red was sure that Levy was asleep, he gently lifted her and moved her to the floor. But only for a moment as he took off the giant blanket and threw it across his room somewhere. He replaced it with another one and then lifted her back onto the bed. She barely stirred as he wiped off his seed from her belly.

When he was done, he threw the rag in the same general direction as the blanket. He put his shorts back on but left the shirt somewhere, crawling in to nest beside her. He gathered her in his arms, putting a pillow between her head and his ribs so that she didn't have to sleep against his ribs.

It had been better than he imagined.

Her voice crying out his name. The way his collar fit just perfect around her throat. Her noises, her taste. The way she let herself just let go. Stars, she was just fuckin' perfect.

But the words from Wingdings ran through his mind, making him hold her just a little closer, a growl moving its way through his chest and out of his throat.

“Why don't we see who she'll really want? We've both made our intentions clear, Sans. She knows both of us want her, and it's only fair to give each other the chance. So, what do you say? Shall we play the game?”

He didn't want to give her up. But he wasn't about to trap her with him without letting her play the field a little bit. She deserved more than being tied down with him for the rest of their lives. But he couldn't help the flare of jealousy, the flare of the beast within him when Wingdings tried to claim her as his already.

But he had done the same thing, hadn't he? Putting his scent all over her, without her even knowing. He knew she knew; she had told him as much. She had even chastised him a little for it, telling him that wasn't something he'd needed to do and blah, blah, blah. He'd just kissed her to shut her up.

Worked every single time.

She made a soft mewling noise in her sleep and snuggled closer. The crease that had formed between her eyebrows faded and there was a soft smile on her swollen lips. Her hand curled slightly against his rib cage and he knew he was doomed.

How was he supposed to have this kind of “competition” with his brother when this is the one woman he really wanted? She made his soul come alive just by being there. It was like that sappy shit you read in books where there was color when there was none before she came around.

Stars, she was just perfect.

Wingdings thought this was just some fun game to play. But it wasn't; not to him anyway. This was something he was willing to get off his lazy coccyx for. He wouldn't leave the family; there was no way that was going to happen. But maybe he could convince her she'd be safer with him. That she'd be okay when he was around, or when the others were around. She wouldn't need to leave for the lodges anymore during heats, and even then if she did, she could always come home.

To him.


What has he done to himself?

He gathered her as close as she could get, and a soft sigh escaped her lips. There went his soul, throbbing in his chest again. When did he turn so fucking sappy?

Maybe when she saw him as not Sans, or even Red. But as the Judge. What he did for a living was gruesome, sure. He got to play baseball with some peoples' skulls, or even knock out a few teeth and break a couple of bones. But never had he felt more rage than he did in that one single moment. How the humans hadn't seen him appear out of thin air was confusing enough.

But the rush of pleasure he felt from breaking their fragile bones. Watching the blood. Hearing the sizzle of flesh. It had really gotten to him. He hadn't done any real big jobs like he usually did because he was scared of coming home, covered in blood and scaring her off completely. The thought of her wide eyes full of fear, it crushed him.

He couldn't imagine what he would do if she left.

He didn't want to push her away, but he needed to be reassured that she would be with him. He needed her to be with him, and he really didn't want to fuck that up.

But what if he just had?

He's in heat. Horrible timing for them both to do this as their first time together. Now that he'd had her once, he was going to want her over, and over. And what if she hadn't really wanted to be with him? Just wanted to make him stop hunting her down? What if she was really scared of him?

“I'm not scared of you. Never of you.”

Her eyes had never lied to him before, and they didn't in that moment. She wanted him, just as much as he wanted her. But she didn't want anything official. He could handle them messing around, sure. But just for how long? How long did he need to wait before he lost his mind and just marked her without even thinking about it?

No. He couldn't think like that. Sure, he was in his most beastial state, but he knew she would come around. He could convince her that this lifestyle is better than what she had experienced before. And she would come to accept it, and everything would be okay.

They just needed to go slow. That's what she needed.

As she let out another sigh, and he felt his soul thump in his chest, his whole world felt complete in that one moment. This would be every day, and every night, soon enough. He just had to be patient.

“what're ya doin' t' me, sugar?”