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You'll Be Mine

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I felt frozen to my spot. Memories flooded my brain, and I did my best to shove them back into the depths of my mind. I watched as Dominic closed the distance between us and stopped a foot away from me, smiling serenely. His eyes danced with mirth and I felt nothing but sick to my stomach. I could feel myself rubbing my wrist, but I couldn't bring myself to stop.

“Dom,” I finally managed to croak out.

He didn't acknowledge me talking, instead taking in what I was wearing. His lip curled up slightly when he saw Red's baggy hoodie hanging off of me. I pulled the sides together, keeping myself as shielded as I could from him. His eyes roamed over me, and stopped at my neck, where I knew he'd been looking for that stupid necklace.

His face fell. “You're not wearing it.”

“Of course I'm not,” I managed, even if my voice was shaking. “That doesn't matter. Why are you here?”

Frisk had come up beside me, gun in hand. The other two were behind him, aiming their guns at Dom's buddies, who were grinning at me. I held onto Red's hoodie as I tried to slip my hand into my pocket. Dom tutted and I paused. He was watching me, a smile back on his lips.

“Bunny. Don't tell me you'd rather be in the company of,” he scoffed, his voice turning into a snarl at the last word. “Wouldn't you rather come back to me? To come home?”

Home. That word wasn't something I'd associated with him for the last three years. I had left and told myself I would be better off without him. Home was with my parents, sitting by the fire as I cried and held on to my dad. Home was coming into my apartment and watching Solider come to greet me after a long day of work.

Home was with my skeletons, those three stupid bastards who held a huge part of me. Red, Wings, and Papyrus. All of them meant so much to me. They had helped me when I needed it and still continue to help me. They had given me a home to come back to. They had given my life a little bit of life when I was just beginning to think it was too dull.

Dominic wasn't home. They were.

“That's not home,” I finally muttered, drawing in a deep breath.

“What was that?” I could hear that familiar temper rising.

“I fucking said,” I repeated, snapping my head up to look him in the eyes, “that that's not home.”

His lip curled in disgust and he went to move toward me. I shot rang off beside me and I covered my ear, watching as Frisk expertly held his gun steady, aiming at Dominic's foot. He missed on purpose, I noticed, observing the way he moved with the gun in both of his hands. For just a little handgun, it sure as hell packed a punch.

When I looked back at Dominic, he was cursing, still dancing around on his feet like an utter fool. When he finally settled, his two favorite goonies were there, cocking their own guns and taking aim behind me. I grit my teeth and glared at the three of them, planting myself between them and Frisk and his guards. I pulled the hood of Red's hoodie up and held my arms out, baring my teeth.

These guys were my family. Not the Bianchi family that had happily thrown me to the curb. Everyone that had heard my story, actually heard me, and didn't kick me out or judge me....they were my family. They were the ones who cared, and they were the ones I was going to stick with.

Though, I thought sullenly, I wonder if I'll be single, with Red or Wings at the time. But this is the worst time to think of those possibilities.

Shaking my head a little, I looked up, moving the hood back slightly. I looked at Dominic, who was holding his hands on his guys' shoulders. His eyes met mine, and I felt a tremor of fear go through me for a minute before I steeled my resolve.

“There's no home with you,” I managed to snarl. “You left me alone after you claimed for three fucking years I meant everything to you. Go away.”

There was a twitch under his eye before he moved, throwing one of the guys back far enough to grab the gun out of his hand. Cocked and aimed, he held it at level with my head. I heard Frisk curse behind me and heard the shuffle of feet. I held my stance even as Frisk's hand landed on my shoulder, trying to pull me back.

“Then you can take the Bianchi family secrets to the grave, you little whore,” he snarled, and fired the gun.

“i t h i n k n o t.”

I gasped as the bullet was encased in a red glow, stopping it entirely in its tracks three inches from my face. I let out a shaky breath I hadn't known I'd been holding and dropped to my knees. Or I would have had an arm not wound itself around my waist, hoisting me to my feet. It brought me close to a bulking frame, and the smell of bonfire smoke filled the air.

Again, Frisk cursed, but so did the other two. I looked up to see Red's left eye light completely extinguished. His right was was lit up in a red flame, the magic leaking from his socket in thick, red smoke. His ever present grin was curled upward, almost manically. His free hand was held out toward the bullet, which now dropped onto the ground with a small clink.

I looked to Dominic, and it looked like he was about to shit his pants. The gun was trembling slightly in his hands and his eyes were as wide as dinner plates. The other two were looking on in utter terror as they took in the hormonal skeleton holding me.

Two things ran through my head in that moment.

One: Red was here with me now, and I was safe.

Two: Red was here and he was still only three days into his freaking heat.

His phalanges dug into my waist. My stare was fixated on the smoke of magic pouring out of his lit eye socket, his eye light trained on Dominic. I stared numbly at him for a minute more before I turned to see Frisk easing closer to us, his gun holstered. I saw the straps now crossing over his suit, and I guessed he wore a shoulder holster.

I shook my head at him ever so slightly. With Red this way, he wouldn't care about Frisk and who he was. He was in heat, and the object of his desire was in danger. He was twice as dangerous now than he was before his heat struck him. Frisk paused, but I caught the look. He was making sure I was okay.

Oddly enough, I was. Red wasn't hurting me. Sure, the claws were uncomfortable. But the way he held me close to him was more for protection and claim rather to try and drag me off with him and ravish me in the woods around us. Although that thought wasn't too bad.

Whoa. Down, girl.

I placed a hand slowly on Red's radius. His head snapped to me, and his eye light roamed over my face as if he was trying to make sure I wasn't hurt. When I gave him a shaky smile, he seemed satisfied before looking back at Dominic.

“If I were you, Buck,” I told the other guy holding his gun, “I'd put your gun away.”

“nah, sugar,” Red said beside me. His voice was rougher than normal and I felt a small shiver race through my body. “let'em keep their pussy ass weapons. 't won't matter 'nyway.”

Buck looked to his buddy, who was staring at Red with sheer horror. I kept my hand on Red's arm, almost burying myself into him. The smell of him was welcoming, and I felt comforted by the thought he had somehow managed to get out and come to me.

Though, I was definitely asking him how he managed to get out when Wings put magic up all over the house so he couldn't.

Red's arm slowly moved off of me, slowly pushing me back toward Frisk. The human grabbed me, almost snatching me away and pulling me to him. He was much taller than I realized. But not by much.

Red rolled his neck a couple of times before turning to look at me. He gave me a wink before he was gone. Before anyone could question as to where he went, he appeared beside Dominic, knocking the gun out of his hand before shoving the prick off to the side. The offending human dropped to side with a small crack and harsh curse. From here I watched as he grit his teeth and held his arm.

With no time wasted, he turned to Buck, who had only just turned to see what the hell was going on. Red grabbed him by the face, his claws piercing the skin around it as he got a good grip and lifted him off the ground before throwing him over his shoulder with a sickening crunch. Buck was groaning, so we was alive, but from the funny way his leg was bent, something was definitely broken.

Red wasn't finished though as he held the other guy with his magic, and that thick plume of smoke leaking from his eye almost covered the two laying on the ground. Red placed his foot in the middle of Buck's chest, and I watched as he applied pressure. Buck was screaming incoherently. I heard the words “stop” and “sorry” a lot, but it didn't matter.

Red was in killer mode.

It hit me right then and there that this wasn't just Red anymore.

This was the Judge.

I could hear more cracks, as I watched as blood poured from Buck's mouth. He was gargling on his words, his eyes leaking tears as he stared up at the skeleton who was ending his life. But before he was killed, Red lifted his foot. Buck let out a gurgled cry before screaming again as Red buried the toe his shoes into his jaw. There was a snap and his jaw went slack, even as he tried to talk some more.

“'m tired o' hearin' yer stars be damned voice,” Red snarled. “this should teach ya not t' t o u c h w h a t 's m i n e.”

Those last three words came out in a feral snarl. Part of me was scared, but the other part of me was so turned on from this. What the hell was wrong with me? I didn't even think to bother correcting him on his words.

Red picked Buck up by his hair and threw him into the tree, and I watched as he almost wrapped around it. With a final snap, he fell to the ground and stopped moving, blood pouring from the broken jaw and staining the ground brown. The lifeless eyes staring back were wide and slowly losing the light they held.

I heard Red tutting, moving over to the other lackey, who was struggling to get away. But Red's magic held him in place. I watched in sick fascination as Red meandered his way over to him, pulling a cigar out of lapel of his jacket. Even in midst of his heat, was still mindful enough to dress accordingly. Impressive.

He lit the cigar with a flare of magic from snapping his fingers. When he looked over he frowned, his tooth glinting. I looked to where he was and noticed that Dominic had gotten away. Probably while Red was having a grand old time with Buck. I was disappointed, but I looked back over to where Red was letting smoke drift out from between his teeth, eyeing the man in front of him.

I went to take a step forward but Frisk held on tight. I turned to look over my shoulder. He looked frightened, his eyes never straying away from the skeleton. I gently tugged myself away from him.

I made my way over to Red, coming to a stop in front of him. His eyes flicked over to me for a second before going back to the guy in front of us. I took a look at the guy, narrowing my eyes. I remembered him well enough. He was always the one who kept trying to slip me away from Dominic for his own disgusting needs. And he always struck when Dominic wasn't around to help me.

I looked between him and Red for a minute before I said, “Get him outta here.”

Red's grin widened once more, flicking the end of his cigar gently before taking another long hit from it. “as ya wish, sugar.”

The magic was still leaking from his socket as he took three of his phalanges, yanking out the guy's tongue. He made a strangled noise as his eyes widened. Red nor myself flinched as Red looked at the cigar between his digits in his other hand before slowly moving it for his tongue.

The sizzle of flesh was overpowered by screams. I moved to stand behind Red, keeping one of my hands locked on his suit jacket. The smell wafted in the air and I didn't dare to look away, locking eyes with one of my greatest tormentors as Red pressed the heated cherry a little further onto his tongue. I only gave him a smile.

When it was completely out, Red's magic dissipated from him, letting him fall to the ground. His first instinct was to claw at his mouth, weeping, trying to get the offending burn off of his taste buds. Red didn't waste a minute before smashed his nice looking shoes into the guy's face. There was a nasty crunch of cartilage as he reeled back, falling on his ass.

He held a hand to his nose and drew it away, watching the blood staining his hand. The fear on his face was almost as delicious as the popcorn I had the night before. Part of me was reveling in the fact Red was dragging this out. But the other part of me was worried.

His scent was everywhere. Even Frisk and his guards were having a hard time staying there. They were fidgeting uncomfortably and wouldn't even look at me. And while Red was dealing with this, he was keeping me with him. He chuckled now, his voice deeper and rich. It sent tingles along my body.

“y'know, ya shoulda jus' stayed home t'day, pal,” Red said lowly, moving closer to his prey. The guy was trying to back up on one hand, staunching the flow of blood with the other. Red easily caught up, sending on of his feet down onto the guy's kneecap. Another snap, and a howl of agony. “see, i don't take t' kindly t' people messin' wit' m' sugar. an' since ya buddy o'er there 's dead, and yer other buddy dipped out on ya, looks like yer a l l m i n e.”

“Red, wait.”

Before Red could do anything, Frisk spoke up. He was holding out a hand and cautiously moving toward him. Red growled low in his throat. He gnashed his fangs at him, but Frisk didn't back down. His eyes shot to me.

“Lev, you're gonna need to talk to him, or do something,” he said, pausing in his steps when the growl grew louder. “I'm gonna take him with us to the next place, and keep him there until the heats have all settled. Then we can get some information, right?”

I nodded. “But how am I supposed to calm him when he's like this?” I waved at him frantically, which made Frisk tense up before he realized Red wasn't about to come after me. “He's freaking feral. There is nothing I can do that can help.”

“Talk to him. Make out with him. Something, Levy,” Frisk said. “Anything at this point, so long as he distracted long enough to get this guy out of here.”

I groaned and took a small step forward. Red turned to me, the one eye full of magic still leaking that weird red smoke. I gave him a shaky smile, holding out a hand to him. He didn't move, just watched me with a long stare before he turned and came to me, wrapping me in his arms.

I clung to his jacket, my heart racing in my chest as his nasal ridge nuzzled the top of my head. He took in a deep breath, getting my scent into his nonexistent lungs as he held me still. On the side of his arm, I watched as Frisk's bodyguards hauled the bloody and broken man out of the way and into their car before they got in themselves and sped off.

Frisk stayed behind slowly moving around Red to come to stand beside me, but at a safe distance. I moved and Red grumbled something. I didn't pick it up but I managed to move away a little bit before I spoke.

“Red, how did you get out?” I asked softly, my eyes looking over him. There was some blood spattered across his skull, some of it fresh and some drying. “I thought your brother put up that magical barrier so you couldn't get out.”

“broke out,” he mumbled, bringing me back closer to him. “needed t' come t' ya. was scared. 'll fix 't when we git back.”

His sentences were breaking. I tried calming my heart rate but it was becoming impossible. I tried to wriggle out of his grasp again, to head over to Frisk so we could leave. But what he said finally caught my full attention. Frisk's, too.

“What do you mean 'we'?” Frisk asked slowly.

He only earned a growl from Red, who was quickly approaching his baser instincts again. For fuck's sake, I needed to get him out of here.

“Answer him, Red,” I murmured gently against his mandible.

“'m takin' ya home wit' me,” he finally sighed out, nuzzling into my hair again. “not lettin' ya outta m' sight again.”

I chewed on my lip and glanced over at Frisk, who looked horrified at the idea. Logically thinking, though, it would be for the best now. He could get out of the house. So even if we left here and he went back home, he could always follow us. He could always pop in to wherever we were at that moment.

And the thought was dangerous, but it was probably for the best.

“Okay, sweetie,” I said quietly. “I need to get my stuff, alright? Can I go grab my stuff?”

Christ on a cracker, I felt like I was talking to a rabid dog.

The tingle of magic in the air gave me my answer and I looked to Frisk. He looked like he was ready to chance it and to come over and get me.

“I'll be alright,” I said. “I'll keep you updated. Promise.”

Then everything went black, and there was something soft against my back. I took in a gulp of air from being teleported. I tried looking around, but the only light that was available were from his eye lights, which both were now back. He was staring down at me, his head tilted. From the little light I got from him, I could see the walls of the living room, along with the giant couch I had landed on.

I looked back to him to see him studying me, his eye lights on my every movement.

“Red, you know this is a bad idea,” I told him softly. “It's only been three days."

He let out a gutteral growl that sent vibrations to the tips of my toes. I took in a deep breathe and his smell just washed over me. It was all over the house, and it was beginning to stick to the fabrics of the sofas and surfaces. I looked up at him and opened my mouth.

But I didn't get anything out.

He moved down and kissed me, his teeth moving against my lips in absolute desperation. I gasped against his teeth, and he took the opening to run his tongue along my lower lip. In a show of dominance, he tangled his tongue with mine, his hands finding my wrists and pinning me beneath him.

I should have stopped him. I should have pushed him off and told him no. He wasn't in his right mind, and I didn't know if he could even stop at this point. I tried moving beneath him and a small groan came from him as my lower half rubbed against him. He gave a hard thrust and I couldn't help it; I moaned, almost melting underneath him.

I had to stop this. I needed to stop him right now, before it got too far and he wouldn't stop. But there was that lusty part of me that was trying to tell me that this would happen anyway. Why not do it while he was in heat? I wish I could come up with a coherent answer while he was grinding into me, eliciting little mewls from my throat.

He pulled back, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. The piercing on his ectotongue glinted in the dim light of his eyes. I took in a deep breath and watched as he seemed to struggle with himself. Like he was trying to fight off the urge to strip me down and rut me into the couch like a freaking animal.

I sighed, wringing one of my hands free and touched his face. He seemed to purr, rubbing his cheekbone into my hand. I moved my thumb over the smooth bone and watched as he seemed to melt under my touch. Like this was the one thing he craved the most.

To be fair, I had, too. The entire time I was with Frisk, my instinct had been to come home. I wasn't sure if it was to check on him or get fucked nine ways to Sunday. But there had been a need to come home. Come back to him. Wearing his hoodie had made me miss him so much. Part of me had wished that he would come get me and whisk me away.

But I never actually expected this shit to happen.


His eye lights snapped to me, and it seemed to be a small moment before he released me, moved off of me and picked me up, bridal style. I squeaked, holding onto the front of his suit as he moved through the house. I didn't really pick up much from the way his eye lights dimmed out, but I knew we were heading upstairs.

To his room.

He kicked open his door and placed me gently on the floor before he moved away. I didn't see much else, but I did hear a lot of rustling. There was a time or two where he came over to me again to make sure I was still there, but then he would go off again. A door opened up twice out in the hallway before he came back. When he seemed satisfied with what he had, he took my hand and led me over to the bed.

He pushed me down and I landed with a soft whomph. Feeling around me, I noticed there were more blankets and pillows on his bed than there previously had been. I moved further onto the bed, testing it out. It was soft, like a huge cloud that could swallow you whole. I sat there, feeling around me for a minute before looking up at him. His eye lights were still dimmed and he was still standing there, now wearing nothing but his pajama pants a tight fitting black tank top that clung to his ribcage.

Why were bones so hot?

I absently swiped a hand across my mouth; I didn't want to be caught drooling. I didn't hesitate as I patted the spot next to me. He clambered onto the bed and wrapped me in his embrace, bringing me into his lap. He was purring again, his chest vibrating against my arm. I placed my hand on his sternum, moving my fingers across his shirt softly. His claws were picking at my jeans and it took me a minute to realize he was silently asking if they could come off.

Did I dare?

I only nodded, and he let me move away. When I went to do it myself, he shooed my hands away before unbuttoning and unzipping them quickly, tugging them off of me and throwing them across the room. I heard them land somewhere, but I didn't care where they had gone. I went to take off his hoodie as well, intent on giving it back and his hands stopped mine.

I looked up at him.

“looks good on ya,” he said, the first words he's spoken since we've been here. “keep 't.”

I nodded again and climbed back onto his lap. His arms came around me once more and I snuggled against him among the clouds of blankets and pillows. It took me a few more seconds to realize he was nesting. He must have this insane need to nest and protect the person he wanted, who he would be with. I closed my eyes as I let out a sigh through my nose.

“'m sorry.”

I opened my eyes a sliver. “For what?”

“fer ya havin' t' see that,” he admitted softly. “yer prob'ly terrified o' me now. neva wanted ya t' see that side o' me...”

His accent was a lot thicker when he was in heat, too. He nuzzled the top of my head and I felt myself grow lax in his hold. I let my eyes open all the way as I shifted, moving so I could hold his cheekbones in my hands. He was refusing to look at me, and I glared, clearing my throat. He looked at me then, his eye light almost gone.

“I'm not scared of you,” I said firmly. “Never of you.”

I said the last words softly, smiling up at him a little bit. Admittedly, the only thing I was scared of right now was that my hormones were raging being this close to a monster in his heat. I didn't know what to expect, but it definitely wasn't this soft ass shit he was pulling on me. From the way everyone had talked, and from the way he acted before this week, I would have thought he'd have hunted me down and fucked me wherever he found me.

“ya should be.”

I gasped as he flipped us. I landed on my back, the impact soft as I landed on the pile of blankets and pillows around us. He was above me, pinning my wrists above my head as his feral grin came back and his eye lights lightened. There was a little smoke pouring from his right eye socket as he regarded me.

“ya should b' scared o' me,” he repeated. “'m 'n th' startin' o' mah heat, sugar. this's th' most dangerous time, 'specially 'f i don't find some release...” He ground against me, and I gasped against the bulge the was obviously there, rubbing against me. “'m no betta than an animal right now. an' yer jus' m' plaything 'f that's what i chose fer ya.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat as he ground against me again and I let out a loud moan. That seemed to spur him on and he did it again. I bucked against him, and I could feel the heat pooling in my core. He leaned down, chuckling by my ear when I tilted my head, feeling his hot tongue lick up my jawline.

“ya don't e'en want m' brotha, d'ya?” he asked heatedly, his claws digging into the skin of my wrists. “'e's too soft fer ya. ya need somebody who knows what'cha really need. t' git that freak inside o' ya t' come out.”

He gently bit down on the lobe of my ear and I gasped, arching into him. He seemed to purr at that, his fangs gliding gently, dangerously over my jugular. I couldn't seem to form coherent thoughts. I finally managed to choke something out, though my voice trembled with need.

“, you would stop if...” I gasped as he licked my collarbone. “...if I asked you to, wouldn't you?”

“o' course,” he said while he pulled away. “i may be an animal in m' heat, but 'm not an asshole. ya don't wanna anymore, we stop.”

“I'm not going to lie; I do want you,” I whispered huskily. “But I don't want to go all the way right now...”

His grin was absolutely ferocious as he regarded me, and his left eye light flickered out of existence as he moved up. His hand moved with him, and I was able to move my hands back to lay on top of my chest. His claws traced my thighs, pressing into them every few centimeters. I was panting by the time one of his claws hooked into my panties.

“d'ya trust me?”

Did I? In this state, I should say no. I didn't trust him to stop when I told him to. He was completely gone, but at the same time, he wasn't. The longer I've been with him, the more he's been able to talk in longer sentences. Something about my presence soothed his inner beast. I thought about for a minute before I nodded.

“verbal consent, pet.”

There was that nickname. I wasn't sugar now. I was pet.

“Yeah, Red, I trust you.”

“then lemme take care o' ya.”

He slipped my panties off before I could even open my mouth. He discarded the garments somewhere, leaning down to kiss me as his claws moved closer. I groaned into his mouth as he would get close, then move away, his phalanges dancing just out of reach where I really wanted them.

When one of his claws slightly brushed my clit, I let out a cry, bucking into him. He growled into my mouth, letting his pierced tongue tangle with mine. I let out a soft moan when his finger slowly circled my clit, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. Every movement seemed to set my body into little tremors. Just when I thought I was going to explode, he moved away.

I whined in the back of my throat, his chuckle in my ear moving away as he sat up. He placed little kisses along my body as he moved down his mouth opening and letting his tongue take little dips into my hipbones. His teeth gently nicked my skin along the way, but not enough to draw blood.

The light in the room was gone, and I could see nothing. I was panting, upset that he had just stopped and didn't finish the fucking job–

I let out a cry, his name tumbling from my lips as his tongue did a slow, long lick along my folds. He did it again, and his cool tongue ring flicked against my clit. I cried out, my thigh trembling as I tried to think of what to say, what to do.

This never happened. Dominic didn't like all the foreplay and he didn't like the way a female tasted. He said they were all just disgusting acts and it was easier to just slip it in. And the last guy I'd slept with didn't like eating it general. He was more of a “receiver” than a “giver”.

I felt my back bow off the bed as he continued flicking my clit, the sharp points of his teeth gently nibbling it.


I was panting, and I was being shameless. I didn't care. I had read those trashy books about how females would react to it. I thought it was all malarkey. But, apparently, it was true. The way my thighs shook and my heart pounded in my ears. I could practically hear myself losing my grip on my resolve to not do anything with him.

When his tongue speared inside of me, I came, screaming his name. He lapped at me, the growl in his chest the only noise loud enough in the room to hear. I was gripping his skull as best as I could as his tongue moved me through the orgasm.

After a minute, he chuckled. I was panting, trying to keep my eyes open as he moved above me again. He smiled down at me, and it was gentle. There was nothing animal like about him in that moment. He was just happy to have me beside him in his little nest, in his house, in his bed. He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead as I closed my eyes.

“g'night, pet.”