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You'll Be Mine

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Over the course of the next few weeks, the tensions rose in the house. I did everything I could to avoid being home for long periods of time. I even began to pick up extra shifts at work just to avoid being there for longer than a couple of hours at a time. Hell, even Papyrus was getting sick of his two siblings' silent war over me.

There really shouldn't have been a war to begin with. Neither of them had a claim over me, and I sure as hell wasn't going to be fought over like a piece of meat. I took out my frustrations at work, silently working with Grillby. He had looked over at me a few times, and had questioned me a little more. But I never answered, just shrugging him off and telling him it wasn't dealing with Dom.

Part of me at this point wishes it was. Then I could just tell him to fuck off and be on my happy, merry way. But no. It couldn't be that easy. Life had to throw in a wrench named Red, then laughed manically while it threw in the screwdriver known as Wingdings.

I was about to throw in the towel and give up.

As the weeks progressed, so did the time for their heats. Like Wingdings had told me, Red was beginning to exude his signs early. He was acting more quiet, more predatory. He liked to sneak up on me and scare me, and seemed to loved the reaction he got out of me. There was a sparkle in his eye lights, and the mere sight of him sent a weird chill of fear through me.

But it wasn't bad. Like, if he had wanted me dead when he did that, he would have killed me no problem. But the issue is with his scent. The bonfire smell got stronger with each passing day. It was getting to the point where it was all you could smell throughout the entire house. Papyrus often complained of it, and Wingdings seemed to not breathe while he was home.

Something about another monster's scent, even a relative's, made Wingdings try just a little harder. My guess was because he was going against an Alpha monster, and his own brother. He had a double whammy.

Whenever he tried to get near me, Red always seemed to be conveniently right there, ready to lead me out of the room and show me something. There was one night he came and got me from work when he had finished his own work for the day. Red had been following the entire time. I knew it, Wingdings knew it. But neither of us said anything as he and I talked on the way home.

The final straw that broke the camel's back was a day and a half ago while I was packing for my trip with Frisk. I had been filling one of my suitcases with clothes when Red had found me.

“whatcha doin', sugar?” his voice purred by my ear.

I fought back the pleasurable shiver that threaten to crawl up my spine as I moved away from him, heading back to the dresser. I pulled out some more pajamas and a few of my sleeping shirts and moved back, placing them neatly in the suitcase. Papyrus had told me not to ignore him, because of how bad his heats can get, but there wasn't a single thing I wanted more than to leave in that moment.

During the last couple weeks alone, he'd getting closer and closer. But the way he looked was like a predator with his prey. He was hungry. He was needy. He was clingy. His scent clung to my skin and clothes, and at one point, Grillby had to send me home as soon as I got there because the smell was that bad.

He was in a primal state of mind. And while it scared the shit out of me, it excited me all the same. I didn't know if it was the pheromones talking or if I just really wanted to see what he was like when he was in heat.

“I'm getting ready to go,” I answered finally, feeling his eyes on my ass. “Frisk and I leave in a couple days.”

“yer really goin'?” he asked, sounding genuinely surprised. “but i thought ya'd wanna stay 'ere, wit' me.”

He came over and wrapped his arms around my waist. When I went to try and move his arms, he growled low in his throat. I paused, looking at him from the corner of my eye only to see he was watching my reaction. I took in a deep breath and was assaulted by the bonfire smoke again. I gently removed his arms from around me, turning and placing them by his side.

“I can't stay, and we know why,” I said pointedly. “I'm going with Frisk, and I will return in two and a half to three weeks when your heats are all done.”

He looked at me. I didn't know how he managed to do it, but I was pinned against the wall in mere seconds, one of his hands holding both of my wrists above my head. My legs were lying on the crests of his pelvis and my back partially arced into him from where my hands were being held. I let my eyes widen a fraction as he leaned in close.

He didn't kiss me, but he pressed against me fully, and let the overpowering smell of his scent marking wrap around me. When he spoke, his voice was a near growl.

“ya do that, pet,” he murmured and I felt my jaw partially fall open in shock at the change of my nickname. “but 'f ya need a quick fixin' while yer gone...” A single digit came up and caressed my cheek before his thumb and forefinger gripped my chin, making our eyes connect. “'ll be 'ere waitin' fer ya. th' house is all mine fer th' next sev'ral weeks, pet.”

He let me drop, careful to make sure I landed on my feet. When I was steady, I looked around to see he had disappeared. I took in a shaky breath and went into the bathroom to shower, scrubbing myself and having to set the water as cold as it could go for a few minutes.

Jesus Christ.

When I got out, I packed the rest of my stuff and left the house, going out for dinner for the hundredth time in the last few weeks.

Today, I made sure I had everything I thought I would need and maybe some extra stuff. I even packed one of my bikinis just in case Frisk really did want to go jump in the lake. I even had Solider staying with Annie from work, who made sure I was certain I didn't want to stay with her. I chuckled silently as I made my way to the front door, where only Wingdings and Papyrus stood. I tilted my head at the both of them as I rolled my suitcase to a stop in front of me.

“Where's Red?” I asked, looking around them.

“Locked in his room until we all leave,” Wingdings chuckled. “Is your room locked up and lights out?”

I nodded and he held up a finger as he meandered his way upstairs. Two seconds later there was a thud, and a growling noise that sounded a lot like talking. I didn't hear the eldest skeleton brother, but I did feel the tingle in the air from Wingdings's magic. Once that was done, he came back downstairs and nodded to Papyrus, who then gave me a chaste kiss on the back of my hand and left, getting into his car and driving off at top speed.

Wingdings ushered me out, locked the door behind him. He waved his hand over it, deep blood currant colored magic lighting it up before he nodded to himself and ushered me to his own car. It wasn't as flashy as Papyrus's, but it still made me do a double take before I chuckled.

“Mercedes, huh?”

“Ah, but it's such a wonderful car,” Wingdings said dramatically.

I laughed and stuff my suitcase in the backseat. When I went to open the passenger door, I heard a thud and looked up at Red's window. He was staring down at me, red smoke coming from his mouth as his cigar hung there. His eye lights were watching every tiny move I made, even when my fingers twitched on the door handle. He wasn't dressed as snazzy as he usually was, but he looked like he was ready to leap out of the window at me.

His eye lights flicked to something over my head and I realized he was watching his brother. I looked over at Wings, who just shrugged and got into the car. I looked back over to Red, who had his claws digging into the glass of his window. When he didn't see his brother anymore, he looked at me and sent me his feral grin with a saucy wink.

I felt my face heat up and dove into the car, clicking my seat belt in before Wings would drive away. When we left the house, I looked in the rear view mirror to see Red watching the car go, damn near trying to break the glass to continue watching or get out.

“Not to worry, Levy,” he said, both of his hands on the wheel. “I have magic set up around the house he can't get past. He won't be able to leave the house, and he won't be able to enter your room.”

“That's why you disappeared,” I muttered. “I should have thought that maybe Red would try and get into it since I wouldn't be home.”

He chuckled and kept up the idle chatter while we drove to the Don's place. Frisk said he'd be waiting for me there. During the ride, Wings had placed his hand on my knee once, and kept it there until he needed it to change something. Then when he had put it back, it was on my lower thigh.

I didn't know how to respond to that. It was the first real time that I had any real alone time with him. I stared out the window, watching everything pass us by as we continued to talk. And not once did his hand move from where he placed it.

When we made it to the Don's place, he parked in front of the gates, where Frisk was waiting by a car for me. He waved and came over, grabbing my suitcase out of the back and heading to the car and placing it in the trunk with his own stuff. While he got into the car, I unbuckled myself and went to get out of the car.

Wings tightened his grip on my leg and I looked over. I let out a small squeak. He had gotten pretty close, leaning over the center console. He was smiling down at me, and placed a single finger under my chin, tilting my head up a little more to meet his gaze.

“I'll see you in a few weeks, Levy,” he murmured.

He leaned down and gave me a slow kiss on the mouth. I blinked a few times before he pulled back, giving me a wink and moving away. I scrambled out of the car and power walked over to where Frisk was waiting, sliding into the passenger seat. Once I was buckled in, he put the car into drive and we were off.

I watched as Wings's car made a U turn, heading back the way he and I had come. When his car was out of sight, I slumped into my seat and let out a sigh that turned into a groan about halfway through it. Frisk chuckled, heading onto the highway.

“Been a long few weeks, huh?” he asked, maneuvering the car through traffic easily.

“You have no idea.”

I began to tell him about the day when Wings had claimed he wanted to date me like Red. While he hooted with laughter, I explained the rest of the last few weeks, ending with Red trying to claw his way out of the window from his room. He was laughing the entire time.

“Oh, boy. Sounds like you got it rough, Lev,” he sighed, wiping his eyes. “Who do you think would be best?”

I let out an inhuman noise as I looked over at him. “You know I have more op–”

He shook his head, getting into the slower lane and getting off at an exit. “You don't have options anymore. Once Red made it known he wanted you, all bets at anything else were off. Add in W.D.? Oh, girl, you're doomed.”

I groaned for the tenth time since I got in the car. We continued talking as he pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store. We made our way out, heading for the store. He and I made a mini list as we walked through the aisles. There were snacks thrown into the cart, and meats and other lazy frozen things just in case. We grabbed his favorite drinks and a few of mine, plus some alcohol to try and keep me sane through the maze that was my life now.

We checked out and got everything into the car before I took the wheel, driving through the city before hitting a patch of country. Frisk told me which ways to go and the path to look for.

As we pulled into the driveway that had the lodge we would be staying in, I wasn't even surprised that it was as big as it was. Once we were out, people in suits came out of the house and began to grab things from the car. I managed to snag the bag that had my alcohol, holding it to my chest as I followed one of the women who led me into the room that would be mine.

It was amazing. Wooden walls and floors. The large bed was king, and it was leaning against the wall in the corner. There was a nightstand beside it and there was a large dresser leaning against the opposite wall. There was a walk in closet and a en suite. When I poked my head in, I almost squealed. There was a whirlpool bathtub in there, white porcelain shining in the light.

Oh, I couldn't wait to use that.

I came back out to see my suitcase resting on the bed. I smiled and went over to it, unlocking it and popping the lid open. When I went to reach for something, I paused.

There was a hoodie in there I didn't remember having. I didn't even think I owned something like this. I lifted it out of the suitcase, studying it. It was all black with a yellow zipper and white fur around the hood. There was a small red patch on the side, and when I looked it seemed to be a dragon or dog skull embedded in the fabric.

I turned it over a few times before the smell of bonfire smell wafted from it, hitting me in the face. I got a small sense of homesickness, moving to place the jacket back down. A piece of paper fluttered to rest atop the rest of the clothes and stuff I had packed in the suitcase. I paused, placing the hoodie down on the bed and picking up the paper. It was a note...

hey, sugar.

figured ya'd want somethin' t' remember me by while yer gone. gonna miss havin' ya 'round th' next several weeks. wear this an' think o' me when ya get lonely, aight?


I touched my hand to my cheek. I read it one more time before putting the note on the nightstand beside the bed and grabbed the hoodie again. After regarding it for a minute, I decided to put it on. It was huge on me, covering the entirety of my upper body and went down to the middle of my thighs. I zipped it up halfway before moving all of my other things around into the dresser or the closet. When I was done, I closed the suitcase and stuffed it under the bed.

I went downstairs, where Frisk was moving around the kitchen. There were a couple of men clad in black that were standing nearby, watching as I came down. When they saw the hoodie, one of them gave a faint smile while the other one chuckled, giving us a wave before heading outside.

Frisk turned to see what had been so amusing and he let out a low whistle. “Haven't seen that in a long time,” he murmured, turning back to what he was doing.

“Is it important or something?” I asked, plucking at the sleeve a little.

Frisk shrugged. “Before the monsters came up and got real involved with mafia business, they were just like regular people, just trying to survive. Their world was kill or be killed. If you had a weakness to exploit, they did. Red and Paps were the worst of them.” He paused and looked at you. “When Papy got into the Royal Guard, he made Red wear a collar with a tag. It had Papyrus's name on it just in case anyone tried to go after him.”

I frowned, my brows furrowing as I came further into the room, sitting on the island behind him. “But isn't Red older?”

“While that's true, Red isn' strong as he makes himself out to be, but that's for him to tell you,” Frisk muttered, looking through his phone at something. “Papyrus made sure Red was safe, since he's Papyrus's only real weak point, W.D. can take care of himself, but Red needed watched after a lot of the time. He raised Papyrus mostly, since W.D. was busy doing Royal Scientist things.”

I hummed. “Sounds like Papyrus was returning the favor.”

He nodded absently. “That's true. Him and Grillby always kept tabs on Red, even when he wander off to go talk to someone or go to work in the lab with his brother.”

I raised a brow. “Just how smart is he?”

He only chuckled. “Again, you'd need to talk to him about that. It's not my place.”

We continued chatting quietly about his adventures through the Underground. I nearly died of laughter when he mentioned how much worse Mettaton was up here than he was down there. But I guess he'd still been horrible even down there. Talking about the dance off made me chuckle, and he even showed me some of the moves he pulled during the fight.

Lunch was amazing. It was mini cheeseburgers and fries, with a small dill pickle on the side. As we ate, he began to tell me about the things to do around here. There was a mall not far from where we were and Toriel had given him a card to give to me. Everything I got on this trip was on her since I had come with him so he wasn't lonely this time. It had an unlimited amount, and she would pay back whatever was spent.

I made a mental note not to go too crazy with it.

There was a small lake nearby that he wanted to take me to go swimming or fishing. Hell, or both. He learned I had grown up on a farm and asked how I was with horses. I hadn't been riding on a horse in years, and I was ready to ride again. Apparently, there was a ranch that wasn't too far off from where we were.

Plus, he told me there was a freaking Jacuzzi on the porch on the back. You bet your sweet ass I'm going there tonight.

We cleaned up and Frisk went off to do his own thing for a bit. Which probably meant take a nap. However, I was too wired. It was starting to get chillier in the nights again, and I wanted to go do something other than just sit there. So I went up to my room and grabbed my phone, a book and my headphones. I changed into my bikini and headed out to the back, plugging in my headphones and scrolling through the music.

I turned on the jets and set the temperature before stepping inside of it. The guards I saw earlier were lurking around, and I noticed them looking my way every now and then to make sure I was still where I was. I gave them a wave each time they looked to let them know I was doing okay.

After scrolling through my music and choosing a song, I went through my notifications. Annie had texted me letting me know Solider was definitely eating and doing okay for his first night without me. I felt bad about leaving him, but maybe always depending on my cat wasn't exactly the healthiest thing...

I noticed there were numerous messages from Red, one that even been sent several minutes prior. I went through all of my other things before scrolling through his messages.

Cherry: u get there ok?

Cherry: i miss u already

Cherry: r they treatin' u ok?

Cherry: sugar, i need u 2 answer me

Cherry: woman, i fuckin' swear when u get back, m gonna tan ur ass red as my magic.

Cherry: sry, sugar; kinda gettin' bad. wish u were here t help.

Cherry: [picture]

I paused in the scrolling, seeing the top of the picture. I could see some white, and see the walls of the living room. It took me a while to remember Papyrus and Wings both took off while the heat was still in play. I chewed my lip before thinking fuck it, and scrolled down.

I let out a little yelp and almost dropped my phone in the water. After calming down the guards, lying to them that I had just seen something on my phone that startled me, I settled back into the warm water, daring to look at the picture again.

He was sitting there on the couch, shirtless. I could see the nicks and scars on his ribs, but that wasn't what threw me for a loop. What threw me for a loop was the long, pointed red tongue that was sticking out, curling up between his two fingers shaped in a V against his teeth. His gold tooth and piercing glinted as his eye lights looked right at the camera, one lowered in a wink.

I didn't know if the heat on my face was because of the Jacuzzi, or if it was because of the picture at this point. I scrolled to see what he had written underneath.

Cherry: cum 'ere, pet. lemme take care of ya.


I put my phone up beside me, taking in a deep breath. Nope. Not doing that. He was in heat, and he didn't know what he was doing. This was just his head talking. And not the head that was attached to his spine. I just had to ignore him, and he might go away.

I picked up my book and settled back, leaning against the cushion that rested against the back of my neck. In the quiet of the fading light, with my music and my book, I read. It was the most peaceful time I'd had since this whole heat started.

That's where I was almost the rest of the night, reading in the porch light and listening to my music while being watched over by the guards.