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You'll Be Mine

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The next day around lunch, Red left to go attend a meeting with Frisk. He left after checking in on me, telling me if I needed anything to give him or Papyrus a call. I nodded, giving him a small smile and waving him out the door. When he left the house, I went downstairs and curled up on the couch, sighing heavily.

The last couple of weeks played out in my head and I rolled my eyes. I had basically become something close to a live in maid, and neither of them had complained about it. I didn't have much of a problem. I mean, it helped keep me busy. I couldn't work at Grillby's with my ankle messed up and I had managed to keep myself busy.

Not to mention, Papyrus was already such a clean freak. He did the dishes as he cooked, and he kept the things in the house stocked. He made sure that Red ate and did what he needed to do just to function in the most basic ways. Hell, he even made sure I was eating and getting out of bed and stuff. He reminded me of a mother hen.

After I calmed down last night, Papyrus had made sure to remind me I was welcome in their home. Whether I wanted to stay or not was up to me, but if I wanted to stay until I found a new place of my own, I was more than welcome.

But I was nervous. Dominic had found me. I didn't know what terrified me more; the fact he had found me, or the fact he made it as known as he did. Not just by text message, but by trashing my apartment and even tracking down that stupid necklace. That goddamn necklace brought back so many bad memories, and I couldn't take it.

It had been a sign of his love at one point before it had been a brand. It had been a brand of his ownership to all the sleazy people that came through the bar. It had been the only rock I had to ground myself when things got too hard. It had been the only thing I had to remind myself that love was nothing but a game to some people.

And it was a hopeless thing to hope for in their line of business.

I huffed, watching as Soldier came out of the kitchen. Papyrus had moved his food and water into the kitchen, and was beginning to spoil the cat all the time. Nowadays, I saw him only when I was having bad days. The other days, he was often following around the taller of the skeletons. If not that, then he snuck into his room and curled up on the end of his bed, waiting for him to come home.

It's a good thing most of their stuff was already black. I chuckled and bent down to pet the cat. He meowed at me and hopped up beside me, curling up and falling asleep. I sighed and got up, deciding it was time to try and get something done today. I grabbed my phone and plugged in my headphones, putting them in before scrolling through and choosing a random song.

I bopped about, moving to clean the house as best as I could. Or at least get to the things that Papyrus couldn't. When I checked the cupboards, I noticed we were running out of a few things, so I went over to the fridge and freezer, checking them. Papyrus must have been distracted if he didn't do any shopping.

I hummed, heading to my room to grab a little notebook I had used to keep track of what I needed to grab. After checking my toiletries, I went downstairs to see what they needed in their house food-wise. I jotted things down as I went, humming along with my music. During a lull in my tunes, I heard the front door open.

“Welcome home...boys...”

I went into the front foyer to see that it wasn't either of the skeletons I was used to seeing. In fact, this was a skeleton I had never seen before, even in the two weeks I had been here. He wore an immaculate suit that reminded me of Papyrus's cleanliness. His vest and handkerchief was a lighter shade of red than Red's usual bloody color. The fedora on his head came off, revealing a long crack down from the top of his skull to the top of his left eye socket. When he looked up, I noticed there was a similar crack the went from the bottom of his right socket to the top of his mouth. He took of his shoes as he held eye contact with me.

“So, you must be the girl I've been hearing about,” he finally said. He voice sounded strange, like there was a strange garble behind his words. It reminded me a lot of Grillby's crackling flames. “I don't think we've had the pleasure.”

I silently shook my head as he came closer. Neither Red nor Papyrus had mentioned another skeleton living here. They never mentioned any other family other than themselves. I took my time to notice he was taller than Red, but still a little shorter than Papyrus. Maybe seven feet. Which was still a lot more intimidating than my own five foot ten.

He stood in front of me, offering a hand. I took notice almost immediately that there were holes missing in each of his palms, as though someone had carved them out. I hesitantly took his hand and he brought it to his mouth, giving it a chaste kiss.

"My name is Wingdings, but you can call me W.D., if that's easier for you,” he said graciously. “I apologize for not coming to meet you sooner.”

“O-oh, I'm sorry,” I stammered. “My name is–”

“Levy, I know,” he chuckled, letting go of my hand. “Or sugar, depending the brother you're talking to.”

“I'm sorry for intruding on your home,” I said, pausing my music on my phone. “Red insisted would be okay...”

“Mm, yes. I heard what happened with your apartment. Shame, really,” he murmured. “Was anything of value taken from you?”

I shook my head. More like someone bringing the value. “No, nothing. It mostly looked like they were trying to find something I didn't have. My apartment was totally trashed.”

“I'm sorry you had to go back to that,” Wingdings said sadly. “I hope my brothers have been hospitable while you've been here.”

“Oh, of course!” I rushed to say. “They've been wonderful.”

He nodded. “If you'll excuse me, I need to retire. I've been out on business for a while and need to recharge.”

“Of course,” I said, nodding. “Would you like me to bring you dinner later?”

He smiled. “Ah, that would be lovely.”

He gave one more kiss to the back of my hand and then he was gone. He moved around me and headed upstairs, probably to the other spare room I wasn't allowed in. When I heard the door shut, I fell to my knees onto the floor. I blinked at the carpet before I could regain any sense of what had happened.

I just met their brother. Wingsdings. Hell, I didn't even know their last name. I was in turmoil over here, trying to make sense of what had just happened. I finally managed to stand up and move to the kitchen again. I finished taking stock of what I needed and went back upstairs to get my wallet. After grabbing that I went back to the kitchen to grab the list, tucking that in my back pocket with my wallet. Once I made sure I had everything, I paused. Should I lock up the house? I didn't have a key to get back in...

“Go ahead; I'll keep the door unlocked for you.”

I almost jumped out of my skin when Wingdings came back into the room, smiling as he headed for the coffee pot. I thanked him before heading out the door, putting my music back in my ears.

I walked the same path Red had numerous times when my ankle had been shot. A lot of the more familiar faces gave me a smile and a wave, and I couldn't help but return the favor. A lot of these monsters had come around after they heard about what happened to make sure I was okay. It was really endearing.

I hummed along to the song, dancing along the way. I felt a smile rise on my lips as I turned in circles and skipped around. I hadn't felt like this since before Dominic. So carefree and happy. It felt like everything that happened yesterday had happened a lifetime ago.

I noticed a lot of people were smiling and laughing with me, waving and giving me thumbs up. It was one of the things I enjoyed about being out this way. Even when I acted like a fool out in public, there were oftentimes people, monster or human, would stop and dance with me. Or they would laugh and wave like they were now. They weren't afraid to be around me.

I wasn't afraid to be around them.

One of the songs changed, and I giggled, beginning to sing along to the song.

“She had them apple bottom jeans,

boots with the fur!

The whole club was lookin' at her.

She hit the floor

Next thing you know,

Shawty get low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low,

The baggy sweatpants and the Reeboks with the straps,

She turned around and gave that big booty a smack

She hit the floor

Next thing ya know

Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low!”

People were coming up to me, grabbing my hands and twirling me. Even for such an inappropriate song, they were laughing with me and dancing. There was one guy who even pretended to smack said ass. Last minute, he smacked his own. And I could help but crack up laughing.

The guy was in a full blown business suit, and he was sitting here with me as I sang about some bitch dropping it low. And smacking his own ass. I continued, even rapping the lyrics as I walked. A lot of people looked at me stunned before they had their turn to joke around with me. So, just to continue the reactions, I kept going.

“Hey, Shawty what I gotta do to get you home

My jeans full of gwap and they ready for stones

Cadillacs, Maybachs for the sexy grown,

Patrone on the rocks that'll make you moan

One stack (come on)

Two stacks (come on)

Three stacks (come on, now that's three grand)

What you think I'm playin' babygirl?”

When I entered the store, I stopped, taking out on of the earbuds and smiling over at the cat monster. I waved over to him. “Hey, BP.”

He hated his name, which wasn't even his actual name. He didn't give me his actual name, but told me to call him BP instead. I had easily agreed. The poor monster looked ready to pass out standing up. I came over and held my arms out, giving him a small pouty face.

He rolled his eyes, but he reached over and gave me hug from the other side of the counter. I laughed, giving his furry kiss on his cheek. He leaned away, one of his ears, which was missing a chunk, twitching. I chuckled.

“How ya been, little buddy? Thought you were goin' home yesterday?” he asked, chewing on a toothpick.

I sighed. “I was supposed to. But...someone broke in a while back and trashed the place. The food I had in the fridge was thrown out and rotted.”

BP moved his toothpick to the other side of his mouth. “Shit, that sucks. Where ya staying at now?”

“Back with the boneheads until I can figure out my next step,” I hollered to him as I brought my list out of my back pocket. “I'll be going back to work tomorrow night.”

He didn't say anything else as I grabbed a basket and began to fill it up. I double checked the list and went to the aisles I needed. I muttered my music to myself as I gathered everything. The songs changed one by one as I moved through the store, grabbing what I needed to. When I went to the front counter, I almost tripped over my shoes.

Red stood talking to BP, leaning over the counter. He looked relaxed, even though he must have just gotten back from whatever meeting him and Frisk had. I took in the scene with narrowed eyes, though. BP looked like he was shaking, wringing his paws together, and his fur looked like it was standing on edge. When he red eyes flitted over to me, they widened considerably more.

As if noticing the cat monster's eyes not on him anymore, Red's head swiveled and we locked gazes. I almost shrank away from him. He looked...angry. The bones in his face looked like they were pinched, and his teeth were making a weird kind of creaking noise; almost like he was grinding his teeth or clenching them. His hands were curled in front of him where he was leaning on the counter.

“Red. I thought you had a meeting today with Frisk?” I asked softly, coming closer slowly.

“s'over,” he said simply. Short. That wasn't good.

It was quiet as I paid for everything. When BP handed me the backs back, he gave me a look I could only describe as apologetic.

What did he have to be sorry for?

When he got outside, Red grabbed my arm and there was a second where there was nothing. When I blinked, we were in the ktichen, and he was putting everything on the counter. Then he turned to me, glaring.

“are ya fuckin' stupid 'r somethin'?” he growled.

I blinked. This was new. He had been nothing but nice and now he was snapping on me like I had kicked his dog across a field.


“i don't wanna fuckin' hear it,” he snapped.

He came closer to me, his steps eating up the distance between us. I backed away as far as I could until I hit the fridge. I let out a loud gasp as he slammed both hands against the fridge beside my head, trapping me in. I looked up at him with wide eyes as he stared down at me. His eye lights were flickering, like he was trying to control his rage.

“'ve been goin' through yer history, sugar,” Red said lowly, his voice slightly shaking. “when were ya gonna tell me that ya were in with th' bianchi family?”

That name alone had the color draining from my face. My hands shook but I fisted them in the hem of my shirt as he glared down at me. Even though the fridge was cool on my back, my front was beginning to sweat. I let out a large gulp, but he didn't pay any mind to it as he stared down at me.

I thought they had gotten rid of my time with them. They said they would get rid off all ties with them, including the time before they made me do that stupid fucking job. Oh god, I was panting now.

“see, frisk 's kinda good wit' computers an' shit like dat,” he said, his accent thicker. “ya left yer phone down 'ere th' other night, an' 'e went through 't t' see what'cha got t' hide from us.” His hand came back and slammed against the fridge again, eliciting a small shriek from me. “why didn' ya fuckin' tell me ya were 'n wit' 'em, levy?”

He used my name. He didn't call me sugar or try to joke it off. He had used my name. He was seriously pissed off. All because he wanted to know my past. But I hadn't known him that long...and I didn't want to ruin what was going on. Everything had been going fine.

I looked away angrily, huffing. “Because it's in the past, Sans.”

If he wanted to use my name, I could do the same thing to him. Call it petty, but this wasn't a playing time, and I was really upset with this.

“a past dat coulda gotten one 'o us killed, ya fuckin' moron,” he snarled now. His clawed phalanges were digging into the fridge now. “yer in bed wit' 'em still, ain'tcha? dat's why ya haven't said a fuckin' word.”

I must have been asking for a death wish at this point.

I shoved him back. His eye lights flickered in surprise as I advanced on him now, grinding my teeth together. How fucking dare he? He didn't know the goddamn story. But I guess that's why this was all happening. But that didn't give him the excuse to accuse me of something I would never do in a million years.

“I don't know who you think you are,” I snapped lowly, “but don't ever accuse me of that shit again! I left that shit behind, and I never intend on going back. I told you that.”

I could feel my lower lip trembling, and I could feel the telltale burn behind my eyes and my nose. I jabbed a finger at him as I spoke and when I finished, I left him leaning against the kitchen table. I marched up the stairs and past the three bedrooms before getting into my own and slamming the door shut. Probably with a little more force than necessary.

But I didn't care. I let the dam break, and my face was wet with tears as I landed on my bed, gathering my pillow close. I curled around it and let out a broken sob.

I didn't want to go back there. If he made me go back there, they would kill me. One of the only conditions I had for leaving was to make sure I was never associated with them. I would be an asset, and they didn't need that with all their shady ass businesses. They didn't need to know about their drugs and guns and other bullshit.

Memories surfaced, and I tried to bury myself deeper into the pillow. There was a gentle knock on the door, but I said nothing, just continuing to cry. Fuck them and fuck this. I would find out how much I had saved and I would leave. If I was that dangerous, I would just leave them all alone and never see them again.

That was the plan originally anyway. So why did it hurt that I thought like this?

I looked away from the pillow, blinking against the onslaught of light before focusing on the glinting necklace that was in front of me. I could sell that again and get away from it completely. The stupid thing was just taunting me, reminding me of a time when fearing for my life was normal. Where I thought someone had loved me, but they were just using me.

And they used my family against me.

And to have that stupid fucking skeleton accuse me of lying in the same bed as them? How dare he. He didn't know the shit I had to go through. How hard it was just to wake up, just to crawl back into my room and cry myself to sleep.

I stared at the wall. In a sense, I couldn't blame him for being upset. The monster family had been having problems with the human mafias. Claiming territory was getting harder, and the monsters were fighting back. But the humans were relentless, and having one on the inside could really hurt them.

I guess I could understand why Red was upset, and he had asked for my story. But I didn't want him to look at me any different. I didn't want him to see the scared nineteen year old who was shaking in her heels when she saw the pole. I wanted him to see the strong twenty-four year old who knew what she was doing, and knew what she wanted. That I was strong. I was brave.

Not meek. Not scared and frightened hiding in the corner.

The thought sent a shiver through my body.

I wouldn't let this douche win. I would just sell the necklace again, gather the money I had, and start looking for a different place. I would get my stuff after work tomorrow and find a hotel to stay in. I wasn't going to cower to him.

Though, it was kind of hot. One of the reason Dominic and I hadn't done anything very often was because he was too soft. He talked a big game, but it was always too...lax. It lacked any real fire or passion I would have expected to come from him. In hindsight, it was probably part of the reason he always got mad at me. But Red? He could talk a big game, and something told me he could back up what he said. Pinned to the fridge, my mind had gone to many different directions, but I didn't act on any of them. He was rightfully mad, he just shouldn't have taken it out on me like that. But, in the end, my panties were a little damp, and my hormones were a little on the hyped side.

I sighed. I needed a cold shower and to start calculating what to do.