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You'll Be Mine

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Everyone ended up eating dinner in the living room since there was next to no room in the living room. Alphys kept sneaking glances at me and writing things down on her clipboard. Red stayed beside me, close enough that his bones would occasionally rub against me. I glanced over at him every now and then, but he was focused on eating the dinner I had prepared.

Everyone enjoyed it. Papyrus begrudgingly praised the food I prepared, even if it was kind of backhanded. Toriel had asked if I could give her the recipe, and I told her I would talk to mom about it. It was her recipe, after all.

I thought about them now. I should probably give them a call tomorrow to let them know I was okay. I had talked to them not long ago, but they hadn't heard from me in a while. I was sure they were giving themselves anxiety over how I was faring in this place. They hated the city.

But could I tell them what I was really doing? They had trusted me enough to move out here when I had come home. After Dominic. They hadn't let me out of their sight for months, and I told them it I wouldn't go near this kind of crap again.

But then Red had to come marching into Grillby's, and I got mixed up in this all over again. Though I guess, thinking on it, once I was healed up and could go home, I could just not come around as much. I would still work at Grillby's, of course. He was a great boss, and a wonderful figure to look out for me the way he does. But, I would have to try and avoid Red.

I didn't know why, but it my heart constrict thinking like that.

Mettaton took a sip from his oil can. I figured out he couldn't have actual food, being a machine and all. “So tell me, precious, what brought you around to theirs?”

I looked at him, swallowing my food before answering. “What do you mean?”

“What brings a human from a shitty area to live with two of the most powerful monsters in the family?” Undyne said, her voice laced with suspicion. She looked me over. “You don't like one of their nightly bitches.”

Toriel gasped and Flowey cackled. “Undyne! The children!”

She waved a hand. “My apologies, Madame. But seriously,” she said again, looking at me, “why are you here?”

Before I could answer, Red did it for me. “'cause sh' was attacked not far from 'er home. 's why sh' needed th' brace 'n th' first place. i found 'er in time an' brought 'er 'ere t' heal up.” He pointed his fork at her. “not like 's any o' yer business.”


Undyne huffed, placing her empty plate on the coffee table in front of her. “I'm just asking. It just seemed weird after your visit with Grillby is all.”

“I would prefer if you would stop interrogating her,” Grillby now said, his purple flames flicking upward to show his irritation. “The attack she went through messed her up and I would like it if you left her alone.”

Undyne rolled her eyes, but let it drop. Alphys was looking between me, Grillby and Red. Her face was becoming orange in color, almost like she was blushing. She let out a squeal before she pointed one of her claws.

“I-I ship -i-it!” she gasped, her face now fully enflamed.

I blinked at her slowly, tilting my head. She couldn't possibly mean shipping me with Red or Grillby, right? Like we were some kind of weird anime love triangle. I wanted to think that, but with the way Undyne was sizing the three of you up as well, you could tell that's exactly what she meant.

Who knew the insane doctor liked anime?

“I agree with Alph,” Frisk offered, stuffing a piece of garlic bread in his mouth. He chewed thoughtfully before adding, “This is gonna be fun.”

Toriel rolled her eyes as MK agreed with her. Watching Frisk feed the armless monster was a little weird. Hell, just the fact that he was armless was a little strange to me. But I guess there was nothing to be done about that. I simply shook my head and started gathering plates.

Papyrus promptly took everything off my hands, saying he would do the dishes. Conversation picked up again, but I couldn't get into it. I was feeling tired. It was always like this with a lot of people; it was just draining. Plus, being interrogated by Undyne was enough to make me want to dip the fuck out and go snuggle my cat.

Speaking of my cat, Soldier had curled up in Asgore's lap again. I groaned and snapped to get the cat's attention.

“Soldier, come on! He's trying to eat,” I grunted.

Asgore laughed. “It is fine, young one. He is perfectly fine where he is.”

I sighed and nodded, rubbing my temples. I had a horrible headache. Not to mention, I could almost feel the giant elephant in the room, but not one person said anything. And it was driving me crazy. It was the same thing when I first met Red.

They all saw my eyes. They stared. They looked confused as they tried to figure out what was going on with them. But not a single one of them pointed it out, or asked about it. No one made a mention, but there was the underlying question in the room.

It was all just exhausting.

“ya tired, sugar?”

I looked over at Red, nodding. “Yeah. I don' well with a lot of people at one time.”

“let's getcha t' bed then,” he said, grunting as he got up.

I was pulled into a flurry of thank yous. Toriel gripped my hands between her paws, saying she would love to repay the favor and have me over for some dinner and pie. Undyne and Alphys both begrudgingly waved to me, letting me know it was nice to meet me as the pored over what it was Alphys had written. Frisk gave me a hug and MK gave me a footbump. I guess it was his version of a fist bump. Flowey was still eyeing me like I left a bad taste in his mouth, so I just stuck my tongue out at him. Grillby gave me a hug and told me to get well enough so he could have his help back.

Mettaton was definitely dramatic, lifting me up and telling me not to miss him too much. He would be back again to make sure these horrible skeletons hadn't taken me in just to ruin me. I laughed as Red grumbled behind him. Muffet invited me into her cafe at anytime, saying she would maybe give me some money off my order. I waved her off. If she was like Grillby, she was greedy as fuck. I wasn't playing with that fire. Papyrus came in to bade me goodnight, soap and water dripping from his bones. I thanked them all again before Red helped me up the stairs. I noticed that before we left, there was the smell of bonfire smoke again permeating the air. All the monsters seemed to notice as well, their eyes on Red. I couldn't tell what their expressions were, but they definitely either seemed angry, annoyed or shocked.

When he moved me to my bed, I collapsed, grumbling into my blankets.

“Can you grab me some pajama bottoms and a different shirt?” I asked, my voice muffled. “I wanna get out of these clothes.”

“no problem, sugar.”

I heard him move to the dresser and shift around inside of it for a moment before it shut and I felt the clothes land on the bed beside me. I weakly turned over, staring up at the ceiling. I moved to sit up and watched as Red went for the door.


He paused and looked over at me.

“Ah..thank you,” I murmured. “For...for everything. Not just today, but...”

He chuckled coming back over to me and placing a single digit under my chin. He turned my face up to his, our eyes meeting. There was a pause where I thought he would trying to kiss me again, but he didn't. Instead, he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead, his fangs scraping slightly against my skin. When he looked back down at me, he gave me a wink.

“'s really not a problem, sugar,” he said huskily. “get some sleep, yeah?”

He left me there, closing the door with a soft click behind him. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, slowly changing from my dinner clothes. I sat down to put everything one, readjusting the brace to make it a little tighter.

When I fell back against the pillows, I sighed, turning onto my side and staring out the window. The night sky was dotted with stars, and I found myself thinking it was nicer in this part of the city. I could actually see the stars since there weren't as many street lamps around. I felt my eyes slowly closing as I continued to stare.

On the brink of sleep, I swear I thought I heard Red muttering something.


She wasn't kidding when she said too much social interaction tired her out. This was the first time Red had seen her pass out as quick as she had. Usually, he could hear her tossing and turning a lot before she finally settled into a deep enough sleep.

Red ran his claws through her hair, feeling the silkiness under his tips before he pulled away, his teeth set in a frown.

“g'night, sugar,” he murmured. “'ll see ya t'morrow.”

With that, he left the room, and headed back downstairs where everyone was waiting for his return. Muffet had taken MK and herself home, saying it was getting late. She had to open the bakery early, and MK didn't want to be there anymore. Toriel had given him the okay to head home with her.

When he sat back down, he pulled out a cigar, using his magic to light it. The taste of cherries hit his tongue and he blew out the smoke through his nasal cavity.

“So w-what's the d-deal with her?”

Alphys's voice made his eye lights snap over to the little psycho. She looked like she wanted to pepper him with questions, but stopped short when he watched her. He didn't say anything, and she was beginning to get twitchy under his gaze. Finally, she spoke again.

“I'd like t-to do some tests with h-her–”


“S-Sans, I don't think y-you u-understand...”

“i said no,” he snarled, leaning forward. “she's not somethin' ya c'n experiment on, got it?”

Alphys glared at him. “I d-don't want to r-really experiment. I-I just w-wanna see why her e-eyes–”

“i fuckin' said no. drop it.”

The silence that ensued after was thick with tension. Undyne looked ready to summon one of her spears and impale him on it until he turned to dust, but he didn't care. They weren't Underground anymore. There was no need for this stupid lizard to experiment on her or hurt her.

He'd looked up a term for her eyes, but it still didn't explain why the one was such a deep purple. It was such an odd color on a human. But it seemed to fit it. It matched one of the colors of her soul. And the way her soul reverberated its colors was magnificent. It made his own soul pulse and beat in his chest almost painfully.

It resonated, and he wasn't about to let this bitch hurt her.

Frisk leaned forward, elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands. “Sans, for real, what's her story? I've looked into some stuff, but most of it looked like it was just...erased. I mean, Dad and I know about her ex, but it was like after they got together...nothing. Nothing until they split.”

Red grunted. “sorry, kid. tryna figure that out m'self.”

Red scowled as Asgore moved forward placing a hand on the kid's head. “You did your best, young one. We've all done our best with what we're given.”

Frisk nodded as Undyne moved, shifting herself. “She works for fireball over here, right?” she asked, hooking a thumb in Grillby's direction. “Maybe he knows something?”

All eyes turned to the fire elemental, who was leaning against the couch, just watching them. His eye flashed white for a moment in surprise, his purple flames deepening in color. Red knew he was thrown off at being tossed under the bus like that. But this was important. Surely he would try and offer up something? Anything?

“The only thing that I am aware of,” he said slowly, “is that she came from a really bad past. She talks a lot about her mother and father, so I know it's not that. But when I ask her about the ages of eighteen to twenty-one, she pulls a Sans and redirects the entire conversation.”

Red scoffed. “didja really jus' use m' name like that?”

Grillby nodded. “I most certainly did, my friend,” he said. He turned back to the Don's family. “Those will probably be the years you need to look for. She doesn't seem keen of answering questions about those days, either.” He scowled. “She also has a bad habit of hiding certain parts of her body. Like when I gave her the uniform for my bar, she asked a lot of questions about keeping her stomach and a part of her arm covered.”

Red paid attention to that. There was nothing wrong with her arm. And her stomach? What, did she think she was fat? The broad was crazy if she thought that. The text message she had received earlier ran through his mind, and he hummed, attention coming back to him.

“sh' did getta text earlier from a random numba,” he said, inhaling more of his cigar. “sh' seemed freaked out over 't, too.”

Frisk looked over at him with a snap of his head. “Get me the phone,” he said. “I can probably trace it back to whoever sent it.”

“And from there we could probably see what the missing links are in her past,” Toriel mused quietly, running a giant paw over his head. “Good thinking, my child.”

Frisk smiled up at his adoptive mom before looking over at the others. Papyrus made his way back into the room, sitting down beside Grillby. He was caught up to speed, and Papyrus gave out a loud “NYAHAHAH”.


Frisk shot up and dashed into the kitchen, taking his bag with him. Red chuckled and turned back to his brother.

“yer th' best, bro.”


Conversation continued, but no one brought up her eyes again. Red glanced at the stairs every now and then, making sure Levy wasn't walking in on the conversation. But he could also hear her. She was sleeping peacefully, his little sugar. She was sweet as candy, and he could almost feel his fangs falling out of his face from how precious she was.

But he wouldn't be caught dead actually saying that. Red knew better. He knew that showing weakness for someone could get you killed, especially in this line of work. He had to play his cards carefully if he wanted to keep her around.

And that was the end goal. He'd make sure she'd want to stay. Even when she finally left, she wouldn't be seeing less of him. He would make sure of that.

He caught the faint whiff of bonfire smoke and closed his sockets, willing himself to rein it all in. He can't get too ahead of himself. Marking her with his scent now could pose a problem. He didn't want to scare her off.

But any time he thought of her with another person, monster or human, the marrow in bones boiled. He wouldn't allow that to happen. He wanted her, and stars be damned if he wouldn't have her. Despite what she had said in her room the previous night, he was going to win her over. He was going to make sure she was begging him for more when he got her with him.

He was going to claim her as his own for the entire world to see.

And he couldn't wait.


When I woke up the next morning, I looked over to see my door had been slightly cracked, and that Soldier was sitting beside me, sleeping. He was nestled happily in the crook of my legs, his head lying on the sides of my kneecaps. I smiled sleepily at him and reached out to stroke his head. He shifted, making a chirping noise before rolling away and falling back asleep.

I was content to just lay there, looking out the window once more. The sunlight was just beginning to peak out over the horizon in the distance. The sky was cast in hues of pinks and oranges, purples and some blues. It must have been really early in the morning if the sky was painted like that. I groaned and pulled the blanket up over my head, yanking it a little to make Solider move a little.

The cat mewed softly, instead just getting off the bed entirely and went to his own. I rolled my eyes and encompassed myself in the darkness of the comforter. I kept a little hole open so I could still get a little air and sighed, shutting my eyes again.

Last night, I had slept fine for the first little bit. Then I woke up, swallowing the scream that was in the back of my throat. It had taken me ten minutes to realize I wasn't there anymore. I was in a different room, in a different house. With an entirely different species. I wasn't back in that place, and I wasn't about to be yanked out of bed for anything. I was here. I was with Red and Papyrus.

When I had finally settled, I realized I had left my phone downstairs. I decided they wouldn't do anything since there isn't anything of interest in there, and I went back to sleep. For only know these guys for a couple weeks, I was weirdly comfortable with them. I let that thought alone carry me back off into a, thankfully, pleasant sleep.

I turned onto my side and hummed to myself before taking in a deep breath and moving the blanket away. I got out of bed, placing the gentlest amount of pressure on my ankle as I made my way to the bathroom. Good, I was able to put some pressure on it today.

After going through my morning routine, I made my way downstairs, carefully trying to maneuver myself to the side to make walking a little easier. I hobbled my way into the kitchen, where my phone was laying on the table. I smiled and picked it up, unlocking it and scrolling through the notifications. Nothing major. I checked the time and smiled. I went through my contacts and found the one I wanted, pressing call.

After three rings, they picked up.


“Hey, momma.”

“Oh, Lev!” she breathed out. “I was worried sick. How have you been?”

I caught her up on all the events she missed, including the attack in the alleyway. My dad had overheard that and was now trying to convince me coming home would be much safer. I hesitated on telling them about the monsters I was currently residing with. I already could see how that conversation would play out, but I hadn't really ever lied to them. Except for when I was gone for those three years.

“I'm just glad you're doing okay now,” she sighed. “Are the people you're staying with helping you? How is Grillby holding up without you?”

She knew I worked for the fire monster. And while they had their reservations about it, they haven't really spoken against it. They weren't racist against monsters, but they didn't like the kind of businesses they ran. I bit my lip, swirling around the cup of coffee I had made while I was talking to them.

“He's fine, momma. He knew I needed time to get my ankle healed up, and told me to come back when I was ready to,” I answered. “And, the monsters I'm–”

“Monsters?” My dad's voice broke through now, sounding both curious and worried. “Which monsters?”

“Dad, it doesn't...”

“Which ones, Levy?”

The way he said it made me recoil. Part of me said to just lie to him, so he would let it go. But I knew he would see through it, even over the phone. I took a deep breath and told him the names of the monsters.

The silence on the other end was so bad I thought they had hung up. When I confirmed they didn't, I held the phone back to my ear.

“Dad? Momma?”

“Are you serious, Levy?” my dad's voice seethed through the phone and I winced. Oh boy. “You seriously can't be staying with not one, but two of the most dangerous monsters in the mafia?”

“Dad, listen to me–”

“There's nothing to listen to,” he said. “You could be in serious danger.”

“One of them saved me, dad!” I snapped now, my anger boiling. “Neither of them would ever hurt me! Hell, the Judge is the one that saved me that night, dad! He's the reason I wasn't raped or killed!” I didn't hear anything and I growled, “I'll talk to you later.”

I hung up the phone and let it fall to the table, groaning. I really didn't want to tell them that, but they weren't giving me much of a choice. I expected them to be mad, but not that mad. But they didn't understand.

Neither Red nor Papyrus would hurt me. They have had so many opportunities. And neither of them have raised a hand to me. At least, not violently. It was great, and I wasn't going to sit there and let them control who I talk to and what not.

I got up and headed for the fridge. I pulled a chair over to the counter and began rummaging for ingredients and pans. I grumbled to myself. If I couldn't calm down by reason, I would cook. It was the least I could do for the monsters who opened their home to me.

I just needed to take my mind off of everything.