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The rain hit the campus grounds, all students and faculty members were either wearing hoodies or rain jackets covering their heads or they were carrying umbrellas over their heads hoping that they stay dry. the young student watched the other students run back in forth from his classroom window, it was very early to be in class, (it starts at 4:00) it was currently 3:00 and the rain poured and poured and poured, “i hope it doesn't rain once class is done” mumbled leo as he went back to his work. once it was time for class, leo closed his finished work and paid attention to his current class - creative writing, the students in here were split, there were people here who were taking the class because it was required of their major, others who are taking the class because their advisor told them to (to get credits) and finally those who love creative writing whether because they love writing or they were writing fanfictions (it has happened according to the professor, after talking about his experience reading a fanfiction about a game called undertale). the class was never long it was from 4:00 to 5:15, so they would talk about certain writing skills and then have writing exercises based on the skills they were learning. leo usually finished early around 4:20, but did not hand in the exercise till 4:55. once he left class, leo would head to the dining hall for dinner, he would eat his meal and then head for work after dropping his school items in his dorm.
harry didn’t hate creative writing, what he hated was the midterm project, according to the professor was that they needed to write a five-page story about a repeating symbol, it can be any genre, any original characters all it needed was a repeating symbol. when the class was done, people either left or they stayed looking for the best partner. harry looked around and saw that most people were taken until he saw a boy walking up the stairs to the door, harry spotted him and asked if he wanted to be partners, the boy nodded “the names, neville” the boy answered, harry introduced himself as harry, the two traded numbers and with that left class. harry was an undecided major, at the moment, he was not sure what he wanted to be when he grew up, the boy definitely didn’t want to be a lawyer like his mom and dad. so currently harry was taking general studies, and although it may seem that his parents didn’t mind harry having any major it did seem like it did matter. both of his friends had a major; hermione was going to lawyer just like his parents while ron was going into business, (due to the fact that his older brothers have a business of pranks and stuff and wanted something similar, on top of that majority of the older boys in his family are in business). harry felt like shit, and no matter how many times his advisor, mcgonangoll told him it was natural it felt worst.
“that will be $2.45” leo’s voice said as he finished an order of someone’s coffee. in the evening, leo worked at the cafe on campus, ten minutes away from his residence hall, it wasn’t packed but it wasn’t empty it was in between, the most it was packed was during winter and finals week. however, today seemed more busy than usual, the door ranged signaling another customer, leo put on his smile and said “hi, welcome to the leaky cauldron, what can i get you?” the person, leo was facing had the saddest face ever, he looked at the menu, leo felt automatically bad “listen, i can make you a beverage that can guarantee make you feel somewhat better, on the house” said leo smiling. the boy shrugged but at the same nodded “great, name?” leo asked to make sure the drink went to him “harry” the boy mumbled. leo nodded and the boy stepped aside waiting for the drink.
“harry” came a voice, calling him out for the drink, the boy grabbed his drink and left out the door, he headed to the residence hall where hermione and ron were already (to ron’s disbelief) studying. as he entered the common area, harry can hear ron’s groan as hermione lectured him about the importance of studying “ ‘mione, i already get lecture all day, i don’t need more after classes” ron groaned as he slouched against his chair, however he sat up once he saw harry enter “hey, you look down” hermione looked up from her book and notice harry’s face showed emotion of sadness “is something wrong?” she asked. harry didn’t want to worry his friends about how he was feeling so instead, he forced a smiled shook his head “no, just tired”
“well you do have an evening class,” said ron, hermione looked over at him and rebutted that it was not a long class, harry sat across from ron, and took a sip of the beverage, he has somewhat forgotten about, the minute the beverage hit his lips, it felt like the worst day became the best day. harry drank the whole thing in one gulp afterward, ron and hermione looked at him in concern, they shared a look then looked back at harry and hermione asked: “was it that good or something?” asked ron, harry nodded in response after finishing the delicious beverage and hoping that he would see the same person again to get the same amazing beverage.
after work, leo headed back to his dorm and slept, it was a long night and although he thought slept, he really meant, go to bed and scroll through your phone till your tired. the latino shared a dorm with neville longbottom, who wasn’t all bad, both had set rules at the beginning of the school year and set boundaries. leo notice that his roommate, however, was not in the dorm, so leo gathered his bathroom essentials and headed to brush his teeth and wash his face, he headed to back to his dorm, placed everything neatly in a area, plugged in his charger with his phone and laid down on the bed scrolling through social media. around eleven, leo can feel the sleepiness hit him, literally because his phone fell on his face. leo set his phone aside, turned down the lights and went to sleep after a long day.
harry looked at the ceiling as ron, snored quietly at his bed, while harry’s thoughts ran wild about his future, what was he gonna do? what was his future like? maybe he can give himself an ultimatum where if by the end of sophomore year, he’ll be a law major like hermione. or maybe he can hope for the best and get recruited on some famous lacrosse team, you know the big league, but harry doubt it, the boy felt his eyelids slowly closing which caused him to take off his glasses and put them to the side and went to sleep