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This Whole Thing Is Not A Coincidence

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"Hi! Welcome to Calico."

A soft melodic voice greets as soon as Jungkook steps into the shop, startling him a little (lot) so he smiles sheepishly without looking at the giggling guy. 

He immediately walks over to the accessories section on the left side of the shop all the while internally cursing his bestfriend for asking him to buy a choker from this specific place, and willing himself not to blush as he feels the guy following closely behind him.  

He can tell that the man is an omega from the sweet scent permeating the air - an intoxicating mixture of orange blossoms and vanilla - which is a pretty deadly combination if you ask him.

Jungkook hums to distract and keep himself from taking discreet sniffs of the enticing scent - he's already embarrassed himself enough, thank you very much - so with mind-numbing focus, he runs his fingers through the different selection of chokers lined neatly on the table and tries to chose which one would do.

They were all beautiful just like Taehyung mentioned, and even if he's not a choker man himself, he can appreciate the craftsmanship on every intricate design carefully detailed on the accessories.

He smiles when he sees the one that feels like Taehyung. A black leather choker, with a small silver pendant in front where a tiger is engraved in all its majestic glory and he carefully picks it up and cradles it in his hands, running his thumb to trace the pendant.

"For your mate?" the soft voice asks, and Jungkook laughs while shaking his head

"Oh no. It's for my best friend's birth-" he starts answering, before tilting his head to look at the omega - a damn gorgeous omega - and froze.

Soft pink wavy locks framing a gentle face, cute button nose, and full lips are among the first things he notices but then the man smiles, and Jungkook's breath hitches at the way his eyes curve into crescents, at how his round cheeks bunch up cutely yet at the same time only enhances the sharpness of his jawline.

Fuck. Jungkook should have looked at him from the start, because he knows his heart can't take this much beating in a matter of seconds.

He must have been openly gaping for a few seconds because the omega raises an eyebrow in question and Jungkook realizes that he hasn't actually finished his sentence yet.

"-day!" he blurts out suddenly. "Birthday. Yeah."

The omega giggles again one /small/ hand coming up to cover his lips, and Jungkook dies a little more inside.

"Okay." the omega giggles before clearing his throat and forcing on a more professional look. "Will that be all?" he asks with a polite smile.

"Uh can I uhm look around for just a bit?" he asks meekly.

The omega clamps his lips together, clearly fighting off another giggle from breaking through but he nods, "Of course. Take your time." he answers, before leaving Jungkook to tend to the other customers in the shop.

He doesn't know if he should be thankful or disappointed when the omega moves away, taking the delicious scent with him, but before he could focus on that, he pulls out his phone and texts his best friend.


To: Taehyungie-hyung

I hate you


To: Brattiest Alpha

What did I do now???


To: Taehyungie-hyung

I hate you so much 

I was not prepared


  To: Brattiest Alpha





Are you in Calico rn?

To: Taehyungie-hyung

Yes you fucker


To: Brattiest Alpha

I take it you met Jimin then



To: Taehyungie-hyung



To: Brattiest Alpha

Pink hair

Eye smile

Hot and cute at the same time??


To: Taehyungie-hyung


You know him???


To: Brattiest Alpha

He's my soulmate


To: Taehyungie-hyung

I thought I was your soulmate :c


To: Brattiest Alpha

You're my bestfriend

He's my soulmate

Like how Yoongi-hyung is your soulmate

To: Taehyungie-hyung




How come we've never met????


To: Brattiest Alpha

Because my little baby alpha


To: Taehyungie-hyung

I'm not a baby

 To: Brattiest Alpha


The smolest babiest alpha!!!

My son.


To: Taehyungie-hyung

I hate you so much

To: Brattiest Alpha

I know ur type. 

And Jiminie fits them to a T

But.. He was in a relationship


To: Taehyungie-hyung


To: Brattiest Alpha

Yuh. Some shitty alpha which I hate with all my guts

But yes my child. Jiminie is single now, they broke up like 3 mos ago

So I deemed it about time that I introduce your single ass to his single ass

Now go forth and procreate

Or like ask him out on a date first you caveman


To: Taehyung-hyung



Oh my god hyung


To: Brattiest Alpha

You are most welcome jungkookie

Now don’t forget my gift

Oh and tell jiminie I said hi


With a weary exhale, Jungkook puts his phone back in his back pocket, feeling like he should have known Taehyung had an ulterior motive in asking him to buy from this boutique. And now thanks to their little conversation, Jungkook feels extra jittery. It was one thing finding the omega - Jimin - attractive, and its completely another thing knowing he's friends with his bestfriend AND he's single.

With a deep breath, he slowly cranes his neck in search of the omega, not expecting him to be only a couple of steps away. He startles once more as their eyes meet, and his heartbeat begins to pick up its pace as Jimin walks towards him.


Act cool, Jeon.

Or better yet, just don’t look stupid.


"Have you made a decision?" Jimin asks with a small smile.

Jungkook gulps, "I was actually wondering if you have any advise?" he asks, "Like what do you prefer?"

"Oh." Jimin gasps, eyes widening in surprise before offering Jungkook a shy smile. He walks closer to the table and picks up a black lace choker embroidered with butterflies.

"This one's my favorite. But that's just because I have a thing for butterflies." he smiles softly, running his fingers through the soft material, "And the feeling of lace on my skin." he whispers, and Jungkook's soul departs his body.

"I'll take it." he squeaks, before clearing his throat with an embarrassed frown. "I'll uhm take both."

"Oh." Jimin whispers, and Jungkook sees a trace of sadness cross his features for a second before he offers Jungkook one of his polite smiles again, although this time it doesn't quite reach his eyes. "I'll ring you up then. Please follow me." he says, before turning around and walking towards the cash register.

Jungkook's wolf panics, not liking the sadness radiating off of the omega in front of him. He repeats the conversation in his head while walking and tries to decipher where he messed up, but he keeps coming up blank. He just said that he'll buy the necklace, didn't he? Was it his tone? His expression? His -



It's Jimin's favorite necklace.

Which he just said he'll be buying.

Taking it out of the store.

Taking it away from Jimin.



"Will this be for your bestfriend too?" Jimin asks while wrapping up the lace choker on the register. 

"No! no." Jungkook answers, shaking his head fervently. "It's for uhm someone else."

"I hope they like butterflies too, then." Jimin answers with a smile. 

"He does." he confirms with a nod while paying.

Jimin hums, "That's good then. Here you go!" he chirps, "Thank you so much for shopping in Calico."

Jungkook grabs both the paper bags with a smile and a nod, quickly peeking inside to check which one has Taehyung's before placing the one with the lace choker on the counter.

"Thank you. See you around Jimin-ssi." he says quickly, before turning around.

"Wait!" Jimin calls, "You left your purchase." he says holding out the paper bag to Jungkook. 

Jungkook shakes his head, allowing a small smile to form in his lips. He locks eyes with the confused omega before answering.

"It's for you."

Smooth. Real smooth, Jeon. Inwardly patting himself in the back, and walks out of the store.

Leaving a blushing Jimin on his wake.