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Challenge of the Nile

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3 months had passed since Scotland, since that rainy day brought them together, in such odd circumstances. Life with Richard had its ups and downs, the tight work schedule and photo-shoots for Season 3 meant they didn't really have time alone – everyone in the office knew about Elle and Richard being together, it was no secret but that wasn't the point.

“Going where?!” James exclaimed.

“Just calm down May, it could be worse... I think.” Jeremy said in his calming tone.

“How so? First off the bad weather ruined that film the other week and now they want us all to do a special in Egypt! You saw how dangerous it is at the moment!” James was getting quite upset over the fact that someone might get hurt.

“Didn't stop us going to the middle east did it... anyway, at least it will be warm,” Richard replied, looking up from his laptop, the glasses slipping down his nose. He looked across the table in the meeting room, seeing Elle at her desk through the window. She looked up and blew him a kiss, he blushed and winked at her.

“Oh dear, you really do love her don't you, Hammo?” Jeremy spouted, faking a disgusted look. James giggled but carried on making notes in his book. Richard was still looking at Elle, who know saw the small man go bright red and shout at his friends. Elle was so amused by this, she started to laugh in the office, others slightly confused why.

“Will you two leave it!... Sorry, didn't mean to... I just, well, I really do love her and I don't want to lose her. She is way too good for me.” Richard's shout drowned out to a slight mumble to the taller men. Jeremy's face totally changed.

“Whoa, okay Rich, was only joking, I'm glad you found someone and someone who we know can put up with your shit too, bless her. Also, she is a great member of the team too, so it's a double blessing, she cares about her work, but even more as she loves you so much, she will do anything to make it work.” Jeremy finished with a pat on Richard's shoulder. Jeremy had just entered a new relationship a few years before him, the solidarity was nice.

“Can she love you even more and get us not to go to Egypt, please.” James moaned from the corner. Jeremy pulled that face, turning to face the other older man, looking round to throw something at him.

“May... we are going. End of it, 3 cheap sports cars and travel from Alexandria to Abu Simbel. It will be amazing! Lots of stuff will go wrong, amazing stuff to see and that's that.” Jeremy said his two cents. He ended the meeting by leaving, James huffed and Richard closed his laptop. Before he could leave, James spoke up.

“Rich mate... Can I have a word?” Richard stopped and turned around, taking his glasses off. “Yea, what's up?”

“I'm not sure what, but I just have a bad feeling about this trip, something doesn't feel right... maybe it's to do with your ailment-” James was cut off by Richard.

“Nothing 'bad' will happen, just the normal stupid stuff and that's it. And my 'illness' won't affect anything, never has in the past... so why now, hmm?” Richard was slightly annoyed by James' words, but clearly, James really was worried about something – you could tell in his eyes.

“No, your right. Sorry mate, just a gut feeling, that's all.” James smiled as he walked towards Richard, grabbing him around the arm, as they both walked out of the room.