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tell me how it feels (sittin up there)

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“So, Taehyung. Where do you live?”

The question caught the said male off-guard, as he was stuffing his face with crisps and quite an obscene amount of sliced raw onions. His friends, or his soulmates as he called them, looked at the bunny-toothed boy standing in front of them weirdly, Hoseok even had the audacity to nudge Jimin by the side to whisper “uhh— is the talking to /us?/“ as if the male wasn’t even there.

The boy in question cocked his head to the side in a silent question, the asked question still lingering in the air. All three males sitting by the table were frozen, that is, until Jimin had half a brain to pinch Taehyung by the side as a reminder that /someone is waiting for an answer./

The silver haired male gulped down his share of coke before giving the boy a once-over, silently assessing the other’s appearance. “Depending on who’s asking, obviously.” The boy facepalmed, probably at his own ignorance.

“Oh, shit. Sorry, I tend to forget that most seniors don’t know me.” He laughed to himself before offering the three males a sheepish grin. “I’m Jeon Jeongguk. And I am currently tutoring with Taehyung-ssi’s dad.” Taehyung then choked on air, having a coughing fit soon after. Hoseok comfortingly patted his friend’s back, yet he had a judgemental look on his face.

“By dad— you meant Yoongi? What the hell can he possibly be teaching you?” Taehyung thought back to his father, a man of 35 years with a stiff and rigid demeanour that he only let down when he’s alone with either his son or his pet dog, Holly. Yoongi was an interesting man, to say the least. He’s a self-made journalist that has worked with some of the most well-known news outlet in the States, and after building up quite a name for himself, he left to pursue a much lesser known field of journalism; choosing to report on the more /unknown/ matters in South Korea.

Yet, he could never imagine his father to be teaching someone, much less a kid around his age.

“Uhm, literature. I’ve been thinking? Yeah thinking about getting into literature as soon as I enter college.” Jeongguk tucked a stray hair behind his ear, gripping the short stack of books even closer to his chest. From this distance, Taehyung could see that the boy’s nails were painted a shade of nude, for the exception of both his middle fingers that were both pastel pink and blue respectively. He would’ve wondered more regarding the odd colours if it weren’t for the fact that Jeongguk was looking at him straight in the eye, and the same can be said to both Hoseok and Jimin, the latter chewing his fries loudly.

Taehyung rolled his eyes before loudly smacking Jimin’s arm, in which he whined in protest. “Yeah, sure, uhh— Jeongguk, is it?” The boy nodded in answer. “I’ll walk you to my house. I’m pretty sure dad’s at home, probs watching the NBA.” The silver haired male stood up, slinging his bag over his shoulder. He motioned over to the younger male, who adjusted his spectacles along with his books. “Hey, Hoseok? Can you finish off my fries?” Said male saluted in reply with a huge grin, most likely more than happy to fill his stomach with carbs.

Jeongguk squeaked in surprise as he was pulled by the sleeve. “Let’s go, dad has probably been waiting for quite some time.”



“How long have you been learning from him?” Taehyung kicked at the pebbles by his foot, hands tucked neatly in his pockets. The male next to him simply hummed in thought, head facing the sky. “Around three weeks, I guess? But all this time we met mostly at cafés or restaurants, so that’s why it was quite a shock to me when he wanted to meet at his house.” Jeongguk had a small smile on his face.

Taehyung gave him a curious glance before quickly averting his attention to the books the boy have been holding. They seemed quite heavy, if the volume was anything to go by. He held his hand out, noting the slight widening of the other’s doe eyes.

“Let me help. They seem heavy,” Jeongguk visibly gulped before handing Taehyung a thick book, Taehyung quickly skimming over the title on the cover.

/To Kill A Mockingbird, huh?/ What an overkill.

“Thank you, Taehyung-ssi.” Jeongguk seemed delighted, and Taehyung wonders how someone can look so happy at such a small thing. It wasn’t as if the book really weighed a ton, and it didn’t really burden him much to help carry it for a while. Even though the younger seemed quite muscled, it wasn’t an excuse —well, at least to Taehyung— to let the boy do all the heavy work himself.

“Don’t call me with so much formality. Just call me hyung or some sort.” Taehyung playfully nudged the other. The latter had a light flush on his cheeks and Taehyung then noticed just how pleasant Jeongguk looked like, with a boyish face— large doe eyes that seemed to twinkle when the light hits him just right, cute cherry lips that matched his hair, along with his fair smooth skin— he’d wondered how he never really saw the other in school. Someone with his level of looks would’ve been quite well-known, knowing just how superficial the students at his school were. Even Taehyung was quite a social butterfly there, with a large group of friends that flocked to wherever he went.

The cherry haired male bit down on his bottom lip, chewing on it lightly in thought. “Okay, hyung.”

Ugh fuck, he was cute. Taehyung groaned, causing the boy to cast him a surprised look. “Is everything okay, hyung? You seem quite out of it today.” Jeongguk trailed off towards the end, especially when he got a good glimpse at Taehyung’s baffled expression.

“What do you mean, ‘today’?” He made air quotations marks, referring to what Jeongguk said earlier. Taehyung was mildly curious regarding how the younger knew his usual behaviour, if what he mentioned earlier was a precursor. Jeongguk suddenly seemed shy, eyes darting everywhere but to meet the older male’s curious gaze.

“A-Ah, it’s nothing. It’s just that I usually see you around school, and sometimes I admire the fact that you seemed to have so many...” Jeongguk visibly struggled to find the right word as his eyebrows furrowed. “Oh! Many friends. That’s the word.” He seemed proud of himself, smiling widely. Taehyung nearly wanted to coo at how cute the younger was. Despite just meeting the boy and just knowing he existed in the school just an hour ago, he was already quite enamoured with Jeongguk. He could practically see the other positively /glowing/ and Taehyung really wanted to smack himself for not noticing Jeongguk’s existence earlier.

“Like, yeah, because I’m not really that popular, I mean maybe kids my grade know me, but not like *know* me well. I have Joonie-hyung and Jinnie-hyung that used to take care of me, but they graduated already so I was left mostly alone.” Jeongguk pouted at that thought. “I’m trying to make friends, but it’s too hard, like it’s much better to just study and play Overwatch at home. But you’re just so?” He made a circular motion with his lone free hand as if that would help him get the words across. “I’m so? What is it, Gguk?” Taehyung chuckled at Jeongguk’s embarrassed face.

“Hyung! Don’t tease me,” The end of his sentence ended with a whine in which Taehyung had to physically bite the inside of his cheek in order to avoid himself from smiling too wide. He’s so screwed. Jeongguk is too damn cute. In fact, the younger male reminded him too much of a rabbit, a bunny— and that alone makes him just want to dig a hole and bury himself in it. Jeongguk huffed at the realisation that he’s actually being provoked by the other. “Jesus. But I get your point, Gguk. I was just kidding.” He stuck his tongue out to the younger that flushed in return.

Jeongguk childishly stomped his foot before picking up his pace all of a sudden, leaving Taehyung behind. “Hurry up, hyung. Don’t want to let your dad wait.” The older of the two jogged to meet Jeongguk’s speed, and Taehyung was slightly taken aback at the faraway look in his eyes. It was as if all hints of mischief were gone, and replaced by something quite indescribable to Taehyung.

But then again, he hadn’t really known the younger well, so he could’ve been jumping to conclusions too soon.

After a few silent minutes of walking —Taehyung reassured himself that the pregnant silence was anything but awkward— they had arrived in front of a well-kept bungalow house, with two high metal gates greeting them. “This is my house, usually we would have the maid to open it up, but she’s most likely making food for both my dad and I at this time,” Taehyung commented off-handedly as he rummaged through his pocket for his house key. “You can always join us for dinner, if you don’t mind, but it won’t start until a few hours at least.” The male pushed open the gates that creaked open.

Jeongguk looked around the place as he stepped inside the house premise. It seemed quite big and dare he say, he could conclude that Taehyung was loaded, if the sheer size of his house was anything to go by. “It’s okay hyung, I don’t get hungry that easily.” The cherry haired male offered Taehyung a smile as a sign of gratitude. “But thank you for the offer.”

The loud sound of a car engine revving caught the attention of both males, especially Taehyung, who immediately went to check the noise out coming from the back of the house. Jeongguk followed suit, not wanting to be left behind.

When Taehyung rounded an edge, the corners of his lips turned up to form a smile. “Dad!” He called out to a man sitting in what seemed to be a worn-out Mini Cooper. Taehyung walked towards the open door, bowing as a sign of respect towards his father. The latter —Yoongi— got up from the car to ruffle his son’s hair. “Hey, kid. Rare for you to come back this early.” The man had ash blond hair and seemed lean and young, barely even 30. No one would’ve thought that Yoongi was the actual blood father of Taehyung, being a teen dad.

“I actually came early for a reason, dad.” Taehyung dead-panned, shaking off Yoongi’s hands off his already shaggy hair. “Jeongguk came! He said that you’re teaching him, and why didn’t you tell me?” Yoongi turned his head towards the direction in which his son was pointing at almost immediately. And there, stood Jeongguk, clad in his school uniform, books close to his chest. The latter gave Yoongi a shy grin before bowing slightly. “H-Hi. I heard that your son was in the same school so..” Jeongguk was caught off guard when Yoongi suddenly hugged him in what seemed to be a friendly embrace.

“Oh, Jeongguk! My favourite student, in fact my only student. Sorry to not really give you that many details, but I knew you were smart enough to figure it out.”

Taehyung frowned at that, what else after the hug that his father gave. He couldn’t help but to question it quite a bit, especially since all his life, his father never really hugged /him/— so to see Yoongi doing so with Jeongguk, a boy he had supposedly met only 3 weeks ago, was an eyebrow-raiser.

But then again, it would be better to not rush to conclusions. They’re probably just comfortable around each other.

Taehyung ignored the slight pang of pain at the thought of his own /father/ not being fully comfortable around him yet shrugged it off almost immediately when it came. Who is he to say that? Plus, unlike most people, Taehyung grew up without a mother figure. So it was totally justified for Yoongi to not want to initiate skin contact with anyone to avoid opening old wounds. The silver haired male sighed as he glanced at the pair that was talking in a hushed tone, Jeongguk seeming so... small when with Yoongi. He had a bunny grin present on his face, a rosy hue dusting his cheeks, making him even more endearing. Taehyung dropped his head in resignation.

“Uhh— dad? Jeongguk? I’ll be in my room, so if you want anything—“

“That would be fine, Taehyung.” Yoongi cut the younger off. “Jeongguk and I will be in the living room, when it’s time for dinner I’ll call Yebin to fetch you, okay?”

Taehyung nodded, already knowing that it would be better to simply coop himself in his room than to interrupt the pair. “Yeah. Got it, dad.” He gave his father a thumbs-up in understanding. Before he’d forget, though, he slipped the book he was carrying earlier into Jeongguk’s arms, the boy looking like a deer in headlights.

“Your book? Don’t want to hog it.” Jeongguk flushed prettily at that and timidly accepted the book. “Y-Yeah, hyung. Thanks and sorry if it was heavy.” Taehyung waved his hand in dismissal before walking into the house and running up the stairs, jumping onto his bed and burying his face into the plush pillow. The bedroom door slammed shut with a loud thud, in which he cringed at the loud noise.

“Fuck.” He groaned into the pillow, inhaling the smell of freshly changed sheets and lavender. Taehyung made a mental note to himself to thank Yebin for changing the bedsheets and spraying on his favourite perfume. “Why is he so cute? He’s like a fuckin’ bunny..” He rolled over in bed, huffing as he did so. “And like, don’t get me wrong, but bunnies are fucking adorable like ugh what a motherfucker,” Taehyung mumbled to no one but himself, kicking his legs up the bedpost. He had settled to nap for a while, before a small bark interrupted his initial plan.

The male opened an eye, and immediately grinned when he saw his small Pomeranian, Yeontan, right in front of him. The dog was a gift from his father when he turned 17 last year and since it was already the middle of the year, it had grown quite a lot. Yeontan used to be as big as both his palms, but now it was as big as his arm.

“Hey boy! Been a long time, huh?” Taehyung grinned when a lick to the face was all he received. Yeontan let out a few happy barks as the dog excitedly jumped on his owner’s chest, making the latter laugh at the sheer cuteness. “Ah, you’re cute too. No need to get jealous, Tannie.” He petted the canine’s head before eventually moving on to simply running his fingers through the soft fur.

The dog seemed content, laying down on Taehyung’s chest with its eyes closed. “Listen. I know you don’t really comprehend human language, but I know that you will get the gist.” Yeontan wagged his tail and Taehyung had to bite back a smile at how utterly /genius/ his dog was.

“I don’t really think that I’m in love with Jeongguk, because that’s too fast and it’s stupid to fall for someone you just met.” He paused, mulling his words. “But he’s really cute, y’know. I just want to keep him in my pocket and feed him carrots. If he’s into that, of course. Yet at the same time, I feel that I can see us as being together, okay. Ugh I’m moving too fast, I know.” Taehyung groaned as he slumped his shoulders and relaxed further into the bed.

He feels like Jimin. Jimin was a huge slut, with dozens of booty calls saved into his phone for convenience. Sometimes he wish that he’s as assertive as Jimin, being able to make a move on anyone he finds remotely attractive. But that’s just not Taehyung. As cheesy as it sounds like, Taehyung was a man that doesn’t just fall in love easily. So that’s why Jeongguk utterly and completely confuses him.

/Fuck I’m tired of thinking about this./

So he sleeps.

When he woke up, all he could register is the lightness on his chest —which could only mean that Yeontan had woke up earlier than him, and decided to scamper off to God knows where— and the smell of food wafting in the air. It smelt distinctly of grilled meat and kimchi, both being Taehyung’s favourite. Deeming the food worth moving for, he got off the bed, and headed downstairs –but not before changing into a much more comfortable tee and grey sweatpants. Call his fashion sense typical, but there’s a reason grey joggers are so popular.

“Did Yebin make kimchi fried—“ the words were cut off when his eyes landed on Jeongguk sitting at the dining table by his father, the marble table filled with mouth-watering dishes. It had been a while since Yebin made this many variety of food, and Jeongguk’s presence there must be a prominent reason why. “Oh, hyung! I decided to stay here a bit longer for dinner, if you don’t mind.” Jeongguk smiled, and that’s when Taehyung noticed that the younger wasn’t wearing his school uniform, and instead, he was wearing a plain white oversized shirt.

“You’re not wearing your uniform?” Jeongguk was caught off-guard at the sudden question from Taehyung, as his eyes widened a fraction, emphasising his big eyes even more.

“O-Oh? This is—“ “—I accidentally spilled coffee on him during our session earlier.” Yoongi abruptly cut the younger’s sentence. Taehyung narrowed his eyes slightly in suspicion, it has been two times that day in which his father interrupted sentences. It was quite rare of the older man to do so, if he were to be honest. “And I thought it was rude to make him go back with a coffee stain on his uniform, so I made him shower here and gave him my old clothes.”

Jeongguk merely nodded in agreement, avoiding Taehyung’s scrutinising gaze. “Okay, I get that. Plus, the more the merrier, right?” The male pulled a chair opposite of Jeongguk as he promptly sat down, giving his father a nod in acknowledgment. Taehyung looked over the food on the table, mentally salivating at the sight of all his favourite food. Kimchi fried rice, grilled pork belly and all cuts of meat, chicken bibimbap— Yebin really overdid herself.

“Wow. The last time we had such a feast was when mum was still here.” He commented before picking up a piece of beef with his chopsticks and directing it into his mouth. Taehyung saw how Jeongguk stiffened up in his seat but paid it no mind. It’s normal for normal folk to feel uncomfortable when these kind of topics come up, but little do they know that Taehyung and Yoongi don’t really care about bringing up such things.

The man hummed around his bite of rice. “Yeah, but y’know how things go. Sunmi did not see us becoming a family, so she left.” Yoongi glanced at Jeonguk, who was visibly becoming even more uneasy.

“Oh, sorry Jeongguk. This must be awfully awkward for you, don’t mind him.” Taehyung inwardly rolled his eyes. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the short skin contact made as Yoongi chastely placed his large hand over Jeongguk’s smaller one, but it was brief and Taehyung dismissed it as a friendly gesture.

“Stop being like this, /dad./ Don’t act as if Jeongguk hasn’t been awfully comfortable with you.” Okay, so he decided to be a little childish, but fuck it.

He’d miss how Jeongguk shared a panicked look with Yoongi, as he was too busy poking his plate of food with a pair of chopsticks. “What do you mean, Taehyung. You’re being ridiculous,” The blond scraped up the last bit of rice in his bowl before dipping it in red pepper sauce. This time, Taehyung really did roll his eyes.

The eighteen year old sighed, resting his cheek on his knuckles. “I don’t really like being the epitome of teen angst, but I feel kinda left out since Jeongguk came, feelin’ a bit jealous.” Yoongi clearly relaxed, cocking an eyebrow at his son’s statement.

“It’s unlike you to feel like this, son. Used to you being all stone faced and emotionless.” Yoongi laughed, gummy smile on display at the flabbergasted look on Taehyung’s face. “Dad!” He whined, kicking his legs. Jeongguk, too, grinned at the interaction between father and son. The cherry haired male stabbed at a roasted tomato halve, grimacing as the the juices squelch out.

Thank God.