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Even Heros Need Saving

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Midoriya couldn’t breathe.

It was painful, much more so than he’d imagined. If this was what drowning felt like, he never wanted to experience it again.

“I’m just going to borrow your body for a bit.” The sludge villain whispered in his ear.

Midoriya cried out the best he could, ripping and tearing at the suffocating villain. His vision began to blacken on the edges, and his movements slowed considerably.

He felt his body move on its own, jumping into the shadowed alley near by.

In hazy consciousness, Midoriya could have sworn he heard the infamous laugh that could only belong to one person. He swore he could remember seeing his favorite hero’s blinding smile out of the corner of his eye.

Midoriya swore he heard All Might mutter and sigh, “Now where did that villain get off to?”


The sludge villain was furious. God damned League of Villains. They said this was a no risk job. It was easy, get in and get out. No one ever mentioned that All Might of all heros would try to arrest him.

The sludge villain flexed the hands of his captured body. He heard police sirens wailing in the distance, getting closer.

“Sorry, kid. I need your body for a bit longer.” He muttered to himself, knowing the kid was unconscious by now.

He made his way across the city carefully, only using back roads and alleys to get to the League’s headquarters. Once he saw the polished wooden door, that was very out of place in the grungy alley, he marched towards it, his anger mounting.

He slammed the door open with one push. “What the fuck Shigaraki?!”


Tomura Shigaraki was a villain, so it was safe to say his days were far from normal. He had seen a lot of things, and met many different people. It took a lot to surprise him these days.

A sharp bang followed by, “What the fuck Shigaraki?!” would not have surprised him in the least. Shigaraki pissed off a lot of people very frequently. He wasn’t very good with social skills, and honestly he didn’t care to be. They were all just pawns to be sacrificed.

Though in this particular instance, Shigaraki was nearly left speechless.

A fucking sixth grader, or someone roughly around that age, was yelling at him with the confidence of a convicted felon. He was so shocked by the sight, he blocked out whatever other curses were thrown his way.

This little boy, who had eyes far too innocent to be saying half of these phrases, marched up to Shigaraki. He yelled in his face, with no fear for his life.

Just who the fuck was this kid?

Shigaraki ruled out prank, because he knew his name. This boy was upset about something that had to do with him. Shigaraki just had to figure out what. (He would have a lot earlier, had he been listing.)

“Well!?” The green haired teen demanded.

Shigaraki took care to only use two fingers to push the boy in the forehead, making him back up and get out of his personal space.

“Who are you?” Shigaraki asked blankly.

The kid’s eye twitched in irritation.

“Who am I??!” The boy yelled.


A flurry of emotions crossed the boy’s face. Fist they were anger and irritation, then they morphed into something like confusion, then finally understanding.

The boy smacked his hand on his face. “Right, you don’t know this kid.”

In a gruesome display, the sludge villain left the young boy’s body, letting it crumple to the floor behind him.

“Oh sludgey, yeah I remember you.” Shigaraki said, not phased in the slightest. “Did you get the job done?” He asked, waving a hand, while turning away. He waved Kurogiri to get him a drink.

He knew this guy, it wasn’t interesting anymore.

“Did I get the job done?!” The villain seethed. “No I did not get the fucking job done! If you had actually bothered to check your information, then you could have seen that All Might was there today—“

Shigaraki stilled, glaring over his shoulder to the small time villain. “Did you say All Might?” He grit out.

The villain stilled under his bloody gaze, “Uh, ye-yeah.”

The glass in Shigaraki’s hand disintegrated.


Midoriya woke slowly. His head felt heavy, his eyesight was blurry, and he felt like his mouth was filled with cotton.

It took more than a moment for the nausea to fade. He didn’t feel great. His side and knees were sore. He deduced that he had probably been dropped onto the floor.

Gathering his bearings, he noticed two figures engaged in conversation, with a third listening from behind the bar.

Midoriya’s eyes widened as he recognized one of the figures as the villain that had attacked him. He didn’t know the blue haired man, or the purple misty bartender. Probably villains, which was not good for Midoriya.

With his head clearing, his thoughts began rampaging. He needed to get out of here without them noticing, they may kill him otherwise.

As only the bartender could directly see Midoriya, he began slowly inching towards the wide open door. He didn’t make any large movements or try to shift out of his awkward positioning.

He hadn’t gotten more than a few feet before a flash of purple obscured his vision. Midoriya watched, helplessly, as a pair of feet stepped out of the purple fog.

“Well well, look who’s awake.” A cold voice, cooed.

Midoriya knew he was done for, as his eyes scaled the villain in front of him. His eyes finally trailed high enough to meet the man’s.

A single blood red eye peaked out from the grasp of dismembered hand. Stringy blue hair framed the sickly pale of the man’s face. The dry, cracked skin formed a cheshire grin on the villain’s face.

Midoriya was frozen by his gaze, only snapping out of it when he took a step forward. Midoriya scrambled away from the villain in fear, not stopping until he was half way under a table, stopped only by it’s base.

The villain grinned at Midoriya’s reaction, but proceeded to walk past him.

The pale man approached the sludge villain. He stopped within arms length of the other, his back facing Midoriya.

“Hey kid,” He called out, “watch this.”

With no warning, the pale villain’s hand latched onto the sludge villain’s face. A cacophony of agonizing screams filled the quiet space. Those screams would haunt Midoriya’s dreams for years.

It took less than a minuet for the screaming to stop.

Without turning around, the man spoke again. “This is what happens to anyone who becomes useless to me, kid. You better learn quickly, unless you want to end up the same way.”

Midoriya’s eyes fell to the slimy ash that piled in front of the man. He had the urge to throw up.

“We can’t let you go home kid. You’ve seen our faces and our base.”

Those words left Midoriya breathless. He felt as if he’d taken on the full force of one of Kacchan’s punches.

“So what’s going to happen to me?” Midoriya trembled out.

“Well kid, I guess what I’m trying to say is,” He turned around, once again facing Midoriya,

” Welcome to the League of Villains.”

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Bakugo had woken up in a fowl mood. That damned Deku hadn’t come home last night.

It started when he heard a frantic knock on the front door, and opened it to find Ms. Inko in tears. The night spiraled from bad to worse.

Bakugo had thought that Deku was probably was off in his own world, and had just lost track of time. Maybe his phone battery had died, and that’s why he wasn’t answering.

When the police came, Bakugo couldn’t deny the severity of the situation anymore. It was real, and he didn’t know how to process it.

He had told Deku to go jump off of a roof. And now he was missing.

Even worse news came later in the night.

The police found Midoriya’s backpack covered in slime, in a less traveled area. All Might had been chasing a sludge villain on the news earlier that day, and he had gotten away.

Deku- no Midoriya. Midoriya had been taken by a villain.


Ten months was a long time. So many things could change in the span of ten months. Seasons, opinions, trends, relationships, the list could go on and on.

Midoriya had changed a lot in ten months. Surviving ten months of living hell could do that to a person.

Ten months in the “care” of villains.

Ten months of ruthless training and unforgiving punishments.

Ten months of knowing that your mother probably thinks you’re dead.

It hadn’t taken long for the villains to learn that Midoriya was smart. It also didn’t take long for them to track down his mother.

He was thrown into the metaphorical deep end of the villain world with cement blocks tied to his feet, and was expected to swim with no problems. When he failed to do so, he was beaten within an inch of his life.

They knew about his aspirations to be a hero, and they tried to beat it out of him. When that didn’t work they threatened his mother.

That always worked.

He’d get weekly updates of her condition, pictures included just to rub salt in the wound. He knew the villains weren’t bluffing when they threatened to make him watch as they killed his mother slowly, in the worst way they could imagine.

His physical training was unforgiving. He wasn’t taught, just expected to pick up skills as he got beaten down every day. “Real experience works much better than teaching” Kurogiri had said, as he broke Midoriya’s nose.

Midoriya had to learn fast if he wanted to live. After the first two weeks of constant pain, he wasn’t held back by the fear of getting punched. His reflexes sharpened, and his muscles were pushed to the limit.

His brain was forced to work on overdrive with little sleep, just to keep him alive.

He learned how to be intimidating, and how to hide his emotions. If you showed any weakness, you would be eaten alive. Villains of all types passed through the bar, and Midoriya became numb to their loud threats and volatile emotions.

He learned his place in the food chain. He learned who he needed to submit to, who he dominated, and who he had to fight for power.

Power was the only thing that kept you safe in the villain world. Loyalty could be bought, kindness was nonexistent. You would be kicked when you were down. You should expect to be stabbed in the back. You couldn’t look out for others. You could only look out for yourself.

Midoriya understood all of these things by the second month, and he could put them in motion by the fourth.

He stopped being a punching bag, and started landing hits by the third month. By the sixth, he was unstoppable with a knife.

Midoriya’s analytical skills saved him. Once he learned Kurogiri’s fighting style, he was able to predict his moves, and avoid them. By studying a villain’s posture or physical tells, he knew to avoid or confront them. Though he was quirkless, once he knew about a villain’s quirk he could defeat them.

He had more than one villain try to take him out when they thought no one was looking. He was just a kid, but he was in a higher position of power than them, at least that’s what they thought. He wasn’t Shigaraki’s right hand because he climbed the ranks, no it was so Shigaraki could keep him on a tighter leash.

Midoriya had started his analysis notebooks again, just to keep himself sane. It was familiar, similar to the time before this hell hole. Only now he analyzed villains he met more than heros.


At the beginning of the seventh month of hell, Midoriya met the puppet master of the League of Villains. He knew there was someone else, Shigaraki was an idiot, and Kurogiri didn’t have the backbone to be a leader.

Kurogiri was polishing glasses, while Shigaraki sat near Midoriya so he could see. All for One’s disfigured face flickered onto the TV screen that was set up in front of Midoriya.

Midoriya didn’t say anything, and neither did All for One. They sat in silence for a moment, before the corner of AFO’s mouth rose into a smirk.

“A very interesting addition to the League, indeed.” AFO chuckled more to himself than anyone.

“Can I ask why you wanted to speak to me?” Midoriya asked indignantly. He knew he wasn’t being smart by being disrespectful, and was probably going to get punished, but the petty satisfaction was worth it.

“These are why I wanted to speak with you.” AFO said, displaying Midoriya’s analysis notebooks in his hands. Volumes 14, 15, and 16 were fanned out (he started from where his hero notebooks had left off) across the screen.

He wasn’t able to keep the shocked look off of his face. “H-how did you--?!” Last time he checked his notebooks were safely tucked in his room.

AFO held his hand up, silencing Midoriya.

“You have quite the talent here. I’m disappointed that you hid it for so long.” AFO’s voice cut through the air, his icy tone making Midoriya feel on edge.

“I wasn’t hiding it. I write in those everywhere, all the time.” Midoriya said in his defense.

AFO made a noncommittal noise, “It matters not. I have heard that you also are excelling in your training with Kurogiri?”

“Yes Sensei, he has already passed me. I thought he had simply become used to my fighting style, though when paired with another, he easily defeated them.” Kurogiri answered, speaking the truth.

Midoriya was “respected” by most of the villains in their area now. Respected meaning he kicked enough of their asses for them to know he could handle himself. Even though he was a quirkless child, they left him alone instead of angering him.

“Is that so?” AFO asked to himself, not expecting an answer. “I am officially giving you your job within the League then, young Midoriya.”

Midoriya felt his blood run cold.


It only took a month for Midoriya’s villain persona to become well known. He hadn’t been allowed to leave the bar for the first four months, due to his missing person status. Midoriya hadn’t really had much free time in his brush with villainy. He watched the news to keep updated, but no one knew him, unless they were a villain associated with the League.

Midoriya was given the task to kill any heros that were becoming a nuisance to AFO’s plans. The entire league knew of his hesitance to kill, and his outlandish dream to be a hero, this included AFO. Shigaraki was instructed to give Midoriya free reign of the outside world. He could go anywhere or do anything so long as it didn’t interfere with the League’s plans.

He couldn’t get caught, spill info, and he had to be back in time to execute any missions they gave him. Other than that he was free.

This was AFO’s offer, so that Midoriya would follow through with his job of killing heros.

This was Midoriya’s deal with the devil.


Midoriya had no choice but to sell his soul.

He was given exactly one week to end a recently debuted hero.

They were always the worst to deal with, because they patrolled the villain territory. All new heros did, making arrests was how a hero drew attention to themselves. Once they established a name for themselves they moved on to nicer parts of town where the hero agencies were based.

Her hero name was Flora. She could control plants, and gather any information that was presented in front of the plant she was controlling.

AFO was backing a big time arms dealer, who happened to like growing plants. Flora busted his deal, and took him to jail. She heard everything he said in his office, where his plants were. She was even able to locate some of the arms dealer’s contacts, arresting them as well.

She was becoming a thorn in AFO’s side, pun intended.

Midoriya was able to find her surprisingly quickly—well more like she found him.

Midoriya didn’t look like his missing poster anymore, with the League forcibly dying his hair black. His eyes also had lost their hopeful gleam, now seeming dark and empty. He had gained muscle and scars from training, and had grown taller as time passed. So Midoriya was safe to walk around dressed as a civilian.

He had been taking a shortcut through a shady alley when she spotted him.

“Hey kid!”

Midoriya stopped in his tracks, and turned around slowly. His grip tightened on the blade he had in his pocket.

A friendly face greeted him. Her light green hair was cut into a shaggy bob, with different kinds of flowers growing here and there. She had a simple mask on, only covering the area around her eyes. Her costume was a flexible full body suit, patterned with white and green plant life. It seemed to have extra protection around the knees and elbows. She wore a utility belt, but wore no gloves, exposing her soil covered hands.

“Are you okay? It’s dangerous for someone so young to be out this late, especially in an area like this.” She lightly chastised Midoriya, catching him off guard.

He rubbed the back of his head shyly with one hand, keeping hold of the knife with the other. “Sorry, my family lives in the apartment building just up the road, but my neighbor’s cat got out. We all split up to help her look for it.” He lied easily.

“Oh, I can help you find it. What does it look like?” She asked enthusiastically.

“Actually, my neighbor just found her. She texted everyone, and I was on my way back.” Midoriya internally groaned, the guilt of what he was going to have to do was eating him alive.

“That’s great! I can walk you back, if you need.” She chirped.

“You don’t need to do that. Its not even two blocks up. I really don’t want to take up your time, what if someone needs your help right now?” Midoriya politely declined. There was no apartment building, he needed to direct her elsewhere.

“Well if you’re sure.”

Midoriya waved to her as she left, and walked in the direction of his pretend apartment. Once he was sure she was gone, he slipped back into the shadows. He drew his hood up, and proceeded to tail the cheerful hero for the rest of her patrol. Nothing much happened. She helped a drunk old man back to his home, and cleaned up some litter.

Midoriya snuck into the bar as quietly as he could, not wanting to draw any attention to himself. He took the stairs two at a time, and locked himself in the spare room he’d been given so many months ago.

It was small, the bed was hard, and no matter what he did it always smelled like dust, but it was his. He had privacy here, and very few villains even knew the bar had a second floor. Shigaraki and Kurogiri could kill him anytime of the day, so they wouldn’t do it while he slept. There were no windows, and the door’s lock was fairly sturdy.

It was the only place he was safe.

Midoriya noticed that his Volume 14, 15, and 16 notebooks had returned to their original resting places after their time in AFO’s hands.

Midoriya was surprised at how hospitable Shigaraki and Kurogiri were for villains. He was given a fairly large allowance every two weeks, and there was never any money missing from it. Kurogiri liked to cook, and would let Midoriya and Shigaraki eat what he made.

Shigaraki left Midoriya alone for the most part, only ever interacting if it was about business. Midoriya’s notebooks were the first things to ever go missing, but those didn’t stay just in his room, so he may have left them out in the open when they were discovered. 

If Midoriya hadn’t done anything wrong, the two villains were borderline civil with him. He could go sit at the bar to watch TV and not be bothered, no matter what the channel was.

All of this didn’t erase what they had done to him though. If he had to be appreciative that they wouldn’t kill him in his sleep, he was not in a good place.

Midoriya didn’t know how or when, but he was going to escape from this place without putting his mother’s life on the line. He just had to bide his time and wait for an opening.

For now he needed to focus on his current mission, he only had six days left to complete it.

Midoriya grabbed his Volume 16 notebook, and flipped to Flora’s page. He didn’t have much to add, except he could fill out the ‘Personality’ section a bit more.

Her weaknesses were fire, or cutting off her access to plants. She could only control smaller plants, and they had to be pre-existing. She was more suited to being a rescue hero, or being stealthy, than a hero that relied on strength. Even her physique didn’t seem to pack much muscle. She was known to have good flexibility and reflexes in a fight.

Honestly the easiest approach would be to pose as a civilian again, lure her to a secluded area, and finish her off quickly and quietly. Even if he failed the first time, if he brings her to a parking lot, there won’t be any plants near by.

Midoriya rubbed his hand down his face. He was plotting to murder someone right now. Someone who seemed like they were a good person, and a genuine hero. Someone who probably has a family, maybe even a lover. Someone who had friends that will miss them. Someone that just achieved her goal of becoming a hero.

Midoriya didn’t know if he could do this.

The next day Shigaraki passed a message on from AFO. “Sensei wants to know if you need anything to complete your mission.”

“Am I supposed to need something else besides my knife?” Midoriya wondered.

“Oh right, this is your first mission. Yeah, if you need gear, or equipment to cancel out their quirk, even a weapon better suited to killing them or making them suffer. Sensei is already sent you some stuff cause’ you’re quirkless.”

Midoriya did his best not to flinch at the word. The villains used his status against him anytime they could.

Shigaraki lazily gestured over his shoulder to a box that was sitting on the bar. Midoriya crossed over to it.

Midoriya took a mental log as he lay the equipment out on the table. A protective vest, possibly bullet proof, maybe resistant against some quirks. Three guns of smaller calibers, all capable of killing. Three knives, two larger and one smaller to be kept hidden. A case of quirk suppressant and tranquilizers, complete with the gun to shoot them out of. Lastly was very simple mask that would cover his face below the eyes.

Shigaraki watched Midoriya with a blank expression. “He says to tell him what else you need within the next three days. Just tell Kurogiri, I don’t want to deal with it.”

With that dismissive message, Shigaraki slinked off to his room.

Midoriya repacked the box, and brought it to his room. He placed the box on his bed with a sigh.

What else did he need to effectively kill someone?

He couldn’t believe he was having to ask that question. That was something no one should ever need to think about.

Placing his head in his hands, he sighed. He was going to have to kill that girl within the next six days.

Once night fell, Midoriya suited up, and left the League’s base.

He found Flora in the same area as last night.

Midoriya’s plan was to test out her fighting abilities tonight. He knew this area well, and was certain he could make a clean get away. A lot of villains had safe houses here, and as part of the League he was able to make use of them. Even if that meant pissing off whatever villains were currently in that space.

Midoriya had on the protective vest under his black hoodie. His hood was drawn, with the mask across the lower half of his face. His normal knife was in his pocket, with the two larger knives in his belt, and the smaller one hidden in his shoe. He left the guns, but took the tranquilizer and quirk suppressant, which was tucked into the back of his pants.

He followed Flora around for a bit, until she neared the less populated area of town.

Midoriya was quiet and quick on his feet. Giving her no warning, he charged with his knife drawn.

As his notes stated, her reflexes were good. Even though he hadn’t made a sound, Flora dodged at the last second. Midoriya’s knife caught some of her hair, he was so close.

Midoriya spun to face her, sending a kick with his steel toed red shoes. He caught her in the shoulder, and sent her tumbling back.

Flora’s face lost its cheerful air, her brows pinching in concentration as she stood. “Who are you?!” She demanded, observing Midoriya with a guarded stance.

Midoriya didn’t answer, opting for a swing of his knife.

Flora ducked, swiping her leg to knock Midoriya down. Though he predicted this, already jumping in the air, sending a swift kick to her stomach.

She was able to jump back in time, not taking the full force of his kick. In a single motion, Flora opened all of the pouches on her utility belt, sending a flurry of vines towards Midoriya.

Midoriya had become well versed in acrobatics during his time at the League, using a flip to avoid Flora’s vines.

It seemed she kept plants in her utility belt, but they were small and had a limited reach. It’s a good thing Midoriya was fighting her today. He would have been caught off guard, had he gone with his parking lot tactic to kill her.

He deemed that he had gathered enough information, so Midoriya turned tail and ran.

His sudden change in ambition seemed to shock Flora, as it took a moment for her to give chase. Midoriya was able to turn a corner and duck into an abandoned building, before Flora could see him. He ran up the stairs, until he reached the roof.

Unsure if Flora was still following him, Midoriya took care to move swiftly down confusing alley ways, taking the long way back to the bar.

The detour made his journey twenty minutes longer, but it was better to be safe than sorry. 

His next few days passed with Midoriya trailing her on her patrols. She seemed more alert now that there had been an attack, but she never spotted him.

On the sixth day AFO summoned him.

The unseeing scar tissue stared back at him. “It is the sixth day in your seven day limit. Why is the job not done?”

The guilt was suffocating. “You said I need to make her stop interfering with the League’s plans. There are other ways besides killing, can’t I just make it so that she can no longer be a hero?”

AFO’s expression was deadly, “She arrested some of my favorite arms dealers, she will pay the price for such insolence. Am I understood?”

Midoriya knew there was no negotiating with him.


“Good.” AFO smirked, “Just think of how disappointed your poor mother would be if she heard that you couldn’t complete a simple task.”

As if on cue, the phone the League gave Midoriya chimed.

“Open it.” AFO instructed.

With shaking hands, Midoriya opened the picture he was sent by Shigaraki. It was a picture of a pale hand reaching for his mother’s back. His mother was in the kitchen of their home. Shigaraki was in his home. Shigaraki was standing a foot behind is mother, and she didn’t even notice.

“You have one day left. Do not disappoint me.”

The screen went black, and Midoriya fell to his knees, clutching the phone to his chest.

That night Midoriya takes his first life.

It was ridiculously easy. A simple tranquilizer to the back, and she was out cold. With his knife, he cut into the base of her neck, severing her spinal cord. Already unconscious, it was be an instant and painless death.

He rolled her body onto its back, placing her in a respectful resting position. He placed a single purple Hyacinth next to her.

He curled into himself against the brick wall of the alley he’d killed her in. He knew he needed to leave before the sun rose. Someone would undoubtedly find her, as this area was much more active in the day time.

He couldn’t find the will to move. His tears were endless, and he didn’t bother to try and stop them. He deserved to be caught and arrested by the police. He deserved to spend the rest of his life in jail. He didn’t know what he could do to atone for his sins.

Only the worry for his mother’s life made him drag himself from the cold alley.

Chapter Text

Midoriya would become an enigma to society.

Sensei would give him a new hero name in no set duration, always giving him ample time to complete his kill.

Though with no other jobs, few parameters for his free time, and guilt weighing on his mind, Midoriya found a way to survive.

To make up for the lives he took, he would continue their work. He would become a hero to the best of his ability. When he wasn’t forced to do bad, he would do good. It would never really make up for what he did, but it made life more livable.

Killing didn’t get easier. Anyone who said that was either a psychopath or a liar. He did get more numb to it, but the crushing guilt never left. He left a purple Hyacinth by every one of his victims, and the police connected his kills, labeling him a serial hero killer.

He didn’t have a name until one of the Leagues small time villains got caught. They questioned if he knew who was doing the killings, and he answered them honestly, as instructed to do so. AFO wanted Midoriya to be known, so that he couldn’t run away. The villain told the police the name he went by in the League: Deku.

One of the villains tasked with watching his mother heard Kacchan refer to Midoriya as that, and told the other villains in the League to make his life more miserable. Only AFO, Shigaraki, and Kurogiri knew his real name, the others had called him ‘brat’ or ‘kid’. After that story, everyone called him Deku, cause he was quirkless and useless.

He couldn’t escape it. It became his villain name, and now the police knew it too.

Deku was known as a dangerous serial killer until his fourth kill. No one had a description of him or knew of his quirk, because he always killed heros in secluded areas at night. All killed the same way (tranquilizer, and severed spinal cord) with the same flower laying next to them.

His fourth kill, the cat hero Kitty, who had feline reflexes and physical traits, called for backup due to a villain sighting. Midoriya hadn’t known she called for backup, and ended up getting caught as he laid the flower next to her body. He wasn’t even the villain she had sighted, but he had to deal with her backup anyway.

Midoriya was able to knock all of them out and get away. The heros had woken up, surprised to still be alive. They reported his appearance, and lack of quirk use to the other heros and police.

When a hero/villain fight went awry in Midoriya’s part of town, he really threw the media for a loop. They knew his appearance, so when he swooped in to save some civilians from the fight, everyone was confused.

Over the next few weeks dozens of reports of civilians being saved by the hooded villain were reported. All were in the worse parts of town. Every report ended with no killing done, the masked villain not using a quirk, and him being genuinely concerned for the civilian’s safety.

Deku made a splash in the media. Soon enough people looked up what the flower he always left meant, and there was even more confusion.

Purple Hyacinth meaning: Sorrow, I am sorry. Please forgive me.

Theories began popping up surrounding the mysterious figure that couldn’t really be labeled a villain anymore.

Heros began to go after him, searching the spots he was sighted in the most. He would never answer their questions, and would run from their fights. If he couldn’t run, he wouldn’t attack. Deku would simply knock them out someway, and leave them.

The next day there would be another death. Another flower.

Within two months, Deku had made a name for himself. Not a single hero had been able to detain him. There were reports of him working with villains, and other times fighting with them.

It only happened once, but Deku jumped in a hero/villain fight, and joined forces with the hero. He helped the hero subdue the villain, but disappeared before the hero could even attempt to speak with him.

All sightings of him stayed the same, no more information was discovered. Presumably male, voice never heard. Short in height, a young age. One instance reported that he had black hair. Hands were light in skin color. Eyes were always covered by the shadow of his hood, and face was covered by a mask. He wore a dark hoodie and jeans most of the time. He was most known by the bright red shoes he was always seen in.

Reports of weapon use, both knives and guns. Tranquilizers were most often used. Hand to hand combat was on an expert level. Deku was very resourceful, and could escape from any situation. He has never shown a physical quirk, but it could be a mental quirk or a weak one.

Deku’s alignment was confusing at best. He killed very rarely, always a hero, always in villain territory. All kills were done the same way, accompanied with a flower. He did not seem dangerous to civilians, and would often fight other villains to save someone. Some villains are reported to have shown a personal recognition of Deku, and left the scene without a fight.

He ran from heros, and often did not engage in battle with them. If engaged, he only dodged and blocked attacks until he could run.

The heros really didn’t know what to do with him. Public opinion was split on Deku. He seemed to be more a vigilante than a true villain.

He needed to be apprehended, that was one thing most could agree on. After that though, it all depended on Deku’s reasoning for the killings.

Before any of that was worried about they actually had to capture him.


Ten months. Midoriya had survived ten months in the League. The last three had been the best and worst of them.

His kill count was up to eight.

He had a mental breakdown when he couldn’t count them on one hand anymore. He had taken the lives of eight people.

The heros were after him in full force right now. Stronger and more famous ones approaching him each week. Most tried to understand him, they asked why he was doing his. They asked if he’d go with them quietly and speak to the police.

Some had caught on faster than others.

“Are you being threatened?” The one today asked.

Midoriya had to physically stop himself from flinching. He was expecting the usual questions. If they figured it out, his mother’s life would be in danger.

Midoriya didn’t even attempt to fight him, he made a quick escape scaling down the side of the building they had been standing on top of.

Either the hero let him get away purposefully or he didn’t try to chase him. Either way, Midoriya was grateful.

He was growing tired of the constant battles, and heros trying to help or hurt him.

He drug himself to the doorway of the bar, scrubbing the emotions off of his face.

He opened the door quickly, making a beeline to the stairs. A skinny leg slammed in front of him, blocking his escape path. Midoriya locked eyes with Shigaraki. His foot was planted on the wall, hands in his pockets, the lazy posture not making him any less intimidating.

“You out playing hero again?” Shigaraki asked in a bored tone.

Midoriya didn’t answer him.

Shigaraki threw his head back and barked out a loud laugh. “Ha! Of course you were!”

Midoriya glared at the man’s leg that was still blocking his path.

Shigaraki lowered his leg. He leaned into Midoriya’s space, crouching down slightly. “You can’t really think you can still be a hero after what you’ve done.” A hand settled harshly on his shoulder, index finger carefully lifted, “You’re on thin ice Deku, Sensei isn’t pleased with you playing pretend.” All amusement was absent from his voice, leaving only the warning to be heard.

Shigaraki ruffled his hair before walking off. A gesture that in any other setting could have been seen as affection, but Shigaraki somehow turned it into a threat.

Midoriya took his time walking up the stairs.

Once he reached his room, Midoriya opened his laptop. It was a congratulatory gift from AFO for Midoriya’s first kill. He didn’t want to use it, but it was very helpful.

Midoriya didn’t dare to ask for help online, he was sure AFO had done something to track his searches. Instead he looked up the latest news, for something to do.

Nothing caught his attention until:


Here’s what we know about UA: Its hero course is one of the most sought after in the nation. There are definitely some top contenders this year, from………click to read more

UA….in another life he might have been at the exam. Even if he doesn’t have a quirk, Midoriya would have tried his hardest. He would have been accepted to the general studies department at the very least, he had the grades for it.

Well he did—not attending school for ten months had no doubt put him behind in his studies.

He sighed, closing the laptop, choosing to sleep instead.


Not even a week later, Midoriya is given his next mission by AFO.

The screen flickers to life. This must be a big target, because both Shigaraki and Kurogiri are watching the TV as well.

“I have gotten some new information.” AFO says in a tense tone. “All Might is going to be a teacher at UA this coming school year.”

Midoriya’s eyes widen at his words. Beside him, Shigaraki begins cackling happily.

“Sensei does this mean we finally get to take him down?! We can kill All Might!?!” Shigaraki was practically bouncing in his seat.

AFO held up his hand to calm Shigaraki, as he does a smirk comes to his face, “That is exactly what I mean.”

Shigaraki’s smile grows across his face, so wide it looks like it hurts. The crazed look in his blood red eyes could make a grown man cower in fear.

“We must begin preparations now. The world will learn of the League of Villains, and we will strike fear into the hearts of the heros!” Sensei announced proudly.

Midoriya’s blood runs cold, and he feels like he can’t breathe.

“Young Midoriya, you will be coming on this mission as well.” Midoriya opens his mouth to argue, as the room’s attention shifts to him.

There is no way he can kill All Might! So far B-ranked heros are the strongest he’s fought. Not to mention that All Might is the number one hero for a reason.

On a more personal level, All Might is his favorite hero. He has saved so many people. Even if Midoriya could kill him, he’s not sure that he would.

AFO seems to see the challenge in Midoriya’s eyes, and he cuts him off, “Simply as an information gatherer. I only need your quirk analysis skills for this mission.”

Midoriya lets out a relieved breath.

“So Sensei,” Kurogiri speaks up, “just what will out debut be?”

Sensei settles back into his chair, a smirk settles on his face, “ I’m glad you asked.”

Chapter Text

First things first, information had to be gathered.

“Deku!” Shigaraki’s gravelly voice called out, unhappily.

Without a chance to answer, or even turn around, Shigaraki roughly takes hold of Midoriya’s collar. “We’re leaving.”

Midoriya is confused, to say the least. Without warning, Shigaraki begins walking, dragging Midoriya along behind him.

Midoriya knows better than to argue, so he just does his best not to suffocate. When they reach the door, Shigaraki opens it, and throws Midoriya into the alley way.

He struggles not to fall face first into the dirt, failing when a heavy weight hits his back. With a low grunt, Midoriya falls to his knees, a small thump sounds next to him.

Midoriya also knows better than to glare, so he focuses his sights on whatever hit him.

It was his bag. Midoriya grabs it, and rifles through it. His notebooks are there, all three of them, his writing materials, a spare change of clothes, his money, and his knife….it seems Shigaraki just grabbed his bag from his room, not checking the contents.

“Get up!” Shigaraki barks, already turning to leave down the maze of alleys.

Midoriya scrambles to his feet, dusting off his clothes, and putting his bag over his shoulder. Keeping a safe distance, he follows Shigaraki.

Normally, Midoriya would take a different route than the other villains, choosing just to meet up with them at the specified area. In this case though, he had no idea where Shigaraki was taking him.

Their destination became known, soon enough.

The gates Midoriya had dreamed of walking through since his childhood, stood impenetrable before him. A crowd of reporters stood clumped together. Voices overlapping, people pushing and yelling.

A fair distance away, Shigaraki grabbed Midoriya by the collar again. Only this time, from the front of his sweatshirt. He lifted Midoriya closer to his face.

“When I give the signal, get into the school. Grab whatever info you can, and be back here ten minutes after I give the signal. You’ll regret it if you fail this mission. Am I clear?” He hissed.

“Crystal.” Midoriya grunted out, doing his best to keep the disgusted expression off of his face.

“Let’s go.” He said, throwing Midoriya away from him, as if he’d bitten him.

The plan went much faster than he would have liked. Being told something in advance would have been appreciated. He might have been able to prepare a bit more if he had known they were breaking into UA of all places!

All it took was a single touch, for everything to descend into chaos.

Midoriya guessed that’s what Shigaraki meant by “signal”.  Without looking back, Midoriya pushed through the, now open, gates with the reporters.

It was almost too simple to break away from the group unnoticed.

Midoriya marveled at the school interior. A school that had an alarm blasting, and was mostly empty in this section.

UA really needed to up the security. Midoriya read the signs on the wall, following them to the teacher’s lounge. The door wasn’t even locked.

Midoriya literally just walked into the room.

He made sure not to touch anything with his bare hands, covering them with his jacket sleeves. He carefully rifled through the papers that were simply lying out on the desks.

He pulled out his phone and took a picture here and there. He really didn’t know what kind of information he was supposed to get.

Then he found it.

The master schedule for all teachers and classes for the month. Midoriya made sure his photo was clear, before he put his phone away.

The phone was heavy in his pocket, weighted down by the severity of this information. Midoriya didn’t have a chance to think about his actions as he checked the clock on the wall, his time was almost up.

He carefully placed the papers back into their previous positions, making a quick second check through them.

He left the room, with not a single paper out of place.

The door handle didn’t have his prints, and his hood had long since been pulled up. He didn’t see any security cameras, but he guessed that the school probably didn’t need them.

You tend to skimp of security when the school is filled with pro and upcoming heros.

He once again made himself unseen amongst the chaos of the teachers trying to subdue the press.

Midoriya slipped out of the gates, and made quick work of getting back to the meeting spot.

“Just under eight minutes, not bad kid.” Shigaraki’s dark voice sounded from the darkness. “Now lets see what you got.”

A waiting hand melted out of the shadows, and Midoriya handed over the phone. Shigaraki awkwardly handled it, always keeping a finger or two in the air.

He swiped through the first few pictures with a blank face, until he saw the very last one. A slow grin made it onto his face.

Shigaraki then walked out of the shadows, and easily swung an arm around Midoriya’s shoulders. “Level completed, very good kid.”

The heavy weight of Shigaraki’s arm and his actions settled onto him. Whatever they were planning was not going to end well, and he was responsible for it’s success.

Shigaraki’s arm didn’t leave his shoulders, as he pulled Midoriya along beside him. His crazy grin widened as he pocketed the phone. Shigaraki happily began to hum a song that only he knew the tune to, as he dragged Midoriya further into the abyss.

Chapter Text

The League’s debut was set much sooner than Midoriya could stomach.

The League of Villains was attacking the Unforeseen Simulations Joint (USJ) tomorrow.

They were gathered around the small TV in the bar. When Sensei said ‘tomorrow’ all three were understandably confused—well Shigaraki was more excited than confused.

“I have been making general preparations for months. A single day gives us plenty of time to complete the finishing touches.” AFO announced in a sly tone, always one to have planned beforehand.

“I have between 60 and 70 villains ready to leave whenever I say the word. They will accompany you to keep the child heros busy, while you three complete our actual goal. We will end the Symbol of Peace.” He continued.

Under Sensei’s careful guidance, a plan began to form. It was quite simple, but as it was an ambush, the plan didn’t need to be complex. They would hit hard and fast...and the heros wouldn’t see it coming.

“Tomura, I am giving you full command of this mission.” Shigaraki’s face lit up with pride. “Make me proud.”

“Yes Sensei.”

“Midoriya,” AFO turned to him. This can’t be good, AFO used his real name. “You will not be fighting. I can not trust that you won’t freeze against an opponent your own age. If you get attacked, you have permission to just run away.”

Midoriya swallowed thickly, nodding his head.

“You will be taking notes on the quirks of both the students and teachers.” AFO leaned closer towards the screen, “I expect good results, as usual.”

“Y-yes Sensei.” Midoriya muttered, clenching his fist so tightly that his fingernails began cutting into his palms.

“Kurogiri, you will be our transport in and out of the USJ. I also need you to split up the students and teachers. They will be strong together, but frightened and disoriented alone.”

“It would be my honor, Sensei.” Kurogiri replied, bowing slightly.

“Good.” AFO steepled his fingers, “Now let’s begin.”


Midoriya walked through the dark fire mechanically. He was doing his best not to think about anything today.

These villains were on their way to kill All Might. He was on his way, with them.

Midoriya didn’t remember anything from this morning, going through the actions on muscle memory only. His mind was reeling with traitorous thoughts.

He’d woken up in a cold sweat, a plan that could be freedom or suicide clear in his mind.

The three walked out of the fire, entering a clamorous warehouse.

Midoriya’s eyes widened at the sight. Sensei hadn’t been exaggerating when he said 60 to 70 small time villains.

The villains seemed to be excitedly talking amongst each other, all suddenly stopping at their appearance. All eyes were on them.

There was silence throughout the warehouse, until Shigaraki took a few steps forward.

“Who’s ready to kill the Symbol of Peace?!” He yelled, as eloquent as ever.

Midoriya shrank back at the words. The villains would never react to a speech like that, right?

Wrong--The warehouse broke out into loud cheering.

Midoriya watched Shigaraki open his arms, basking in the room’s excitement. His unsettling villain costume made him look all the more evil.

Kurogiri checked his watch, carefully leaning in, whispering to Shigaraki.

Shigaraki nodded, suddenly yelled out, “Nomu!”

A towering mass of muscle made itself known, from where it had been sitting motionless in the back of the warehouse. Midoriya’s jaw dropped at the sight.

It approached the crowd in slow thundering steps. Midoriya watched as villains had to comically jump out of the way, scrambling not to be crushed by it.

Once the nomu made it to Shigaraki’s other side (thank god it wasn’t next to Midoriya), he spoke again, ”This is Sensei’s gift to us! This is the nomu, it will do whatever is commanded by me! With it, we will kill All Might!!!”

The crowd broke into cheers once again.

Midoriya’s stomach was churning. He hadn’t been informed about this nomu thing, but it seemed Kurogiri had been, as he wasn’t showing any signs of surprise.

Just what else wasn’t Midoriya being told about? He knew Sensei didn’t trust him, but he’s never been left out of a plan before.

His escape plan was being unraveled before his eyes.

This whole situation left a bad taste in Midoriya’s mouth.


The set time was only minutes away, and Midoriya’s hands hadn’t stopped shaking.

The lower villains were making last minute adjustments to their equipment and costumes. Many couldn’t keep the sick smiles off of their faces.

With a gust of wind, Midoriya could feel that Kurogiri had opened his warp behind them. Midoriya turned towards it, anxiety running through his veins.

A heavy hand hit his shoulder, one finger lifted, “Don’t fail me, Deku.”

A last minute warning was given by Shigaraki, before he pat his shoulder, and walked through the fire. The nomu slowly lumbered behind, and then the villains filtered through.

Soon enough he was the only one left in the warehouse. Midoriya looked down at his feet. His red shoes gave his identity away, and he could only hope that after today the name Deku was no longer affiliated with villains.

He took a deep breath, steeling his resolve.

He had one shot, and he was going to take it.

This mission wouldn’t end in bloodshed, not if Midoriya had anything to do with it. His mind was made up. If he failed here he could very well be killed for his actions.

The heros were going to win, and he was going to escape.

Midoriya walked through the warp, to what could be his be his freedom or his death.


He was only seconds behind the last small time villain, but it seems chaos had already ensued.

The hero course students were huddled above them at the entrance, all clearly terrified. Only two pro-heros were present; Eraser head, an underground hero, and Thirteen, a rescue hero. All Might was nowhere to be seen.

 “Where is he? We’ve come all this way, and brought so many playmates…All Might--the Symbol of Peace--is he here?!” Shigaraki spit out, agitated.

Midoriya let out a sigh of relief, All Might wasn’t here.

As much as it hurt his escape plan, this nearly crippled AFO’s.

Shigaraki began to mutter, “I wonder if some dead kids will bring him here?”

Midoriya’s heart stopped.

That wasn’t part of the plan.

Before Midoriya could react, the small time villains began to fan out, slowly approaching the heros-in-training. Eraser Head jumped towards them, without an ounce of hesitation, yelling something to Thirteen.

Eraser Head was ruthless in his assault. He didn’t use up his energy with flashy moves, or a show of power.

Midoriya watched in wonder as Eraser Head efficiently took down villains with every punch or swing of his capture weapon.

Midoriya snapped out of his stupor. He quickly split from the group, taking cover. He pulled out his notes, trying to come up with a plan.

The only way he could organize his thoughts was if he wrote them down.

Behind him Eraser Head continued to fight, outnumbered.

The villains still thought he was on their side, and the heros wouldn’t trust him if he tried to join them…no, that wouldn’t work. Midoriya scratched out his current plan, and tried again.

“I hate pro-heros. Ordinary villains don’t stand a chance against them.” Shigaraki bit out, scratching at his neck.

Midoriya looked up from his notes long enough to notice that Kurogiri had disappeared.

Above them, at the entrance, he suddenly made himself known to the hero class, “Greetings, we are the League of Villains.” His voice bellowed out, the message clear to all, “Forgive our audacity, but today we’ve come here to UA high school—this bastion of heroism—to end the life of All Might, the Symbol of Peace!”

Midoriya saw two students quickly lash out against Kurogiri. He couldn’t make out who they were, but an explosion quickly followed. Midoriya swallowed thickly, praying that he didn’t know that student.

Kurogiri’s form was undamaged, as it created a dome around the students. Warp gates opened all over the USJ, depositing the heros-in-training randomly.

That was it!

A dangerous idea formed in Midoriya’s mind.

He could use his note taking as a guise to get close to the students. The villains still thought he was on their side. Midoriya could easily take them down, and let the students escape.

That is only if they needed it. These were hero course students, most of them were bound to pretty strong.

Kurogiri’s warp gate opened next to him. Midoriya smirked, stepping through it.

He stepped out onto a high cliff face in the Landslide Zone. He looked down shocked, as every villain that had been sent here was covered in ice.

Midoriya looked around the frozen landscape, discovering that only one student had done all of this.

Midoriya’s fingers itched to take notes, so he flipped to the next page in his journal, indulging himself.

Even after nearly a year, he couldn’t help but want to take notes about a strong hero, even if this one wasn’t exactly a hero yet.

He didn’t know the student’s names, so he wrote a description of them at the top of the page.

Half red, half white hair. Beaut—

Midoriya erased that last word.

Ice quirk, incredibly strong. Good control and range.

Midoriya didn’t get much further, as he saw ice flying towards him. With a back flip, he dodged.

Midoriya had been able to tail pros for hours without them noticing, but this hero course student noticed him within seconds.

Just who was he?

Not wanting to find out, Midoriya quickly fled. This student was obviously fine on his own.

He saw that the Flood Zone was the closest to him, and it seemed the students there were having a bit of trouble.

With a destination in mind, Midoriya ran, making sure the ice quirk student was still following him. With his power, he could easily save his classmates.

There was no need for Midoriya to make himself a target to the villains this early in the game.

As predicted, the student stopped pursing him once he saw the others. The female student, nicknamed frog girl in Midoriya’s journal, seemed to have the powers of a frog. The male student beside her just looked like he wanted to sleep, his name was now tired, purple hair.

Ice quirk froze the lake, capturing the water based villains. Seeing that they were safe, Midoriya left while he had the chance.

Only once student was in the Fire Zone. Like the ice quirk, all of the villains had been taken care of. It seemed his quirk was his tail, and he was good at martial arts. No help was needed here.

Perhaps they had all underestimated these students.

The Mountain Zone had three students. It seemed Midoriya had come right at the end of the fight. He watched one of the girls pull a blanket out of her back, it seems she made it? Midoriya wasn’t sure what her quirk was, but his attention was drawn from a loud crackle of electricity.

The yellow haired student shocked the remaining villains, but began acting oddly, walking around with a dull expression. A limit to his quirk, perhaps? The last girl had headphone jacks on her ear lobes, but Midoriya didn’t see her use them in action, so he wasn’t sure of their uses.

It seemed these three were more than fine, as well.

Midoriya had completed all of the zones on this side of the USJ. He quickly snuck back to the central plaza, just in time to see Eraser Head engage in battle with Shigaraki.

Midoriya watched in horror as Shigaraki caught Eraser Head’s arm, but the satisfying punch that followed it made him cheer internally. Shigaraki deserved a good punch or two.

Midoriya couldn’t outright fight Shigaraki without life-threatening repercussions, so he left the battle to the pro hero, for now.

As Midoriya quietly made his way around the fight, he noticed Kurogiri was fighting Thirteen at the entrance. Thirteen used their quirk, one of the few that could really harm Kurogiri, but he was too fast. His warp caught their attack, placing it behind them.

He saw Thirteen fall to the ground with a scream, as the remaining students ran to their aid. One student had a super speed quirk, and with help from his classmates, he cleared the villains and ran out of the USJ. Midoriya couldn’t help but hope that he makes it in time.

He wrote down the remaining students that he saw. The super speed glasses guy, the one with six arms, there was a pink girl and a large guy, both whose quirks were unknown, a guy with tape elbows, and a girl who could make things float.

These six—now five—students seemed to have the entrance under control. Midoriya knew at least 13 of the 20 students were safe. He set off to go find the remaining students.

A sickening thud stopped him in his tracks.

Midoriya quickly turned to see Eraser Head’s mangled form trapped below the nomu. Midoriya nearly lost his breakfast at the sight.

Shigaraki was having a one sided conversation with the pro, then Eraser Head let out a scream as the nomu slammed him into the ground.

Midoriya flinched at the sickening crack. He could see the students in the area watching on in horror as their teacher lay underneath a monster, and Midoriya couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Kurogiri formed by Shigaraki’s side, having a low conversation. Midoriya caught the tail end of it, “…It’s game over for now. We’re leaving.”

Midoriya’s heart couldn’t decide to sink or cheer.

On one hand he had bet all of his hope on this mission, but on the other it meant that the students would be safe.

Midoriya couldn’t help but be disappointed in his plans failure.

The heros were supposed to overpower them, and arrest every villain here. Midoriya would be included in that, but that didn’t matter because it meant he wouldn’t have to kill again.

“….but before that, lets leave a few dead kids just to wound the pride of the symbol of peace!” Shigaraki added, lunging for the frog girl and the purple haired student that had both been watching from nearby.

Midoriya didn’t think as he ran after Shigaraki, screaming, “NO!”

Shigaraki’s hand made contact long before Midoriya could reach him.

Nothing happened. Midoriya’s head snapped back, to see Eraser Head, doing his best to keep his eyes open.

Shigaraki’s hand never left the girl, as he threw a glare over his shoulder “You really are pretty cool Eraser Head.”

Midoriya knew he was probably going to die for this, but the lunged at Shigaraki. Eraser Head wouldn’t last much longer, and he wasn’t going to let this girl die!

He never made contact, as a pillar of ice made Shigaraki dodge backwards first.

The ice quirk student had apparently still been in the area, coming to the rescue once again.

Another loud crash sounded behind him. Judging by the student’s faces, Midoriya was sure Eraser Head wasn’t getting up from this one.

Midoriya was now closer to the students than Shigaraki was. He met the calculating gaze of the ice quirk user. He regarded Midoriya with caution, and Midoriya did the same. Midoriya assumed that the student was trying to determine if he should attack or not.

Before a decision was reached, the doors of the USJ slammed open, with a familiar figure stepping through.

“Fear not! For I am here!” The firm voice of All Might rang throughout the USJ.

All eyes turned to the newest figure. The students began cheering, and Midoriya joined them internally. Though once the smoke cleared, Midoriya felt a spike of fear roll down his spine.

All Might wasn’t smiling.

In the blink of an eye, all villains between All Might and Eraser Head were falling to the ground, groaning in pain. All Might picked up Eraser Head’s broken body with more care than his imposing figure suggested he could.

His piercing gaze settled onto the three students behind Midoriya. Within a split second, All Might dodged between Shigaraki and the nomu, grabbing the students in a single motion.

Midoriya met his hero’s eyes, and in what seemed to be a last minute decision, All Might grabbed Midoriya as well.

Before he knew what was happening, Midoriya was deposited on the ground with the other students and Eraser Head. All Might’s protective arm shielding them from Shigaraki and Kurogiri.

Shigaraki began laughing, locking eyes with Midoriya. “I think you picked up a stray…hahaha!” His crazy tone turned dark, “Could it really be true…that you’re getting weaker?!”

Midoriya’s eyes flitted between Shigaraki’s knowing gaze and All Might’s back. His mind was made up. His plan was going into action.

He was officially betraying the villains.

Midoriya’s mouth opened, his own theories and thoughts spilling out, before he could stop himself out of fear, “A-all Might!” His hero turned to him, “That brain villain—the nomu, it’s not normal!”

All Might’s dazzling smile rose to his face, “Fear not, young one!”

In a gust of wind, the symbol of peace was gone. Midoriya watched as All Might fought the villain, his punches landed with little effect.

“Hey!” One of the male students called out to him.

Oh shit.

Midoriya slowly turned, looking up, as he was the only one still sitting on the ground.

He frog girl was looking at him with interest, while both of the boys wore guarded expressions. Their unconscious teacher was being supported between them.

The purple haired boy was the one who had called out to him.

Midoriya scrambled up, taking a few steps back, his guard raised.

“You’re Deku, aren’t you?” The ice quirk user questioned.

Midoriya nodded slowly.

“Why did All Might grab you, too?” The purple haired boy’s gaze scrutinized Midoriya.

Midoriya opened his mouth, “I—I don’t know….”

The purple haired boy began to speak again, but quickly stopped as the group saw All Might’s struggle with the nomu.

Kurogiri was playing dirty, using his quirk to stop All Might’s suplex. The nomu’s crushing grip began to puncture All Might’s sides, red staining his tattered white shirt.

Midoriya once again began moving before he had a plan.

What could he do? He didn’t have a quirk, or his normal weapons. The nomu was holding its own against All Might, what could Midoriya really do?

Even as his thoughts of hopelessness ran through his head, his legs didn’t stop.

He’d wanted to be a hero all of his life. The fear of death wasn’t going to be what stopped him now!

“Get the hell outta’ here, you fugly villain!” A scarily familiar voice yelled, followed by an even more familiar explosion.

Kurogiri was hit by the full force of the explosion, falling to the ground.

The blast pushed Midoriya off of his feet, causing him to land on the ground away from the battle.


Kacchan was standing in front of Midoriya, pinning Kurogiri to the ground. Even after almost a year, Midoriya would recognize his explosive temper anywhere.

A path of ice snaked across the ground, from behind Midoriya, taking his attention away from his childhood friend.

The ice quirk user froze the nomu in place, calmly walking past Midoriya. “So I heard you people are here to kill All Might, but scum like you could never kill the Symbol of Peace.” His icy tone matched his quirk perfectly.

“Crap! I almost had him!” A voice sounded from further away, belonging to a red haired boy who had tried to punch Shigaraki.

Midoriya’s eyes widened. Maybe his hope wasn’t so misplaced after all. These students were strong. With All Might here, they could win.

With the student’s help, All Might was able to escape from the nomu’s grip. He straightened himself out, once again placing himself between Shigaraki and the students.

“You’ve pinned down our escape route…well this is a problem.” Shigaraki commented, casually.

Shigaraki wasn’t worried. Midoriya would know better than most that this was about to go from bad to worse.

Shigaraki began to scratch at his neck, muttering angrily, “Not only did you beat our level, but you’re at full health.” Midoriya didn’t have a chance to warn anyone before the scratching stopped, “Nomu, get Kurogiri back.”

Something was about to happen, being helpless right now, Midoriya scrambled to get out of the blast zone. He saw that the purple haired boy and frog girl had gotten Eraser Head to safety by the entrance. He sighed in relief, at least one good thing had happened.

From the sidelines Midoriya watched the nomu break off it’s own arm and leg to escape the ice. The hero students watched on in horrified awe as it’s limbs began to regenerate.

It reared it’s arm back, punching so powerfully it created a vortex of wind pressure, much like All Might does. Midoriya watched as the punch was headed straight for Kacchan, but as the smoke cleared, only All Might stood in it’s path.

“Anything to save your allies…. right Deku?” Shigaraki muttered, making Midoriya jump at the sound of his name.

Shigaraki turned to him, “Don’t think you’re going to get out of this that easily.” The students all looked at him with cautious wonder; even All Might gave him a glance. Kacchan in particular, stared for much longer than the others, most likely just having noticed his presence.

Shigaraki regained their attention soon enough, as he began monologuing about heros and villains, good and evil, to All Might.

Midoriya knew he was in for it now. He’ll probably be killed painfully if the heros don’t win.

He didn’t have time to worry about that now, because Shigaraki’s crazed ideologies were coming to an end. “Let’s clear the game and go home!” He cried, charging at All Might.

His charge was cut short, as All Might went straight to the nomu. It matched him blow for blow. The air around them was riddled with shock waves from the sheer power behind each punch.

In one last punch of desperation, Midoriya watched All Might yell “PLUS ULTRA!!”

He met the nomu’s punch, and for a moment everything was still. Then in a spectacular display of power and a violent gust of wind, the nomu was sent careening through the roof of the USJ.

The USJ went silent in awe.

Shigaraki was the one to break the silence, as he hissed out, “You cheated!”

All Might righted himself, fixing his tattered clothing to the best of his ability. “Now villain, lets finish this.”

Steam from the battle began to fill the area, giving All Might an ominous aura.

Kurogiri appeared next to Shigaraki, as he had a mild tantrum, “He’s not weak at all! They lied to me?!”

“What happened to clearing the game?” All Might bated Shigaraki.

Shigaraki was not happy, as he scratched at his neck, muttering nonsense to himself.

Kurogiri attempted to calm him, “Tomura the reinforcements from the school will be here soon, but it seems the nomu did some real damage. We may still have a chance at beating him.”

Shigaraki began to laugh, “Right right right! The final boss is right here!”

Something told Midoriya that All Might couldn’t handle another attack in his state. Shigaraki may not have seen it, but for a die hard fan like Midoriya, it was clear. All Might really was getting weaker.

Midoriya knew the signs. “All Might!” He called out, running from his hiding spot.

He was the only one close enough to get to him in time. The students were to spread out, too far away. Midoriya saw them all running as well, but none of them would make it in time.

“Deku!” Shigaraki growled out, as he saw what Midoriya was doing.

He would be a human shield if he had to. Midoriya would much rather die here, as a hero, than be killed at the bar as a villain.

For the first time that day, Midoriya still didn’t have a plan, but he knew what he had to do.

Shigaraki wasn’t going to stop if he was in the way. Midoriya knew this, but he threw himself in his path, anyways.

Midoriya was confused to say the least, as he got within Shigaraki’s reach. He must have been missing something, because instead of turning to dust, he was simply thrown out of the way.

Shigaraki grabbed Midoriya’s arm, taking care to lift both pinkies, and he tossed him over his shoulder, onto the ground.

Midoriya’s action slowed Shigaraki down just enough for backup to arrive. A series of shots rang out, two of them actually hitting Shigaraki.

The ice quirk user and the red haired student both reached All Might’s side, standing protectively in front of him.

Meanwhile Kacchan ran at Midoriya, catching him out of the air. They hit the ground hard, Kacchan’s hand tightly gripping his forearm.

From the ground Midoriya watched Kurogiri cover Shigaraki from a spray of bullets, as the pros filtered in through the doors.

“Class 1-A President, Iida Tenya reporting for duty!!!” It seems the student with the speed quirk had made it in time.

He sat up, with childhood friend doing the same. Kacchan angrily grabbed him by the shoulders, “You fucker! Why do you have his name?!”

Midoriya was frozen, as Kacchan seemed more sad than angry. He had a look of desperation in his eyes, behind the anger that was always present there.

He tried to pull the hood off of Midoriya’s head, but now Midoriya was a better fighter than Kacchan would remember. In two easy movements, Midoriya twisted out of his arms, and leapt to his feet.

Midoriya was conflicted. If Shigaraki was able to fight his way out of this, then Midoriya couldn’t reveal his identity.

He’d tell the police who he was once he got arrested. That would be the safest for everyone.

Kacchan visited his mother, and the villains knew who he was. His life would be in danger.

The pros were already getting to work, rounding up all of the unconscious or immobile villains. He just had to outlast Kacchan until the pros made their way over to them.

In his moment of distraction, Kacchan was able to catch him off guard, and punch him in the face.

“Dammit Deku! Why didn’t you ever come back?! Why the fuck are you with these shit stains?!” He growled out in anger, tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

Kacchan’s words froze him in place. Is that what he thought? That he left his mother on purpose, and never came back?

An anger Midoriya didn’t know he’d been harboring, bubbled up, “You think I want to be here?! That I haven’t tried---“ He slapped his hand over his mouth, quickly creating as much distance as possible between them.

Kacchan looked as shocked as Midoriya felt. A smirk slid onto Kacchan’s face, “I fucking knew it!” he growled out.

Midoriya blanched. He’d just been out played, and practically yelled his identity to the heros.

A sudden scream of anger and desperation took Midoriya’s attention away from his internal dilemma.

“ALL MIGHT! I’LL KILL YOU!!” Shigaraki screamed while still on the ground, with Kurogiri covering him.

Pro-hero Snipe’s bullets were being directed back at him, with Kurogiri’s warp gates.

Midoriya made eye contact with Shigaraki, not one of his best moves, he’ll admit.

“Deku…” Shigaraki’s voice changed. It held a much darker tone.

Death was a promise, not a threat.

Time stopped for Midoriya, as a pale hand disappeared into a warp gate. It’s match opening so close to Midoriya that he could feel the wind from it’s creation.

The hand gripped his hood tightly, yanking back with sudden force.

The last thing he saw was Kacchan reaching his hand out to him.

The last thing he heard was a cry of desperation from his childhood friend, “MIDORIYA!”

The last thing he felt was a smile slipping onto his face. He couldn’t remember the last time someone called out his name with a tone other than malice.

The last thing he said was, “I’m sorry.”

Before the darkness of the warp gate closed around him.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up. That in itself was surprising—or was it?

Flashes of the USJ bounced around in his mind, then nothing. He couldn’t remember anything past Eraser Head charging towards them.

Another burst of memories hit him.

The sound of crying that might have been his own. A scarred, deformed hand on his forehead. White hot pain that Midoriya could feel in his every nerve. A dark voice saying “Remember, you pushed me to this point…” Then nothing.

The memories were pushed from his mind as soon as they came.

What had he just been thinking about?

Shaking his head, Midoriya slowly sat up. He was in his room, still in his Deku clothes. Though they were considerably more ruffled than his memories of the USJ let on.

Something must have happened from when his memories cut off.

He slowly got up, groaning. His entire body ached in protest, and a migraine sat heavily behind his eyes.

Holding a hand to his head, Midoriya forced himself to go down to the bar. Shigaraki and Kurogiri would have answers for him.

He stumbled a bit on the stairs, but made it down in one piece.

The bar was empty, save for Kurogiri behind the counter. Midoriya shuffled to his normal bar stool, and sat down.

Kurogiri glanced his way, wordlessly setting a glass of water and a bottle of pain pills down in front of him.

Midoriya mumbled a thanks, eagerly downing two of the pills.

After a moment of silence, Midoriya asked, “Hey Kurogiri, what happened at the USJ?”

Kurogiri gave him a sympathetic look. His form shifted around, reforming next to Midoriya. A gentle hand brushed the side of Midoriya’s head, “You took a brutal hit from Eraser Head, and it took us a while to get to you. We were surprised that you made it.”

Midoriya looked at Kurogiri with disbelief. Eraser Head was a model hero, that’s part of the reason he wanted to stay underground. He didn’t want his morels corrupted by the fame. He wouldn’t have hit Midoriya hard enough to nearly kill him, especially if Midoriya wasn’t the one attacking him.

(Kurogiri is telling the truth) A voice whispered in the back of his mind.

That’s right, Kurogiri wouldn’t lie to Midoriya. He had been a trustworthy figure all of his life, he wouldn’t betray him now. He must be telling the truth then.

Midoriya didn’t know Eraser Head personally, so who knows why he attacked him like he did. Some mysteries are left unsolved.

Wait—did he really just think that? Was he just going to let this go? ‘Best left unsolved’ isn’t a phrase that came naturally for Midoriya. So why is he thinking it now?

(Just let it go)

Maybe he should just let it go.

“Oh.” Was all he could say to Kurogiri. “What happened to the others?”

Kurogiri’s expression fell. “The mission was not a success. All Might showed up, along with backup. They were able to defeat the nomu, and subdue most of those in out ranks. Tomura was shot as we made our escape.”

Midoriya’s eyes widened at that. It explains Shigaraki’s absence in the bar.

“How?” Midoriya felt like he was supposed to ask.

Kurogiri tilted his head in question.

“How did Shigaraki get shot?”

Kurogiri’s expression softened again. “He wasn’t going to abandon you. He put himself in the line of fire, to retrieve you, and I wasn’t fast enough to deflect the bullets.”

(Tomura is caring. He would do that for you. You owe him your life.)

“He did that for me?”

“Of course I did, brat.” A rough voice called out from the stairs. Shigaraki was leaning heavily on the wall.

“Shigara—“  Midoriya began in surprise. He cut himself off, that didn’t sound right….


 “Tomura…” Midoriya called out instead.

Yeah, Tomura was what he called him. They’ve been together so long, its only natural they use each other’s first names.

Why was he doubting that Tomura would take a bullet for him? He definitely would, and Midoriya would do the same. They were basically brothers. Brothers watch each other’s backs.

“I’m glad you’re okay, Izuku.” Tomura said, carefully ruffling his hair.

It felt right. This was how things were supposed to be.

“Are you okay?” Midoriya asked, concerned.

“I’m fine. Sensei has a healing quirk, but it can only do so much. I’m sure your head is still hurting, huh?”

Midoriya nodded, a question came to mind, “How long have I been out?”

Tomura and Kurogiri glanced at each other, “The USJ was earlier today. It is only,” Kurogiri checked his watch, “eight, right now. So only a few hours.”

“Oh ok.” Midoriya answered. He noticed Tomura was more pale than normal, “Tomura sit down, right now.” He commanded.

The two older villains looked at him with shocked expressions, before they began to laugh. Tomura held his hands up in defeat, as Midoriya ushered him onto a bar stool.

They began to catch up, and plan their next move.

This felt nice. Yeah, everything was how it should be.


Bakugo Katsuki was not okay.

He’d been asked that question enough for a lifetime.

How was he supposed to be okay, when he had to watch his childhood friend get taken before his eyes?

If only he’d been faster, stronger.


Bakugo wanted to scream.

Why had he let Midoriya escape his grip? If he had tried a little harder, that idiot would still be here.

When Dek—Midoriya—he corrected, had disappeared, Bakugo’s world descended into chaos. He realized just how used to his presence he was. He was a constant in Bakugo’s ever changing world.

Midoriya was the first—and only—real friend Bakugo ever had, at least until UA.

A select few students changed that fact (the self named Bakusquad), but Midoriya still held a special place in his life.

Bakugo was praised for being so strong, so it was obvious he had to prey on the weak. And Midoriya never said anything about his behavior, how was he supposed to know?

In all actuality, it was more like Bakugo never listened.

Midoriya’s disappearance made him realize just how much of an asshole he’d been.

No apology would make up for it, he knew that. But he wanted to try.

Bakugo wanted to be a hero, but he had only ever acted like a villain.

Only once he finds Midoriya, and pries him away from the villain scum—with his own two hands—can Bakugo start trying to become a better person.

He had to right his wrongs before he deserves a second chance at life. Midoriya deserves to be saved. Even as a villain, he’s more of a hero than Bakugo has ever been.

The whole situation was laughable, really.

“Bakugo?” The detective called his name, signifying that they were ready for his statement.

He walked into the small room, that was suffocating professional. Bakugo dropped into the seat, slouched back, exhausted from the day’s events.

He set his mouth into a hard line, glaring at a potted plant in the corner of the room.

“Hello, Bakugo. I’m Detective Tsukauchi.” Bakugo looked at the man, he was the same as this room. Stuffy and professional.

“We were told you have information for us?”

With an affirmative grunt, Bakugo straightened himself in his seat. “Deku, you got a file on that fucker?”

Tsukauchi didn’t even blink at his foul language, nor did he try to correct it. Maybe Bakugo liked this guy, just maybe.

The detective placed a relatively small folder, carefully in front of Bakugo. “This is all of the information I can share with you.”

Bakugo skimmed through its contents, before roughly closing it. The small amount of information in it was ridiculous.

“You got a pen?” The detective nodded.


Bakugo began. The detective seemed a bit caught off guard as he started speaking suddenly. He caught on soon enough, dutifully writing down any information that he deemed important.

Bakugo told them Midoriya’s name, his address, what he looked like, who his mother was. He told the detective about the villain attack, and when he disappeared. He told him about what Midoriya had said at the USJ.

Once the facts were out of the way, Bakugo told the detective this: “Midoriya isn’t a villain. He’s too much of a hero to ever be one. They haven’t” He made air quotes with his fingers,” ‘turned him’ with their ideologies. None of that shit.”

The detective nodded, showing he was still listening.

“From what I got out of him at the USJ, the fucker is probably being held against his will. I’m guessing they’ve threatened to kill a civilian or his mom, ya’ know text book villain stuff.” Bakugo stood up at this point, placing his hands on the table, leaning over it, “Bottom line is, Midoriya, or Deku, whatever you wanna call him, is a good person, so you’d better do your absolute fuckin’ best to save him!”

Without another word Bakugo backed up from the table, and turned to leave. With his hand on the door knob, he whispered, “No one deserves to be saved more than him.”

Now alone, Tsukauchi reflected on what he’d just been told.

The DEKU case, just got a lot more complicated.


Exactly one day after the USJ attack, a meeting was held at UA.

The detective stood at the front of the room, relaying the devastating news that Bakugo had relayed to him.

A new case following the League of Villains had opened up, but they only had so much information. More of the information led to a dead end, than information that didn’t.

Then there was the DEKU case. With one student, they had found out who he was, and what his alignment was.

Deku was not a villain.

Deku was a child who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. None of his crimes would be held against him, and he could probably tell the police much needed information on this mysterious League.

Deku—Midoriya needed to be found. He needed to be saved.


Toshinori’s spirits had visibly fallen during the meeting with the detective.

It was his fault.

He was responsible not only for the creation of Deku, but also the destruction of Midoriya’s life.

He was the one who let the sludge villain get away.

He was the one who didn’t reach young Midoriya fast enough.

Toshinori believes he understands young Bakugo’s anguish now. Young Midoriya had been at his fingertips, only to be ripped away.

He had grabbed Midoriya with the other students, at the USJ, because he felt no malice from him. He understands Deku’s star struck expression from when he saved him now.

He had failed as a hero.

Toshinori did the only thing he could think of to make up for his mistake.

Still wrapped in bandages, he didn’t have the energy to transform. He didn’t feel that he needed to, as his eyes landed on a small woman with kind eyes.

Her face was aged with stress, and though kind, her green eyes were dull with faint despair.

“Inko Midoriya?” He asked.

“That’s me. Can I ask what this is about?”

Toshinori took a deep breath, preparing himself for whatever reaction she may have.

“Oh, silly me!” Inko exclaimed, cutting Toshinori off, “Where are my manners, please come in!”

With no time to protest, Toshinori was ushered into the small apartment. He was directed to sit on an older couch, the vibrant green color matched Inko’s hair.

After a minuet of shocked silence from Toshinori, Inko came from the kitchen with two cups of tea.

“I apologize for interrupting you. Now let’s continue.” She said rather cheerfully.

Toshinori steeled his resolve once again. “Ms. Midoriya, we believe that we have found the whereabouts of your son.”

He waited in baited breath. He waited for the yelling, anger, demands made in fear for more information, but none of that came.

Instead he was greeted with silence.

He looked to Inko. She held her cup in her lap, one hand reaching to cover her mouth. Silent tears threatened to spill. Her eyes grew vibrant with color and emotions.

“Is—is he ok?” Was all she asked.

Toshinori didn’t know if being held by villains qualified as ok, but when he saw the boy he seemed physically fine.


They sat in silence for a few more minutes, as Inko cried softly. Toshinori wanted nothing more than to comfort her, but he had no right to.

Inko suddenly sat up in her chair, and began to wipe away her tears. She quickly recomposed herself, meeting Toshinori’s eyes. They held a fiery determination. They were filled with hope, and life. So much different from when he had first seen her.

“Thank you.” She sniffled a bit, “I know you probably can’t tell me anything else, but thank you.”

Toshinori shook his head, staring into the tea in his hands, “I do not deserve your thanks. I couldn’t save your son.” It seemed it was his turn to cry.

A hand, one much smaller and more fragile than his, slid protectively over his own. Inko crouched down, tilting Toshinori’s face up with her other hand. “Then it looks like you’ll just have to try again. This time make sure you succeed.”


Class 1-A was given a day off after the USJ. They all desperately needed it, after being attacked very real villains.

Once they came back to school, everyone was trying their best to act naturally. If they did that, maybe everything would actually go back to normal.

It wasn’t working. Uraraka’s laugh was forced, Kaminari had already fried himself twice to get a laugh out of his friends, Iida wasn’t being as strict as normal. Everyone was still trying to get through the fact that they all could have died.

Aizawa-sensei teaching, while covered in bandages, wasn’t helping them much.

Bakugo seemed to be the worst off.

Normally in this kind of situation he would be angrier than normal. Always one wrong move away from exploding, but he wasn’t like that at all.

Instead he was quiet.

He had his mouth set unhappily, but he didn’t talk much. He took his notes dutifully, not once yelling for Ashido and Sero to quiet down.

Since the beginning of the school year, like clockwork, at lunch Kirishima would try to get Bakugo to eat with them. Bakugo would then refuse, and pick a table by himself. The self-named Bakusquad would just move to that table, and eat with him anyways. He would threaten to explodokill them, but he never did.

Today when Kirishima asked him to sit, Bakugo wordlessly got up and sat next to the red head.

The entirety of class 1-A watched on in shocked horror.

Kirishima was understandably worried, as the explosive blonde seemed to press himself next to his friend.

The Bakusquad was quiet at lunch that day.

Todoroki, surprisingly, was the one who spurred the class back to normality.

“Bakugo.” His cool tone called out to the blond, who had perched himself, unprompted, on Kirishima’s desk.

Todoroki gestured with his head for Bakugo to follow him. Bakugo didn’t argue, he just followed quietly. Todoroki led the other to the back of the class, for some semblance of privacy, though the way the class quieted suddenly proved they were all eavesdropping on them.

“Did Deku say something to you at the USJ?”

Bakugo’s head shot up, his face showing more expression than it had all day. “And what makes you say that, half-and-half?”

“You’re acting weird.” Todoroki stated, his social skills as rusty as ever.

Bakugo didn’t answer for a moment, seeming to think his answer over. He opened his mouth a few times, before closing it again. “I know him.”

Todoroki’s expression did the asking, as Bakugo answered without him speaking, “Deku, I know who he is.”

Todoroki nodded, Bakugo probably wouldn’t be able to answer any more, as this was police business.

“I see.” Was all he could answer. This explained much of Bakugo’s unusual behavior. Todoroki didn’t know Bakugo well, so he wasn’t going to understand everything, but this was enough to sate his curiosity.

Apparently it wasn’t enough for the class, though.

A flurry of loud exclamations and questions sounded off, as the class quickly gathered around the two.

Bakugo made a ‘tsk’ noise, determined to ignore all of his classmates.

“What is it now?” An exasperated sigh sounded from the front of the room. Aizawa was still covered in bandages, which muffled his speech, making him hard to take seriously.

The class dispersed in record time. They quickly slid into their seats, not wanting to face Aizawa’s wrath.

Bakugo was the only one who hadn’t hurried. He meandered to his seat, taking it with a huff.

Aizawa watched his expression change as he looked out of the window. He had heard his students screaming, outside of the classroom. He knew what this was about.

Aizawa sighed again, wanting nothing more than to sleep.

“Listen up. I’m going to say this once, and only once. This information does not leave this room, am I clear?”

“Yes, sir!” The class answered, curiosity evident in their eyes.

“It is true that we have confirmed that Deku was at the USJ.” Murmurs stirred through his class. “It is true that Deku’s identity is that of Bakugo’s childhood friend, Izuku Midoriya. It is true that he is the same age as you. And it is true that Deku is not a villain.”

His class looked at him with awe, at the information he’d given. Even Bakugo was watching him from the corner of his eye, with interest.

“The only reason I have told you this is because I know you lot would figure it out using stupid or dangerous methods. This does not leave this class, as it is confidential police information.”

“Sensei?” Kirishima’s hand raised, speaking despite not being called on. “You said he wasn’t a villain, so why was he…”

Kirishima and the rest of class 1-A answered that question for themselves, soon after he had asked it.

His class looked more somber than before.

“Look,” He said with a sigh, maybe he really was becoming soft. “The Pros are on it, me included. You lot have more important things to worry about. Like tomorrow's test!”

The class groaned in disbelief.

“What, you think I would let some villains disrupt my lesson plan? Think again.”

With that, the students began rummaging through their things to open their textbooks. Aizawa let out a sigh of relief. His students were acting normally again.

They were strong, he knew they could overcome this.


The next morning Midoriya decided to take an early morning walk. It was a nice day, and he could easily blend in with the flow of people going to school or work.

He could pretend he was normal for once.

He closed his eyes, and took a breath.

Opening them once again, Midoriya let out a startled yelp as he saw a young girl trip. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she weren’t on a collision course with Midoriya.

With a scream her weight hit him, knocking Midoriya off balance into the flow of people.

He felt the girl grab onto him, and he braced for impact, but it never came.

Midoriya looked around in confusion, to notice that both he and the girl were floating in the air.

Oh, this must be her quirk.

Midoriya was quick to right himself, before she released him.

She jumped towards him quickly, her expression mortified, “I-I am so sorry!!” She bowed, her hands frantically waving around, “I’m just so clumsy sometimes, I’m so glad neither of us were injured!” She started talking more to herself than Midoriya, “I can’t believe I did that. Oh my god.”

A taller boy emerged from the crowd, gaining the girls attention, “Uraraka!” He took in their situation, making a disapproving face, “This is why you should never run in crowded areas!” His arms were making chopping motions, as he chastised her.

“Sorry Iida.” She apologized, rubbing the back of her neck bashfully.

The boy—Iida—quickly turned, almost mechanically, to Midoriya, “I sincerely apologize for my colleague’s behavior. I do hope you were not injured in your collision!”

Given the first chance to speak in this whole encounter, Midoriya answered, “N-no! It was partially my fault too. I should have been watching where I was going.”

With a curt nod, Iida turned back to his friend. “Come Uraraka, we must not be late!”

“Uh, bye! I’m sorry again!” Uraraka yelled to Midoriya, as Iida marched along, dragging her with him.

Midoriya watched them go, only now noticing their uniforms.


Midoriya’s first instinct is to worry that he was found out. He checks where the girl bumped into him for a tracker.

With a sigh Midoriya realizes how stupid his thoughts are. There is no way the pros would send a student after him if his identity was discovered.

Midoriya continues his walk, making his way back towards villain territory.

His mind wanders from topic to topic.

That must be a new pastry shop, he hasn’t seen it before. Oh wow that’s a cool looking bird! Those two students from UA seemed familiar.

He stops in his tracks.


Why would they be familia—

A series of images painfully flash through his mind.

A strong ice quirk.

A girl leaning over Thirteen’s body.

A boy with engines in his legs.

Tomu—no—Shigaraki charging at the students.

All Might—All Might saving him.


The memories dissipate as soon as they appear. Midoriya’s head hurts.

They are familiar. He’s seen those students before. He saw them at the USJ!

(You didn’t. Eraser Head knocked you out long before you got a good look at the class)

That’s what happened, right? Yeah, probably just a coincidence. He couldn’t have possibly seen them before.

(No! You have! They were there! They were—)

Another voice joins the first, quickly cutting off. Midoriya’s headache intensifies.

(It’s a coincidence. They both live around here. You must have seen them on the street before)

His head is pounding. Midoriya can hear his breath pick up, he can hear the blood thundering through his veins.

White hot pain flares behind his eyes.

He nearly stumbles into a bystander. Midoriya manages a slurred apology, continuing down the sidewalk.

His vision swims.

Everything is too bright, yet not bright enough.

Midoriya turns down an alley, heading back to the bar. He catches himself on the wall, using it to keep himself up right.

His head hurts. His mouth is dry.

Midoriya can’t collect his thoughts as the voice grows louder. It tells him not to worry about the UA students.

It won’t stop screaming in his head, or maybe that’s his own voice?

His foot catches on a rock, and he closes his eyes as the concrete grows closer.

He’s unconscious by the time he lands.

Chapter Text

Midoriya had been suffering from headaches for nearly two weeks now. Nothing helped the pain. Kurogiri had been kind enough to give him some pain pills every time one flared up, but they weren’t working.

Tomura had found him passed out in an alleyway from one of his worse migraines.

Midoriya constantly felt like he was forgetting something—more like a lot of things.

His memories of anything before this year were hazy at best. Tomura and Shigaraki were more than happy to help him out with whatever he couldn’t remember, so Midoriya guessed it wasn’t that big of a deal.

They weren’t unhappy that he couldn’t remember them. They were too good to him.

He’d gone to see Sensei about his headaches. From what Sensei could tell, Eraser Head’s hit caused partial amnesia. The headaches were caused his brain trying to reconnect with the broken neural pathways that held his older memories…or something like that, it was a bit outside of

Midoriya’s area of expertise, so he trusted Sensei’s words.

Sensei used one of his healing quirks on Midoriya, to try and ease the pain.

He supposed it worked to some extent. He hadn’t passed out from a migraine ever since.

“Midoriya, my boy!” A jovial voice sounded from the small TV in the bar.

Midoriya looked to it, seeing Sensei’s picture appear. “Sensei!”

“How are you doing today? Any more headaches?” The scarred man asked.

“Well, they’re still happening, but they aren’t as painful as before.”

Sensei hummed in thought, “I’ll have Kurogiri send you to me later. I was thinking on it, and I believe I have found another quirk that I could use to help you.”

“Sensei! You don’t have to go through the trouble for me!” Midoriya furiously waved his hands in embarrassment.

“Nonsense, my boy! You got injured because I pushed you to go on the mission. Let me help.”

Midoriya sighed in defeat, “Yes, Sensei.”

Sensei’s lips quirked up, “Good. I have another mission that I believe is right up your alley. I will tell you more when you visit.”

Midoriya mumbled an affirmative, and the TV switched off.

Another mission? Right up his alley? Just what did Sensei want him to do?


“I don’t mean to doubt you Sensei, but are you sure this is gonna’ work?” Shigaraki asked, mindlessly scratching at his neck.

“That is what I mean to test out.” AFO answered sinisterly. “Midoriya’s mind is much stronger than I imagined. I have to be very careful when using this quirk, or else I may accidentally kill the boy.”

“So the headaches lessening, is a good thing?”

“Yes, Tomura. His headaches are caused by his subconscious warring against my quirk. As they lessen, the stronger of a hold my quirk takes on his mind. Once they completely stop, he will be mine to command.”

Shigaraki nodded, his irritation growing. “I hope it happens soon, I can’t stand playing nice with the brat. Not after all the shit he’s done.”

“Patience, Tomura.” AFO barked out.

“Yes, Sensei.” He answered back, obediently.

Tomura was going to lead the League one day, though he was still lacking in some areas. AFO intended to fix that sooner rather than later.

“I will use my quirk on him again, today. Sending him to UA will be the final test, to see if my quirk works as well as I would like.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

“There are no ‘ifs’ Tomura. It won’t fail.” AFO smiled maliciously.


Midoriya’s meeting with Sensei had gone well.

He had felt an upcoming headache before the visit, but now his head felt much better. Not only was the pain gone, but he’d gotten his mission from Sensei.

Midoriya was vibrating with excitement.

He got to watch the UA sports festival, live! Sensei got him a ticket in a fairly good spot. It wasn’t so close that someone on the field would be able to pick out defining details about him, but it also wasn’t so far that he had to rely only on the stadium screens to see.

The USJ’s failure was largely contributed to the lack of information they had on the students. It was time the League changed that.

Midoriya’s quirk analysis would play a vital role today. He was to take as many notes as he could about any and every student participating.

Midoriya wasn’t dressed as Deku, but he wasn’t far off. Deku didn’t have a costume, as a black hoodie and red shoes were his only defining features.

Midoriya wore a grey jacket, a black shirt, jeans, and he only owned the one pair of red shoes, so he had to wear those.

No one was on the lookout for Deku today, so red shoes wouldn’t catch anyone’s attention.

His bag held it’s normal contents, save for the knife. That wouldn’t make it past UA security, so he’d hidden it in his shoe.

V.16 was in his bag, along with a brand new journal, just in case he had a chance to write that much.

He had everything he needed to complete his task from Sensei.


UA was impressive as always, but Midoriya was still struck with awe.

The school was ridiculously wealthy, having a major stadium built on the school’s grounds. The stadium didn’t even include the multiple training grounds UA also had, as each one was the size of multiple city blocks.

Midoriya quickly got swept up in the crowd of thousands, all filtering through the stadium gates. Security was noticeably stronger than normal, which isn’t surprising after the USJ.

Midoriya passed through security without problem. There were far too many people for the police to do in depth searches on everyone.

It took awhile for him to get to his seat. Part of it was due to the crowd, and part was due to how large the stadium really was. He had gotten turned around more than once, struggling to weave through people moving in every direction.

Midoriya’s shoulders slumped with relief, as he saw the painted letters on the steps begin to match his ticket. His grip on his backpack straps loosened the slightest bit as he climbed.

Midoriya wasn’t sure how he had gotten so lucky, as his seat was on the end of the row. He happily slid into the metal seat, sticking his bag underneath his legs.

Taking out his notebook and pencil, he checked the time.

Only 5 more minutes until his favorite event of the year began.


The UA sports festival started with a bang.

Bakugo Katsuki had given a rather surprising opening statement, “Make no mistake about it. I’m gonna’ take first place!” Both the crowd and the other students let out rather loud exclamations of surprise and distaste.

Midoriya opened his notebook to what should have been the next empty page, stopping in surprise when he saw his own handwriting staring back at him.

          Half red, half white hair. (An eraser smudge)

          Ice quirk, incredibly strong. Good control and range.

When had he made these notes?

Midoriya had never met someone with red and white hair. He flipped the page, only to find more of his own messy scrawl.

He counted thirteen.

There were thirteen pages of vague information, on heros he’d never seen. The notes were in his handwriting, so he was the only one who could have made them.

The only problem is that he couldn’t remember doing so.

Present Mic’s voice rang throughout the stadium, “START!!”

Midoriya’s head whipped up in surprise. During the time he had been looking through his mysterious notes, the students had lined up at the starting gate.

Chaos ensued as the students all pushed through the small starting gate. It was the first filter, Midoriya realized. Whoever came out first here would be among the strongest of the students.

It became apparent, very quickly, who the strongest were. Midoriya’s eyes flitted between the large stadium screens, each displaying a different part of the race.

Midoriya was in awe, as he watched the next generation of heros. As he examined each student, a shocking realization hit him.

Most of the students who had pulled ahead matched the pages in his notes. These were the students of class 1-A.

The students who had survived the USJ.

“Every obstacle course needs obstacles!” Present Mic announced, “Starting with, the first barrier…Robo Inferno!!”

The screens switched to show giant robots blocking the path of the students. A clamor broke out in the audience, “How can anyone get past those behemoths?!” “Oh my goodness, there are too many!” “Holy shit, this is gonna be awesome!!”

Within seconds, a great wave of ice over took the robots. Every screen centered around a single student as he ran through the blockade, with the robots starting to fall behind him, “1-A’s Todoroki, busting through and sabotaging the others in one move!! This guy’s cold!!”

Todoroki. He matched the first page of unknown heros in Midoriya’s notes. Red and white hair, an ice quirk.

The crowd broke out into cheers as the robots fell, crashing into each other, leaving only Todoroki on the other side of the destruction.

It didn’t take long for a select few students to easily overcome the obstacle. A series of explosions took off, letting class 1-A’s Bakugo fly over the robots. Two more students followed behind him, one with tape, who also had a page in Midoriya’s journal. The other with a bird’s head, who Midoriya was now giving a page.

“The current leaders of the pack are overwhelmingly from class A!!”

Midoriya’s hand furiously rushed across the lines of his notebook. He had never had this many people to take notes on, especially in a setting that made them push their quirks to the limit.

The race progressed with twists and turns. Each obstacle giving advantages or disadvantages to different types of quirks.

Midoriya was so entranced with the amount of information he was receiving, he hadn’t realized how much time had passed.

The race was about to end, Present Mic announced that the students had reached the last obstacle.

Todoroki and Bakugo had caught Midoriya’s attention more than any other student. They had been neck and neck the entire race.

Midoriya had written nearly a page on each of them.

Bakugo used his explosions to fly over the mines, gaining on Todoroki who wasn’t using his ice. It was a smart move, as he would give a path to anyone behind him.

The stadium was on the edge of their seats as the two approached the finish line.

Midoriya saw Todoroki’s jaw set, as Bakugo came into his view. Todoroki set a path of ice on the ground, not wanting Bakugo to pass him.

The two were doing everything they could to slow the other down. With a well placed wall of ice, Todoroki was given the slightest lead.

Todoroki passed the finish line, and Bakugo a fraction of a second behind him.

The crowd erupted into cheers, the top forty spots filled in much faster as the bulk of the remaining students passed through the gates.

The stadium screens switched to a scoring list, showing which students came in what place.

It took a moment for the crowd’s excitement to calm. The second even was announced, a cavalry battle with headbands signifying points. A second announcement was also made; first place will have a ten million point headband.

As the students chose their teams, Midoriya was given a reprieve of note taking. He flipped through his new information, fixing his note’s organization. He made slight changes in words and phrasing every now and then. He did his best to keep them in an understandable format.

Midoriya noticed he’d repeated notes on the thirteen USJ student’s pages.

As he erased the repeated information, a feeling of unease set in the base of his stomach.

If he’d repeated information, that meant these were real notes. They had legitimate facts, ones he had written himself.

Only he didn’t remember taking any of them.

Sensei, Tomura, and Kurogiri had all pacified him, telling him it wasn’t his fault he failed to do his mission at the USJ. They had all failed, and he wasn’t at fault for not being able to take any notes.

They told him he hadn’t taken any notes. So why did he have some?

They wouldn’t lie to him, right? Or would they…

(They would never lie to you)

The second event began before Midoriya could quell over his worries anymore.

With a loud announcement from Present Mic, the students gathered in their formations.

Midoriya began to analyze each team, seeing which teams were the best fit for each other. First place, Todoroki, had made a team of Kaminari, Iida, and Yaoyorozu. Todoroki himself could cover defense, Kaminari could be their offence with Yaoyorozu as back up, and Iida gave them a speed advantage.

It was a wonderfully balanced team, and Midoriya was in awe of the student’s planning abilities.

The other team that caught his attention was that second place, Bakugo, had teamed up with Ashido, Kirishims, and Sero. Bakugo would be great offence, Ashido could cover them for distance defense, and both Sero and Kirishima could be close range offence and defense.

Another well balanced team. This was going to be an interesting battle.


The cavalry battle ended much like the race, Todoroki’s team in first, and Bakugo’s team in second.

Todoroki’s team was attacked from all sides, but they easily defended the ten million point headband.

Bakugo’s team chose to go after other points, as well as keeping their headband safe. They had a small scuffle with class 1-B’s Monoma’s team, but ultimately came out on top.

The crowd and students were given a thirty minute intermission. The top students would be facing off in one-on-one battles, so the stadium floor was being changed with the help of pro hero Cementos.

Midoriya thought this was the perfect chance to gather some more information.

It was easy enough to weave back through the crowd, and sneak into the maze of hallways below the stadium seats.

Midoriya clutched his backpack straps, and pulled his hood up. The hallways were empty for the most part, as there were only sixteen students competing in the last event.

Midoriya slowly peaked around a corner. Not seeing anyone he continued walking, taking random turns.

Midoriya didn’t know the layout of hallways, so he was creating a map in his notebook as he went. He’d cautiously check any doors he came across, most were locked to his disappointment.

The few that were open, he would carefully check, making sure no one was inside.

Midoriya had found a total of three open doors so far, none of them held anything of interest.

He checked his phone. Ten minutes had passed, and he hadn’t found anything, he had better head back.

With the help of his sketched map, Midoriya made his was back to the entrance. He had made it all the way back to the second to last turn undisturbed.

As he made his way to the next turn, he noticed how much brighter the hallway had become.

“You disgrace me Shoto.”

The deep timbre voice, shocked Midoriya. He backpedaled, nearly falling as he realized who it belonged to.

The Pro hero Endeavor was just around the corner. He was one of the few top tier pros who had given their opinion on Deku. Though Endeavor himself, nor any of the other top pros, had ever tried to subdue Deku, Endeavor alone had made his distaste for the vigilante known.

Midoriya was almost positive he wouldn’t be recognized as Deku, but his situation in itself was incriminating. An ‘I got lost looking for the bathroom’ wouldn’t cut it here.

Midoriya stopped panicking and actually listened for a moment. He quickly pieced together that Endeavor as yelling at his son, Shoto Todoroki, the boy who had placed first in both events so far. It was odd he was calling his son a disgrace, even though he was excelling at the events.

“You’re my greatest creation!” Endeavor roared, catching Midoriya’s attention.

Endeavor once had been under media backlash when he suddenly announced his marriage. Unsavory rumors began to spread about it being a forced or arranged marriage. It was much too sudden for it to be natural. He had never been publicly seen with this mystery woman, and now they were to be married.

Midoriya had his own thoughts on the matter, suspecting that the pro hero’s home life wasn’t all that happy. Though the rumors were quickly quelled, most likely through underhanded means, and not brought up again.

“That’s all you’ve got to say to me?” Silence followed, “I’ll win this with mom’s power alone. I’ll never use your power in battle!” Todoroki’s voice declared.

“That may be good enough while you’re in school, but you’ll reach your limit soon enough.”

Two pairs of departing footsteps sounded, and Midoriya went back to panicking.

The hallway in front of him only had two outlets, one of which lead straight to him, and he knew those two wouldn’t be walking the same way. He was going to end up facing one of them.

Hopefully it was Todoroki, his bathroom excuse wouldn’t work on a pro, but it might just pass on an emotionally constipated student who had a bad home life.

Midoriya ran as far back from the hallway intersection as he could. Pulling his hood down, he put on a helplessly lost face. He began walking forward, feeling much better about his chances of survival as he saw the light from Endeavor’s hero costume shrinking along the walls.

A stone faced Todoroki turned the corner, walking towards Midoriya, his eyes burning into the floor.

“Oh thank god!” At Midoriya’s exclamation, Todoroki’s mismatched eyes shot up, “I thought I heard voices this way. Please help me, I have no idea where I am!”

Todoroki’s defensive posture relaxed the slightest bit, as he regarded Midoriya with an icy stare.

Midoriya couldn’t help but stare at the boy before him. Though only a student, he radiated a controlled power and confidence few others his age could match. It was no wonder he was doing so well in the sports festival.

“You’re lost.” His gaze narrowed.

Midoriya guessed it was a question, but his tone of voice made it seem more like a statement.

“Yes! I was trying to find the bathroom by following the crowd, but I ended up getting pushed into a hallway. The crowd was really thick, and I couldn’t get back through, so I followed the hallway further in.” Todoroki’s cold expression hadn’t shifted in the slightest. Midoriya was beginning to wonder if his excuse was working. He felt himself start to ramble in his nervousness.

“ I expected it just to lead to another area in the stadium, but the hallway was just a dead end. So I tried to retrace my steps but I got all turned around. I’m really bad at directions, you see, and all of these halls look the exact same. I’ve been looking for help, and you’re the first person I’ve run into since I got lost, so please help me! I still really need to use the bathroom, and—“

Todoroki held up his hand, silencing Midoriya’s endless flow of words. He had finally shown the slightest bit of emotion, that being his eyes widening as Midoriya just kept talking.

Todoroki now looked as uncomfortable as Midoriya felt. He opened his mouth to speak, but thought better of it, instead choosing to turn around. With a small “This way,” Todoroki began to walk.

Midoriya had to jog to keep up with Todoroki’s fast, purposeful pace. The walk was silent, and Midoriya had counted three turns now. According to his badly sketched map in his journal, they should have made it back outside by now.

Well it looks like he really was lost.

After a few more silent twists and turns, Todoroki suddenly stopped. Midoriya stumbled back a step when he quickly turned around. Todoroki’s eyes were gleaming with an emotion Midoriya couldn’t quite figure out.

“You said you found me because you heard me talking,” Midoriya nods, “Did you hear what I was talking about?” Todoroki questions coldly.

“Um, well, a little—“

“What did you hear?” Todoroki cuts Midoriya off, demanding.

“Um…you were arguing about your power?” Midoriya answered with the smallest voice he could manage.

Todoroki hummed in response, his gaze shifting to somewhere over Midoriya’s shoulder. “So you heard all of it, then.”

His striking eyes snapped back to Midoriya’s. “Don’t repeat anything you heard.”

That said, Todoroki turned and kept walking. No threat had to be said, his tone was warning enough.

Midoriya obediently followed, the conversation between father and son replaying in his head. It was an unsettling thing to hear exchanged between two family members. The more Midoriya thought about it, the more those words made him fidget.

All Might had once said that “Meddling when you don’t need to is the essence of being a hero”. Though Midoriya was the farthest thing from being a hero, he refused to just stand back and pretend he hadn’t heard anything.

“Todoroki…”Midoriya started softly. The confident student in front of him stopped and cast a look over his shoulder, to Midoriya.

He raised an eyebrow in question, not speaking. Midoriya swallowed his nerves, standing up taller.

“About what Endeavor said back there…” Todoroki’s gaze turned dark, warning, but he still didn’t speak, “He’s wrong.”

Todoroki brow furrowed, fully turning to face Midoriya. He opened his mouth to speak, but Midoriya didn’t give him the chance to, “Look, I don’t have much experience with fathers, but I know that’s no way to talk your son. You aren’t just a tool for his use, he should be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far.”

Todoroki’s dark expression deepened as he raised his voice the slightest bit, “And just what do you know?”

Midoriya was momentarily shocked, as this was the most expression he’d ever seen from the dual-haired boy.

“I know that you aren’t Endeavor.” Was all Midoriya answered, his voice surprisingly level.

Shock registered in Todoroki’s eyes, and was quickly masked with anger. “Exactly, I’m not my shitty old man, and I won’t become him!”

That’s not exactly what Midoriya had meant by that sentence.

Midoriya tried to explain, but Todoroki kept speaking, “So that’s why I won’t use my left side! That’s why I won’t use his power!”

Ice was forming on Todoroki’s fist, and spider webbing away from his foot, as he nearly shook with anger.

Midoriya could feel a headache flaring.

Did Todoroki even know how lucky he was? He had one of the most powerful quirks in their generation, when Midoriya didn’t even have one. Todoroki was at the top of his class using half of his power. He didn’t even need to try.

Meanwhile Midoriya was fighting tooth and nail to try and be a vigilante, not even a hero.

Wait he was? He was fighting to be a vigilante?

(You weren’t. You’ve always been a villain)

He couldn’t remember anymore.

Midoriya shook the thoughts away. He was angry at Endeavor’s words, but now Todoroki’s shallow way of thinking was pissing him off even more. His own insecurities were rising to the surface, fueling his anger.

 “So what? You’re just going to half-ass becoming a hero? Do you even want to be one in the first place?”

Todoroki looked offended at the accusation, “Of course I want to be a hero! I’m going to surpass my old man, and I’m going to do it using only my right side!”

Midoriya scoffed, “You really expect to become number one at just half your power?”

Todoroki nodded.

“I call bullshit!” Midoriya spit, “You don’t want to be like Endeavor, but you two sure seem similar right now!”

Midoriya could feel the temperature of the hallway dropping as he spoke, but he wouldn’t stop. He refused to. The pressure behind his eyes was almost blinding.

“All of your classmates out there are giving it everything they’ve got, and you still say you’re only going use half of your power?! I’ve only seen such arrogance from Endeavor himself!”

That seemed to put a crack in Todoroki’s emotional armor. “What, no….I’m going to prove that I don’t need his power to become a hero!”

“There you go again saying ‘his power’, how is it his?! I said it before Todoroki, and I’ll say it again: You aren’t Endeavor!!”

“You don’t understand, I’ll show him—“ Todoroki cried in near desperation.

“Your power is your own!”

Todoroki froze, his eyes wide with expression.

The two stood in the hallway, neither making a sound. Midoriya vaguely realized that his headache had disappeared.

Todoroki was the first to break the silence.

With the ghost of tears collecting in his mismatched eyes, he whispered, “I want to be a hero….”

Todoroki moved slowly, bringing his left hand up, touching his scar. After a moment he lowered it. Silently he let a small flame flicker to life in his palm.

“Thank you.”

The two words were muttered so quietly that Midoriya almost didn’t hear them.

Todoroki closed his hand, extinguishing the flame. He scrubbed the emotion off of his face, replacing it with cold indifference again. Though his eyes seemed just a tad lighter than before.

Midoriya rubbed the back of his neck, “I really don’t think I deserve your thanks. I didn’t say the nicest things.”

“Maybe, but sometimes the truth isn’t nice. I needed to hear everything you said, so thank you.”

Midoriya felt a smile pulling at the edges of his lips.

“Well I should probably get you out of here, the last event is about to start.”

“Oh right!” Midoriya jumps, falling into step with Todoroki instead of trailing behind him.

The journey took less than a minute before Midoriya saw the sunlight filtering in from outside. He felt a pang of sadness at the thought of leaving now.

His smile fell as he remembered why he was at the sports festival at all. Maybe this was a mistake.

Once they turned the corner, Todoroki stopped, and turned to him. He held out his hand, and Midoriya took it. A farewell handshake, Midoriya thought. As they hopefully would never meet again, as they would be enemies next time.

“I’m glad you got lost. It was because of that, that I had the pleasure of meeting you.”

“And I’m glad I got lost. I’ll be rooting for you in the final event.”

The slightest smile showed on Todoroki’s lips, “Thank you.”

Midoriya turned and started walking, before he had second thoughts.

“Wait! I never got your name!” Todoroki called from down the hall.

Oh what the hell, Midoriya thought, as he answered, “It’s Midoriya Izuku!”

With his back turned, Midoriya didn’t see the flash of alarm and recognition cross Todoroki’s face. What Midoriya did see was the face of Bakugo Katsuki turning into the hallway ahead of him. His red eyes were down cast, slowly rising as he noticed Midoriya’s presence.

Midoriya gave him a nod of acknowledgement as he passed.

Bakugo seemed to freeze as their eyes met.

It only took one word to throw that quiet hallway into chaos.


Chapter Text

Midoriya’s heart stopped, and it took less than a second for him to start running.

A trail of ice shot past him, sealing off the exit. Midoriya’s red sneakers squeaked on the floor tiles as he pivoted, turning to face the students.

Midoriya moved on pure instinct, his mind was in chaos.

Just how the hell was he going to get out of this one?

Midoriya was trapped, with a wall of ice at his back, and the two most powerful first years blocking his only escape.

So Midoriya did what he did best, he analyzed his situation. Both Todoroki and Bakugo stood in fighting stances, but it seemed more for their own safety than anything else.

“How did you know?” Midoriya asked, his question directed to Bakugo.

“De-No Midoriya? What the fuck happened to you after…?” Bakugo said, not answering Midoriya’s question.

“What do you mean, and how do you know my real name?” Midoriya snapped in panic, with the beginnings of a headache flaring.

Midoriya saw Todoroki’s eyes shift over to Bakugo, then back to him. Todoroki looked equal parts guilty and conflicted.

Midoriya’s eyes must look the same. After the bonding moment they’d just had, he really didn’t want to fight Todoroki.

The three were at a stand still, that was until Midoriya charged. Both students looked more than startled as Midoriya shot past them, never exchanging blows.

Bakugo whipped around and followed Midoriya, without hesitation.

Midoriya, thankfully, had the upper hand in speed. Though it didn’t give him much of an advantage, as he was in unfamiliar territory. Both Bakugo and Todoroki undoubtedly knew their way around the maze of halls, where Midoriya had already gotten lost before.

Half made plans and ideas tumbled around in Midoriya’s head. The one with the most chance of success was to hide, and wait for the them to pass. As long as Midoriya didn’t wander too far into the halls, he could eventually find his way out.

The ice blocking the exit had, hopefully, been noticed, and was being taken down by now. Even if it hadn’t, Midoriya would have time to spare. But his escape all depended on if he could shake Bakugo and Todoroki from his trail.

Retracing his steps from the path Todoroki had led him from, Midoriya ran to the open door in a nearby hallway.

He was running so quickly that Midoriya nearly missed the door, having to skid to a stop. He threw the door open, and made sure to close it quietly.

Pressing his back to the door, Midoriya allowed himself to take a breather.

It looked like he was in a locker room of some sort, as they lined the far side of the room. A few tables took up the space closer to himself.

Both the lockers and tables showed signs of life. Stray clothing and costume items littered the floor and benches by the lockers. The chairs around the tables hadn’t completely been pushed in, or had uneven numbers on one side.

Midoriya felt the sweat run down his back. Maybe this wasn’t such a good plan after all.

He looked down at the doorknob, and to his luck there was no lock.

Perhaps he could make a barricade? No the tables and chairs were no match to Bakugo’s explosions. Should he just run…well there was no telling how close those two were. With how Midoriya’s luck is going he’d probably open the door just to hit Todoroki in the face.

Pacing around the room, Midoriya massaged his temples. He pushed his thoughts through the ringing in his ears.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Midoriya pulled out on of the chairs. He sat, hanging his head in his hands. His thoughts were suffocating. The possibility of failure around every corner. What would they do to him if he was caught? How could he get away without hurting anyone?

“---this way.”

The whisper of voices made Midoriya’s head snap up. The violent action made his vision swim, but he couldn’t be bothered with that now.

The thunderous sound of footsteps made his temples pound. Midoriya held his breath, and readied himself for a fight.

There was a moment of deafening silence. Midoriya could feel anxiety crawling along his skin. He could feel his nerves shifting under his skin.

Moment after moment of stillness, and nothing happened. Midoriya could feel the tension draining out of his muscles. He allowed himself a breath of relief. He wasn’t safe yet, but he still had a chance. Midoriya nearly---

The door flew open violently. The loud sound was much worse after the still silence. It made Midoriya flinch, jumping back out of pure instinct.

Midoriya locked eyes with a furious Bakugo. He stood triumphantly in the doorway, with Todoroki just behind him. While all of Bakugo’s attention was on Midoriya, Todoroki’s unimpressed face was directed at the explosive student.

Todoroki shifted his gaze smoothly meeting Midoriya’s.

“Oi half-and-half!” Bakugo called out, eyes never leaving Midoriya, “Cover me.”

Saying Midoriya was ‘unprepared’ was too generous. Midoriya had been caught in Todoroki’s bi-colored gaze, and nearly got explodokilled by Bakugo’s right hook. Normally he could have been able to dodge any attack with a few easy steps, but right now Midoriya was tripping over his own feet to escape harm.

A startled look crossed Bakugo’s face. He looked at his right hand thoughtfully, before closing it into a fist again. A grin spread across his face, “Oh this is going to be fun.”


Bakugo had a hunch that something was wrong with Midoriya. Surprise and shock kept him from seeing it at first, but Bakugo wasn’t fucking stupid.

When Midoriya questioned him, and then bolted past without fighting, it only made Bakugo more sure that something was wrong.

Bakugo had followed Midoriya immediately, knowing that Todoroki would catch up to him. He wasn’t going to let that stupid Deku get away this time. Not without some actual fucking answers.

After every corner he turned, Bakugo would see a flash of green disappearing.

“He’s retracing his steps.” The cool voice came from behind him.

Todoroki had caught up faster than he had expected.

“To where?”

Todoroki shrugged, “He was lost when I first met him. There isn’t much this way besides the changing rooms.”

They both stopped momentarily, and exchanged glances. Bakugo slowed his pace, that’s exactly where the nerd would be headed.

He was cornered in unfamiliar territory. It was a good plan, but Deku had always been pretty shit at hide-and-seek.

Bakugo’s signature angry grin slid onto his face. He could feel the fire of his explosions bubbling under the skin of his palms.

He noticed Todoroki had been following a few paces behind him, keeping watch over their backs. He didn’t get along with the stone faced ice prince, but Bakugo at least acknowledged his powers. They both had something to ask Deku, so they’d make a shaky alliance for now.

That put a halt on Bakugo’s thoughts. Just what did the icy bitch want with Deku?

“Oi,” Bakugo called out, unafraid to ask anything that came to mind. He didn’t have a mind to mouth filter, well he did, he just didn’t use it, “Just what do you want with Dek-Midoriya?”

He could feel Todoroki’s cold stare on his back, “That is none of your business.”

An icy reply for any icy bitch. “What the fuck does that mean?!” Bakugo tossed his glare over his shoulder this time. The dark expression that had settled in Todoroki’s eyes almost made him stop asking, ya’ know almost.

“It means exactly what I said. It has nothing to do with you.”

Bakugo growled, maybe he should stop asking. This was going to result in a fight if he didn’t, and they would get to do that later during the sports festival.

But why should he back down, he wasn’t afraid of the two toned daddy’s boy.

A sigh came from behind him, “He helped me.”

Bakugo raised his eyebrow at that.

“You weren’t going to stop prying, so there’s your answer.”

Bakugo let out a hum, then a laugh, “Yep that’s Deku for ya’. Always fucking helping people, even when they don’t ask for it.”

“So you really do know Midoriya?”

“Yeah, our moms were high school friends, we fucking grew up together.”

Todoroki nodded at the answer. This was the most polite and longest conversation the two had ever held.

“If you two were childhood friends, why didn’t---“

“Why didn’t the fucker recognize me? Cause those villain fucks messed him up somehow. I’m sure of it.”

Todoroki didn’t say anything about being cut off, so Bakugo kept going. He wasn’t explaining everything for Todoroki’s sake, he just needed to sort out his half baked theories. Talking them out with someone else just worked the best for Bakugo.

“Did you notice something wrong with his eyes?” Bakugo turned and asked, pulling his own eyelid down with one finger.

“They did seem a bit dull, at least for someone as expressive as him.”

“They were blank and glossed over. He didn’t know me. He doesn’t remember what happened at the USJ.” Bakugo listed off, to himself.

“The changing rooms are further ahead, this way.” Todoroki informed.

They walked calmly to the door, only their footsteps echoing in the empty hallway.

As they stood in front of the door, the two exchanged a short nod. Readying themselves for whatever Midoriya threw their way.

Bakugo knew the door didn’t have a lock, but he just couldn’t help himself. He kicked the door open with as much force as he could muster.

Midoriya stood in the middle of the room, looking more surprised that anything else.

His grin widened as he felt Todoroki’s unimpressed gaze hit him.

“Oi half-and-half! Cover me!” Bakugo yelled, charging. He didn’t know what the villain fucks did to Midoriya, but he was going to beat it out of him if he had to.

Bakugo started with a right hook, just like he always does.

And Midoriya dodged it, just like he always does---except this time it was pure reflex, not the normal calculating steps the nerd normally used. Bakugo knew that Midoriya had learned his fighting style, but learning and defending against it were two different things.

Midoriya hadn’t only forgotten him, but everything he knew about Bakugo. He grinned as he looked down at his fist. Midoriya didn’t know his fighting style anymore.

“Oh this is going to be fun.”

Midoriya let himself get caught by the villains. Now he was here, but he wasn’t even himself. Bakugo actually felt guilt over the nerd, and it had pissed him off for months. He almost had Midoriya at the USJ, just for his to slip away. Now he comes back, and doesn’t remember him?

Fuck that!

Bakugo was going to straighten Midoriya out, and force was the only way he knew how.


Midoriya was getting dizzy. His normal fighting instincts couldn’t kick in due to his worsening migraine.

All he could do was dodge and hope for his life.

More than a few tables and chairs had given their lives in place of Midoriya’s. The changing room now looked like the scene of a natural disaster.

Todoroki was blocking the door. Distracted, Midoriya slipped on one of the paths of ice that he’d sent spider-webbing across the floor.

He felt the heat from Bakugo’s attack singe his hair. Scrambling up on the slippery floor, Midoriya slid face first into a newly formed wall of ice. The cold would have helped his migraine, but the pain of slamming his nose into the wall was worse.

Midoriya quickly remembered where he was, and dodged Bakugo once again. The wall of ice was reduced to pieces in his place.

Unable to stand due to the ice, Midoriya was reduced to half-crawling away.

He made the mistake of looking back, and ran into another newly-formed wall of ice. Midoriya ignored the pain, and used the uneven surface to help him stand.

Bakugo charged at him again, with his maniac grin.

Midoriya took an involuntary step back, right into Todoroki’s waiting ice. It encased his foot in seconds, crawling up his leg.

Midoriya’s legs were completely immobilized in the thick ice, and he had no way to escape.

Another wall of ice shot up, stopping Bakugo’s incoming attack. Midoriya covered his face with his arms to block the flying debris.

“That’s enough Bakugo.” Todoroki said, moving from his place in the doorway.

Bakugo didn’t seem very happy, “Whatever, it’s still my win!”

Breathing heavily, Midoriya asked, “So, what happens now?” Would they turn him in? Would he go to jail now, or would he be tortured for information? Tomura had told him about what really happened to villains when the cameras weren’t flashing.

Bakugo stood directly in front of him, crossing his arms, “You answer my questions.” Not waiting for a reply Bakugo asked, “What the fuck happened to you after the USJ?”

There was a hint of guilt or maybe desperation that seemed displaced to Midoriya, but he couldn’t be concerned about it now. Right now he needed to focus on escaping.

“Worried your teacher did too much damage?” Midoriya baited, hoping that Bakugo’s easy temper would give him a chance to escape.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Bakugo growled, as he took a few steps closer to Midoriya.

“What, you didn’t see Eraser Head slam me into the ground?”

There was a moment of stunned silence before Todoroki spoke up, “Midoriya,” He started, honest confusion visible in his eyes, “Aizawa-sensei never fought with you. I don’t believe you even met at the USJ.”

Midoriya’s headache doubled.

His arms were still free, so he clutched his head with both hands. Through squinted eyes, Midoriya kept the conversation going, “What are you talking about?”

Concern showed on Todoroki’s face, as he took a step closer, “I was near you most of the time during the USJ. Do you not remember?”

Midoriya doesn’t remember.

(Because it’s a lie)

Todoroki had no reason lie to him.

(He’s just trying to confuse you)

What was the truth?

(Todoroki was there! Remember---) 

(Me, I’m the truth)

Another wave of pain pierced Midoriya’s skull. Midoriya’s vision was swaying, and he would have already fallen over if not for Todoroki’s ice keeping him standing.

Midoriya missed the silent exchange between Bakugo and Todoroki. They gave each other a nod, both believing Midoriya wasn’t faking his pain.

Midoriya hadn’t really had much time to focus on the numbing cold of the ice on his legs, but now that Todoroki was melting it away, he was much more aware of it.

Bakugo’s unforgiving grip on his shoulder was a constant that Midoriya was thankful for. He could focus on that one point of contact, to try and combat the pain.

His vision swam, as he felt one warm and one cold arm lift him up. Midoriya vaguely realized that Todoroki deposited him in one of the few surviving chairs.

Todoroki knelt beside Midoriya, his left hand cooling Midoriya’s forehead in a comforting fashion. His right hand rested on Midoriya’s thigh, keeping him from trying to stand.

Todoroki called out his name. Midoriya realized how attached he’d become to a voice he’d only known for a day.

Bakugo stood uncomfortably off to the side. “I’m getting Recovery Girl.”

“No!” Midoriya cried out, he couldn’t be caught. No--he couldn’t let anyone find out that these two were helping him.

Midoriya forced a grin onto his face, “It—it’ll pass. They…”His voice failed him for a moment, as he found it harder to breathe, “They always do.”

“Midoriya please tell us what happened to make you suffer like this.”

A flash of a dark room, the sound of ventilators.

Midoriya lurched forward, only Todoroki’s strong grip kept him from falling out of the chair.

Bakugo was by his side too, now.

The sound of crying that might have been his own.

Midoriya grasped for Todoroki’s hand.

A scarred, deformed hand on his forehead. White hot pain that Midoriya could feel in his every nerve.

Midoriya faintly felt the wet remnants of tears on his face.

A dark voice saying “Remember, you pushed me to this point…”

Midoriya couldn’t breathe, as he felt his mind being pushed to the breaking point.

For a moment there was nothing but pain, in the next there was too much. Memories of his entire life flooded through Midoriya’s mind.

Midoriya opened his heavy eyes, he must have passed out.

Two worried faces stared back at him, both doing their best to conceal it, but ultimately failing.

Midoriya felt a hand squeeze his own, “Todoroki.”

Midoriya then looked up, to his childhood friend turned bully turned, well whatever they were now. “Kacchan.”

Midoriya blinked a few times, his mind and energy slowly returning.

It only took a few moments for him to piece together what had been happening to him for the past few weeks. It took even less time for Midoriya to realize the consequences.

Midoriya jumped out of the chair, away from Kacchan and Todoroki.

“No no no no no! You can’t be here! I can’t be here! Do you know what I’ve just done!” Midoriya yells, turning towards the two confused onlookers.

“Oh god” Midoriya begins to pace, running his hands through his hair.

He has put these two in more danger than they can even imagine. He’s in danger too. AFO was positive that his control over Midoriya was perfect. They would definitely kill him and everyone dear to him now.

“Midoriya please calm down, and explain what’s going on.” Todoroki grabbed his shoulder, and led Midoriya back to the chair.

“Maybe this could work.” Midoriya wonders out loud. They could help him take down the League from the outside.

 “Okay I’m going to tell you everything I know, and I need you to tell the pros for me.”

Midoriya doesn’t give them a chance to answer before he goes on an information dump.

“There are only four true members of the League of Villains. Shigaraki Tomura, he has the disintegration quirk, and Kurogiri, who had the warp gate quirk, were the two leading the USJ attack. Shigaraki was also the one who let the reporters past the gate into UA. I’m the third member, Deku, I was the one who infiltrated UA, and got the schedule that allowed for the USJ attack, and as you both know I was also there.”

Midoriya took a breath.

“The last member is All for One, Shigaraki calls him Sensei. He is the true leader of the League, he is the one who orchestrated every action the League has ever done. His quirk is that he can take and give quirks. He stockpiles them, and he can use any of them at any time.”

“They never trusted me with any information, because I didn’t choose to join. I was given missions, and I had to complete them or else. After the USJ, AFO used one of his quirks on me. I don’t know the specifics of it, but it altered my memories. I couldn’t remember anything after the first half of the USJ. They told me Eraser Head had attacked me, and that I had amnesia. All of my memories from before the League were also taken, so they could manipulate me easier. That’s what that headache was, me fighting against the quirk.”

“I was sent here today to gather information on the students and their quirks, for future attacks. AFO is set on destroying UA because it is the symbol of future heros. He also has some beef with All Might, but I don’t know all the details on that.”

Midoriya finally stopped talking, and actually looked at Todoroki and Kacchan.

Kacchan’s fists were clenched tight and there was a fire in his eyes. Meanwhile Todoroki’s eyes had gone wide, and ice was forming on the floor.

Midoriya hadn’t really been expecting such a strong reaction, and now he was the one who was speechless.

“Fuck!” Kacchan yelled, kicking the charred remains of a table. “ ‘Tell the pros’ “ He mimicked Midoriya’s voice, “Tell em’ yourself dumbass!! Do you know what they could do with this information?!”

“That’s why I need you to tell them!” Midoriya snapped. He knew exactly what could be done. Everything he couldn’t.

“You’re going back to them.” Todoroki stated.

Kacchan’s head snapped up, “What?!” Midoriya refused to meet his eyes, “Why would you go back to those pig headed fucks!?”

“You’re being blackmailed.” Todoroki stated again. His anger wasn’t clouding his thoughts like Kacchan’s was.

Midoriya met Todoroki’s eyes for a moment, before he went back to staring at the floor.

“Midoriya we can not help you if you don’t tell us how.” Todoroki tried.

Midoriya was set on this decision. He kept his mouth shut firmly, refusing to speak, even as Kacchan spit curses. He wasn’t going to bring anyone else into this. He wasn’t going to endanger anyone else’s life.

If Midoriya told them, Kacchan would probably do something stupid. They hadn’t been on the best of terms in years, but Midoriya wasn’t going to let him die. Besides Kacchan was here helping him now, just like he was at the USJ. They would never be best friends again, but maybe they could be good rivals when this was all over.

“Students participating in the third event report to the field, now.” The tired voice of Aizawa announced over the loudspeaker.

Midoriya watched Todoroki and Kacchan exchange a glance.

“Look nerd, you better not move one fucking inch! I’ll be back after the match to deal with you properly!” Kacchan announced, before turning around and marching out of the destroyed room.

Todoroki had watched him leave along with Midoriya, turning back around he said, “I too will be back.

“I’ll be rooting for you.” Midoriya called out, light heartedly.

Todoroki stopped in the doorway, “Thank you.” He paused for a moment, “I do hope you will still be here.”

Midoriya watched Todoroki’s back disappear before he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Carefully ripping a page out of his notebook, Midoriya began to write. He wrote anything that he forgot to say. Anything that could be useful to the pros.

He wrote detailed accounts on how Shigaraki, Kurogiri, and AFO’s quirks worked. He drew a map of the surrounding alleys and of the bar. He wrote the backup plans the League had incase of attack. He wrote everything he knew about the nomus, which wasn’t much. Midoriya also added a shortened version of what he had told Todoroki and Kacchan.

It ended up being more than one page from his notebook, it was about seven once he finished. Midoriya didn’t want to leave anything out.

The last page was his promise that he was on the pro’s side, even if his current actions didn’t show it.

It was his apology for his past and future crimes.

It was his confession.

He folded the pages neatly in fourths, writing Todoroki’s name on top of it. Kacchan might end up burning them in his anger, but they would be safe in Todoroki’s hands.

Midoriya set the papers in the chair he had been occupying.

Exiting the room, Midoriya pulled up his hood. He gave the destroyed room one last look before he closed the door.

His eyes fell to the floor.

An arrow made of ice pointing further into the maze of hallways sat there.

Midoriya followed it, when he got to an intersection he found another. He followed them, swiping the frost away with his shoe as he passed them.

He followed them, until he saw the exit full of blinding sunlight.

One last arrow sat at the exit, with a small message delicately written next to it.

Be careful

Midoriya refused to cry. He refused to let his determination waver.

Only once Midoriya made it all the way back to the train did he realize that Todoroki had probably heard his apology. That’s why he made the arrow outside of the doorway.

Needing a distraction, Midoriya pulled out the notes he had taken from the sports festival. He changed them, adding in false information. He had to leave the ones with obvious truth, but any seriously harmful information he made sure to change.

Some he just swapped from student to student, some he completely changed, and some he left blank. A few more eraser marks wouldn’t cause any suspicion, because all of his notes looked like this.

Midoriya took the long way back to the bar.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Surviving would be whole lot harder for the next few months. Midoriya needed to be ready.


Tokoyami had been looking for his phone for the past half hour. It wasn’t in the stadium seat where he thought he had left it. His classmates helped him look, but to no avail.

The only other place it could be was in the students changing room. They left their street clothes in there as they changed into their gym clothes, so his phone might still be in his pants pocket.

He pushed the door, immediately pausing as he looked upon the state of the room.

“What an um-mad banquet of darkness…..”


Todoroki felt tired after the third event. His fight against Bakugo was tiring emotionally and physically.

He and Bakugo both knew he would have won the fight, had he used his fire in that last exchange of blows. Bakugo couldn’t turn quickly enough in the air, leaving himself wide open to Todoroki.

Even though Todoroki had been able to use his fire in the fights before, he met his father’s eyes during his match with Bakugo.

In a single moment he felt as if everything Midoriya said to him meant nothing. He felt reduced to a tool for his father’s use once again. Every bad memory resurfaced in a matter of seconds.

He couldn’t use his fire after that.

Todoroki supposes it’s normal. After all, years of trauma and abuse can’t disappear in one day. But Bakugo didn’t know about that.

In his mind set he must believe that Todoroki was looking down on him.

Todoroki really didn’t care what Bakugo felt about him, their time of unlikely allies was over.

He knew Midoriya wouldn’t still be there, but that didn’t stop him from hoping.

Turning the last corner to the changing room, he noticed that the door was open. His pace quickened slightly, worried that another classmate had found the state of the room.

Peering inside, he saw Tokoyami standing in the middle of the trashed room, seemingly frozen in shock.

Dark Shadow notified him of Todoroki’s presence.

“Todoroki,” He greeted, “Do you know what happened here?”

Todoroki nodded, taking a quick sweep of the room, his eyes landed on the chair Midoriya had been sitting in.

“Bakugo.” He answered truthfully. Todoroki saw no reason to lie about who had caused the destruction.

With purposeful steps, Todoroki approached the folded stack of papers.

He saw his own name written in scratchy handwriting.

Tokoyami had already noticed the papers, so Todoroki made no move to try and hide them. He picked them up, and began to read.

Tokoyami was one of Todoroki’s most favored classmates for a number of reasons. Tokoyami was similar to himself in a number of ways. One being if it was not his business, he did not ask.

Tokoyami was no doubt curious about the papers, but he made no move to read over Todoroki’s shoulder or even ask of the contents.

Todoroki read every word on the papers dutifully, committing them to memory. He had a number of emotions and thoughts on the words, but the last page made him forget all of his former thoughts.

Todoroki had half a mind to either rewrite the page, or to simply burn it. Though Midoriya had taken precautions of Todoroki and Bakugo’s actions, making sure to reference ‘the last page’ multiple times throughout his writing.

‘More on how the League learned about the USJ on the last page.’

‘I will fight with the pro heros if you decide to take action, please read the last page of these notes.’

Midoriya had written a confession of every crime he’d committed during his time at the League. He hadn’t left a single detail out.

His crimes were mostly known, so they weren’t a surprise, it was how he wrote it.

The words on the page were filled with self hatred. They were written as though Midoriya was nothing more than a criminal. He made them sound like he could never atone for a single thing he had done.

He made it sound like he really was a villain.

Todoroki knew that wasn’t true. Even under the influence of a quirk, Midoriya had done more for him than most people in his life. He hadn’t known the vigilante for more than a day, but Todoroki wouldn’t waver in his opinion.

Todoroki refolded the papers, running a hand down his face. He traced over his scar lightly, not feeling as bad about it as he usually did.

“Oi, half-and-half did---“ Bakugo rounded the doorway, stepping into the room he had destroyed. He was about to ask about Midoriya, but he quickly took notice of Tokoyami. “—he leave anything?” Bakugo changed his words, seemingly also knowing that Midoriya would be long gone by now.

Todoroki wordlessly handed over the folded papers.

Tokoyami had started moving much faster once Bakugo had entered the room. Completing whatever he was doing, he made for a quick and quiet escape, speed walking out of the room without a word.

Todoroki didn’t pay him much mind, merely watching Bakugo’s face morph through emotions as he read.

Judging by the page, Todoroki tried to guess what Bakugo was reading. When Bakugo’s face morphed into a scowl, and he glared up at Todoroki, he knew exactly what words the blonde had just read.

‘Also I don’t want to get Todoroki or [Eraser smudges] Bakugo in any trouble. They both ran into me on accident. Todoroki’s name is written on the notes, because I didn’t want any passerby to think it was trash, or to read it on accident. (Also he’s a bit more trustworthy than Bakugo)’

Once Bakugo got to the last page, the scowl never left his face. He wordlessly folded the notes back up, and shoved them to Todoroki.

“Since you’re more fuckin’ trustworthy.”

Bakugo left the room wordlessly, and Todoroki followed. Bakugo’s shoulders were hunched, with his hands in his pockets.

He most certainly was still upset about the outcome of the sports festival, and would likely be for some time. Todoroki didn’t particularly care, as long as Bakugo didn’t disrupt class because of it. Todoroki was actually mildly surprised that Bakugo was able to hold off on his anger until the pros were informed.

Aizawa-sensei was easy enough to find, seeing as Present Mic was currently talking to him.

“Oi teach!” Bakugo yelled, rather rudely.

Aizawa’s head turned to the pair. His glare could be felt even through the bandages, but Bakugo didn’t flinch.

Todoroki walked past Bakugo, quietly depositing the papers in his teachers hand. With some difficulty, Aizawa widened the slit in the bandages he’d been using to see out of. Present Mic stood behind him, reading over his shoulder.

Aizawa read the first paragraph before he refolded the papers, placing them safely within his pocket.

“Mic gather the pros, you two,” He turned to Todoroki and Bakugo, “come with me.”

Todoroki followed his teacher along with Bakugo. The walk to the principal’s office was a silent one.

Upon arriving, most of the chairs were already filled with pros.

“Aizawa, Mic says you have some important information on the DEKU case.” Principal Nezu, announced, informing the other teachers and getting the meeting started with one sentence.

Todoroki watched his teacher pull the stack of notes out of his pocket, and flick them across the room. Nezu jumped up, catching them easily.

Todoroki watched the principal read and take in the information at an alarming speed.

“Well this is most troubling indeed.” Nezu said, passing the notes to the other pros.


The meeting had been fairly short, but most troubling.

Toshinori approached Nezu after young Todoroki and young Bakugo had been warned not to talk about what they’d heard today, or else they’d cause a panic.

“Nezu may I ask your opinion on something?”

“Of course Toshi, what is the matter?”

“I would like to include Ms. Midoriya on our findings today. I not only believe that she deserves to know he son is okay, but she may be able to offer some insight on why young Midoriya is staying with the villains.”

“A great idea Toshi! Yes, please invite her down here.”

Toshinori took a startled look at the principal, “Right now?”

“Of course! I believe I know why Midoriya is staying, and if my hypothesis is correct we need to solve the situation as quickly as possible. Ms. Midoriya’s input on the situation would be most helpful!”

One phone call from Toshinori, and fifteen minutes later, a flustered Inko Midoriya opened the doors of the principals office.

“Has something happened to Izuku?”

“Ah Ms. Midoriya please do not worry. During the festival today two of our students came in contact with your son. He asked them to relay some vital information with us, but left shortly afterwards.” Nezu explained, calming the frantic mother.

“Vital information?” Inko questioned, looking to Toshinori for answers.

Nedzu had approved letting Inko read the notes before she got here, so Toshinori crossed the room, and gave them to her, “Young Midoriya left these. I believe you will want to read the last page in particular.”

Inko gave him a contemplative look, before she looked at the folded papers in her hand. Toshinori watched her open them slowly, and begin to read.

Toshinori didn’t return to his seat, but he stayed by Inko’s side. Page after page she read, beginning to cry on the third.

She reached up and grasped at Toshinori’s sleeve at the fifth.

And on the seventh he knelt down, so that she could cry on his shoulder.

Nezu had also gotten up from her seat, he gave her time to cry, but Toshinori could tell that his hypothesis need to be answered sooner rather than later.

“Ms. Midoriya, the two students that met your son both said that he was being blackmailed into staying in the League of Villains. Do you know of anything that would mean that much to him?”

Once Nezu said it, Toshinori already knew the answer. It was so simple, how could he have missed it?

Lifting her head from Toshinori’s shoulder, Inko wiped away her tears, “Me. I’m why.”

Nezu nodded, “I had a hunch. Ma’am, is there anyone else you could think of?”

Inko sat up straighter in her chair, “Well, my husband died a long time ago, but I am very close to a high school friend, her name is Mitsuki. Actually her son goes here, his name is Bakugo Katsuki. They visit a lot, but other than them, I can’t think of anyone else.”

From the first meeting they’d had about the DEKU case, it was clear that young Bakugo knew young Midoriya. Now they knew how the two were connected.

In Toshinori’s visits, he’d heard stories of the fiery Mitsuki, but he had never seen a picture of her.

“Well Ms. Midoriya, how would you feel about moving to a more secure location for the time being?” Nezu asked.

“I-if it helps you get Izuku to safety faster, then I’ll do anything.”

Nezu clapped his hands together, “Perfect! Toshinori, how do you feel about taking in Ms. Midoriya for a few weeks?”

Toshinori sputters at that, “M-me?!”

“Well of course! Not only are the two of you already on good terms, but where could be safer than with All Might himself!”

“I don’t mind, as long as you don’t mind Toshi.” Inko answered, wiping away the last of her tears.

“It would be my honor.”


Toshinori helped Inko move her luggage in his skeleton form. They made sure to loudly announce that they would have fun on their one week vacation.

It was the only way to move that much of her luggage without raising suspicion.

It only took one glance of the area for Toshinori to know that Inko’s house was indeed being watched.

If the league found out that young Midoriya given the pros information, then it was his life that could be in danger.

They had to move Inko to safety before they could take any drastic action.

Please wait for a little longer young Midoriya.

Toshinori’s thoughts returned to the meeting they’d had earlier. He remembers the crushed face of every pro in the room when they had read the last page of his notes.

Toshinori had never felt more hopeless.

The last line of his notes made it clearer than ever that Deku was not a villain.

That Izuku Midoriya was not a villain.

That Izuku Midoriya could still be saved.

That Izuku Midoriya deserved to be saved.













‘Please tell my mom, “ I love you”.’

Chapter Text

Midoriya was exhausted from the heavy feeling of dread that had been hanging over his head for the past two weeks.

Every move he made had to be perfect, every word correct. Even the smallest of slip ups would be his death.

He was constantly on alert, worried that he could be found as a traitor at any moment.

His anxious thoughts couldn’t be quelled, ringing throughout his head at every hour of the day.

They know. All for One knows.

He’s just playing with you, watching you squirm. That’s why there haven’t been any missions lately.

The heros aren’t coming. Why would they waste their energy on a villain like you?

Midoriya sat in his sad excuse for a room, reorganizing his notes just to keep himself busy. He would kill for something to get his mind off of his potential (imminent?) death.

A sharp bang made Midoriya fall off of the chair he’d been perched on. “Oi, Sensei has a mission for you!” Shigaraki yelled through the door.

“I’ll be right there!” Midoriya yelled from the floor.

Not yet moving to get up, Midoriya wondered if maybe his choice of words had been a bad one. When he said ‘he’d kill for something to take his mind off things’ he didn’t mean it literally.

With apprehension weighing heavy on his back, Midoriya left the sanctity of his room.

He took the stairs slowly, one at a time. At the last step he took a deep breath, and put on his acting face.

Midoriya rounded the corner, walking into the bar. Shigaraki and Kurogiri were already in the middle of a conversation with AFO across the television screen.

“Ah Midoriya, my boy!” AFO exclaimed with fake joviality.

Midoriya had to physically stop himself from grimacing. AFO was speaking how All Might did, and it gave Midoriya the chills.

“Took you long enough.” Shigaraki groaned, carefully ruffling his hair with four fingers.

Again, Midoriya had to stop himself from flinching. He was disgusted by how he had to act with the League. It was like they were all friends, just one big happy family of society’s outcasts. They could pretend so easily that they hadn’t kidnapped Midoriya from his home, and treated him like dirt for the better part of a year.

Forcing a shy smile, he let out a small laugh, “Tomuraaa stop it. You’re messing up my hair!”

The three villains laughed at his antics.

Midoriya wanted to throw up.

“So Sensei,” All For One, he corrected mentally, “what’s the mission?” Midoriya asked, hopping on the bar stool next to Shigaraki.

A small smirk slipped onto AFO’s face, “I thinks its about time the League gained some more permanent members.”

“New members?” Kurogiri repeated.

“Yes, one man in particular has caught my attention. Tomura, I want you to meet with him, and persuade him to join our cause.”

“Alright, who is it?” Shigaraki asked with sick excitement.


Sitting atop a high building, Chizome looked out upon a world filled with trash and fakes.

He watched the police and medics scramble like ants below him. They were frantically trying to save his last victim.

Why they were trying so desperately to save the fake, he would never understand.

“We meet at last, Hero Killer, Stain.” A voice appeared behind him.

Without hesitation Chizome slashed his sword at the voice.

Met with no resistance, Chizome spun around.

“Please relax, we’re on the same side.” The shadowy mist said to him. “You’re quite infamous, Might I have a moment of your time?”


Midoriya huddled in the corner of the bar. AFO said they were recruiting the Hero Killer, Stain.

He had seen articles about him. Who Stain killed, where, how many. There was actually a lot of information about the villain.

Stain had radical ideals about the hero world, and had a following of people who felt the same way.

Midoriya wasn’t blind, of course there were flaws in the system, there always were. But killing to change it, that was definitely wrong.

With a woosh, Kurogiri reformed in the bar. A terrifying figure stepped out of the shadows.

Midoriya’s hands itched to take notes, so he did. He was out of the way, but not hidden, so he wouldn’t be given any mind.

Villains were cautious creatures by nature. Hiding would only make them more suspicious of you, so Midoriya had found curling up in a corner had the best chances of him being left alone.

Stain was a fighter, it was apparent in his every move. He had a strong build, and weapons protruding out of every corner of his villain costume.

The cloth wrapped around his face made his intense stare stand out. Midoriya also realized that he didn’t have a nose. He could have just been born like that, with quirks many were, but something told Midoriya that wasn’t the case.

Not much was known about his quirk, and Midoriya couldn’t figure out what it was from just looking at him.

“…so you want me to join your little gang.” Midoriya zoned into the conversation going on between Stain and Shigaraki.

“Yeah, when it comes to being evil, you’re a pro.”

“And what is your mission? Your purpose?” Stain prompted.

“We want to kill All Might, eventually, but I also want to destroy everything I don’t like.” Shigaraki stated easily, slouching in his seat.

Stain barked out a laugh, “It’s ridiculous to think you actually had me interested for a second. You’re the type I hate the most!”

“Huh?” Shigaraki growled.

“Bloodlust without conviction is meaningless! As if I’d team up with a temper tantrum throwing child like you!”

The conversation quickly turned hostile. Midoriya heard Kurogiri ask, “Sensei, should I stop them?”

“No, this is fine. This will be a great life lesson for Tomura. He must learn and mature, and what better way than real life experience.” AFO answered back, coldly.

Without hesitation, Shigaraki lunged at Stain with a rage filled scream.

Stain dodged the outstretched hand easily, with a fluid grace that could only come from years of experience.

Stain jumped back, unsheathing his sword. Midoriya was frozen in awe as he watched the two villains charge at each other.

As they met in the middle, four warp gates opened around the bar simultaneously. Stain and Shigaraki barred through them, to step out across the bar from each other.

“I apologize Sensei, but the fight was getting out of hand.” Kurogiri addressed the TV All for One was silently watching from.

“Guess I’ll just have to take care of the troublesome one first, then.” Stain mumbled to himself, loud enough for Midoriya to catch.

In Kurogiri’s distraction, Stain had enough time to close the distance between them. Once Kurogiri noticed his attacker, it was too late. Stain vaulted himself over the bar counter, bringing a knife down on the mist.

Kurogiri was able to make a warp for the knife coming at him from the front, but he missed Stain’s second knife coming from the side.

Kurogiri hissed as Stain’s knife left a deep gash in his arm. The two backed away from each other, Kurogiri holding onto his injured arm.

Stain’s thinly set mouth morphed into a smirk. His unnaturally long tongue darted out to lick the blood from his knife.

Shigaraki was in the same state that Midoriya was. He had been watching the incredibly fast and efficient attack on Kurogiri frozen in place.

Midoriya watched his disgruntled expression morph into something uglier. A hand reached his neck, he began to scratch angrily.

“Sensei,” Shigaraki started, his tone much more irate than earlier, “I don’t like this one. I want to get rid of him.”

A small chuckle came from the screen, but AFO gave no answer.

Stain and Shigaraki once again charged at each other. Watching from the side lines, it was painfully obvious that Stain had the upper hand in this fight.

Shigaraki crashed to the floor with Stain crouching above him. A knife plunged into his shoulder, and another was at his neck.

“To truly accomplish something one needs will and conviction, else they’ll be weeded out. That’s why you’re about to die.” Stain explained coolly, his eyes narrowing at the man-child below him.

Shigaraki began to laugh crazily, “….so strong,” He started to mumble to himself before his anger returned, “Kurogiri send him away!”

“I can not move!” Kurogiri answered.

It was probably not the best time, but Midoriya began to furiously scribble notes down. He had just figured out the Hero Killer’s quirk.

Though, there were so many questions to be asked. If he could paralyze someone by tasting their blood, did quantity matter. Maybe it effected how much time they were paralyzed. What about where the blood came from, maybe even blood type?

Stain had continued on with his monologue, but Midoriya wasn’t listing. The possibilities of Stain's quirk were taking up Midoriya’s thoughts.

Through their bickering, a cold and clear voice called out, “Deku.”

Midoriya’s head snapped up at the sound of his name, “Yes, Sensei?”

“I think it’s time to put an end to this.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

Sighing internally, Midoriya stood from his seat in the corner. Stain was eyeing him cautiously, watching to see if he was a threat or not.

Midoriya didn’t think he could beat the hero killer in a one on one fight, but he had to put on a perfect act for AFO. He’d try words first, then threats maybe, because fighting would be a last resort.

He approached the Hero Killer calmly, gripping the knife in his hoodie pocket just in case.

“Um, “ He started, not entirely too sure how to dissolve the situation without violence, “You’re wrong about us.”

Stain’s eyes narrowed. Uh oh, he said the wrong thing.

“The League does have drive, a goal, conviction, Tomura here just isn’t the best with words.”

Shigaraki growled at him from the floor, grasping the knife in his shoulder with all five fingers, reducing it to dust. Stain looked at him, then back to Shigaraki. After a moment, he seemingly decided to hear what Midoriya has to say.

Stain stood, backing a few steps from Shigaraki. He resheathed the one knife that had survived, dropping the leftover hilt to the floor.

Shigaraki stood, slapping away the hand Midoriya tried to lend to him. He made his way back to the bar, retaking the same seat from earlier.

Kurogiri had regained his movement by now, and was doing his best to patch up Shigaraki’s wound.

“The League want to end All Might, yes, but that’s not everything. The League wants to destroy this whole society that puts heros like him on a pedestal.”

Midoriya heard Shigaraki complaining that ‘his wounds just healed from last time’ and ‘we don’t have a healer on the team’.

Stain hummed thoughtfully at him, before saying, “You mist, send me back to Hosu with the little one.”

Midoriya’s eyes widened at that. Oh god, was he going to be killed?

“I want to hear from him what your convictions are without eyes watching his every move.”

The three League members all instinctively turned to the small TV screen, that AFO was undoubtedly still watching from.

“Do as he says Kurogiri. I’ll give you ten minutes before another warp opens for Deku to return.” AFO gave his orders. The underlying threat was clear, Midoriya was to return in exactly ten minutes, uninjured, or else.

And that’s how Midoriya found himself standing on a rooftop in Hosu with one of the most infamous serial killers of his time.

Stain walked to the edge of the roof, before crouching down, watching the people on the street below them. Midoriya didn’t move from his spot.

Neither said anything, only the sound of the city filled the air.

“Child,” Midoriya jumped at the sudden start of the conversation.

Stain didn’t move from his spot, but he did turn his head away from the street, “What is a child like you doing with a villain organization like that?”

Alright, this wasn’t going how Midoriya had expected at all. He had been practicing AFO’s propaganda and rhetoric in his head for the past minute, he had no clue how to answer without giving himself away.

“We-well I—“

Stain held up his hand, “You don’t need to answer, I already know you aren’t one of them.”

He gave Midoriya a smirk, going back to looking at the skyline, “Not really, anyways.”

The blood left Midoriya’s face. Had he been found out that easily?

If Stain, who had spoken to him for two minutes now, could tell, then did the League know? Did AFO?

Midoriya clenched his fists, staring intently at the ground. He managed to fumble out, “How-How did you know?”

“I know a true hero when I see one.”

That hadn’t been the answer he was expecting.

Midoriya’s head snapped up, “W-what?”

“You dissolved that fight peacefully. No villain would have done that. You also have true conviction, I can see the fire in your eyes. I just put the pieces together.

Exactly seven and a half minutes later, Midoriya stepped back into the bar.

“So?” AFO’s voice inquired.

“He said that our goal of destroying the status quo lined up. He’d ally with us, but he won’t actually join. He likes to work by himself.”

“You have done very well, Deku.” AFO praised.

Midoriya managed a nod, and managed to tell the villains he’d be returning to his room.

Closing the door behind him, Midoriya leaned on it heavily. He pressed the palms of his hands into his eyes.

He’d never had a more exhausting conversation before. The Hero Killer had said that Midoriya was a true hero, that he was on the same level as All Might in his book.

The Hero Killer agreed to join the League, simply because Midoriya interested him. The status quo thing wasn’t a lie, but Stain really didn’t like Shigaraki.

To top it all off, Stain had given him a present.

Midoriya reached into his hoodie pocket, pulling out the beautifully crafted knife. Stain’s knife.

Stain said it would be better suited to his small frame, and an agile fighting style.

Midoriya slid to the floor, knife still clutched in his hand. He wanted nothing more than to sleep, and pretend that this day had never happened.


The past two weeks had been relatively peaceful, much to Midoriya’s delight.

After such a large amount of time, Midoriya was positive that his betrayal hadn’t been found out yet.

AFO was too busy with making plans to send Midoriya on any missions, so he’d been left alone for most of the time.

Midoriya had gotten bored at the bar, and had been spending most of his days at the library a few blocks over. The other League members were so busy, that none of them had so much as commented on his constant absence.

Though it seemed that his peace ended today.

“Oi, brat! Where do you think you’re going?” Shigaraki asked, from his seat at the bar.

Midoriya was standing by the door, putting on his shoes, “Uh, the library, like I have been this whole week.”

“Eh? Well not today, Sensei has a task for you.”

Midoriya felt a heavy weight settle in his stomach, “Oh? What is it?”

Shigaraki stood from his seat and crossed the bar. He fished a crumpled sheet of paper from his pocket, and deposited it into Midoriya’s awaiting hand.

“We have new recruits. You gotta go pick em’ up.”

Midoriya did his best to uncrumple the paper. On the paper were two names, each had a time and an oddly specific location next to it.

Toga Himiko: 9:30pm , the lamp post across from that convenient store next to the flower shop.

Dabi: 10:00pm , enter the alley between the pet shop and that new fancy restaurant, then take a left

It was written in Shigaraki’s handwriting, which was terrible due to how he had to hold a pencil. Sighing internally, Midoriya was glad that he’d studied the surrounding area as much as he had, or else he’d have no clue what these locations meant.

Midoriya glanced at the clock on the wall, he had quite a while until the designated meeting times.

He gave Shigaraki a curt nod, before folding the paper and shoving it in his pocket.


The note had said 9:30, right?

Midoriya huffed impatiently as he leaned on the designated lamp post for the League’s new recruit.

He scanned the dark street for any signs of life; nothing.

This Toga Himiko was already making a bad impression on Midoriya, and she wasn’t even here. He pulled the folded note from his pocket to double check the meeting time.

As his eyes met the uneven writing, the hair on his neck stood on end.

Dodging blindly, Midoriya barely missed the knife aiming straight for his head.

“Aww~ you dodged!” A young girl’s voice whined.

Midoriya was dressed as Deku, so he had no qualms about turning to face his attacker.

A girl around his age, still dressed in her school uniform, stood illuminated eerily under the light of the lamp post.

“Toga Himiko?” Midoriya guessed.

She gave him a deranged smile, “That’s me!”

 Midoriya stood up a bit straighter, now that he knew who he was facing, “You’re late.”

Her expression turned back into a pout, “It’s because you wouldn’t let your guard down! I waited in that dirty alley for over 10 minutes just so I could see your blood, and then you dodged me!!”

Midoriya felt his eye twitch. These types of villains were the worst.

They’re childish and have insatiable bloodlust. With no clear goal, they just cause destruction and terror to keep themselves entertained. Midoriya knew this after all of the time spent near Shigaraki.

“You’re Deku right?! The one Stainy chose?!” Toga asked excitedly, taking Midoriya away from his thoughts.

He contemplated not giving her an answer, but decided on simply nodding.

Toga let out a shrill squeal, “I can’t wait to see what you look like covered in blood!”

She lunged at him.

Midoriya simply sighed as he easily stepped to the side. Once she ran past him, he turned and knocked her to the ground with a kick to the back.

Toga was quick to get up, switching her grip on the knife. She came at Midoriya again, but more collected and calculating this time.

Her knife skills exceeded Midoriya’s, he had to admit, though she lacked actual experience. Midoriya also had more strength and dexterity than her, making the fight an easy one.

Once he unsheathed Stain’s knife, the fight was over.

Midoriya planted his foot on her back, keeping her pinned to the ground. Her knife was out of reach, and Midoriya’s rested against her neck.

“Ohh~ you sure are strong!”

Midoriya hated dealing with villains.

He stepped off of her, and started towards the next meeting place. The fight had taken too long, now he’d be late to the next meeting spot.

He had no doubt that Toga would follow him, so he made sure to keep his guard up. Once defeated, most villains lay off on the sneak attacks, but you can never be too safe.

Midoriya walked at a brisk pace, using alley ways as shortcuts. The only sound besides their footsteps were spurts of Toga’s deranged giggling following behind him.

After about seven or so minutes of silence, Toga started talking to him.

“Wow~! The League really is as strong as they say if they have people like you in it! I just had to know, so I attacked you!”

It was an entirely one sided conversation.

“I mean if Stainy himself would join you, then I just had to join as well. Stain is my idol! And he likes you, so that makes you super cool as well!”

As they neared the meeting spot, Midoriya noticed a man in a black trench coat turn into the same alley they were headed to.

He checked his phone for the time: 10:11.

So Dabi also hadn’t shown up on time.

Midoriya really didn’t like villains.

Midoriya entered the dank alley way, making a left as Shigaraki’s note instructed. Sure enough the man he had seen was waiting there.

“Dabi I presume?”

Dabi, gave him a nod, “You’re Deku, yeah?”

A Midoriya answered with a nod, Toga sprung from where she’d been standing behind him. She skipped up to Dabi, and took both of his hands in her’s.

“And I’m Toga!”

Dabi looked more than uncomfortable, his scarred features accentuating the emotion. Blue flames sprung from his hands, making Toga let him go.

She did spring back, but that didn’t stop her, “Oh~ is that your quirk?! That’s so cool! I’ve never gotten to see a burned body up close before. I bet the smell of burning flesh is just great!”

Dabi put his hands in his pockets, leaning back in a relaxed posture. He met Midoriya’s eyes, “Is everyone in the League that fucked up in the head?” He asked, while pointing to Toga.

Midoriya could do nothing but shrug.

The walk back to the bar was long. These two weren’t actually in the league yet, but Giran had recommended them, so Midoriya was being cautious. He took confusing twists and turns through alleys only he really knew of.

He stepped into the bar to find Shigaraki and Kurogiri already waiting for them.

“You’re late, brat.” Shigaraki told him, rather boredly.

“Sorry, I ran into some” He peered over his shoulder at Toga, “…trouble.”

Shigaraki gave him a humph, “So these are the one’s Giran wanted us to meet?”

Midoriya crossed to the bar, taking a seat, leaving the Toga and Dabi standing in the middle of the bar.

“So you’re the League’s leader, right?! You’ve met Stainy?!” Toga squealed happily, waving her arms around.

Dabi spoke next, “Seeing you in the flesh, you look creepy as hell.”

This wasn’t going to end well.

Shigaraki ignored them, looking to Kurogiri, “Fling these fuckers off somewhere. They’re they types I hate the most.”

He rose his hand to point at Toga, “Another snot-nosed brat,” his hand them moved to Dabi, “and some asshole who doesn’t understand respect.”

The talk went about as well as Midoriya could expect. It ended with Kurogiri once again having to dissolve the situation by using his warps to keep them from killing each other. Midoriya trying to fend off a headache, and Shigaraki storming off like a child.

The League was growing and gaining members faster than Midoriya had expected.

He could only hope that the notes he left could be put to use before the League became too strong, or he was found out.

All he could do was put his trust in the pros.

All he could do was wait.

Chapter Text

Midoriya could feel the bile rising in his throat.

He had finally run out of time.

The next mission for the League of Villains had been decided.

Hosu city. The location of their next attack. A city that would be reduced to ruin, if the heros didn’t make it on time.

Midoriya felt his hands shaking as he put on the last of his Deku costume. His mask was in place, hood pulled low, and his weapons were easily accessible.

He took a few deep breaths, but they did nothing to calm his nerves.

“Deku!” He heard Shigaraki’s raspy voice call from the bar. “Hurry up!”

He couldn’t do anything to stop this attack. It wasn’t like the USJ. This was an entire city that was going to be destroyed, and Midoriya couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

In fact, he was helping in it’s ruin.

He scrubbed his hands over his face. Thinking like that wouldn’t help anything. If he couldn’t do something now, then he’d just have to act when he got there.

With one more shaky breath, Midoriya steeled his resolve.


Kurogiri’s warp opened onto a tall rooftop in Hosu. Midoriya had to raise his arm to shield his face from the sharp wind, as he stepped through.

Stain was already there. Midoriya watched as Hero Killer looked impassively over the busy city streets.

Stain’s red eyes tossed a glance over his shoulder, as Shigaraki spoke, “So this is Hosu…livelier than I thought.”

Stain’s attention returned to the cityscape, “I will reform this town. But for that to happen, more sacrifices will be needed…”

Midoriya shuttered at he man’s words.

‘Sacrifices’….it was as if Stain didn’t think of those he killed as humans. Human beings that had a home, friends, and family.

Midoriya shouldn’t be surprised though, most villains thought like that. Maybe he felt surprised because he thought Stain was different?

Midoriya had to shake his head at the thought. Stain wasn’t called the ‘Hero Killer’ for nothing. No, he was the same as any other villain he’d ever met.

Midoriya would bring him down, just like any other villain Deku had ever stopped.

Midoriya felt Stain’s eyes on him, “ ‘Hero’ is a title reserved for those who perform truly great feats!” Midoriya shivered as the villain returned his attention to the city before him, “Until society wakes up and corrects itself, I will continue my work.”

Monologue done, Stain leapt from the building into the dark streets below.

Midoriya knew from their last conversation that Stain considered him a hero. That stare had meant something. It was a challenge of ‘Come, try to stop me, little hero’.

Shifting his gaze to Shigaraki, Midoriya worried that he had seen their silent exchange.

Instead, Shigaraki was laughing, “ Ha ha ha! Its almost precious how hard he’s trying!”

Kurogiri chastised him, “You shouldn’t criticize him too much. It is cited that Stain has actually increased hero awareness.”

Scratching his neck, Shigaraki mumbled, “Hero Killer? More like Hero Breeder…I knew we were too different. He pisses me off..”

Midoriya could see the expression in Shigaraki’s eyes change. A crazed smile grew on the man’s face, “Kurogiri bring out the Nomu!”

Nomu?! Midoriya hadn’t heard than there would be Nomu coming with them. Well, now that he thinks about it, he hadn’t been told much about this mission at all.

It was simply a mission “That would teach the world to fear the League of Villains” as AFO put it.

“As if I’d let him get away with stabbing me! Which of us can cause more destruction? Let’s see!” Shigaraki yelled into the wind.

Three hulking masses of muscle, that could only be made from scientific experimentation that held no morals, stepped out of the black mist. They were different this time. Not like the one from the USJ.

No, these weren’t made to crush All Might, these creatures were made for the specific purpose of causing as much terror and chaos as possible.

“I’ll crush your pride and your dignity Stain!”


Midoriya could barely stop the shaking in his hands, as he twisted and turned through dark alleyways.

Shigaraki sent him to tail Stain, “Make sure he doesn’t do anything. I want the whole world to be talking about only the League of Villains tomorrow!”

He couldn’t be happier with his role, no direct fighting, and plenty of chances to help civilians without the League knowledge.

Now if only he could find Stain.

The Hero Killer had leapt off the rooftop only minutes before he was sent to follow him. Surely Stain couldn’t have done much by now, right?

Stain always killed in secluded areas, far away from commotion.

A far off explosion ripped through the air. Screams of terror were carried by the wind.

Midoriya prayed that the pros could get here in time. He couldn’t do anything against the Nomus, he was better off stalling Stain for as long as possible.

Midoriya heard the sounds of battle. He ran towards it, hoping that he wasn’t too late. As he neared, words filled the air.

“Get out of here this is no place for children.” It was Stain’s voice.

A child? What was a child doing this far in a dark alleyway?!

“I’ve been perusing you! I am—“ A second voice rang out.

“You’re out for revenge, aren’t you? You had better watch your mouth, or else your age won’t be enough to save you.”

Thank god Stain had at least some morals.

Another explosion rang out, closer this time. Midoriya missed most of the ‘child’s’ words, “ I’m Ingenium, the hero who is going to take you down!”

Ingenium?! That was a well known pro hero, so why was Stain calling him a child?

“Is that so? Time to die!”

Midoriya heard the battle commence, and he was still so far away. He willed his legs to go faster, faster!

“Ingenium’s brother, huh?” Midoriya heard Stain ask, which fit the pieces together for Midoriya.

A scream ripped through the air, followed by the younger Ingenium’s rage filled words, “He is a great hero who inspired my dreams!”

Midoriya heard Stain speaking, but he didn’t focus on the words.

The wind was playing tricks on him. He couldn’t be sure exactly which alleyway the two were in.

“You’re still the criminal who hurt my brother!”


Midoriya saw the glint of a blade, and his body moved.

He didn’t think. One moment he was on the street, and the next, he was punching Stain in the face.

Once he came to his senses, Midoriya began to panic.

Oh god, he just punched the Hero Killer. In the face.

“You, why…’re Deku aren’t you…” Midoriya heard the younger Ingenium speak from behind him.

Turning around, he saw---oh god he knew this kid. He recognized him from the USJ and the sports festival. This was Iida Tenya from class 1-A.

Iida, like the rest of class 1-A, had secretly been keeping up with the DEKU case.

Most of the information came from the self proclaimed Bakusquad getting everything they could out of Bakugo. Though Uraraka had also pestered Todoroki quite a bit the past week, once word got out that they had met Deku face to face at the Sports Festival.

This Midoriya Izuku’s story was an inspiration to them all.

He had secretly gotten vital information about the League to the heros, even when he was being blackmailed with his mother’s life.

She was safe now, apparently All Might himself was protecting her. This they had found out on accident, when Sero overheard All Might on the phone. Then they had gotten confirmation after pestering All Might for over a week.

Iida had chastised them on personal privacy, but he was secretly glad that she was safe.

Word spread through the class like wildfire. This meant that the pros could save him soon. The entire class wanted to meet him, and ‘adopt’ him according to Mina.

Iida did his best to keep well informed, as it was his duty as class representative. Though lately, he couldn’t do much to concentrate.

His brother was in the hospital. He would never be a hero again.

He had to keep his chin up. Iida couldn’t let his classmates worry about him now, not when they had more important things to worry about.

Things like grades, their general wellbeing and health, oh and that someone their age was being blackmailed and brainwashed into helping the very same villain group that had attacked his class!

No, Iida didn’t want his classmates so worry about him. He did his best to keep a nice façade up, but even Todoroki saw past it.

He probably should have talked to his classmates, or at least a teacher. Because he probably wouldn’t be in the situation he was now, if he had.

His resentment and anger had overflowed, making him go blind with rage. He threw his opportunity at other internships away, just to make sure he got one in Hosu. His emotions had gotten the best of him, he had failed as a hero.

Now this boy, Deku—no Izuku Midoirya, who was fighting for his life in the League of Villains, was risking it all to save him.

He didn’t deserve it.


Midoriya looked at Iida, who was motionless on the ground, “Did he cut you?”

“Look this has nothing to do with you! Just leave!” Iida shouted back, a dark emotion crossed his face.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Midoriya ran through options in his head. He turned towards
Stain, who had already recovered from the shock of his punch, “Stain, this is a hero in training. You have no reason to kill him.”

“Ah, little hero, I knew we would be destined to fight one day. It’s a pity that it was so soon. It’s my duty to kill these two, so if you will not back down, then I will be forced to fight you.”

Midoriya should have known that he wouldn’t be lucky enough to get Stain to just turn around and leave.

“Please just run! This is none of your business!” Iida yelled from his spot on the ground.

A memory from when he was young made it’s way through his mind.

He was watching an interview with All Might. His hero had been asked why he was always smiling, and he had answered, “I smile to show the pressure of heros and to trick the fear inside of me.”

A smile. It wasn’t something that he had done much in the past year, maybe now was the time to change that.

Right now he wasn’t in danger of the League finding him out, because he was doing what Shigaraki wanted. Right now he could be a hero without worrying about if his mother would be killed or not. Right now he had the chance to save someone, and he would succeed or die trying.

Midoriya could feel the wobbly smile forming on his face, once again he remembered a quote from All Might, “Giving help that’s not asked for…is what makes a true hero!”

He turned to Iida, feeling his smile turn true. The anxiety and dread that had hung over him seemed to vanish. Right now he was finally accomplishing his dream.

Right now he was a hero.

Stain lunged, blades drawn. Midoriya was overwhelmed, doing everything in his power to dodge.

He unsheathed the knife Stain had given him, “I see that you’re putting my gift to good use, little hero.”

Midoriya didn’t answer, choosing to go on the offensive.

He hadn’t been sitting around for the past few weeks. No, he had asked Toga to spar with him. She had agreed happily, showing him all of the tricks she knew. Midoriya learned quickly, his knife skills nearly as good as her’s now.

Midoriya was glad AFO had Toga and Dabi had to sit this mission out. He had no doubt that their presence would have been disastrous.

Another explosion went off, and Stain instinctively turned his head to the noise. Midoriya made sure not to miss his chance.

He switched his grip, like Toga had shown him, managing to catch Stain in the chest. It wasn’t a large or deep cut by any means, but he had gotten a hit.

Stain leaped away, putting distance between them.

Midoriya’s head was full of half baked plans and stray ideas. There was no way he could actually defeat Stain on his own, their skills were on completely different levels.

Midoriya’s eyes widened as a full plan finally formed.

If he couldn’t do it alone, then he just needed some backup.

Midoriya spun on his toes, sliding towards Iida’s prone form. “Where’s your phone?”

Iida looked confused, but told him anyways. Midoriya was relieved he didn’t have a pass code, because he didn’t have much time.

Pulling up Iida’s contact list, he sent out their location to every one of them. Hopefully someone would not only understand that, but be close enough to help them out.

Midoriya didn’t have enough time to actually type out ‘the Hero Killer is trying to kill me in an obscure alley way, and some help would be appreciated. Oh by the way this is the notorious villain Deku typing, because Iida can’t move due to Stain’s quirk’ so a location would have to do.

Stain seemed to realize what Midoriya had done, as he was once again charging towards them.

Midoriya couldn’t even return Iida’s phone, placing it in his hoodie pocket so that he could rise to meet the Hero Killer’s blade with his own.

He matched Stain with strength, but the Hero Killer was faster than him.

Stain broke their standoff, swiping at Midoriya’s feet with a second knife.

Midoriya successfully jumped out of the way, but his pants leg wasn’t so lucky. Stain’s knife slit through it like butter, leaving a nice sized hole in it.

Midoriya grabbed his tranquilizer gun from the back of his pants. His new shipment of tranquilizers and suppressors wouldn’t come in for another week. He only had three tranquilizers and he was completely out of suppressants.

Midoriya would have to use his shots carefully, but Stain didn’t know that.

Stain was close, and Midoriya was a good shot.

He pulled the trigger, and Stain’s knife sliced his gun in two.

In Midoriya’s moment of stunned silence, Stain attacked.

Midoriya tossed his head back to dodge the blade. He was thankful that his protective vest did it’s job. Stain’s knife hadn’t reached his skin.

Or that’s what Midoriya believed, until he dropped to the floor unable to move.

He felt something warm on his neck. Blood.

Stain had just barely nicked him, but even one drop of blood was enough for his quirk.

“That was a good attempt little hero. You got a good hit, “Stain gestured to the cut on his chest, “and that just proves that you are worth keeping alive, unlike these others.”

Stain stepped carefully over Midoriya, walking past him towards Iida.

Stain rose his knife, and Midoriya screamed, “No don’t!!”  

Midoriya felt the heat before he saw it, a column of fire and ice flew at Stain. Midoriya couldn’t believe who had come to their rescue.


Stain had dodged it easily, and Midoriya could hear him mutter, “One after another, so many interruptions today.”

“Iida, next time leave more specific instructions. I was almost late.”

It was Todoroki Shoto.

Todoroki took in the scene before him, his duel colored eyes landing on Midoriya’s,
“ Midoriya?!”

“Todoroki get him out of here. This is my fault! Only I should have to suffer the consequences!”

“We’ll talk about this later Iida. But don’t worry, the pros will be here in a few minutes!”

Todoroki declared that the end of the conversation, as a sheet of ice spread throughout the alleyway. Peaks formed, causing him, Iida, and the pro hero Native, that Midoriya had only just seen, to slide away from Stain.

Midoriya bounced to the ground, landing awkwardly in his frozen state.

“You aren’t killing these guys today Hero Killer!” Todoroki yelled, sending a rush of fire his way.

“Todoroki!” Midoriya yelled to get his attention, “His quirk paralyzes you if he tastes your blood.”

Todoroki nodded, “That explains the knives. So I just have to keep my distance—“ His sentence cut off, as Midoriya watched Todoroki narrowly dodge a knife that had been sent flying through the air.

“Seems like you have some good friends, little hero!” Stain laughed, closing the distance between him and Todoroki in seconds.

Todoroki managed to stop Stain with a wall of ice. Landing on the top of it, Stain sent his sword flying into the air.

Midoriya couldn’t warn Todoroki fast enough. The Hero Killer was already upon him, taking hold of Todoroki’s collar, bringing his tongue to the cut on Todoroki’s cheek.

Midoriya saw the flash of panic in Todoroki’s eyes. He set his left side on fire, forcing Stain to jump back. Todoroki followed his escape with a wall of ice.

Iida pleaded with them to stop, but it fell of deaf ears. Midoriya wasn’t going to abandon him, and apparently neither was Todoroki.

Stain broke through the wall of ice, and Midoriya felt it. He felt his hand move.

Two knives flew from the remains of the ice wall, hitting their mark in Todoroki’s arm.

He let out a sharp cry of pain, and Midoriya was already moving. He grabbed his knife that had still been resting in his hoodie pocket, and sent it flying.

Stain did his best to dodge in mid air, but the knife still imbedded itself into Stain’s shoulder. Stain put some distance between them, pulling the knife from his shoulder, and dropping it to the ground.

Midoriya took a defensive position next to Todoroki, who was cradling his bleeding arm.

“So it has a time limit?” Todoroki asked.

Midoriya shook his head, “No, this confirms my suspicions. I was the last to get hit, but the first to get up. It depends on blood type.”

Todoroki nodded, understanding, “Well knowing that isn’t going to help us much. We need a plan.”

“Please stop this! I can’t have you get hurt because of me!” Iida pleaded from behind the two.

Todoroki didn’t look back, but he said, “Then get up. Stand on your own two feet and fight!”

Stain sent a knife soaring towards Midoriya, as Todoroki let out another burst of flames.

Only once had Midoriya thrown himself out of the way, did he discover Stain’s plan.

“You focus too much on your quirk, did you know that?” Stain asked, already closing in on Todoroki.

Stain was too close, too fast, and Midoriya was too far away.

In an instance, Stain was blown away, and Iida was there, standing in front of Todoroki.

“I am not qualified to hold the name of a hero, but if I fold here, then Ingenium would die. And I will not have that!” Iida declared, and Midoriya watched him raise his bloody fist curling it in determination.

Behind him, Todoroki and Iida were discussing a makeshift plan, but Midoriya wasn’t listening. Instead, his mind was reeling. What could he do, what were his options. His environment, was there anything around here he could use.

And then he saw it.

His shredded gun, with one tranquilizer dart still intact beside it.

Midoriya picked it up as discreetly as he could, falling in line with Iida and Todoroki.

Iida took off running. It was now or never.

While Stain was distracted by Iida’s attack, Midoriya leapt into the air. The dart was enclosed in his fist, only the needled left exposed. He wouldn’t let go, he couldn’t miss, they might all die if he did.

Stain noticed him too soon. Spinning to meet Midoriya’s blow, the three of them clashed.

Iida’s recipro burst landed, and Midoriya’s tranquilizer was embedded in Stain’s arm. It wasn’t until the three of them fell to the ground, that Midoriya felt the knife in his leg.

Midoriya couldn’t help but cry out in pain, as his leg was jostled in their landing.

Stain scrambled away from the two, swaying on his feet. Looking at his arm, he pulled the dark free, raising his knife for another attack.

An ice wall from Todoroki made a direct hit, and Stain was out.

“We need to restrain him, and be sure to remove his weapons.” Todoroki stated, his hero training coming to light.

Iida nodded, “Leave it to me.”

Midoriya tried, but he couldn’t stand. A knife in your thigh will make that difficult.

Todoroki approached him, kneeling down next to him, “Midoriya what are you doing here?”

Midoriya sighed pulling his mask from his face, it’s not like Todoroki didn’t know his secrets, “Where the League goes, I go.”

“So this is the League’s doing?”

“Todoroki, who else has Nomus?”

Todoroki seemed to realize that it was an obvious answer, and switched the topic of conversation, “We need to get that wound looked at.”

Midoriya narrowed his eyes at the boy, “Todoroki, you have two knives in your arm. If anyone needs to be looked at, its you!”

It seems they had come to a standstill, neither one wanting to admit how badly they were injured.

“Todoroki, Deku, I have the Hero Killer restrained. We should probably move from this alley to the street so that we can get some help.” Iida announced.

With the help of the pro hero Native who ‘wasn’t going to question why Deku saved them, and was just going to be thankful’ Midoriya and the rest reached the empty street.

Midoriya pulled his hood off, looking like a normal teenager instead of the infamous villain Deku. Well as normal as one could look, injured, with the unconscious body of the Hero Killer tied up behind them.

“Say, uh, Deku,” Native asked a bit uneasily, “how did you knock the Hero Killer out?”

“Oh, uh, I had a tranquilizer gun, but he broke that, so I just hit Stain with the actual dart.” He saw the wary expression on the pro’s face, “If you’re worried that he’ll wake up, don’t be! That stuff could knock out an elephant!” Midoriya tried his best to soothe their worries.

He wasn’t lying. Those tranquilizers were top notch. He hadn’t tried, but he was pretty sure they could, at least, slow a Nomu down.

A group of flash individuals rounded the corner, picking up the pace when they saw their group.

“Yo is that the Hero Killer?!” One asked.

“We were told to provide assistance by Mr. Endeavor.” Another explained to Native.

Native took over explaining, which left the three to themselves.

Iida dropped into a low bow without warning, “Both of you were wounded because of me…I am truly sorry. I became so blinded by anger, that I couldn’t see anything.”

Midoriya could hear parts of the pros conversation. Endeavor himself would be here soon, he needed to take his leave.

“Todoroki, Iida—“


One of the pros had shouted, as the flying Nomu came into their sight.

It dove towards their group, talons extended.

One moment Midoriya was fine, and the next he felt a sharp pull on his torso. His eyes widened like saucers, as Midoriya saw the scared faces of his friends get smaller and smaller.

Were the Nomus supposed to take him. Had Shigaraki found out?! Well Midoriya was technically doing what he was ordered to, right? Could the Nomu have recognized him as part of the League, and thought he was in trouble surrounded by heros. Or did it not care, only seeing another target to kill?

Midoriya didn’t know if he should fight it or not. The Nomu would make escaping from the heros a lot easier, and he could make up an explanation to Shigaraki. Though if the Nomu was going to kill him, well Midoriya wanted to stay alive just a little while longer.

Midoriya hadn’t been paying attention to what was happening on the ground, but as soon as the Nomu stopped flying he saw the commotion.

Stain had broken from his bonds, and somehow gotten some of the Nomu’s blood. The Hero Killer was now flying towards him, knife in hand, as he and the Nomu fell.

Stain latched onto the Nomu, stabbing it in it’s exposed brain, then grabbing Midoirya.

Midoriya really wanted to scream, but the noise wouldn’t escape his lips.

Landing safely on the ground, with Stain’s arm still wrapped around his middle, he heard Stain whisper, “ The phonies that have overrun our society, and criminals who want nothing more than ‘power’, those are the targets of my purge. This is for the sake of a just world, so you can’t die just yet, little hero….not in this world of fakes…”


Shigaraki had sent one of the Nomus to retrieve Deku. It had seemed that in the process of following his orders to stop the Hero Killer, some heros had shown up.

But that kid was pretty smart. He took off his mask and hood, playing as if he was just an innocent civilian.

At least that’s what it looked like from his view point.

There was no way he had escaped from Sensei’s quirk, but if he got taken in by the heros, that would mean game over for them.

He watched the Nomu grab Deku, with a grin. There was no way the pros were getting him now.

“Woah there buddy! What the fuck are you doing?!” He cried out, as the Hero Killer, of all people, killed his Nomu and put Deku back into the hands of the heros!

“How did he kill the Nomu?!” Shigaraki snarled, not even taking notice that his hand was drawing blood from scratching his neck too hard, “Why won’t it just go the way I want?”


Everyone had been shocked into silence. Midoriya was frozen at the sight of the Hero Killer up and moving.

“What are you all standing around for?!” A voice bellowed.

Endeavor turned onto the street, eyes immediately locking onto Stain.

“Hero Killer!” He yelled, gathering flames in his hand.

“Wait!” One of the pros yelled.

Stain had finally let Midoriya go, stepping over him to stand facing Endeavor.

“Another phony.”

A suffocating aura settled over them as Stain spoke.

“The fakes must be sacrificed, and someone must stain themselves in his blood!”

Midoriya couldn’t move. This time not out of shock, but out of fear.

“The word ‘hero’ must be restored!”

The air turned dark and heavy, with each step he took forward.

“Just try it you fakes! The only one allowed to kill me is All Might!”

Stain stopped moving.

“He-he lost consciousness….” Was all Endeavor could say.


Shigaraki disintegrated the binoculars in his hand.

Deku was done for. With Endeavor there, and all three Nomus down, none of them stood a chance at getting him back.

Deku knew better than to tell, they’d have some time to spare.

“Lets go Kurogiri.”

“And what of Deku?”

“Either we get him back, or we’ll just have to kill him. But first we need to tell Sensei.”

Kurogiri didn’t answer, instead opening a portal back to the bar.


It took a moment for anyone to move after what they had just seen.

The pros recovered faster than Midoriya, Iida, or Todoroki did, but that was a given, seeing as they are pro heros.

Todoroki was the first of the three to move.

“Midoriya! Are you okay?” Todoroki asked, making a wide arc around Stain to get to his side.

“Um, define okay…” Midoriya tried at a bad joke to lighten the atmosphere.

Iida joined them, “I’m glad that you are alright.”

“Yeah, me too, but I really need to get out of here, guys.”

Todoroki gave him an icy stare, “You’re going back?!”

Midoriya couldn’t meet his eyes, choosing to look at the ground, “ You don’t understand Todoroki, I have to—“

“No you don’t.” Todoroki said those three words with so much confidence, that Midoriya had to look at his face.

There wasn’t an ounce of doubt in his eyes.

A cold hand found it’s way to the top of his, “Midoriya, your mother is safe. She’s being protected by All Might.”

The world stopped.

Did Midoriya hear that right? His mother was safe….

He didn’t have to go back to the League?

He was free?

It took him a moment to realize that he was crying. Tears flowed down his face, and he did nothing to stop them.

“Thank you.”

Those words didn’t say half of what Midoriya wanted to, but that’s all he could force through his tears.

His mother was safe.

He wouldn’t have to go back to the League.

It didn’t matter what he had to face from now on. He could do it. In fact, he would do it with a smile. Jail time, or worse, was manageable, he would get through it just like everything else.

He would help the pro heros take down the League. He had the information to do it, and he was no longer their hostage.

Midoriya latched onto Todoroki’s cold hand, using it to ground himself. Using that point of contact to make sure this wasn’t all a dream.

This was real.

He was free from the villains.

Midoriya was safe.

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Chapter Text

Shigaraki was furious, throwing a tantrum by turning everything within reach to dust. AFO thought Kurogiri looked absolutely disheartened as his bar was torn apart, but he stayed quiet, instead choosing to look at the blank monitor AFO was silently watching from.

AFO watched the scene impassively.

Shigaraki had failed him in more ways than one this time. Though, he had been in the villain business long enough to know that things don’t always go as planned.

He couldn’t have ruled the villain world from the shadows all of these years if he let one failed mission ruin his plans.

No, AFO had backup plans for his backup plans. Every situation that could happen had been planned for. Of course this outcome had been one he’d planned for, and luckily this situation was easily salvageable.

The mission wasn’t a complete failure though, AFO mused. The Hero Killer had always been an unknown variable in his plans. He was somewhat pleased to have him taken off of the playing field.

Stain was one of the few people in this world that he couldn’t manipulate, and AFO didn’t like that.

Adapt, improvise, and overcome.

AFO had heard the phrase once before, perhaps on television at one point, he doesn’t care to remember. It matters not where the phrase came from, only that it is fitting to how he works.

The saying encompases not only the steps he took he to reach the top of the criminal underworld, but to stay there as well.

His method has never failed him before, so that is what he intends to do. Adapt to his situation, improvise actions for his pawns, and overcome anyone who stands in his way.

Midoriya Izuku may be out of his reach, for now, but he doesn’t intend to let it stay that way for long.

AFO steepled his fingers, smirking beneath them.

This was going to be fun.


The sirens had long since faded from Midoriya’s range of hearing, but the ringing in his ears hadn’t eased in the slightest.

Nothing felt real. It all went too fast, and then too slow.

He was vaguely aware that neither Iida or Todoroki had left his side since the emergency services had arrived on scene.

He had followed their instructions numbly, only speaking when prompted. He doesn’t remember much of the ride in the ambulance to the hospital.

Ushered around, he leaned heavily on his friends to walk.

And now he is in a blank hospital room. Todoroki sits at the foot of the hospital bed Midoriya is sitting on, and Iida sits in the chair next to them.

They’re talking, about him probably, he doesn’t know. He can’t seem to focus long enough to zone into their conversation.

He’s definitely dreaming. There’s no way he isn’t. None of this can be real.

Midoriya pinches his arm.

It hurt. He looks down at his arm, watching the abused skin slowly fade from red back to a normal color. The pinching sensation lingers for a moment, and then it's gone.

Midoriya wonders if he should try again. Maybe he’d get a different result. Wait, no….isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result. Is he insane then? Had he finally reached his limit? Was this it, then? He’d finally lost it after all this time--

“--iya. Midoriya!”

Everything snapped into place.

He looked up, to see Todoroki staring at him. There’s an intense emotion in his eyes, exaggerated by the tired lines on his face.

He was worried about him.

Midoriya’s eyes slid over to Iida, finding that he wore the same expression. He can’t do much more than run his hands through his hair, and whisper a quiet, “Sorry…”

Both stay quiet, so he speaks some more.

“It’s just---all of this---it’s--” Midoriya has to take a breath, “None of this feels real.”

A hand cold settles on his leg, Todoroki’s. He gives him a small smile, well the Todoroki version of a smile.

“I know this is probably a lot to take in Midoriya, but rest assured that this is most definitely real, indeed!” Iida pipes up, uninjured arm chopping wildly.

“Thanks guys.” There's a moment of heavy silence. Midoriya thinks that he owes them a real explanation, at the very least. “Sorry for spacing out on you like that. I’m just having a hard time believing that I’m actually free. I’ve wanted this for so long. Dreamed and prayed for so long that I could see my mom again, and escape from the League. Now that it's happening, I can’t help but worry that I’m just making everything up. Maybe I’m trapped in some villain’s twisted quirk, or maybe I’ve finally cracked. It's too good to be true, so where's the catch?”

He drops his gaze to his hands. Midoriya knows full well that this is real, this is happening, but he can’t help but feel like he’s just a passenger being taken along for the ride.

“Midoriya--” Todoroki starts, but is interrupted by the door swinging open.

“Hello.” came the gruff voice of Well a man with a dog’s head, “I am the chief of the Hosu police, Tsuragamae Kenji.”

Midoriya was too stunned by the man’s appearance to say anything, but Iida and Todoroki were quiet for a different reason.

Midoriya couldn’t help but notice how both of his friends angled their bodies in front of him, as if to protect him from the police chief.

“So you three are the ones who stopped the Hero Killer. The two of you are students from UA, correct?” The police chief nodded to Iida and Todoroki.

They both nodded hesitantly.

The police chief’s gaze locked onto him, “And you are the infamous Deku, aren’t you?”

Midoriya took a deep breath. He forced himself to meet the policeman’s eyes, and announced, “Yes, I am.”

An indescribable look took place in the police chief’s eyes. Before Midoriya could identify it, he spoke again, “Are you boys aware of the situation that you are in?”

Midoriya was confused at his choice of wording. Midoriya knew he was a wanted criminal, but Iida and Todoroki were heros in training. Sure they had taken down the Hero Killer, but….oh. Midoriya had a hunch he knew what the police chief was about to say, he could only hope that he was wrong.

“Regarding the Hero Killer, you boys did quite a number on him with your quirks.” Midoriya felt sweat drip down his neck, “As you know ever since the sudden arrival of quirks, leaders have implemented certain protocols to keep the general public safe from each other. Heros rose up to fill the need of a way to police quirk usage. Those who do not have hero qualifications and licences may easily harm others. Even if their opponent was, say, the Hero Killer himself, unlicensed quirk usage is a top tier violation of the law. Not to mention you were working in tandem with a wanted criminal. That being said--”

“Hold on.” Todoroki broke the police chief’s monologue.

The police chief looked a tad startled, obviously not expecting to be interrupted. Midoriya wanted nothing more than to hiss at Todoroki to stop talking. He might have been able to spin their story into one that blames him as the main instigator against Stain, saving Iida and Todoroki from the repercussions, but if Todoroki says too much them Midoriya can’t do anything.

“None of the heros on the field had even noticed the Hero Killer’s presence. If not for Iida, then the pro hero Native would have been killed, and if not for Midoriya then all three of us would have died. So were we just supposed to sit back and let everyone die, just to follow some rules?!” Todoroki asked, getting increasingly more aggressive as he spoke.

“So because it turned out alright this time, we should just ignore the law and Deku’s past crimes?” The police chief retorted, completely calm.

“Saving people is what heros do! Midoriya did just that today---” Todoroki practically growled, taking a step forward.

”Todoroki stop!” Midoriya announced, finally finding his voice.

Todoroki turned his head to stare, looking betrayed. Midoriya forced himself to look away from his friend. He stood from the hospital bed. As he passed through his friends he said, “The police chief is right. My past crimes can’t be forgotten or looked over, neither can the fact that fighting the Hero Killer broke the law.”

Midoriya took a few more steps, standing directly in front of the police chief, “I know this goes against everything you know as a policeman, but I ask that you pin most of the blame for fighting Stain onto me. Please keep their records as clean as you can. They were just trying to do the right thing in a life or death situation. Taking the blame for this won’t do anything more to me, but it could ruin their futures.” He looked into the policeman’s large black eyes, ”If you do that, I will unconditionally tell you anything I know about the League of Villains. I will accept any sentence the police deem fit without question, and I won’t give you any trouble.”

The police chief stares at Midoriya silently, before breaking out into hardy laughter. He grasps his stomach, bending over as he gasps for air.

Midoriya, as well as Todoroki and Iida it seems, are all shocked in silence. None of the three are able to speak as the man-dog or dog-man--whatever was more politically correct--continued in his breathless laughter.

Breathing heavily, the police chief slowly stood up straight, and smoothed out his clothes, “What I just said was my opinion from a policeman’s standpoint, the point being the only punishment that can be handed out is whatever goes on the official disclosure.” The chief paused for a moment, to let what he was saying sink in, “If we were to go public with your story, your heroic actions would be praised, but punishment would have to be handed out.”

“Deku, or I suppose I should call you Midoriya, now.” The chief said, suddenly turning to him, “It seems you are just as smart as they say you are, but there are a few things wrong with your plan.”

Midoriya opened and closed his mouth, gaping like a fish, as he tried to speak.

“The first thing is that your quirk is unknown, but I heavily doubt it is fire related. Stain has obvious burns and related injuries, so the entirety of the fight couldn’t be believably blamed on you, but it can be pinned onto Endeavor, who was at the scene. However if we follow this story, no one will ever know of your heroic actions today. What do the three of you say?”

It was simple enough, the three simply gave a small nod, and the situation was out of their hands.

After giving his thanks as a fellow keeper of the peace, the police chief took his leave, asking only Midoriya to accompany him.

Midoriya gave Iida and Todoroki a reassuring smile as he slowly limped out into the hallway. The police chief held the door open for him, and walked at pace that was considerate to his leg injury.

Just a few doors down, they came to a stop. Midoriya entered an office. It was obviously used, as papers and sticky-notes covered the entire surface of the single desk that sat in the room.

The computer rose to life as the police chief sat, revealing a busy looking scheduling time table for the hospital. Midoriya graciously sat in one of the chairs opposite to him.

“I asked the hospital staff for a place we could speak privately.” The policeman told him, noticing Midoriya’s curiosity.

“You said that I had a few things wrong with my plan, but you only said one reason back there.”

“Yes, that is because I wished to explain my second one to you privately.”

Midoriya waited in anxiety for the police chief to continue.

“You offered your unconditional cooperation if I helped your two friends, but you also offered some concerning stipulations. Ones that cannot be met.”

Midoriya blinked, “What?”

“You can’t offer your cooperation in your arrest, if I’m not arresting you.”

The police chief was smiling, but Midoriya wasn’t. His face had gone slack with shock, his jaw hanging open, eyes wide and unbelieving.

“You’re not arresting me?” He said, simply tasting the words in his mouth.

You’re not arresting me?” He repeated, drawing back in his chair.

“You’re not arresting me ?” He spit, anger rising.

It was a surprising reaction, not only to the police chief, but to himself as well. Though he supposes his reaction does make some sense.

Midoriya had always wanted to at least try to atone for his crimes, but now they weren’t going to arrest him. He was just going to get a slap on the wrist and be on with his life? Was he really allowed to get off so easily, after all he’d done?

The police chief reigned in his shock, choosing to lean forward on the desk, steepling his fingers, “You’re surprised.”

Midoriya nodded to the verbal assessment.

“I take it this isn’t what you had expected.”

“Not in the slightest.”

The police chief hummed in acknowledgement, “May I ask why?”

“I’ve done a lot of bad things with the League, things you don’t just ‘not go to jail’ for.” Midoriya confessed, eyes dropping to the floor.

“Things you were forced to do, with a threat on your mother’s life.”

Midoriya’s head snapped up in surprise. “Well, I--”

“Your actions were not of you choosing. I know that you were also brainwashed for a period of time in their care .” The police chief spit the last word out, distastefully.

“What--how did you---” He could feel something rising in his throat. Bile? Anxiety? Or maybe….guilt….

“Your were kidnapped, and only did what you did to keep you mother safe--”

I killed people! ” Midoriya hissed, his hands shaking.

He hadn’t realized he’d stood up until pain shot up his injured leg. Midoriya ignored it.

That’s not something you can just gloss over! I should have let them kill me, but I was too much of a coward, and I--” His voice broke, “I chose to kill them instead.”

There are tears collecting in his eyes, but he couldn’t bring himself to wipe them away, instead choosing to duck his head, letting his hair hide his face from the policeman.

Midoriya’s heavy breathing is the only thing that fills the silence for a moment.

“And yet you’ve saved even more people.”

Midoriya feels himself freeze. He takes a moment, before raising his head slowly. Meeting the policeman’s eyes, he can’t find any trace of a lie.

“Midoriya, in your time at the League of Villains you saved the lives of twenty seven people. You saved fifty three with non life threatening injuries, helped seven children find their families, and at least sixty four others reported that you helped them in some way or another.”

He looked Midoriya dead in the eye.

“And that’s just the cases that got reported.”

The tears had stopped forming, but the ones that were already there still fell from Midoriya’s eyes.

“Crime in the approximate twenty two block area, that you were most often seen in, dropped by fifteen percent in the two months that followed your debut. It dropped forty five percent by six months, and right now it has dropped a total of seventy three percent.”

“The inhabitants of that area hail you as a legend. With crime down, their value of life has increased twofold. Your presence brought heros to flock to the previously ignored area. With their help, the streets are clean, the buildings are being rebuilt, poverty is at an all time low, and the people feel safe enough to let their children play on the streets.”

Midoriya couldn’t believe what the police chief was saying. Had he really caused all of that to happen?

Thinking back on it, he supposes the area had seemed more lively than it had been. But was it really because of him, or was it just a coincidence?

“Midoriya you’re not being arrested because you are not a villain.”

Midoriya wanted to argue. He wanted to say that the police chief was lying. That those numbers meant nothing.

But he couldn’t, because what the police chief said didn’t mean nothing.

“That being said, we can’t exactly just let you go home. You do have a bloodthirsty villain group after you.”

“So, what does that mean? What happens to me now?” Midoriya couldn’t help but be anxious. He couldn’t fathom what comes next. Witness protection, or maybe his identity would be erased? Perhaps he would have to flee the country.

“Well, quite a few influential figures had a very long talk about just what to do with you. The general consensus was that they want you to continue going down the right path, and quite a few people jumped at the chance to help you get there. Though,  you also need protectection from the League of Villains.”

“So?” Midoriya prompted, at the police chief's silence.

“Congratulations on being accepted to the hero course at UA, Midoriya Izuku. I’m sure you’re going to be groomed into a fine hero, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish.”



Midoriya limped back to the hospital room, his mind going a mile a minute.

The police chief had covered some of the more minor details of his acceptance to UA, certain conditions that he had to follow. Midoriya had listened, unable to speak. He just nodded along in dumb silence.

He would be taking supplementary classes with his homeroom teacher to catch him up with the curriculum. Midoriya would have to stay at the dorms, and he could only leave campus if he had a licensed hero accompanying him. He would routinely have to have meetings with the heros and police that were in charge of the League of Villain’s case. He would give any information he had to help with their plans, and give his input of the best ways to defend against their members.

The very last condition was that if the League found some way to contact him, Midoriya had to immediately tell one of the pro heros.

Midoriya couldn’t believe how good of a deal he’d been offered. He was expecting to live his life out in jail, but now he was on the path to becoming an actual hero. It was almost too good to be true.

Those ‘influential figures’ the police chief had mentioned had been some of the pro heros who taught at UA, and the UA principal himself. All of the teachers were aware of his situation, but he would be treated like a normal student during class.

The students wouldn’t be told anything but the bland cover story they were weaving for him, so that he could have the chance for a normal high school experience.

He didn’t feel worthy of the faith the heros were putting in him.

“What about my mom?” He had asked.

The police chief had assured Midoriya that she was safe with All Might himself, personally overseeing her well-being.

Once they were sure that Midoriya was out of harm's way they would allow them to meet. As much as he wanted to see his mother, he found himself agreeing with the policeman. Midoriya hadn’t seen her in so long, what’s a few months more to keep her safe?

He couldn’t help wondering how she was doing, though. What had her life been like since he disappeared? How did she ended up in the care of All Might, of all heros?

Midoriya wondered about a lot of things as he limped the short trek back to his, Todoroki’s, and Iida’s assigned hospital room. It was complete with policemen and pro heros taking shifts to guard the three teenagers who had just taken down the Hero Killer.

The current policeman guarding the door gave him a nod of acknowledgement. Midoriya returned it, before he slipped into the too white room.

Midoriya saw Todoroki, lying on his own hospital bed instead of Midoriya’s, lazily flipping through a magazine that had been lying on the table next to him.

The duel colored eyes flickered up as he heard Midoriya enter the room. Todoroki quickly threw the magazine to the side, instantly rising, moving to meet Midoriya by the door.

“Are you okay? What did that policeman want?” Todoroki questioned him, an undertone of worry in his words.

Midoriya didn’t know how to answer either of those questions without breaking down and crying, so he did his best to change the subject, “Where’s Iida?”

Todoroki’s eyes narrowed, he undoubtedly knew what Midoriya was trying to do, “His parents arrived while you were gone. They was able to get Iida discharged early so that he could do the rest of his healing at home.”

“Oh that’s good---”

“Midoriya.” Todoroki cut him off with a stern tone, obviously done with playing Midoriya’s game.

“...he wanted to walk me through what was going to happen once I got out of the hospital.” Midoriya explained after a hesitant pause.

“So what is going to happen to you?”

He couldn’t help but let his eyes fall to the floor, “I’ll be put into UA, for my safety and to make sure I go down the right path in life.”

Todoroki’s stern posture lifted, his eyes widening, “You’ll be going to UA?”

Midoriya nodded, fearing that if he spoke he might burst out into tears.

“That’s amazing Midoriya.” Todoroki said sincerely, but his tone tapered off, “It’s so much better than jail time you didn’t deserve, so why aren’t you happy about it?”

Midoriya just shook his head.

It was that same feeling of something rising in his throat. Emotions--ones he had kept locked away for so long were threatening to spill over, now that he was in a safe place. He could feel himself shattering, and it wouldn’t be long before he broke completely.


Todoroki’s soft and concerned tone, accompanied with a gentle hand awkwardly settling on his shoulder was all it took to push him over the edge.

Ugly, hot tears began to stream down his face.

He didn’t deserve Todoroki’s concern. He didn’t deserve the chance to go to UA. He didn’t deserve the praise the police chief had given him. He didn’t deserve the chance to become a hero...not after what he had done.

Midoriya didn’t deserve redemption.

This wasn’t the world he had lived in for so long. This world, this hospital room with Todoroki, it was all to soft. It was far too pure and nice for someone as tainted as him to be in.

Why couldn’t they see that?

How was Midoriya deluding them to his true, ugly self?

He was a bad person, and bad people had to face punishment for his crimes.

He deserved to be put into jail. He deserved to die a lonely death, just like the heros that he had killed. He deserved to be punished.

Midoriya deserved to be locked away, never to see the light of day again.

Midoriya felt Todoroki’s strong hands carefully lead him over to the hospital bed he had woken up in just an hour ago. He sat down, grateful to have the pressure off of his leg.

“Midoriya.” Todoroki said his name again.

When he didn’t react, Todoroki took his face in his hands, gently forcing him to make eye contact.

Todoroki didn’t shy away from the wet tears collecting on his hands. He only stared into Midoriya’s own teary gaze. The hero-in-training’s eyes were hard and serious, almost masking the undercurrent of sadness that was hidden deep within them.

“I don’t know what happened to you in your time with the villains,” Todoroki took a breath, “and I don’t know what you’re thinking right now. All I know is that you’re wrong.”

Midoriya almost stopped crying at the shock of his words---almost.

“Whatever self deprecating thoughts you’re having to break you down this much, they’re wrong. You’re lying to yourself and I know it.”

Todoroki slowly let go of his face, allowing Midoriya to sink back down.

There was a moment of silence. Just Todoroki sitting next to him as his muffled sobs filled the air.

“How do you know?” Midoriya asked, his voice watery and strained.

He meet Todoroki’s eyes by himself this time, “How do you know I’m wrong, when you don’t even  know what happened?”

“I just know.” Came Todoroki’s eloquent response.

It was a blunt sentence from a socially awkward teen, but Midoriya couldn’t find anything but sincerity in the three words.

“Todoroki,” Midoriya started, anxiety and fear tightening their grip on his throat.

Slowly, a warm hand came to rest on his back.

It was still and stiff at first. Todoroki was trying his best, but comforting people obviously wasn’t his strong suit.

Soon enough he gained some confidence, his hand slowly moving in soothing circles. With a shuddering breath, Midoriya opened his mouth.

The words tumbled out.

They varied in speed and clarity. Sentences ran together, and he backtracked on his tale multiple times. He hesitated, and his voice shook as he spoke.

He cried sometimes, and sometimes the tears finally seemed to stop.

At the rougher parts he had to force the condemning words from his mouth, but they never stopped.

They didn’t  stop until he reached the end of his story.

Midoriya hadn’t looked at Todoroki once as he spoke, fearing what kind of expression he would find on the boy’s face.

With his hands still shaking, nerves on edge, and ringing in his ears, he looked up.

Todoroki’s eyes were wet, but there was a smile on his face.

It was an actual smile, not just the Todoroki version of one. There was no large grin, or showing of teeth, but it was a smile, and Midoriya couldn't help but stare on with awe.

“You’re probably the strongest person I’ve ever met. I never could have done what you did.”

Midoriya’s eyes widened. His voice was raspy from speaking so much, as he whispered, “You don’t know that.”

Todoroki turned to stare at the door. With a faraway gaze he said, “Yes, I do.”

Midoriya felt lighter and heavier all at once.

He had found someone to share the load of his fears and insecurities, but Todoroki hadn’t, and now he also had to shoulder Midoriya’s.

“How do you know?” Midoriya challenged.

Todoroki turned back to him, mouth opening, then closing. “I--”

“Don’t lie to me Todoroki.” He said, cutting the other boy off, “I just told you about my life with the villains. It's okay to talk about your’s with the villains of your life.”

Todoroki’s eyes widened for a second, before he let out a breath of laughter.

A small, yet sad, smile came to his face, “Yeah, okay.”

Todoroki spoke.


The nurse was doing her scheduled rounds on the patients.

She opened the door that held the three U.A. students, and couldn’t help but smile.

Two of the teens had fallen asleep, leaning on each other. She noticed that the one with green hair was leaned a little too far forward on the other’s shoulder, and could fall at any moment.

She stepped into the room, her hand raised to wake them up, but she stopped.

These boys were far too young to look so haggard and exhausted.

With a smile and a shake of her head, she began to carefully readjust the boys so that they were properly laying in the hospital bed.

They didn’t so much as stirr. Placing a blanket over the young teens, she quietly walked back to the doorway.

Turning the lights off and shutting the door, the nurse stepped into the bustling hallway already walking towards her next destination.

She never did look close enough at the boys to notice the traces of tears that could be found on both of their faces.

Chapter Text

Midoriya was shaking, practically vibrating with excitement. Today was his first day of school! He was going to UA!

Oh god today was his first day of school…..he was going to UA.

Could he do this? Midoriya hadn’t been to school in a year, and he had never gotten along with the kids his age. Not to mention he had been a member of the League of Villains just a week and a half ago, and this was a school for heros.

Midoriya really didn’t deserve the chance he was getting. Hundreds of students tried to get into the UA hero course every year, and he had practically been handed the opportunity.

Would he be a good hero? Could he even be a hero after everything he had done?

Oh now he was shaking for a different reason. His stomach was in knots, his nerves jumballing around under his skin.

He didn’t know if he could do this.

Looking up from his feet for the first time, Midoriya lost his breath.

The gates of UA were just as amazing as the first time he had seen them, but this time he was entering them as a hero in training, not as a villain.

The hero who had been escorting him to the school gave him a gentle push to keep walking. He was the very same hero from the USJ, Eraser Head, and he just so happened to be Midoriya’s homeroom teacher.

Eraser Head had picked him up from the hospital, giving him his uniform. The walk there had been a silent one. Midoriya might have been mumbling, but Eraser Head never said anything about it.

His new teacher was like a shadow. Midoirya knew he was a great hero, from what he had seen at the USJ. He was ready to take on every villain there, maybe even die for his students.

Eraser Head’s reassuring grip on his shoulder steered Midoriya out of a collision more than once. With a student or a wall, Midoriya couldn’t differentiate it, he was too caught up in his anxious thoughts.

Finally coming to a stop at a large door with the letter ‘A’ painted on it, Eraser Head stepped in front of him.

He opened the door, pausing when Midoriya didn’t follow, “Well, kid, are you coming or what?”

“Oh, uh y-yes sir!” Midoriya scrambled into the empty classroom, mentally chastising himself to pay more attention.

Eraser Head lets out a sigh, “Kid, you’re going to have to calm down if you don’t want to pass out before class has even begun.”

Midoriya ducks his head, “So-sorry Eraser Head.”



“In the classroom you call me Aizawa. I’m your teacher first, and a pro hero second.”

“O-oh, sorry, Aizawa-sensei.”

“Better.” Is all he gets out of his teacher, before the man rounds his desk. He rummages through it for a moment, before pulling out a stack of papers, “Sit.”

Midoriya looks around uncertainly for a moment, before sitting in the desk closest to him. Its only for temporary, he’ll learn which one is his later.

Aizawa places the stack on the desk, “This a blanket test that will let me know where you’re falling behind in your studies, if you are at all. It goes up to collage level, so there will be some questions you aren’t expected to know.” He gives Midoriya’s bouncing leg a look, “Don’t stress about passing or failing.”

Before Midoriya can ask any questions, Aizawa is already asleep on the floor curled in a bright yellow sleeping bag.

Where did the sleeping bag even come from?? Is all Midoriya can wonder.

Seeing as he won’t be getting any response from his teacher Midoriya settles into the desk. Aizawa retrieved him very early, about two hours before UA begins officially. He is down to an hour and a half after their commute to the school. He only has until school begins to finish the lengthy test on his desk.

He sighs, before picking up his pencil and getting started.


He turns to flip the next page, messaging the bridge of his nose with his other hand, only to come up empty.

He stares down at the test. He finished it!

Midoriya has never been happier about keeping up with his studies, than he is now. He had a lot of free time at the League, so he tried to teach himself what he had been missing in school.

Midoriya knows he is still behind, because he’d stopped studying and focused more on survival the last few months. Though at this rate he won’t be near as far behind as he could have been.

He checks the clock on the wall, there’s a little under thirty minutes until class starts. He’s finished, so should he wake his teacher up, or leave him be?

Midoriya doesn’t have to decide, as his teacher wakes so suddenly that it startles him.

Aizawa looks to him, then to the completed test in his hands, “Are you finished?”

“Ye-yes sir.”

His teacher slides to the foot of his desk, and an awaiting hand pops out of the yellow sleeping bag. Midoriya hesitantly hands over the test, unsure how to react to his teacher’s strange behavior.

Taking the test from him, Aizawa squirms across the classroom.  He somehow opens the door, slides into the hall, and even closes it behind him.

Midoriya is at a loss for words.

Is this what he should expect from his life at UA? Was everyone this...odd?

Left alone in the classroom, Midoriya begins to get antsy. He decides to take a look around his new class. He makes sure to bring his bag with him, because he still doesn’t know where his assigned desk is.

After a few minutes the door opens again. This time Aizawa walks like a normal human being, though the sleeping bag is still pooled around his waist.

“Well, you did much better than expected. You will still take some remedial classes with me a few days a week, either before or after school.”

Midoriya gives his teacher a nod.

Aizawa must have noticed how out of place Midoriya seemed, as he says,“Third desk on the last row, by the windows. That’s yours.”

Wordlessly, Midoriya walks over to what is now his desk, and he examines it. He places his book bag on it, feeling an odd sense of belonging.

“I told my students not to come any earlier than fifteen minutes today, but that just means they will sit outside the door and eavesdrop.” The tired man messages the bridge of his nose, “So while we have some privacy, we need to talk.”

“Okay?” Midoriya says, approaching his teacher’s desk.

“Everyone in the class knows about your time in the League, and that you are Deku.” When Midoriya starts to pale, he says, “They are all very sympathetic to you. Some even look up to your resilience to do good even when the odds were stacked against you.”

“O-oh.” Midoriya can’t help the relived smile that comes to his face.

“That being said, only this class knows. You will get a cover story to tell anyone else, as your case is still an open one. It won’t close until the League is stopped.”

Midoriya understands that revealing his identity would likely cause panic. It’ll be nice that some people won’t know about his past.

“Now getting to the actual point, if anything happens to you with the other students, you are to come to me first. I am acting as your guardian for the time being, so I will be the first to know if anything is wrong. I don’t care how trivial, even if you think you’re just being paranoid. You. Tell. Me.”

“Understood, Aizawa-sensei.”

He begins to walk towards the door before he stops, “Oh and one more thing, I need to finish filling out your paperwork. What’s your quirk?”

Midoriya freezes. Aizawa raises an eyebrow at his pause.

“I-I don’t have one…”

Aizawa hums, “Okay. Now, get ready for class.”

Midoriya looks to his teacher in shock. “Doesn’t that bother you?” He whispers.


“I’m quirkless.”

“Why would that bother me?” Aizawa asks, with a tired sigh.

Midoriya doesn’t get to say anything else, because Aizawa is walking out of the door mumbling something about ‘problem child, no problem children ’.

Maybe he was worried over nothing?


Midoriya had ten minutes of glorious silence. Aizawa hadn’t come back after their conversation, so he had the classroom all to himself.

Ten minutes with nothing but his thoughts to distract him.

As he had an internal breakdown, the door slid open quite violently, accompanied by a “Move it extras!”

Midoriya jumped in his seat, turning to the now open door. Bakugo was sneering at one of the many faces that were crowded behind him.

As he turned back, Bakugo made eye contact with him. He didn’t say anything, as he slowly approached.

Midoriya paled as his childhood friend stalked towards him, before suddenly sitting down. Midoriya could only stare blankly, before accepting his fate. Of course Kacchan would sit right in front of him, why would he expect anything less.

Midoriya turned his attention to the other students, who all were still hovering by the door. Murmurs of ‘Is it really okay to go in?’ ‘Aizawa-sensei said not to go in earlier than fifteen minutes before class starts.’

Their curiosity seemed to win over their fear. Midoriya was pretty sure he heard someone say they could just pin in on Bakugo if Aizawa yelled at them.

The class slowly tickled in, he recognized a few faces from the USJ and the sports festival. He could feel his hands shake as he realized just how many of his classmates he hadn’t met yet.

Bakugo hadn’t said a word to him, Todoroki hadn’t walked in yet, and Iida was all the way on the other side of the classroom.

A flash of purple caught his eye. It was the tired looking student from the USJ, he sat right behind Midoriya.

Midoriya had accidentally turned around in his thoughts, and was face to face with the student. When he looked up from unpacking his bag, Midoriya let out a strangled noise.

Should he just turn back around? Does he say hi? How does he even introduce himself??

“So you’re Deku, right?”

The question caught him off guard. “Uhh, yeah. My real name is M-Midoriya Izuku.”

The student nodded, “Shinso Hitoshi.”

Midoriya didn’t know what to say after that. He suddenly realized the fact that the entire class was watching him from the corner of their eyes. It was their attempt at being sneaky, but it was still obvious.

Shinso sighed, “They made this whole stupid plan to make you feel as welcome as possible. It had like ten steps, number one being not to crowd you. Right now they’re all dying to come up and talk to you.”

Midoriya blinked, stunned that they were trying to make him feel like he belonged.

“Shinso, how could you betray us like that?!” A pink skinned girl yelled, standing up from her desk.

“Well, Mina your plan is backfiring. Just look at him,” Shinso guestres to Midoriya without looking at him, “he’s got anxiety.”

Mina, apparently, dramatically threw herself onto her desk, “I worked so hard on that plan!”

“Mina’s plan failed, time for plan B!” An excitable yellow haired student yelled.

He ran straight up to Midoriya, “The name is Kaminari Denki! I hope--”

Kaminari was then shoved out of the way by two others, “I’m Ashido Mina!” “And I’m Sero Hanta!”

“Get off of me!” Kaminari whined from underneath his friends.

Their introductions opened the floodgates. One by one all of the students introduce themselves, even Iida gave him a formal introduction.

“The circumstances of our meeting were less than ideal! Let this be our proper first meeting. My name is Iida Tenya, I am pleased to make your acquaintance!”

Midoriya waved his hands, “Oh, its fine Iida. Then,um  I’m Midoriya Izuku.” Iida gave him a pleased smile, “By the way, how's your arm?”

“Thanks to Recovery Girl, my arm has been completely healed!” He said, though his injured arm wasn’t chopping near as wildly as the other.

Todoroki passed behind Iida at that moment, catching Midoriya’s eye. He stopped walking as he noticed Midoriya’s presence, “Good morning Iida, Midoriya.”

“G-good morning Todoroki!” He greeted back.

Todoroki continued walking, only greeting the girl who had introduced herself as Yaoyorozu Momo.

“Ah, Midoriya let me introduce one of my closest friends, Uraraka Ochaco.” Iida spoke up, regaining his attention.

A bubbly girl waved to him, “Hi there, Midoriya! Thanks for watching out for Iida.” She said playfully punching Iida’s uninjured arm.

“Oh it was no problem, that’s what friends are for.” Midoriya couldn't help but rub the back of his neck bashfully.

Iida brightened up considerably, his chest puffing out in pride, “Yes, that is what friends are for.”

The door opened up for the last time, and both Uraraka and Iida literally ran for their seats. The once rowdy class had turned silent with one glare from their teacher--even Bakugo sat a little bit straighter in his seat.

“Three seconds. Not bad.”

If this is how his life at UA would be, Midoriya couldn’t help but look forward to the future.


Midoriya was scared.

He was more frightened than he had been at the USJ. Midoriya felt more fear than he had in the two weeks that he had to play pretend at the League.

Midoriya was about to meet his mother.

According to principal Nezu, they weren’t supposed to meet for some time. The heroes wanted to be sure of their safety before they met, but that would mean that the entire League was in custody.

Apparently his mother had marched into Nezu’s office with so much determination that even All Might couldn’t talk her down. She told the heroes on his case that the League has evaded them for this long, and they may not be captured for years. Nezu told him that she said, “And I’m not waiting to see my baby for another minute. So you had better capture the League by tomorrow, because that is when I’m going to see my son.”

His mother had left all the heroes shaking in their boots. It was now a well known fact throughout the UA staff that you don’t mess with Midoriya Inko.

The sound of the door opening made Midoriya’s blood freeze. “You son is in here Ms. Midoriya.”

Midoriya watched his mother step into the room. For a moment neither of them moved, they just stared at each other, taking a breath.

Midoirya doesn’t know if he moved first or his mother. As soon as he saw her eyes soften at the sight of him, he was in her arms.

He vaguely realized that he couldn’t see, before he realized that he was crying. His mother’s embrace was the exact same as it had been the morning he had been kidnapped.

“My baby. My Izuku.” She whispered, pulling away just enough to take his face in her hands.

“Mom….I’m home.”


Aizawa doesn’t know why the gods have forsaken him.

The problem child , known as Midoriya Izuku, might as well be his own child with how much responsibility Nezu has saddled him with.

His mother, Inko, is still staying with All Might for safety, so while she was away he became Midoriya’s legal guardian. Aizawa also is giving the boy remedial classes to catch him up on the material.

All in all, he is spending way too much time with this boy. And, damnit, he can’t find himself hating their conversations.

Midoriya is going to be a fine hero, not that Aizawa will ever say that out loud.

He has an astounding analytical mind, that can tear down an enemy's defense in seconds. His interest in quirks comes to use on the battlefield. Its only been two weeks with Midoriya in class, but Aizawa can see his class improving.

He let Midoriya run loose one day, notebook in hand. He would flood a student with questions about their quirk, ones that even they didn’t know the answers to. After a furious writing session, he would tell them different ways they could use and improve their quirks.

“Why don’t you keep your hair tied up, sensei? The enemy may not know who you are looking at with your goggles, but they still know that you’re using your quirk.” Midoriya had mentioned, off-handedly.

He was diligent in his studies, never complaining how early or late their lessons were. Aizawa drilled him, and Midoriya took all of the information in stride.

The training Midoriya had received during his time with the League wasn’t going to waste, either. Aizawa could only nod approvingly as he watched Midoriya’s team win All Might’s capture the flag exercise.

Midoriya was a good fit in his class, he belonged at UA.

Aizawa tries to hide the small smile that comes to his face under his capture weapon. He pats the kid on the head as he goes on about Aizawa’s quirk for the third time this week.

Midoriya stops walking and stares up at him, a big smile forming on his face. Aizawa can’t help but notice the light in his eyes that wasn’t there two weeks ago.


“Bro that was so manly!” Kirishima yelled jumping up, jostling the arm that is casually draped around Bakugo’s shoulders.

“Oi watch it shitty hair!” Bakugo says with no real heat in his voice. Kirishima ignores the comment.

“Yeah, that was great Midoriya” Ojiro says, wiping the dirt from his pants as Midoriya helps him up.

Midoirya can only do his best to hide the blush on his face from the all of the praise.

After one of Aizawa’s lessons on hand to hand combat, class 1-A learned just how lethal Midoriya could be. He took down classmate after classmate.

Ojiro had been his last opponent, and even he didn’t stand a chance.

The morning before the lesson, Aizawa tested Midoriya on his training. When he had gotten two solid hits in, and the fight was dragging on past three minutes, Aizawa called time.

“You fight dirty, and you have experience under your belt. I’ll be using you as an example in today’s lesson.” And that is exactly what Aizawa did.

Midoriya was worried what his classmates would think of him after seeing his ruthless fighting skills. Would they be scared of him? His time with the villains would show in how he fought. Would they treat him like a villain?

Midoirya needed to learn how to have faith in his classmates. He had worried over nothing as Bakugo approached him after class.

“Oi, Midoriya.” Kacchan had gotten better at using his name, no longer calling him Deku.

“Kacchan?” Midoriya, on the other hand, had never been able to stop calling Bakugo his childhood nickname. He had never commented on it, so Midoriya never tried to break the habit.

Bakugo groaned, looking from him to the wall, then back to him. He ran a hand through his hair, looking more uncomfortable than Midoriya had ever seen him look before.

With a final sight he mumbled something out unhappily.


Bakugo growled under his breath, “I said, teach me how to fucking fight!”

Midoirya’s eyes widened.

Bakugo clicked his tongue unhappily, hunching his shoulders and sticking his hands in his pockets.

A wide smile grew on Midoriya’s face, “Sure!”

Bakugo’s glare softened just the slightest. He started walking, and let Midoriya fall in step with him.

After a moment of comfortable silence, Bakugo spoke up, “Can I bring Shitty Hair along?”

Midoriya gave him a confused look, and Bakugo rolled his eyes, “Kirishima. The happy one with the obnoxious hairdo.”

Midoriya nodded, he had been in class long enough now to remember his classmate’s names. He and Kirishima had spoken more than once, and Midoriya though he was a great person.

“Of course. Kirishima is really nice.”

After a moment, Bakugo agreed, “Yeah, he is.”

Midoriya smiled, “I’m really glad you have such good friends, Kacchan.”

Bakugo gave him a look, “Oh shut up, you nerd.” Walking ahead of Midoriya, he yelled over his shoulder, “Hurry the fuck up, I’m going to prove that today was just a fluke! Prepare to lose!”

Midoriya’s smile turned into a grin, as he jogged after Bakugo, “That’s what you think Kacchan!”


Toshinori ducked behind an open door when he heard the voices of students.

He almost laughed at the situation. All Might, the number one hero, hiding from his students. He was in his skeleton form right now, and though very few people knew of his secret, children often asked too many questions.

What was his name? Why was he in UA? They knew that Toshinori wasn’t a teacher, and no one recognized him as a hero, so who was he?

Toshinori had always been a bad liar, and he still didn’t have any answers to those questions.

Peeking out from his hiding spot, he watched young Bakugo, Kirishima, and the new addition to 1-A, young Midoriya pass by. Young Kirishima and Midoriya seemed to be doing most of the talking, but young Bakugo wasn’t excluded from the conversation in the slightest.

All Might hadn’t yet had the chance to speak with Midoriya, one on one. In his time with Midoriya Inko, he had learned a lot about the boy.

Toshinori shifted slightly, which sent a sharp pain through his side. He held a hand to his old injury, sighing. His time as the Symbol of Peace was running out. All Might needed to find a successor for One for All.

Toshinori was brought out of his thoughts by a bout of laughter. When he saw how young Midoriya’s smile lit up the hallway, Toshinori had a feeling that he had just found one.

Maybe, just maybe young Midoirya would be the one to save them all.

Chapter Text

Admittedly, Midoriya had flipped out when he first saw All Might.

He knew that the hero was a teacher at UA. It had been all over the news for weeks, but hearing about it and actually seeing him were two very different things.

Within his time at UA, which was nearing a month now, All Might had taught quite a few of his lessons.

The day Aizawa told the class to change into their gym clothes and meet at one of UA’s recreations of a cityscape, Midoriya couldn’t help but notice how excited his classmates looked. He shared in their excitement when All Might came careening out of the sky, leaving a crater in the street.

“I am here!” He announced, and Midoriya nearly fainted.

He’d never gotten his dream one-on-one talk with the number one hero, but being mentored by him came in as a close second.

With his borderline obsession, Midoriya felt that not moving for five minutes straight was an acceptable reaction to All Might asking if they could speak privately after class.

It took a combined effort from Iida, Uraraka, and Todoroki to get Midoriya functioning again.

Midoriya couldn’t focus in class. His mind filled with the different possibilities of what All Might wanted to talk about. Good or bad, Midoriya couldn’t help but look forward to their meeting.

As soon as Aizawa dismissed them for the day, Midoriya was already out the door.

He sped through the halls, not running only because of Iida’s voice clearly ringing out, “No running in the hallway!”

His hurried pace came to a stop outside of All Might’s office.

Midoriya didn’t move. He just stood there, unable to knock on the door in front of him. He couldn’t move….what if bad news was lying behind this door?

When All Might stopped him after their lesson, he’d been too excited to really look at his teacher’s face. Now that he re-examines the memory, All Might hadn’t exactly looked happy . Nervous, constipated even, was a better name for the man’s expression. 

“Well, my boy, are you going in?” The deep voice from behind him made Midoriya let out a rather un-manly scream.

Midoriya spun on his heel, coming face to chest with the imposing figure. “A-All Might.”

Lighting up with his signature grin, All Might lightly pushed past Midoriya. He opened the door, “After you young Midoriya.”

Midoriya let out a sheepish smile, hunching into his shoulders with anxiety. He glanced at All Might one last time before he stepped into the quaint office.

As he placed his school bag on the ground, he suddenly noticed an abundance of smoke was coming from behind him. 

Nearly falling over himself, Midoriya turned to face the cloud of smoke. From within it he could hear harsh wet coughing.

“All-ALL MIGHT?!?”

“I am sorry to startle you like this young Midoirya.” The now skeletal man said as he waved his hand through the rapidly disappearing smoke.

“Is this what you wanted to talk about?” Midoriya asked weakly, falling into the chair behind him.

“I’m afraid that this is only a portion of it, my boy.” All Might explained, settling into the opposite chair.

“Oh.” Was the only response Midoriya could muster.

Midoriya stared at All Might, taking in his new appearance. It was such a drastic change that he couldn’t help but gape at the man.

After a moment of awkward silence, All Might moved. Raising his shirt up, he revealed a ghastly wound that scarred most of his torso, “With this wound I can only keep my ‘Hero Form’ for about three hours a day. Once I exhaust my energy, I revert to this.”

Midoriya stared at All Might’s alarming injury, before he realized, “All for One...did he do that?” 

All Might simply nodded.

“Why? Why does he want to kill you?”

All Might hums, “That question isn’t an easy one.” He takes a moment to collect his thoughts, “I suppose it begins with two brothers.”

Midoriya was taken aback by the sudden shift in All Might’s explanation.

“The first brother had a great and terrifying quirk, one that could take and give other’s quirks.”

“All for One.” Midoriya breathed.

“Yes, this was All for One. The second brother had no quirk, and hated what his brother had become. Against his will, All for One gifted him with a quirk, hoping that his brother would understand if he could see the world from his point of view. The second brother’s ideals did not change, but even with the quirk he had been given, he was no match for his brother.”

“What was the quirk?”

“It was a stockpiling quirk, one that would gain power over time. But unknown to anyone, the second brother had actually been born with an invisible quirk. Similar in nature to All for One’s, it allowed the brother to pass his quirk on.”

“A quirk that can be passed on?” Midoriya parroted.

That was impossible….right?

“Yes, and with the stockpiling quirk fused with it, the quirk One for All was created. Through each wielder it was passed to, the quirk became more powerful. Seven before me have held this quirk. Seven others have lost their lives trying to stop All for One.”

“So that wound is from him trying to kill you because you have his brother’s quirk?”

“That is correct.”

“But, you said seven others, plus you, which makes eight,” Midoriya mumbled, trying to understand the time line in All Might’s story. “It would be impossible for there to be eight weilders and for All for One to still be alive.”

All Might shook his head sadly, “He has a quirk of some sort which allows him to live on. His face, his name, everything about him has been lost to time.”

Midoriya couldn’t argue, he knew that All for One had a lot of quirks. If his existed, one that could steal other quirks, then a life lengthening quirk wasn’t so far fetched.

“Okay, I think I understand the whole story, but why are you telling me about this?” Midoriya had been too enthralled by All Might’s story to be nervous, but not anymore.

“As I said, I can only maintain my ‘Hero Form’ for about three hours now.” Midoirya nodded, “That time is shrinking every day, my boy. I am not the hero I used to be.” Midoirya opened his mouth to protest, but was stopped by All Might’s stare. “Had I been in the same shape as a year ago, that sludge villain would never have taken you, young Midoriya.”

“All Might, I don’t blame you.”

The skeletal hero smiled gently, “The reason I called you here, my boy, was because I can no longer utilize One for All. I can not keep everyone safe, anymore.”

“All Might what a--”

All Might silenced him with a raised hand, “I came to UA to look after the next generation of heroes. I came to look for a successor Midoriya, and I choose you.” Midoriya stared at the hero with wide eyes, “Should you choose to accept.” All Might tacked on with a nervous tilt.

Midoriya couldn’t say anything, he didn’t trust himself to speak. He studied All Might silently, waiting for the joke, for his classmates to pop out and say it was a prank. Nothing happened as the clock ticked steadily.

Midoriya had walked into All Might’s office with no idea what was in store for him. Even with the infinite possibilities he had imagined, none had come close to this. It was a lot to take in.

Even though everything All Might had explained was technically possible, Midoriya didn’t know how to process it. He believed everything about All for One, after all he’d been in his ‘care’ for nearly a year. Quirks often denied the laws of the universe, there was no limit to what one could do, so One for All wasn’t hard to believe in.

The thing Midoriya couldn’t wrap his head around was All Might choosing him as a successor.

Midoriya could see All Might fidget under his scrutiny, so he took his wide-eyed stare off of the man. He chose to examine his hands instead. The very same hands that were scarred and stained with innocent blood.

Midoriya imagined it, what would happen if he accepted. He would be standing tall as the next Symbol of Peace. He’d be the one to end the League of Villains, and save Japan. Midoriya would have a happy ending.

But it was just his imagination.

Midoirya had already been given more than he deserved. He got a second chance, he got friends, he even got to see his mother again.

Midoirya’s eyes narrowed, “Why me?”

“Ah-what was that, my boy?” All Might jumped at the sudden start of a conversation.

Midoirya spoke again, louder, “Why did you choose me out of every student in UA?”

“I didn’t.”

Midoriya’s head shot up at his words, “Then why--?” Midoriya asked, his voice wavering.

“I was told by many that they had found my perfect successor. A close friend of mine, Nighteye, as well as many other teachers pushed me towards a fine young man. His name is Mirio Togata, and he would have been a perfect succeror for One for All.”

Midoirya stayed silent, waiting for the rest of All Might’s explanation.

“He turned my offer down. No quirk is without limits, and the same applied to young Mirio. He fell behind because he couldn’t utilize his power to the fullest.”

“What changed?” He had to know.

Midoriya could see part of himself in Mirio’s story. He was always one step behind all of the other kids with no quirk to call his own.

All Might broke out into a smile, “Young Mirio pushed himself to his limits, learning every aspect of his difficult quirk. He trained day after day to change his weaknesses into his strengths. He told me that he couldn’t accept One for All because it would make him feel as if all of his hard work didn’t mean anything. He wants to become the next Symbol of Peace by his own power.”

He couldn’t keep the frown from forming on his face. Midoirya had wanted to become a hero by his own power too, even though he didn’t have any. He wanted to be the first quirkless hero to show everyone that being a hero was more than having a flashy quirk.

“So I’m your second choice them?” He didn’t mean to sound petty. All Might was giving him an amazing opportunity, one he didn’t deserve, but it still hurt.

“No, my boy.” All Might let out a chuckle, not noticing the fall in Midoriya’s mood, “I was not the one to choose young Mirio. Those who know of my condition became worried for my health, and tried to help me find my successor. He was their choice.”

All Might gave a slight pause in his speech.

“You are mine.”

He was All Might’s first choice.

Midoriya could feel the burning in his eyes, “But I don’t deserve to be.”

All Might’s smile dropped, “Midoriya, what you didn’t deserve was to be in the hands of the villains for a year. You didn’t deserve to be so belittled that you think you aren’t worthy to be a hero. I assure you, my judgement is clear. Do you have that little faith in me, my boy?”

Midoriya’s head shot up to look at the hero, “What!? N-no All Might, that-that’s not what I--!”

A hearty laugh broke from All Might’s chest, “I was joking, young Midoriya.”

The room’s atmosphere lightened considerably, but Midoriya couldn’t quite shrug off his insecurities.

“Are you really sure, All Might? If not for being kidnapped, there’d be nothing special about me. I can’t make people feel safe like you do, I don’t have what it takes to be a hero.”

“Now that’s where you’re wrong, young Midoriya.”

Midoriya made a face of disbelief.

“We have not known each other for long, but I see so much strength in you. You gave away information about the League, knowing it may cost your life. You took a stand against the Hero Killer to save young Iida, who you did not even know at the time. Under the villains you were forced to commit horrible acts, but you never lost your morals. Even being brainwashed could not stop you from trying to do good.”

Midoriya flushed under the praise, “But--”

All Might didn’t stop there, “Even if you do not see it yourself, I can see how your classmates light up when you smile. You have been an inspiration to them to work harder and better themselves. Your mother has told me many stories about you. Though she worried, she never lost hope, because she knew if anyone could make it out of the villain’s grasp it was you.”

All Might stood from his chair. “I am sure of my choice, young Midoriya.” Extending his hand out, he asked, “What is yours?”


Midoriya fell into the sand gasping for breath.

“Quitting already?” All Might asked with an amused tone, coming into Midoriya’s view.

Cleaning Dagobah beach had become a part of Midoriya’s everyday routine. With All Might as his guide, the two would travel to the beach, and Midoriya would start training.

Midoriya had thought he was in shape from his time at the League. He was wrong.

The burning in his every movement made him want to die. Sweat coated him, making it seem like he took a casual dip in the ocean while fully clothed. His training regimen may have been terrible, but at least he knew it was working.

“One more pile.” He heaved.

All Might smiled, poofing into his ‘Hero form’. He lent Midoriya a hand, hoisting him up as if he weighed nothing. “That’s the spirit my boy!”

Midoriya couldn’t afford to quit now. He had to catch up to the rest of his classmates. They’ve had their quirks since childhood, while Midoriya got his three days ago. The League wasn’t going to stop their scheming just so Midoirya could have time to adjust. Midoriya had a lot of work ahead of him.

He had to make himself into someone worthy of One for All.

With pure determination and will power, Midoriya was able to clear one last pile before the sun went down.



A hand caught his before Midoriya had the chance to leave the classroom. Midoriya turned to see Todoroki looking somewhat concerned.

“Todorki!” He squeaked in surprise.

“Midoriya, are you--have…” Todoroki trailed off, looking unsure of his next words.

He turned fully towards him, tilting his head in question, “Todoroki?”

Todoroki sighed, “Has...everything been okay?”

Midoriya broke out into a smile. Todoroki had been worried about him, how sweet! “Yeah! Everything is really great.”

Midoriya noticed Todoroki go still, his eye’s widening. When he caught the other’s gaze, Todoroki quickly looked away. His gaze landed where their hands were still connected.

Todoroki let him go as if his fire quirk had activated. He pulled into himself, looking more flustered than Midoriya could ever remember seeing him. Even during their battle with Stain Todoroki had kept mostly calm and collected.

“Why do you ask?” Midoriya wondered, peering closer at his friend’s face.

Todoroki might have been blushing, but it was hard to tell. He had explained, after Midoriya’s endless questions, that he could blush, but it would come and go as his body regulated its temperature with his quirk.

“Well, you’ve been, “Todoroki looked everywhere except Midoriya, “gone a lot.”

Midoriya straightened up at that. Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t spent much time with his friends lately. First there was Aizawa’s lessons, either before or after school, then there was homework to do, he had to make sure to call his mother, and then he fit training with All Might in the rest of his available time.

“Oh. Sorry, Todoroki. Its been hard adjusting...I have a lot to catch up on.” Midoriya said truthfully.

Midoriya could see Todoroki calm at his words. He put himself back together with a casual brush down his uniform.

Midoriya caught the last traces of fondness in Todoroki’s eyes before his poker face slipped back on. “I see.”

Todoroki collected his school bag, and headed towards the door giving Midoriya a nod goodbye.

“T-todoroki!” He called, without really knowing what he wanted to say.

Todoroki glanced back into the classroom, with an eyebrow raised.

“How about this weekend we have a movie day?” He offered, ringing his hands together.

Todoroki blinked in surprise, before his expression shifted into something softer. “I would like that.”

With a hint of a smile, Todoroki stepped into the hall.

Midoriya’s face burned.

He rubbed at his cheeks. Why was he blushing? All he did was ask Todoroki to hang out with him. Just him…..all alone.

Midoriya dropped into a crouch, holding his head in his hands.

 Did he just ask Todoroki on a date? Would he take it that way? More importantly, did Midoirya want it to be one?

He managed to pack up his school bag, and check his phone. Looking at the time, Midoriya let out a strangled scream. He was going to be late! Aizawa-sensei would make him so extra laps if he didn’t show up on time!

He ran at top speed to the gym. His face still burned, from the wind or the leftover embarrassment he didn’t know. All he knew was that his smile didn’t drop the entire run there.


Midoriya stared at All Might, getting up from where he sat on the sand to circle the man. He scratched his head with the eraser end of his pencil.

“Uh my boy? How many more times do I have to do this?” All Might, asked, tired from transforming back and forth as Midoriya examined him.

The words went in one ear and out the other.

Why did All Might transform? According to him, his predecessor hadn’t transformed, and Midoriya didn’ either. All Might was supposedly quirkless, like he had been, but what if he just had an invisible quirk. That would make more sense, especially because All Might didn’t have an extra toe joint. Was it the actual transformation his quirk, or was it something else?

“All Might?” Midoriya asked, making the hero jump. “Did you have any trouble using One for All?”

All Might brought his hand to his chin in thought. “I adjusted to One for All very quickly, according to my mentor. Even faster than she had.”

Was it the new power level that caused Midoriya such a hard time? One for All continued to get stronger after each individual, but would All Might have caused that much of a jump in power? How much power did each person add? Was it even? Maybe it depended on how much they used it.

Midoriya’s eyes widened, “I got it!”

He scribbled furiously in his notebook, not wanting to forget a single thought.

All Might transformed, adapted easily, and most likely had an invisible quirk. His quirk was that he could adapt to quirks--most likely. It wasn’t an outward reaction, only an inward one, which wouldn’t happen except in rare cases like with One for All.

So his body helped him level out One for All’s power input by transforming him into a figure that could handle the power more easily.

“Uh Midoriya?” All Might asked timidly, letting go of his ‘Hero form’.

“Hold this!” Midoriya shouted with excitement, shoving his notebook to All Might.

If All Might’s power changed his body, then Midoriya just had to do something similar. He had to use his entire body to channel One for All instead of using its max output in just one part.

He shuddered as he remembered his first time using One for All. He let out a scream, clenching his butt just like All Might said to. At first nothing had happened, and then the sea split open, and his entire arm felt like it was on fire.

It was his first, and not last, visit to Recovery Girl. He admired the hero for what she had done in her career, but he would rather not be at the receiving end of her lectures ever again.

Midoriya shook the memory from his head.

He planted his feet into a wide stance, fists clenched, as he closed his eyes. He let out a breath.


He called on One for All, the constant energy flowing beneath his skin. He imagined it flowing through his entire body.

Midoriya grunted in pain as the pressure became too much. He willed the power back, imagining a flood gate. He only let a little bit of the power through.

“Midoriya! You’ve done it!”

With All Might’s cheer, Midoriya opened his eyes. He couldn’t just feel One for All, now he could see the purple-red veins of energy running along his skin. Green strikes of lightning crackled around him.

He heaved heavy breaths from the strain of keeping his quirk at bay, but a smile still broke out on his face.

He was still so far behind, but Midoriya was making progress.

For the first time since he came to UA, Midoriya believed-actually believed-that he could become a hero.


Midoriya had been worried for nothing.

He and Todoroki’s planned hang out was today, but it had added a few other participants. Uraraka, and Iida had also been worried about Midoriya’s constant absence, and when they heard he would be free for the day they jumped at the idea to hang out.

The four sat together and planned an impromptu movie day in Midoriya’s room. With plans made another two classmates ended up joining them. Uraraka’s closest friend Asui-Tus she corrected him- was invited, and Iida managed to somehow drag Shinsou into their little group.

Apparently Midoriya had missed out on some seriously good movies during the time with the League. Uraraka, Iida, and Tsu each chose the movie they had felt was a must see for Midoriya. Todroki had never been one for keeping up with the latest trend, so he was no help, and Shinsou was a secret movie buff, so he had already seen all of the chosen ones. When asked to pick one, he had a small breakdown, refusing to choose because there were so many that were good.

Because he hadn’t chosen a movie, Sinsou offered to bring the snacks. He had a secret stash in his room, and was okay with sharing as long as he got to watch movies.

Iida had a small television that his brother had given him when he moved out of the house. With Uraraka’s help, they floated it into Midorya’s room and set it up.

Midoriya honestly thought they should just stay in Iida’s room, so that they didn’t have to go through so much trouble, but he was vetoed by all five of his friends.

Apparently Midoriya’s room was the comfiest. He found odd seeing as they all had the same size room, and he was using the bed that had already been in the dorm. His room wasn’t anything special, it was actually pretty barren, as his mother had only recently started sending him stuff from his room back home.

With the first movie in, an action movie set in space, they settled into place.

Iida sat in the one chair Midoriya’s room had. Uraraka and Tsu sat on the floor with their backs against the bed. Todoroki and Midoriya ended up next to each other sitting on his bed, while Shinsou laid down in front of them, half using Midoriya’s legs as a pillow.

Almost every member had brought a blanket or pillow, changed into comfortable lounge clothes. It was comfortable, and Midoriya couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this relaxed.

The movie had captured their attention just twenty minutes in. It was fast paced, with a solid plot, and amazing camera work. Uraraka and Iida playfully argued over how the main character would do if faced against their teachers. Tsu laughed at their antics, while Shinsou tried to prove both of them wrong with all of the useless facts he knew about the movie.

Midoriya couldn’t help but jump in the conversation. They were talking about heros! This was his time to shine.

Eventually their attention had been recaptured by the movie.

After a majority of the middle of the movie, Todoroki spoke up.

“Well that was dumb.” He commented after the main character’s on screen blunder. The room broke out into laughter at the unexpected comment.

They unanimously agreed with the young hero, while wiping tears from their eyes.

Midoriya could only thank Iida for choosing such a great movie as the credits rolled. Now it was Uraraka’s turn.

She had chosen one that was based in a fantasy world of dragons and knights. Midoriya was wowed by the incredible cgi when the first scene began.

The movie was lighter than Iida’s, funny and entertaining.

Midoriya found himself unconsciously shifting closer to Todoroki. His left side was naturally warmer than the average person, which is why Todoroki hadn’t brought a blanket with him. He could always easily stay warm or cool with his quirk.

Even though Midoriya was in love with Uraraka’s choice, he felt himself starting to fall asleep by the end of the movie. He had a soft blanket covering him, comfy pillows behind him, Shinsou was a steady weight on his legs, and the warmth of Todoroki’s shoulder under his head.

He sleepily blinked as he watched Tsu exchange the current movie disk for her own choice.

They skipped through the previews quickly, and Midoriya eyes had finally closed.

A sharp scream of terror woke him up with a start. Shinsou lightly smacked his leg, telling him that ‘pillows don’t move’.

Midoriya settled back into place, realizing that he had slept through the beginning of Tsu’s movie choice.

“Are you alright?” Todoroki whispered right next to his ear, so close that he could feel the other’s breath.

Midoriya let out a small laugh, “Yeah, I uh, fell asleep.”

Midoriya looked to the screen. Yep this was a horror movie. Now Midoriya could appreciate horror movies with the right group of people, as long as he had a pillow to block his vision, and a live person to cling to.

He was able to gather most of the plot that he had missed by watching just a few minutes of the film. He jumped lightly when the crescendo of music led to a false jump scare.

He bumped into Todoroki’s arm, and turned to apologize. Just then he realized just how close he was to the other boy.

Midoriya paled as he realized that he had fallen asleep on Todoroki’s shoulder.

Todoroki seemed to notice his stare, and turned towards him with a raised eyebrow, “Midoriya? Is everything okay?”

Midoriya buried his face in his hands, speaking quietly, “Todoroki I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you. You could have just shove me off.”

Todoroki made a small, inquisitive noise before whispering back, “I didn’t mind.”

Midoriya pulled his face from behind his hands, “What?”

Just then the antagonist of the horror movie was introduced in a terrifying close up. Midoriya squeaked in fear, grabbing onto Todoroki out of sheer instinct.

Once the scene moved on, and Midoriya dared to open his eyes, he realized, once again, just how close he was to Todoroki.

He quickly let go of the other’s shirt, and moved back to his spot.

Just as Midoriya was searching for a pillow to latch onto, a hand wrapped around his shoulders. He was slightly pulled into Todoroki’s side, “I told you I don’t mind, Midoriya. If you’re scared you can grab my arm.” Todoroki whispered into his hair.

Midoriya felt like he had been set aflame by Todoroki’s quirk, but he couldn’t make himself move away. The grip on his shoulder was light, with the slightest movement it would let go.

Midoriya had only ever been held like this by his mother. It was nice.

He let himself move closer into Todoroki’s side.

With each jump scare he would have to bury his face into Todoroki’s chest, but he was too frightened to be embarrassed. It seemed as it he wasn’t the only one, either.

Uraraka and Tsu were hugging each other for dear life. Shinsou had a death grip on his pillow, often ducking behind his blanket. Iida wasn’t faring much better, as he had drawn his blanket from across his shoulder to over his head. At one point Midoriya saw him just take off his glasses to shield himself from the horrors flashing across the screen.

Even Todoroki hadn’t made it through the movie unschated. Being so close, Midoriya could feel the small jumps he made when surprised, as well as the slight tightening of the grip on his shoulder.

During the climax of the final battle, Midoriya’s door slammed open.

Screams rang out in terror. Midoriya went halfway into Todoroki’s lap. Shinsou fell off of his bed, somehow missing both of the girls and landed at Iida’s feet. Even after the rough landing, he still managed to cling to Iida’s legs. Uraraka ended halfway underneath Midoriya’s bed, and Tsu hid herself under the blankets they were sharing.

“Oi Oi! Stop screaming!” Bakugo yelled through the open door.

The screaming stopped, but it took a while for everyone’s nerves to wind down.

“Ka-kacchan?” Midoriya questioned, not letting go of his death grip on Todoroki.

“Yo is everything okay?” Kirishima popped out from behind Bakugo.

“Who fucking knows shitty hair. They all just started screaming when I opened the door.”

“Well you do have a pretty terrifying face, Bakugo.” Tsu supplied, doing her best to untangle herself from the blankets.

“Say that again froggy! Let’s see just how scary I get!”

“That’s enough of that.” Sero pipped up from the hallway, his head just visible over Bakugo’s shoulder. With a combined effort of him and Kirishima, they managed to calm Bakugo down.

Iida cleared his throat, readjusting his glasses. “To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit Bakugo?”

“Fucking nerd wasn’t answering his phone.” Bakugo answered, the underlying ‘I wanted to make sure he hadn’t been kidnapped again’ was clear.

Midoriya shifted off of Todoroki just enough to reach his phone. Sure enough there were four messages and a missed call from Bakugo.

“Oh sorry Kacchan. I had it on silent because we were watching movies today.”

Bakugo gave out a huff and rolled his eyes.Midoriya scrolled through the messages.

“I’m free tomorrow afternoon if you still want to spar.”

“Sure, whatever nerd.” Bakugo answered, his eyes landing on Midoriya.

His expression turned confused, “The fuck?” He whispered under his breath. “Since when have you and half-and-half been gay for each other?”

Midoriya choked on his spit. He looked at how close they still were. With Bakugo’s abrupt entrance, Todoroki had latched onto Midoriya as much as the other had.

With an awkward laugh, they both quickly let go of the other, sliding back to their original spots.

“Bakubro you can’t call people gay like its a bad thing.” Kirishima chastised.

“Why the fuck not?”

“Katsuki, we’re gay.” He deadpanned.

Bakugo gave his boyfriend a miffed look. “Fine whatever.” He huffed, leaving just as suddenly as he came.

Kirishima gave them a sheepish smile, before following Bakugo into the hall.

“Sorry about that guys.” Sero said followed by an awkward laugh. He made sure to shut the door behind them.

“Well that was eventful.” Shinsou said, standing and dusting himself off as if he hadn’t just fallen off of the bed in panic.

Uraraka wrenched herself from beneath the bed, groaning, “I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I still want to know what happens next.”

They all gave the paused movie a longing gaze. Iida had collected himself quick enough to have paused the movie after Bakugo’s interruption.

“There’s less than fifteen minutes left.” Midoriya noted.

“Which mean we have a duty to finish it!” Shinsou said as he swiped the remote from Iida’s hand.

He rewound it slightly, and hit play as everyone resettled into their spots.

Shinsou had stayed on the floor this time, and Iida joined him, as they both realized they would need a buddy to get through the ending.

Midoriya snuck a glance at Todoroki, just to catch him looking right back. Midoriya moved just a little close to Todoroki. Awkward or not, the movie was approaching the scene they had last seen.

Todoroki very subtly opened his arms, and Midoryia didn’t even hesitate.


“Today we will begin quirk training. Everything before this was to build up your physical skills. Even if you don’t possess a physical quirk, you will still need to be in shape and know how to fight.” Aizawa lectured the class.

 Midoriya was shaking with nervous excitement. Today could go very well or very badly, depending on if he could keep control over his quirk.

He had made leaps and bounds working with One for All. He tried to maintain a steady 2% as he went through cleaning the beach. He wasn’t comfortable going above 5%, but in a pinch he could utilize 8%.

His control was mediocre at best. If Midoriya lost concentration he might end up breaking a few bones. It was to be expected though, after all he’d only had the quirk for three weeks, and had understood how to use it for under two.

Aizawa called out names in groups of five. The would be participating in a type of capture the flag. There were twenty flags hidden throughout the artificial city. Within the ten minute time limit whichever student had the most flags in their possession would win. The flags would be hidden anywhere, on top or inside of buildings, suspended in the air, on street lamps, even in the sewers.

Any type of quirk usage was allowed, except for excessive force. Those with non physical quirks had the option to steal flags from the other students. Anything was fair within those ten minutes. Only whatever you had in your possession at the timer would count towards your points. Destroyed or unretrieved flags won’t count. Theoretically if only one student has one flag, they could still win.

“The first group will be: Sero, Shinsou, Yaoyorozu, Ojiro, and Midoriya.”

Midoirya lined up next to his classmates, a smile stretching across his lips. He couldn’t wait to see just how much he had improved.


Midoriya let out a tired sigh, rubbing his sore elbow. Aizawa’s training exercise had been exhausting.

He supposes second place wasn’t bad, considering Shinsou’s ingenious plan.

Shinsou had taken all of Yaoyorozu and Ojiro’s flags using his quirk. He had tried to do the same to Sero, but he couldn’t get the flags off of they boy’s tape.

Midoirya was the only one who really knew a lot about Shinsou’s quirk, so he was the only one who had been able to escape it. His classmate had won the exercise with ten flags. Midoriya had gotten six, and Sero had the remaining four. Poor Yaoyorozu and Ojiro tied for last place.

After snapping out of Shinsou’s brainwashing, Ojiro had run into Midoriya. He had to fight off his classmate for the last two minutes of the exercise. They had both gotten a few good hits in, but ultimately the timer ended before Ojiro could take any of his flags.

Midoirya let out a yawn, ready to go back to the dorms, do his homework, and go to sleep. He had to suffer through one of his last remedial lessons with Aizawa, even though he was exhausted from class.

As he stepped out of the UA doors a familiar figure was lying in wait for him. “Midoriya.”

“Kacchan.” Midoriya breathed out with a sigh.

“What the fuck was that in class today?” The explosive blonde growled out. “Since when do you have a fucking quirk?!”

Midoriya ran his hand down his face. He had completely forgotten that Bakugo knew he was quirkless.

He and All Might had spoken on the subject, and realized that there were a few people in Midoriya’s life who would have to be told the truth. His mother was the first, Bakugo was the second, and Aizawa was the third.

His mother and Kacchan both knew he didn’t have a quirk growing up, or even during his time with the League. Then on his first day of UA, he had told Aizawa he was quirkless.

With another long sigh, Midoriya turned around and walked back into the doors of UA.

“Just where do you think you’re going?!”

“Somewhere more private.” Midoriya answered, glancing at Bakugo over his shoulder, “You want to know the truth, right?”

Bakugo’s frown disappear, but it also didn’t deepen. Midoriya took that as a good sign.

Side by side the two childhood friends made the long trek to All Might’s office, where Bakugo would learn the truth behind Midoriya’s quirk.


All for One leaned heavily on his fist, agitation bringing his normally impassive face into a frown.

Now this was something he hadn’t predicted. Though it was something he should have seen. How he overlooked something so obvious, made him furious.

Of course All Might would take to Midoriya Izuku.

How could he have been so blind. The immovable morals, the need for justice, and their damn smiles.

All for One always worked for the long term. His plans took years to come to fruition, but it was so sweet when they did.

Now one of his pawns had switched sides of the board.

Midoriya Izuku hadn’t had an important part to play before. All for One simply found him interesting, seeing what lengths he could push the boy to.

Everything had changed now.

Midoriya Izuku may have been a pawn, but now that he had reached the edge of the board, when he came back to All for One he would be his King.

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